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Multiplication and Division Mystery Phrases

Strand: Numbers Grade: 5

Learning Outcomes:
5.N.5- Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication (1 and 2 digit multipliers and up to 4 digit
multiplicands), concretely, pictorially, and symbolically to solve problems.

5.N.6- Demonstrate an understanding of division (1 and 2 digit divisors and up to 4 digit

dividends) concretely, pictorially, and symbolically, and interpret remainders to solve problems.

Whiteboard for activating activity.
The multiplication and division mystery phrases worksheets
A Map Handout.


Activate- Show the YouTube video on “Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your
Multiplication Facts!” to refresh all of the students on their multiplication facts. Good way to
loosen them up with a fun / cheesy song!

Acquire- Using class discussion, discuss different tips and tricks on how to divide and or
multiply larger numbers. Go over the standard algorithm of vertical multiplication and the
standard algorithm of long division (numbers arranged vertically and multiplied using single
digits which are added to form a final product) on the white board, overhead, or Doc. Cam with
the students. Do 2 or 3 examples of each together.

Apply- Students will work through their multiplication and division mystery worksheets
independently to reveal the secret mystery phrase. Hand in afterwards to make sure they had the
correct answers on both the math and the phrases.

*You could have a small prize for the person who gets done first (correctly finds the
hidden phrase AND correctly answers the question).

Directions for Worksheet- Students will work through the division and multiplication questions
in order to get their answer. If they need extra loose leaf for long division then they are to make
sure they staple that page to the other worksheets before they hand them in. Once they have their
answers, each question has a letter on it. They must match the correct letter with the correct
number on the next mystery phrase worksheet to crack the secret message. The secret message
they are de-coding is a question. They must then use their map, and their basic knowledge of
Canada, the provinces and their directions to fill in the answers to the questions that are asked.
Once completed, they hand in for marking (and if you choose to do so the first person done
correctly may win a prize).

Teacher will assess some students during the acquiring portion when group examples are being
done on the board, when they are walking them through the steps of how to come to an answer.
Assessment for learning will take place when the students hand in their worksheets to be marked.
Checking their work to make sure they used the standard algorithms correctly.

Extensions / Variations:

As the teacher, you could make these numbers more difficult.

It’s possible to make these addition questions with decimals in them.
An idea would be to have a blank map and have the students fill in the provinces, territories,
oceans and label the compass. (SS Connections)


Social Studies – Reading a map, Knowing the Provinces and Territories, Knowing the Oceans.


Teachers Pay Teachers, Addition & Subtraction Math Mystery Phrases - Mapping Skills
Canadian Edition. By: Love to Learn and Teach
*Please note that this is available for sale for $2 on Teachers’ Pay Teachers, and comes
with 6 sets of addition and subtraction worksheets and mystery phrase sheets, as well
as the answer keys.

Revised into multiplication and division worksheets by Courtney Treble