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Dear Applicant

Thank you for your application to audition at the Guildford School of Acting, University of
Surrey for entrance into the school in September 2018.

Please read these notes carefully as the panel will be judging your ability to perform to a
brief. You will find separate sections for the different courses in the Musical Theatre

For all courses the panel is looking for:

 ability or trainability in singing, acting and dancing (the panel will expect potential in
at least two out of the three),
 willingness to attempt everything regardless of previous experience,
 ability to work with others to achieve a presentable piece of work,
 a receptive and enquiring mind,
 a passion for the art form and a desire to achieve the highest standards,
 a voice and body that is trainable and a personality responsive to our methods of

All information in the brief is included for a reason, so please take note of all the detail.

We look forward to meeting you at your auditions.

With best wishes

Julian Woolford

Head of Musical Theatre


You will find travel information and a campus map using the following link:
If you are coming by car, please use the following postcode to help you find us- GU2 7JP.
Searching GSA in Google sometimes leads people to the original GSA building in central
Guildford rather than the new GSA building which is located on the University campus.
Parking on campus is restricted to permit holders only between Monday-Friday 07:30-
17:00. The GSA building is only a short walk from the main campus car park, which has a
pay and display section, however please allow plenty of time for parking as the pay and
display section of the car park can be very busy. You can park for free in the GSA car park
and the main University car park on Saturday.


If you have declared a disability and will need specific support to enable you to participate
in the day, please let us know in advance.


In the event of adverse weather conditions, please check our weather alert webpages for
details of any disruption to University operations. In the unlikely event of University
closure, the day will rescheduled for another day.

Please arrive at the GSA building at the University of Surrey campus, no later than 15
minutes prior to your scheduled audition. Please ensure that you sign in on arrival and
you will then be shown to a waiting area.


You should wear clean, comfortable clothes that allow you to perform without hindrance.
Please wear clothes that do not mask the shape of your body, so please do not wear loose
ill-fitting clothing. Wear shoes that allow you to stand naturally.
For Dance and Movement calls:
Ladies: leotards and tights, jazz shoes or foot thongs. If you do not have a leotard, please
wear figure hugging clothing that you are able to move in.
Gentlemen: T shirt and track bottoms/shorts, jazz shoes or foot thongs. We advise the
wearing of a jockstrap/dance belt.
You will have time to change into dancewear for dance and movement calls. For dance
calls please wear jazz shoes, trainers or bare feet.

Please bring two passport photographs to the audition with your name clearly written on
the back. You should also bring some water in a closed bottle.


Most of the briefs in the next few pages require songs or speeches with a maximum
length. Please edit your material to the correct length. Simple ways of doing this for
songs are by removing repeats or verses. It is important that you adhere to the maximum
You must bring your music either taped together concertina style or in plastic wallets in a
folder. It must be in the correct key and with full piano accompaniment.
The panel will expect you to have read the play from which your monologue is selected.


There is a café in the GSA building, which is open on most of the days that there are
auditions. If this is closed there is a campus shop with a wide range of food a short walk
from the building.

Please make every effort to attend your scheduled audition. If you are unable to attend
please refer to your applicant portal, where you may be able to cancel and then re-book
your audition. This is subject to availability.


If you have any queries, please telephone the Admissions Office on our direct line 01483
682222 or email


Please remember the Audition Panel is not there to catch you out and make you feel
uncomfortable. The Panel wants to see what you are able to do and then make an
assessment about your potential for training at GSA. The Panel does not expect you to
be a fully accomplished Musical Theatre performer. We want you to have a positive
experience and we want as many candidates as possible to be potential students.

Now turn to the relevant section for the programme you have applied for.

Registration: 8am
You will begin the audition with a dance workshop, followed by a singing audition. Some
candidates may then be invited to stay for the acting audition and interview.

Please prepare:
 Two contrasting songs, of not more than two minutes each. One song should be
from the musical theatre repertoire written prior to 1965.
 One contemporary speech from a play written since 1950 of not more than two

Auditions for the BA Musical Theatre take place in two parts.

If you are successful at your first audition you will be invited to GSA for a second audition.
The information below relates to the preparations you need to make for the first audition.

The first audition will include both a singing and a dance workshop. Each workshop will be
led by GSA teaching staff and will include a warm-up section.

For the singing workshop, please prepare one song. This can be any musical theatre song,
which is published (i.e. you can get the sheet music for it), and should be no longer than
three minutes. The song should be chosen to demonstrate vocal strength and effective
character portrayal.

The dance workshop is designed to assess trainability. You do not need to prepare
anything in advance; please bring appropriate dancewear with jazz shoes or trainers.

The order of your workshops will be confirmed when you register on your audition day.

Further information about your second audition will be sent to you if you are successful at
the first audition. You will be advised of the outcome of your audition either via e-mail or
UCAS track within two weeks of your audition.

The audition takes place over the course of one day. Please arrive at 8.30am for
registration and be prepared to stay until 5.30pm.
In the morning candidates will attend a singing audition, then an acting audition. Candidates then
move on to a dance/movement workshop.
After lunch the panel will listen to one pre-prepared piece on the candidates chosen instrument.
This piece should be no longer that 3mins in length and reflect the kind of repertoire that the
candidate considers a strength. After the performance of the solo piece, selected applicants will
be invited to stay for a short interview.

Please prepare:
 One Song (of your own choice) of no more than 2 minutes.
 One Classical Speech – Preferably by Shakespeare - no longer than 2 minutes
 One Solo instrumental piece of between 2 and 3 minutes. An accompanist will be
available if required; please bring the necessary sheet music.

Please complete a short questionnaire to help us plan the day effectively:

Please note – GSA does not provide instruments, you will need to bring your own. There
will be a secure area on the day for you to store your instrument. It is very important that
you use the link to register your instrumental choices at least 24 hours before the
audition, as this gives the panel time to schedule the afternoon sessions.

The audition takes place over the course of one day. Registration: 8.30am.

The day begins with a dance workshop, then singing and acting auditions.

Please prepare:
 two contrasting songs demonstrating your vocal strengths and ability. One song
must be from the musical theatre repertoire (not a juke-box show) and the other
can be either from a musical or from the pop/rock repertoire. Each song should
not last longer than two minutes.
 one speech (from a play written after 1900, of not more than two minutes. This
should be in your own accent.

When you have completed the audition workshops you will be shown to the foyer and
asked to wait. The student helpers will let you know if the panel would like to interview
you. If they do not wish to interview you we are sorry but we are unable to consider you
further. Please note this does not apply to first round BA Musical Theatre auditions,
when all candidates may leave after your audition sessions. Please note that we are not
able to provide feedback of any kind after your audition.


How long will my audition take?

You should expect to be at GSA until approximately 4pm, although you may be finished
earlier. Please note this does not apply to first round BA Musical Theatre auditions, when
you may leave after your audition sessions.

How long is the dance workshop?

Dance and movement workshops are generally 45-90 minutes.

Can I bring my own pianist for the singing audition?

We do not allow candidates to bring their own accompanists as we provide highly skilled

Can I perform to a backing track?

You may not perform to a backing track and must bring music with a full piano
Can I get feedback from my audition?

Due to the number of candidates we are unable to offer feedback. Please do not ask the
panel for feedback. Bear in mind that although you may not be suitable for training at GSA
this does not make you unsuitable for other institutions.

For any other queries, please contact admissions:

Telephone: 01483 682222

If you would like to find out more about GSA, including:

 the latest news from the school
 details of forthcoming shows
 information about summer and short courses available at GSA
please visit our website