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Welcome to our ‘Chef to table’

CHEF’s Notes
concept MAESTOSO!
Maccheroni strozzapreti Pick your main dishes and then sit back and let the
pork cheek • tomato braised oxtail • diced chefs amuse you with their day-to-day creations -
sauce • pecorino fondue • mirepoix • wine and confit Passaggi - from the Italian “to pass by”, a term coined
crispy parmesan tomato stock • bitter cocoa by Chef Marco Maestoso. Inspired by the ancient
contemporary in tradition Cantonese Dim Sum style of service, the chef and
his team will follow Italian cooking techniques
and traditions to provide a fun and friendly dining
experience. Our team is forever striving to craft and
1040 university ave 15. Tagliatelle RIGATONI serve food that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
ste. b101 house tomato sauce • sundried parmesan fondue • crispy Enjoy your evening at MAESTOSO.
san diego 92103 tomato emulsion • cherry tomato guanciale • pink peppercorn

La Pasta
tartare • confit sweet petals stock • saffron pearls Please inform our staff of any food allergies you may have.
The Team of Maestoso


mortadella • burrata • pistacchio pesto • sous vide squid • pepper salted cod and cheese filling •
pork jowl crumble stock • parmesan fondue • dried figs sauce • potato& cod
$ 1
lemon crispy parmesan brandade • pistacchio crumble
La Selvatica
duck breast • goat cheese • wild boar salami •
$ 2
All of our pastas are homemade right here
dried figs compote at our counter, with ground flours imported
directly from our hometown, Rome Italy.
$ 3
Sentiero di bosco
15. mushroom trio • olive and orange tapenade •
$ 5

roasted pumpkin • garlic sprouts
La Pinsa

Melanzana di Casa Majestic tunaballs 9.

eggplant • tomato confit sauce • buffalo cheese • ahi tuna • sun dried tomato •
$ 7
crispy parmesan house condiments
$ 9

Patate e Baccala’ Smokey beef tartare 16.

roasted potatoes • lemon smoked cod carpaccio • wagyu • quail eggs • dijon mustard
mozzarella • crunchy leeks 12.
$ 12
Quinoa and grain salad
mixed grains • turmeric vinaigrette •
Pinsa Ink farm greens $ 16
tubers purée • sous vide calamari • orange zest •
squid ink tuile • on a sesame dough Cherry pork tenderloin 14.
pork tenderloin • black cherry • japanese $ 18
Pinsa Chef Giorgio Corletti sweet potato
rosso Frizzante e Spumanti 8. Ballast Point Stone Delicious
Pale Ale 5.5% IPA 7.7%

Nero D’Avola, Cusumano 8.G /30.B Prosecco, Carletto
ripe berry flavors, framed by silky tannins 13.5% notes of white peaches and orange blossoms 11%
Ballast Even Kill 3.8% St Archer Blond 4.8%
Barbera Alba, Batasiolo 9.G /34.B Brut Rose, Ferraria 28.B
dense with plum, herb and pomegranate flavors 13.5% vibrant sparkling wine with notes of raspberries and Sculpin IPA 7% Beach Grease IPA 6.9%
wine & bubbles
rose petals
Chianti Classico, Castello di Volpaia 12.G/46.B Coronado Orange Stone Scorpion
a well-balanced wine with flavors of vanilla 13% Francicorta Brut, Berlucchi 60.B Wit 5.8% Bowl IPA 7.5%
and cocoa elegant and classic flavors of fuji apple and 12.5%
tiny bubbles
Spezieri, Col D’Orcia 10.G/38.B
full bodied with hints of cherry and cedar 13.5%

Dolcetto D’Alba, Sandrone 14.G/50.B

enticing fruity aromas with light spice notes 13.5% bianco 8. Semolino Californiano
polenta with rosemary ricotta cheese • caramel salted
12.G / 44.B

Amarone Della Valpolicella, Bertani 110.B Friulano, Volpe Pasini hazelnuts • cinnamon ice • grapefruit gelée
bold and concentrated dried fruit flavors 15% medium bodied with notes of meyer lemon zest 12%
Pistacchio Absolute
Barolo, Batasiolo 88.B Falanghina, Feudi di San Gregorio financier • bavarian with molten heart •
rose, cherry and plum flavors with a long lingering finish 14% bright floral aromas with honey and peach on 9.G / 36.B white chocolate
the palate
Tignanello, Antinori 175.B Limone Meringa e Cioccolato
rich and powerful cabernet sauvignon blend 13%
Pinot Grigio, Stemmari 7.G vanilla bean icecream • meringue • dark chocolate •
citrus aromas and floral notes in a crisp style 13% lemon gel
Varvara, Castello di Bolgheri 75.B
a mix of strawberry, cherry, coffee and mocha flavors 14%
Ribola Gialla, Volpe Pasini Prugne in Terra di ghiaccio
11.G / 40.B
medium bodied with buttery texture and 12% piccante
mineral finish spicy chocolate and jalapeño ice crumble • prune mousse •
Vino Dolce raspberry sorbet • olive oil cake
Moscato D’Asti, Batasiolo 9.G / 36.B Grillo di Sicilia, Planeta 8.G / 30.B
intense aromas of sweet peach and orange blossoms 12.5% aromas of wild flowers, melon and honey 14% Pastry Chef Marco Nuzzo

1040 university ave

RO* Filtered Water 2. Fresh Cold Pressed Juice 4. ste. b101

san diego 92103
RO* Sparkling Water 2.5 Gingerale 2.5
Home Brewed Iced Tea 3. Mexican Cola 2.5
*reverse osmosis (RO), 7x filtered water, this reduces harmful impurities through filtration process.