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APRIL 2015 77360/PMD2K

Time : Three hours Maximum : 75 marks

PART A — (10  1 = 10 marks)

Answer any TEN questions.

Write short notes on the following:

1. Marketing Mix

2. Social media marketing

3. Pull and push strategy

4. Sampling methods

5. Niche market

6. Target marketing

7. Umbrella Brand

8. Market skimming

9. Collaborative selling.

10. Differentiated marketing

11. Direct marketing

12. Consumer Rights.


PART B — (5  5 = 25 marks)
Answer any FIVE questions.
13. Explain the role of Internet in today's marketing.
14. Discuss the relative importance of all
environmental forces affecting the market system
of a firm.
15. Explain why post purchase stage is considered
important in industrial product decisions.
16. Describe the adoption and diffusion process for
new products.
17. Explain the different Pricing strategies adopted by
various organizations.
18. Explain 'transit advertising'. Differentiate
between advertising and sales promotion.
19. Explain the objectives and scope of Consumer
Protection Act.
PART C — (4  10 = 40 marks)
Answer Q.No. 20 compulsory and answer any THREE
questions from Q. No. 21 to 24
20. Several competing philosophies such as the Selling
concept, Production concept and Product concept
exist. How are these different from one another?
How are these different from the marketing
21. How Marketing Research acts as a useful tool for
decision making? Discuss the various stages of the
MR process in detail.

2 77360/PMD2K

22. Discuss the significance of segmentation, targeting

and positioning in a company's marketing

23. Examine the stages of product life cycle.

Enumerate its significance in the marketing mix
and in product planning and development.

24. Explain the functions of a distribution channel?

Enumerate the advantages and limitations of
using multi channel systems for distributing
mobile phones.


3 77360/PMD2K