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Welcome to SAP Hybris
Cloud for Customer

• Welcome to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
• An Overview of Our Solution
• Extend Functionalities

Get Started
• The Key Information Hubs
• How to Obtain Demo Tenants
• Accelerate Your Implementation
• SAP Implementation Methology
• The Installation
• Need Help? Who to Call
• Drive Success with SAP Hybris Expert Services
• Integrations with SAP Hybris

Enhance Your Success

• Support your SAP Journey with Expert Help
• Evolve your Digitalization Journey
• Training Courses
• Certifications
• Run Together: Engage with SAP Community
• Communities
• Keep in Touch

Welcome to
SAP Hybris Cloud for
Thank you for choosing SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and welcome to
the SAP Hybris family! Our goal is to run together throughout your digital
transformation journey to help ensure that you gain optimum business value
from your investment.

We are with you every step of the way, from planning and executing your
implementation to helping ensure that you get the most out of your software.
This Welcome Kit is designed to introduce you to the extensive resources, tools,
training, and support that are available to you as a valued SAP Hybris partner.
As you browse these pages, you’ll find plenty of useful information and easy
access to a variety of assets, contacts, and communities that can help you get
up and running with your solution.

An Overview of Our
Transform traditional CRM software for omnichannel customer engagements.

Build stronger relationships with your customers by engaging them at every

touch point throughout their journey. Partnering with SAP Hybris solutions gets
you the latest technologies to redefine customer engagements.

Engage customers throughout the buying journey in a more meaningful

way. Give your sales teams the insights they need to accelerate productivity
and sales performance and in-the-moment information to have relevant
conversations and interactions from anywhere.

Provide personalized, high-value customer service before, during, and after a

purchase. With SAP solutions that connect agents with the right expertise and
tools at the right time, you can deliver the great service your customers expect
through self-service sites, call centers, or field service.

Our cloud CRM portfolio brings marketing, sales, commerce, revenue/billing,

and customer service together – to deliver rich insight, flawless execution, and
a contextual customer experience. Stay a step ahead with SAP Hybris Cloud for
Customer – so you can engage your customers like never before.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer includes capabilities for both Sales and Service
professions. The Sales cloud can provide your sales reps with the insight they
need to engage in meaningful customer conversations and take the right action.
This full featured sales tool will equip them to understand your customers’
unique challenges and industry with access to customer information, real-time
analytics, and a full range of capabilities.

The Service cloud enables your customer service and field service organizations
to stay one step ahead of customer expectations, from the initial service
contact all the way through billing. The solution allows to engage across multiple
service channels, access complete and contextual customer information, and
gain real-time insight into call center and field service performance.
Extended Functionalities


Solutions help you A game changing
hire, onboard, incent marketing solution SAP Hybris Realtime
and train your sales enables individualized Communicator by
teams so you can build contextual marketing Gen-Band
rockstars from day one. on an unlimited scale.


SAP Hybris Knowledge SAP Paybacks and
Central by Mindtouch Chargebacks by Vistex SAP Incentive
Administration by

• Extensive solution set to cover wide customer business needs
• Tightly pre integrated and SAP certified solutions
• Single vendor and single point of support: SAP Hybris

Hybris Wiki

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exclusive Cloud for Customer webinars and events, and get the latest news at
your fingertips.

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Please be sure to use your corporate email address for quick approval. You
will receive an email notification once your user request has been approved
and can begin using the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Wiki.

TIP: The SAP Help Portal contains a SAP Hybris Cloud for
Customer Documentation, how-to videos and what’s new.
To access this information, an SAP Service Marketplace user ID
is required. If you do not have a user ID, please request one from
your Super Admin.
TIP: The Hybris Wiki provides highlevel information on
implementation services and methodology, as well as a help
portal, release notes, community forums, and support hotline
numbers. For deeper insight, check out the SAP Support Portal
and our SAP Community Network
Get Started

The Key Information Hubs

No one expects you to be an expert straightaway.

The good news is that solid options exist to get detailed product information
about SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer:


One central place to find information on software functionality and how it can
be used is the SAP Help Portal. You will also discover related information, such
as “What´s New”, release strategy, upgrade/update calendar, etc.


Build an interactive community with the SAP Jam Communities solution, to
foster collaborative commerce and service issue resolution. Integrated into
both the SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center and SAP Hybris Commerce
products, SAP Jam Communities offers insights into customers’ needs – and
offers relevant content designed to influence and accelerate buying decisions
and seamlessly go from a service inquiry to a storefront. Harness the power
of communities to better engage customers throughout the buying journey to
drive growth.
Another essential resource to find information on about SAP Hybris Cloud
for Customer is the Hybris WIKI Page. To access all of the essential resources,
make sure you register below.

Register for the Wiki Page by entering your account details
using your corporate email address. You will receive a
confirmation email as soon as your account has been
approved and activated.


Once registered, the Partner Resources page is a great
starting point. You can also access the SAP Hybris Cloud for
Customer space for details.


Many of our resources, such as Hybris Wiki, SAP Help Portal, or SAP
PartnerEdge can be accessed only with your S-user ID. For new partners, SAP
will create initial S-user IDs for the SAP software recipients. Your company’s
user administrators can then request any number of S-user IDs and assign the
required authorizations at any time.

Click here to get your S-user ID

Get Started

How to Obtain
Demo Tenants
In any Software Sales cycle, it is imperative to demonstrate the capabilities
of the solution via demos and proof of concepts. Since SAP Hybris Cloud
for Customer is a pure SaaS based Cloud application, SAP offers two demo
landscapes for our Partners to access in order to demonstrate SAP Hybris C4C
Solution appropriately.


Leverage this standalone demo tenant offering to demonstrate C4C sales and
service functionalities in a standalone fashion. As the name indicates, tenants
in this landscape do not have any integration with either ERP or CRM in the
backend. Standalone C4C demo tenants are available to all SAP partners with
a valid partnership. Learn more about this offering here and order your demo
tenant here today.


Partners requested SAP to provide access to a landscape that would enable
them to perform demos of C4C/ ERP integrated scenarios. Hence, we deployed
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to the existing Public Demo Showroom
with which Partners can show the information exchange between Cloud for
Customer and SAP ERP application. Additional details regarding this landscape
is provided here.
Accelerate Your
The SAP Activate Methodology for Cloud provides an implementation
framework to support subscription based software where the system
installation and management occur outside of the project (SaaS).

SAP Activate Methodology for Cloud is less intensive than a traditional project
methodology making it ideal for smaller project teams.

Best Practices


SAP Launch versus SAP Activate Implementation Methodology:

In former SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer implementation projects, the SAP
Launch Implementation Methodology was the recommended implementation
methodology. Now SAP Activate is the successor of the ASAP and SAP
Launch methodology. In this E-Learning module, selected SAP Launch project
implementation templates and assets are mapped to the current SAP Activate

Innovative Application Development Services:

Achieve your organization’s greatest goals with SAP Innovative Business
Solutions, the foremost experts in developing unique, leading-edge software
solutions for the enterprise. Develop one-of-a-kind solutions that help you
thrive in the digital economy – with our application development team.
Get Started

SAP Implementation
SAP Activate Methology is THE implementation methology that is applied
universally across all SAP software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementations.
It prescribes what implementation activities must be performed and the
resulting deliverables.

Follow these steps to access the SAP Support Portal and download your



TIP: Need some help with the portal? You can contact your local
SAP PSA (Partner Service Advisor) contact – your central point
of contact for assistance on nontechnical questions 24x7. Or
check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Note for Partners
on the Hybris wiki.
Let’s Get Started:
The Installation
If you’re completely new to SAP Hybris, don’t worry. There’s plenty of support to
get you up to speed with your solution. The SAP Support Portal is your one-stop
access point to software downloads. In just a few quick steps, you will get what
you need to activate your solution efficiently. Visit

Follow these steps to access the SAP Support Portal and download your


Log in with Read about Register for your Activate your
your S-User ID getting started own personal software: request
and password, with the SAP demo of the and view your
then click the Support Portal. portal. company’s
registration link license keys
below to request (you’ll get these
access. If you’re within 3 days of
a “super user,” your request).
you can request
S-User IDs and
passwords here.
Get Started

Need Help?
Who To Call
SAP Partner Service Delivery (PSD) is part of the GPO Partner Efficiency group
at SAP. The PSD mission is to grow and simplify our partners’ businesses by
building and delivering a personalized range of value-added services that
increase each partner’s knowledge, capabilities and productivity. This is the
first group any SAP PartnerEdge partner gets in touch with when entering
the program. PSD providessolution-based, structured enablement with areas
of specialized enablement knowledge. The range of services is designed to
support partners’ SAP operations and help accelerate their businesses.
Each partner gets assigned a Partner Service Advisor (PSA) from the PSD team for
all partnership-related questions. Partners can find their PSD welcome kit here.


The SAP Hybris Partner Enablement team strives to enhance knowledge and
expertise within the partner ecosystem to elevate quality and increase delivery
capacity. We engage with SAP Hybris partners to proactively provide and promote
enablement activities, to enable them to successfully deliver projects according
to customer requirements. Hence we guide our partners on topics related to
Pre-Sales activities and have technical discussions related to project delivery.

We have an SAP Hybris Channel Management team that will be your point
of contact for partner sourced leads and enablement questions. Channel
managers, together with enablement managers, can provide you with strategic
and practical insights about SAP Hybris software projects, and assist you
in accessing detailed product information and support services. They can
also help you with finding the right SAP Hybris Expert Services contact for
professional and technical consultancy on your projects, ensuring that we do
not compromise on project quality.

TIP: To contact the SAP Hybris Channel Management team,

send an email to For an overview
of useful links, have a look at the Partner Resources page on the
Hybris wiki.
Get Started

Drive Success with SAP

Hybris Expert Services
SAP Hybris Expert Services’ primary goal is to maximize value for you by
driving quality during all phases of your implementation. They have a flexible
model of engagement that focuses on the critical phases of a project, and
their support will help ensure that you realize the full value of your SAP Hybris
Cloud for Customer solution.
Whenever there is a product related issue that you cannot overcome, please
reach out to SAP Expert Services.

... reactive support in case of specific functional and technical project

•B  est practices and capability workshops for key areas like integration,
migration, analytics
• Assess concepts for key processes and requirements to propose solution
•O  ne time support for single engagements or call-off contract for ongoing

... proactive early engagement along all critical moments

• Accompany the project from the start to go-live and provide guidance
 educe risks and challenges in advance
 xpert-Talk about lessons learned from other customer projects not
compromise on project quality.

Learn more

Please contact with questions about

our offerings.
Integrations with
SAP Hybris
Additionally access best-of-breed applications, extensions and network
services developed by SAP Hybris partners on Extend Marketplace.
Below you can find the Solution Extensions for SAP Hybris solutions.
For further details, get in touch with your SAP Hybris Channel Manager
or write to
Enhance your Success

Support your SAP Journey

with Expert Help
Visit Hybris Wiki – Product Support to gain an insight on the
most frequently asked questions by our partner in SAP Hybris Cloud
for Customer. Additionally, we will also provide you additional guidance
how to report an incident.

For further information, read the SAP Support Offering or visit SAP Community.

Access the Hybris Wiki

Expert Chat Service, a live chat function that connects SAP customers to
technical support experts instantly – helps resolve incidents nearly twice as
fast as those reported through traditional support channels.

Key users will be able to launch a chat request from the “Help Center” of the
application starting December 4, 2017.

Contacting Support
For contacting SAP’s support organization, the current preferred contact
channels for SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions are set forth in the table
These are the 2 recommended steps how to contact SAP Support:

Search for solutions and open an incident directly from your

For end-users: The “Help Center”, accessible from every

screen within your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution.

For Key Users: The “Application & User Management Work

Center” within your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution.

If your system is unavailable or you want to clarify
complicated topics.

You can reach the SAP Cloud Service Desk on our Global
toll-free SAP Number “CALL-1-SAP” and press 4 for Cloud
customer support.
Enhance your Success

Evolve Your
Digitalization Journey
SAP technology is constantly evolving in line with the changing needs of
our customers. SAP road maps are designed to provide you with up-to-date
information about how the features and functions of an SAP solution or
product are planned to progress over time. This helps to ensure that SAP
products and solutions align with your technology adoption plans.


Solution road maps cover innovations that focus on business solutions and
processes, spanning products that are relevant for your lines of business and
industry. With these road maps you can:

• Learn about our solutions today and how they add value to your business
• Discover the innovations planned for SAP solutions
• Get a perspective on the future direction – inspired by your requirements


Product road maps describe how feature and function capabilities of an SAP
product or technology are planned to progress over time. These road maps:

• Provide detailed information on the current version of the product with

features grouped by value and capabilities
• Offer detailed information on the planned innovations of the product
with features grouped by value and capabilities
• Summarize the future direction for the product

View road maps

Training Courses
You and your colleagues will want to become proficient in your new solution
as quickly as possible. After all, that’s how you’ll find the fastest route to
your success. SAP has a range of online and offline trainings to help you get
off the ground. Scheduled trainings can be booked via the SAP Training Web
Shop. The SAP Hybris overview curriculum provided in the web shop as well
as the specific SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer curriculum give guidance in
exploring the portfolio.
Access some of the key resources to help you and your team be fully equipped
for your journey with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer:

• Visit our Learning Journey for standard SAP trainings.

• Find the Classroom Training and the possibility for certification for SAP
Hybris Cloud for Customer here.
• All SAP Hybris online courses are also available on the SAP Learning Hub.
SAP Learning Hub provides 24/7 cloud-based accesses to a vast selection
of SAP online learning content. Purchase a one-time subscription to the
SAP Learning Hub to get immediate and unlimited cloud-based access to all
training courses, including all SAP Hybris-related courses.
Enhance your Success


Discover openSAP, SAP’s innovative learning platform and a thought
leader for Enterprise MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

With Experience SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, you get some hands-on
experience to explore the new age of customer engagement and commerce
solution with exercises on SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. This self-paced
course will explore six areas, starting with an overview of the SAP Hybris
Cloud for Customer portfolio including the general consumer engagement
and commerce strategy, a functional overview of sales, service, marketing
including mobility, collaboration, and analytics, along with industry solutions
such as consumer products, insurance, retail, and others. Finally, the technical
set up will be explained including integration scenarios, architecture, and
extensibility including key user tools with SAP Cloud Applications Studio and
SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

TIP: You can purchase a one-time subscription to the SAP

Learning Hub to get immediate, unlimited cloud-based access to
all training courses, including all SAP Hybris-related courses. To
learn more, visit and register for free access to
the discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub.
SAP Hybris Commerce certification exams offer developers, business analysts
and support engineers the opportunity to show that they have acquired the
knowledge and skills they need to work effectively with SAP Hybris Commerce.
It is the only objective measure, apart from the successful delivery of SAP
Hybris implementations, that we have of assessing and confirming the
knowledge level of partner’s developers. Moreover, it instills confidence in
project managers, existing customers, and new customers alike by adding to
the organization’s credibility.

Certification is more than just a checkpoint or quality gate to be passed; it’s an

additional learning resource. Many people only gain a deep understanding of a
topic when faced with an exam. Even after passing the exam, a person is likely
to come away knowing there were certain questions they struggled with and
need to do further reading on in the Hybris wiki.

More information about available certificates, their prerequisites and

prices can be found at

All SAP Hybris certifications are exclusively available through the

SAP Certification Hub. Please find more information at
Run Together: Engage
with SAP Community
Keep an eye on our upcoming webinars to get the most out of your solution
covering a variety of areas such as:

• Business and technical topics

• Latest release
• Deep Dive sessions
At the end of each live session you will get the opportunity to ask any
outstanding questions.

Don’t worry if you miss a webinar or Partner Know-How Call, you replay the
recorded version any time here.
We have a variety of events and groups to keep you updated on SAP Hybris’
latest developments and to help you engage with the wider SAP Hybris

The SAP PartnerEdge Portal is available to all SAP PartnerEdge partners as the
most efficient information tool on all SAP products. Here, partners have access
to product guides, webinars, useful links, sales and marketing info, and events.

The SAP PartnerEdge Portal aims to bring together all SAP channel partners,
as well as those partners who wish to become SAP partners, to collaborate,
network and team up to increase sales and solutions in the small to medium
enterprise market.

Check out the portal here.

TIP: Access the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

suite section here.
The SAP Hybris Experts community is an enormous Hybris knowledge base
built by experts who answer users’ questions about SAP Hybris products.

If a complex question comes up on Hybris Experts, you may be invited to

contact Hybris Support. Partners are also welcome to work in the community
and answer questions to which they know the solution.

You can access Hybris Experts by using your credentials from Hybris’ Partner
Portal to log in.


The SAP Community Network with more than two million members in more
than 200 countries, brings together experts around the globe and serves
as an information platform for partners, field, developers, consultants and

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Community

Check out the Hybris Labs page for a look behind the curtain of Hybris R&D,
and a sneak peak at some of the more experimental stuff the team is working
on. While these are things that could potentially end up in products in the
future, they are really representations of some of the more exploratory work
that is taking place at SAP Hybris.
SAP Hybris Summit is our must-attend annual event. There, you’ll learn about
the latest and greatest innovations in Customer Engagement and Commerce.
In addition to getting the inside scoop on our strategic direction, you will be
able to attend hands-on workshops with our technical teams, best practice
presentations, case studies, and personalized roundtables. Plus, this global
event provides a great opportunity to network with your peers and have
one-on-one interaction with SAP Hybris experts. Invitations are sent well in
advance. We hope to see you there!


Subscribe using below link or manage your subscriptions with
SAP Subscription Center.

See SAP Hybris’ latest news, insights and updates by subscribing to our
quarterly newsletter.

We advise you to add to your trusted contacts.

Additionally, SAP PartnerEdge helps partners build, market, sell, and service
SAP products and solutions. Keep up-to-date with announcements, insights
and resources, by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Community

The SAP Community Network with more than two million members in more
than 200 countries, brings together experts around the globe and serves
as an information platform for partners, field, developers, consultants and

Direct access to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Community.

Partner Resources Case Studies - news

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer OpenSAP Learning Platform

Partner Webinar Recordings Partner Benefits Catalog

Training Courses and Schedules Customer Engagement and

Commerce on SAP PartnerEdge
SAP Hybris Certifications

Partner Events

Social Media
Continue the conversation and learning by engaging with these communities:

SAP Community Network

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer on YouTube

SAP Help Portal

SAP Customer Influence





Keep in Touch
This Welcome Kit for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer may have come to an
end, but this is just the start of an exciting journey for your business. With
SAP software and services, you’ve got everything you need to arrive at a more
innovative, efficient, and competitive destination.

In the meantime, please use the links in this welcome kit to access the wealth
of information, services, and tools that are available to all our customers to
optimize your experience of working with SAP software.

If you cannot find what you need, please write to

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