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1. Which is the largest animal in the world ?

Answer: Blue whale

2. Which is the largest animal on land ? Answer: African elephant

3. Which is the smallest bird ? Answer: Humming Bird

4. Which is the largest fish in the world ? Answer: Whale shark

5. Which is the tallest animal on the earth ? Answer: Giraffe

6. Which is the biggest bird in the world ? Answer: Ostrich

7. Which is the biggest continent in the world ? Answer: Asia

8. Which is the largest country (area) in the world ? Answer: Russia 2nd

8 a. Which is the smallest country in the world ? Answer: Vatican City

9. Which is the most spoken language in the world ? Answer: Mandarin (Chinese )

2nd place > Spanish

10. Which is the largest island in the world ? Answer: Greenland

2nd place > New Guinea

11.Which is the longest river in the world ? Answer: Nile

12. Which is the largest desert in the world ? Answer: Sahara Desert

13. Which is the largest bone in human body ? Answer: Femur (thighbone)

14. What is the smallest bone in the human body ? Answer: Stapes

15. Which is the largest flower in the world ? Answer: Rafflesia

16. Which is the largest ocean in the world ? Answer: Pacific Ocean

17. Which is the largest plateau in the world ? Answer: Tibetan Plateau

18. Which is the tallest waterfall in the world ? Answer: Angel Falls

19. which is the first linguistic state in india? Answer: Andhra Pradesh

20. Which is the first biosphere reserve in india ? Answer: Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

21. Which is India's largest fresh water lake? Answer: Wular Lake

22. Which is largest freshwater lake in the world? Answer: Lake Superior
23. Which place is known as tea garden of India Answer: Assam

24. Who introduced cofee to India? Answer: baba budan


Indian National AnthemThe Indian National anthem was originally composed in

Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore,Nobel Prize Winner poet, was adopted in its Hindi
version as the National Anthem of country on 24 January 1950.But It was 1st sung
much earlier, it was sung on 27th December 1911 at the Kolkatta session of the Indian
National Congress (INC). The complete song consists of 5 stanzas. Playing time of the
National Anthem is about 52 seconds.

Indian National FlagThe Indian flag was designed as a symbol of freedom. The flag is
a horizontal tricolor.It has deep saffron color on the top, white in the middle and dark
green at the bottom. Hence it is also called as 'Tiranga'. The ratio of the width to the
length of the flag is two is to three(2:3). In the center of the white band, there is a
wheel in navy blue color to indicate the Dharma Chakra, the wheel of law as depicted
in the Sarnath Lion Capital,made by the 3rd-century BC Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. It
has 24 spokes.

The design of the National Flag of India was adopted constituent assembly of India on
22nd July,1947.On 26th January 2002, the flag code was changed. After 52 years, the
citizens of India are free to fly the Indian flag over their homes, offices and factories
on any day.Different colors signify different messages.The saffron color stands for
courage, sacrifice, white stands, for purity & truth whereas green stands, for faith and

Indian National Animal

The Tiger is the national animal of India.Tigers are now getting extinct. The
Government of India, in 1973,started 'Project Tiger'program, in an effort to save and
increase the tiger population.

Indian National Bird

The Peacock is the national bird of India.It is protected under the Indian Wildlife
(Protection) Act, 1972 i.e. hunting and killing is strictly prohibited.In India, people
believe that whenever the peacock spread its feathers , it indicates that rain is about to
come.In a way it is partly true also. Whenever it sees dark clouds ,it outspreads its
feathers & starts dancing .

Indian National FruitThe Mango ( Aam in Hindi) is the national fruit of India.There
are many varieties of mangoes which are grown in India .Indian National TreeThe
Banyan ( Bargad ???? in Hindi) is the National tree of India .Its is considered very
sacred and many of the people worship Bargad tree .

Indian National Flower

Lotus (??? in Hindi) is the National Flower of India.It grows in shallow waters. The
leaves and flowers float in the water .

Indian National Sport Hockey is the National sport of India .

Indian National Song

Vande Mataram is the national song of India. It was written by Bankim Chandra
Chatterjee in a highly Sanskritized form of the Bengali language. It appeared in his
book 'Anandamatha' which was published in 1882 although the song itself was
actually written 6 years prior in 1876.

1.Which is the heavier metal of these two? Gold or Silver? Answer: Gold

2.Which is the most common non-contagious disease in the world? Answer: Tooth
Decay – A very common disease

3.Which is the coldest location in the earth? Answer: East Antarctica

4.Which is the hottest place in the earth? Answer: Ethiopia

5.Which is the animal referred as the ship of the desert? Answer: Camel

6.Which is the nearest star to planet earth? Answer: Sun

7.Which is the least populated country in the world? Answer: Vatican City

8.Which is the oldest democracy / parliamentary in the world? Answer: Britain

9.Which is the fastest animal on the land? Answer: Cheetah

10.What differentiates a male lion from a female lion? Answer: Mane

11.Which is the most sensitive organ in our body? Answer: Skin

12.Which is the principal source of energy for earth? Answer: Sun

13.What are the two holes in the nose called? Answer: Nostrils

14.What is the standard taste of the water? Answer: Water has no taste

15.Which is the longest river on the earth? Answer: Nile

16. What is the official language of India ?

Hindi English

17.which is the festival of colour ?


18.Independence Day – 15 th August, Republic Day – 26 th January ,

Gandhi Jayanthi -2 nd October

19.Other name of India – Hindustan, Bharat

20.Bapu – Mahatma Gandhi

21.Who wrote the national anthem ?

Rabindaranath Tagore

22.Which animal is called the ship of desert ? Camel

23.Which month has the least number of days ? February

24.How many spokes does the wheel in the Indian national flag have ? 24

26.The highest mountain on earth is ? Mount Everest

27.Where is Tajmahal – Agra, Red fort—Delhi, India Gate-New Delhi

28.National Flag- Orange- Courage, White- Purity, Green -Fertility

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