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Grade Level: Year 2 Subject: literacy

Learning Outcome:
- Students will be able to use post it’s to create their own story map on last week’s story map.
- Students will be able develop previous ideas using new vocabulary.
Resources (what materials/equipment will you Preparation (what do you need to make or check
and the students use? Be specific) before class?)
Papers – pencils – pens – post it – white board. Before class I will check that I have enough post it’s
for all students.
I will make sure that there are enough papers and
Key vocabulary
Story map - post it’s – planning – events – character.
Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)
- I will start the lesson by siting all the students on the carpet, then I will ask them about their
previous classes and I will choose 1 student to tell me what we should include in our story
- I will use Ms. Nyhan’s story map to demonstrate what I will be doing.
- I will use post it’s notes to write my events.
- I will think out loud with the students about the events of my story.
Question I may ask:
1- Who should my character be?
2- Where do you think the story will take place?
Time: 10-15 mins
Whole Group

3- Do you think that the story has enough events?

-  Ms. Nyhan’s story map looks similar to this

- I will then group the students into three group:

1. Support group.
2. Core group.
3. Challenge group.
I will walk around the groups to tell them exactly what to do (explained in detail in the next three
boxes), then I will settle with the core and challenge group while Ms. Nyhan works with the
support group.
I will ask the students to be kind to each other and help students who need help, and the student
who show amazing behavior during the activity will get house points.

guided Experience (support group activity):

- This group will sit with Ms. Nyhan, she will guide them through every step of the story map.
- Each student will create a story map using simple vocabulary to address the events of the
- The student will create at least 3 events to complete the story map.
Independent Experience (core group activity):
- This group will be under my supervision, they will follow the rules of creating a story map on
Time: 20 – 25 mins

their own, and I will scaffold students as needed.

- The students will use post it’s to create the story map and they have to include new
vocabulary to the story map.
- The students will create at least 4 events to complete the story map, and they can help each
other and ask me for clarifying steps and assessing.
Independent Experience (challenge group activity):
- This group will work alone on the story map and I will walk around to see how their work is
going, and they will also create their own story map only with little help from the teacher.
- The students will use post it’s to write the main events and then will use new vocabulary to
add more details to the story.
- The students will create between 4 to 6 events to complete their story map, and they can share
ideas and help each other.
Time: 10 mins

- After the students are done with their story maps I will choose one to tell us their story, and
Whole Group

with the help of his/her classmates they will create actions for the story.
- And to end the lesson I will give the students who were spectacular house point for their

- I will observe the students as they work to assess their work.