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Kediri is a name of a town.

It is Masjid Sultan Suriansyah is a

situated in a valley between the Kelud historical mosque. Built 300 years ago,
and Willis mountains and inhabited by this building is the oldest mosque in
about 1.3 million people. In the centre South Kalimantan. The mosque is
of the town there is a large hill which is located in the North Kuin Village of
called the Dathok Mountain. Because Banjarmasin. It was built in the reign of
of the topography of the region, Kediri Sultan Suriansyah known as Pangeran
is called a chilly town by the locals. Samudera. He was the first Banjarnese
There is a big river called Brantas King who converted into Islam. This
cutting off the centre of the town. mosque was found on the bank of the
Beside the temples, Kediri is also Kuin River, near KampungKraton,
famous for its products like cigarettes which was destroyed by the Dutch
and a special kind of tofu or bean curd. colonial.
This highly nutritious food is delicacy The construction of Masjid Sultan
of Kediri and has a distinctive taste. Suriansyah was unique. The roof is
The cigarettes factory dominates the layered. It took the Banjar's past
town economy and employs the architecture before Islam came.
majority of the women labor force. Different from any other old mosques
Kediri and the cigarettes factory are in Banjar, the mihrab has its own roof,
inseparable and it is considered the separated from the main building.
biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia.
Most of the local people work in this 4. Masjid Sultan Suriansyah was
factory. Those who do not work here constructed in the era of ....
are farmers or traders. a. Banjar people
b. Dutch colonial
1. What does the above text tell c. Kalimantan King
about? d. d. Sultan Suriansyah
a. The history of Kediri 5. What is mainly discussed in the
b. The famous products of Kediri text?
c. The description of Kediri a. A king reign
d. The people b. A palace complex
2. Which one has a distinctive taste? c. An Islamic location
a. The cigarette d. A historical mosque
b. The special food 6. From the text we know that ....
c. The bean curd a. Some construction of the
d. The highly nutritious food mosque takes the local style
3. "Those who do not work b. Banjar people burned down the
here..."(last sentence). The mosque
underlined word refers to c. There is nothing special from
a. The local people this mosque
b. The farmers d. The Dutch colonial built the
c. The factory workers mosque
d. The traders
Bale Kambang is a small village in and action in creating peace in this
the Southern coast of East Java, world. He also looks friendly because
seventy kilometers from Malang town he always smiles a lot.
and two hours' drive from South. It is
well known for its long beautiful white 9. What is the purpose of the text?
sandy beach as well as the similarity of a. To persuade the readers to choose
its temple to the one of Tanah Lot in him in the election
Bali. b. To entertain the readers about
In Bale Kambang, there are three the story of Barack Obama
small rocky islands namely Ismaya c. To report the life of the
Island, Wisanggeni Island, and Anoman president of United States of
Island, those names are taken from America
"wayang" figures (Java traditional d. To describe Barack Obama's
puppets). These islands are physical appeara nce and
surrounded by Indonesian Ocean personality
which huge waves frighten most 10."... dark complexion, pointed nose,
overseas cruisers. and oval face." The antonym of the
7. What makes Bale Kambang underlined word is ....
famous? a. Flat
a. Small rocky islands b. Short
b. Long beautiful beach c. Straight
c. Huge waves of ocean d. Handsome
d. Overseas cruiser
8. What is the main idea of the second
a. There are three rocky islands in
Bale Kambang
b. Huge waves frighten many
overseas cruisers
c. Names of rocky islands are taken
from "wayang"figures
d. The rocky islands are in the
middle of the sea
Barack Obama is the president of
United States. He is an African-
American. He is tall and thin. He is
bald. He has dark complexion, pointed
nose, and oval face.
He is the first black man who
becomes the president of United
States. He is known as a smart and
wise man. He is a loving husband for
his wife and a good father for his two
children. People from all over the
world adore him because of his spirit