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No. Name Function

Paper feed/Paper jam Indicates the selected section for paper feed (steady indication) and also indicates
indicator the location of a paper jam as a number (blinking indicator). When the tray has no
paper,the indicator blinks. When a paper jam occurs during continuous copies
using ADF, either or indicator will light.
Paper jam indicator Indicates the location of a paper jam or paper no feed (blinking indicator).
Paper supply indicator Indicates that there is no paper tray or bypass tray or cassette has no paper
(blinking indicator).
Toner supply indicator Indicates that toner must be supplied(blinking indicator).
Periodic maintenance indicator Indeicates that the periodic maintenance is required.This lights when the machine
must have the periodic maintenance after 1,000 copies and blinks when the
machine reaches it.
Group indicator Indicates that the group mode has been selected (steady indication).
Staple indicator Indicates that the staple mode has been selected.(steady indication).
Sort indicator Indicates that the sort mode has been selected (steady indication).
Sorter button Used to select the sort,group or staple mode.
Shift/Reduction shift button Used to select the shift mode or reduction shift mode.
Mixed Original mode button Used to select the mixed original mode.
Fold erase/Frame erase button Used to select the fold erase/frame erase mode.
Book copy button Used to select the book copy mode.
OHP interleave button Used to select the OHP interleave mode.
Auto start button Used to select platen auto start mode (steady indication).
Copy density indicator Indicates the selected copy density (steady indication).
Copy density button Used to select the copy density.
Fixed magnification indicator Indicates the selected fixed magnification (steady indication).
Magnification display Indicates the selected magnification.
Reduction and Enlargement button Used to select the copy magnification.
Magnification mode button Used to select the magnification mode.


Paper size indicator Indicates the selected paper size (steady indication. When there are no papers or no tray,
it will blink.).
Paper size button Used to select the paper size (paper tray).
Auto indication Indicates the selected auto mode (steady indication).
Auto button Used to select the sorter, 1:1, AE, APS, or ADF mode.
Copy quantity setting buttons Used to set the copy quantity and code of self diagnostics and input/output checks.
Copy quantity indicator Indicates the set copy quantity and also the ongoing copy count during a copy operation.
Power save button Used to enter the power save mode.
P button Used to read each setting and count.
Recall button Used to check the set copy quantity during a copy operation.
Stop/Clear button Used to stop a copy operation, cancel the set copy quantity, stop self diagnostic
sequence, or indicate the drum counter in combination with the P button.
Copy button Used to start copy operation, register latch operation, start self diagnostics, and
write data on the static RAM (non-volatile).
This indicator lights in green when copy operation can be performed and in amber
when the machine is in warm-up , the lens is moving, or an abnormality occurs.