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Project Sales Corp brings in a complete range of products to protect personnel from overhead DROPS hazards.

We have tied
up with the world’s leading companies in the field of DROPS Prevention – Dropsafe, Stopdrop Tooling, DBI Sala, Ergodyne to
bring their product range to India to mitigate all possible DROPS related hazards found on-board drilling rigs, platforms and

The patented Dropsafe Nets are safety devices that enclose Stopdrop Tooling provides hand tools which have
and tether overhead fixtures (e.g. lights, beacons, speakers, been designed to prevent dropping when "Working At
self-retracting lifelines, CCTV cameras, anodes, pipe clamps, Height”. These tools are commonly called tools at
etc.) located above personnel or important equipment. height, tools aloft or tethered tools. The tooling is
designed and modified to enable user freedom and
The net fully encloses the item being secured, while the maintain product functionality but continue to safely
integrated securing cable attaches around a structural control the tool.
attachment point, preventing both the item and fixture
components from dropping or falling. In the drilling industry it is estimated that one in ten
dropped object incidents are caused by falling hand
Dropsafe also manufactures the Innovative Drops-Prevention tools. By properly securing the hand tools to a fixed
Barrier System for permanent and temporary use. The point or person with a lanyard and using locking
barrier is designed to prevent items such as tools, water techniques for individual tool parts, dropped objects
bottles, hard hats, etc. falling through open guard railing, incidents can be prevented.
stairways and elevated work platforms.

The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for We bring the Ergodyne range of tool NLG manufactures and distributes
Tools products and personnel make work tethers to retrofit your existing tools internationally the most innovative
environments safer and more productive to make them tether ready. With range of tool lanyards and tethers
by drastically reducing incidents that simple easy to use products from available today. With the NLG
result in personal injury, equipment Ergodyne, you can tether any tools at range, we can provide all the
damage, and tool loss. site to prevent a tool drop when tethering devices from one source.
working at height.

When you need reliable products to prevent drops, talk to us for a solution. At PSC, our objective is to ensure that we
mitigate all possible risks associated with dropped objects and will be able to assist you with all products from one source
to take corrective actions to comply with the regulations and provide the most competitive pricing. Send a no-obligation
pricing request today to Brien Advanio, our Product Support Manager – HSE provides usage
support services on our products and conducts training for your personnel on different hazards found in workplaces
including hand injuries, confined space safety, fall protection, proper understanding of ATEX and use of intrinsically safe
products or do a custom training program as per your requirements. Reach Brien at

Sales +91-91009-32334 Cust. Support +91-7729990662