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Task 3: Read the text.

Then read the statements below and put the events in order

Voyage to St Kilda

Some environmentalist groups believe that drilling for oil off the coast of Scotland is going to endanger wildlife.
The actress Julia Sawalha recently went to the region by boat with one of these groups to monitor the wildlife.
She kept a diary of her week
1. I am on the Island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. We are, setting sail tomorrow, so I am going to spend
today getting to know the other crew members.
2. I slept surprisingly well on the boat. This morning I visited a seal sanctuary. After I had held the seals in
my arms, my clothes smelt very fishy. Worse still, I have got a whole week on the ship and not many clothes to
change into, We are setting sail for the island of St Kilda - at 10 p.m.
3. I didn't want lunch because I felt so seasick but my cabin-mates advised me to eat, so I tried to force some
food down. One of my companions, Kate, a marine biologist, is going to take part in the first-ever underwater
survey near St Kilda. This afternoon, someone noticed a whale. The wildlife in this region is so rich. Drilling
for oil will destroy it and will affect the climate.
4. I woke at nine, later than everybody else. The others had done all the chores. I felt terribly guilty. We
have reached the island of ST Kilda. It is a hundred miles off the west coast of Scotland, in the north-east Atlantic
Ocean. Only twenty-eight people live here. We're going to camp on the island tonight. At last I will be able to
lie on a bed that doesn’t move.
5. It was difficult to wake up this morning so I decided to go for a swim. As soon as I'd dived into the icy
water, I felt as if my head was going to explode from the cold. Back on ship, I helped clean. Later on I returned
to the island sat on a rock and watched the seals.
6. We set sail again this morning. The sea was incredibly calm and I didn't feel seasick any more. I spent most
of the afternoon cleaning. Before I came on the trip my last job was making a film with Mel Gibson. If he
could see me now!
7. This morning we arrived in Glasgow, on the west coast of , Scotland . I felt a bit sad. I'm going to miss
everyone terribly. As the ship was coming into dock I looked at the piles of industrial rubbish . It's a horrible
sight after the beauty of St Kilda.

A) Put the events in order. (The first example is given. Each correct answer 1 point. Maximum point 7)
a) ___ One of the crew saw a whale.
b) ___She went for a swim.
c) ___The boat left Islay.
d) ___ She got back to mainland Scotland.
e) ___ Julia met the other members of the crew.
f) ___ She helped with the cleaning.
g) ___ Julia stayed on St Kilda.
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