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März 2011

pro advise
Oracle Primavera P6EPPM
Präsentation – Teil 2
Andreas Kories, Geschäftsführer
Kompetenz- und Geschäftsfelder der proadvise GmbH

Prozessmanagement Portfolio & Projektmanagement

Beratung, Design und Optimierung von Portfolio- und Projektmanagementberatung mit
Unternehmensprozessen in den Bereichen: den Schwerpunkten:
• Portfoliomanagement • Projektleitung und Steuerung
• Projektmanagement und • Termin- und Ressourcenplanung
Projektsteuerung • Projektkoordination und Projekttracking
• Risikomanagment • Projektassistenz und Vertretung der
• Organisationsentwicklung Projektleitung
• Kapazitäts-/Ressourcenplanung

proadvise GmbH
Wir bieten Ihnen Schulungen in IT- und Softwareberatung mit den
unseren Schulungsräumen, Schulungen Themenbereichen:
vor Ort und Onlineschulungen für
folgende Themenbereiche: • Evaluierung und Implementierung von
• Allg. Projektmanagement Schulung Projektmanagementsystemen
• PM-Toolschulungen, bspw. Oracle • Analyse und Konzeption von
Primavera P6, MS-Project Systemumgebungen
• Team-/ Mitarbeiter- und • Integration und Vernetzung
Projektcoachingning, Seminare und • Betrieb, Betreuung, Administration,
Coaching Support und Regelbetrieb

Training, Seminare und Coaching Projektmanagement-Systeme

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30 Tage Oracle Primavera P6R8 Testsystem

Oracle Primavera P6EPPM Testsystem

30 Tage Oracle Primavera P6R8 (Web) Test

Zugriff über gesicherte SSL Internetverbindung,
keine Installationskosten, keine Einrichtungsgebühr
Eine integrierte Gesamtlösung Interesse? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns!

Oracle Primavera P6 Webcasts


Wir bieten Ihnen Webcasts zu nachfolgenden

• Portfoliomanagement & Earned Value
• Terminplanung & Projektsteuerung
• Ressourcenplanung
• Rückmeldung
• Risikomanagement

1. März 2011 (c) proadvise GmbH – Andreas Kories Seite 4

Oracle Primavera bietet eine Zielgruppenorientierte





Rückmelder Lieferanten Projektmitarbeiter

Die Portfolio & Projektinformationen werden in der Oracle Primavera EPPM Lösung innerhalb von
Dashboards Zielgruppenorientiert dargestellt. Die Rückmeldung von Terminen und Stunden
erfolgt auf Basis einer übersichtlichen Webapplikation.
Die User erhalten die für Sie relevanten Informationen!
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New Features
P6 Release 8
Project Templates help establish and share best

• Maintained centrally within P6

• Security (Users, Profiles, OBS)
• Admin Preferences
• Admin Categories
• User Preferences

• Templates and projects share

Easily convert star
common dictionaries
projects into • Roles
templates & share • Resources
across the • Resource, Project, Activity Codes
enterprise • User defined fields
• Activity Step Templates
• Resource Curves
• Currencies
• Cost Accounts
Centralized Template administration improves
global data quality

Templates reside in
EPS as do projects

Single point of administration

for both templates and projects
Templates enable accelerated creation of effective
project plans

Analyze schedule
logic for Templates

View Gantt timeline

for Templates

Complete set of functionality

available to Templates
Establish governance around the addition of scope
to projects

Insert a portion
(WBS) of a template
into a project
Similar to
plug-in or
Application Wide Enhancements – ‘No User Left

• Team Member
• Configurable forms
• Status activities in calendar & network view
• Email views with a single click
• Configure User Interface via toolbars
• Schedule Preview
• Manage non-work time via calendar & iCal

• Project Manager
• Manage WBS in Web
• Schedule Checker
• Enhanced Activity Management
Sync Personal Calendar • Filtering
with External calendars • Grouping
supporting iCal standard • Baseline management
(e.g. Google)
• Risk Manager
• Risk Register
• Risk Response Planning
• Risk Scoring Matrices
Application Wide Enhancements – ‘No User Left

• Resource Manager
• Resource Assignment Views (Gantt & Table)
• Robust filtering
• Quick launch of assignment’s calendar
• Type-ahead within columns cells for
quickly assigning values
• Fill down by clicking and dragging
• Usage Spreadsheet View
• Program / Portfolio Manager
• Advanced Filtering – up to 10 levels deep
• Automatic Portfolio membership maintenance
• PMO / Admin
• All Administration & Services on the web
Resource Assignment Views: Plan
& Analyze work by departments,
• Time Scaled Logic Diagram
skills and individual resources
• Reporting
• Templates
• 70+ New Events
EPS Functionality: Birds eye view of projects

• Strategic view of all projects

• Improves visibility, analysis,

& reporting

• Includes Timelines for

improved visibility

• PMO’s can control how

projects are setup

• Administer & report on

multiple projects without
Organize projects in programs, using multi opening all of them
level structures
EPS Functionality: Tabular & Graphical View Options

• Group by multiple project

attributes such as EPS,
Portfolios, Project Codes,
UDF’s, or dates.

• Interactive & Easy to use:

• Type-ahead within column

• Add Project Code values

on the fly

• Fill down support

• Freeze columns when

Tabular Views grouped by multiple hierarchical fields scrolling
Complete Management of EPS

• EPS hierarchy & Node

management – Add/ Delete

• Cut, Copy, Paste support

• Save & Share EPS views

• Export to Excel

• Manage Project

Administer, Indent, Out-dent, Move up,

Move down within P6 Web • View default calendar for a
Improved Collaboration & User Experience

• Email Views
• Send activity view links via email to
communicate project information

• User Experience Enhancement

Access all activity related information, • Status activities view Calendar &
including Issues & Risks Network view

• Type Ahead support

• Hover-over support for fields

• Personalization of toolbars
Type Ahead to quickly find & assign
attributes • Preview changes to activity views
Enhanced Project Planning & Analysis

• Robust Activity Filtering

• Save Filters separately from
activity views – leverage across
multiple views

• Apply filters prior to opening the


Apply combinations of filters to a view • Nested Filters with AND/OR logic

• Create Filters to find ‘empty’ values

• Combine multiple filters together as

a union (any) or intersection (all)

Unlimited, nested criteria • Create Global Filters or filters for a

single user or a list of users
Enhanced Project Planning & Analysis

• Activity Grouping
• Group activities by multiple
hierarchical structures.

• Group activities by WBS & multiple

hierarchical codes simultaneously

Advanced Activity Grouping options

• Baseline Management
• Create, Assign, Convert, & Restore

Manage Baselines via a single view

All Services available within P6 Web Interface

• Scheduling of all jobs

• Faster Scheduler

• Leveling

• Apply Actuals

• Summarize

• Recalculate Assignment Costs

• Store Period Performance

All Enterprise Administration within P6 Web

• Manage All Enterprise data

• Copy & Paste Support
• New Find feature enables
quick navigation
• Print Support
• Export to Excel

• Administer All User Access

• Group users
• Copy users
• Manage security privileges
• Provision LDAP Users
• Print Support
• Export to Excel
Enterprise data is centrally managed for
effective administration • Control All application
administrative settings
Integrated Risk Management Module

• Risk Register
• Industry standard risk
identification &
• Moves risk management
out of Excel & into the
system of record

• Risk Response Planning

• Create multiple response
plans with detailed actions
Integrated Risk Response Planning • Create an active risk
management feedback
Integrated Risk Management Module

• Manage Risks across multi-

• Group and view risks across multiple
projects (portfolio risk view)

• Risk Scoring Matrix

• Model any corporate risk scoring
matrix to be modeled in P6 with user-
defined impact thresholds

Scoring matrix delivers framework for evaluating

overall risk exposure
Integration with Primavera Risk Analysis

• Improved integration with

Primavera Risk Analysis
• All qualitative risk management
in P6 Æ imported into PRA for
quantitative assessment.
• Risk Register
• Linked activities
• Active response plans
• Risk scoring matrix
• No need to maintain separate
risk registers.

Assign, edit or create risks without leaving • Additional capabilities

the activity view • Custom risk categories
• Copy and paste risks
• Export to Excel
Schedule Checker improves project schedule

Schedule check’s 14
point assessment with
configurable thresholds Schedule check report
Schedule Preview enables quick impact analysis

Use automatic scheduler to do quick, what-if analysis.


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