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Week: 9 Main skill/Focus: listening and speaking

Date: 5.03.2018 Theme: World of story
Day: Monday Topic: Care for The Sea
Time: 10.35-11.35 am Content Standard: 1.1,1.2 able to talk about the related topic with guidance
Class: 4 Al-Kindi Learning Standard: 1.1.4 –talk about the sea creatures with guidance.
Subject: English 1.2.1(a),(b)
Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
Attendance: /24 i) Main: listen to and responses to the activity do at the beach.
ii) Complementary: read the dialogue about the topic
Vocabulary: campaign, exhibition, birdwatching, recycling , beach clean-up

21st Century Learning: Activities/Learning Outline:

- conversation Pre:
i-Think: -Teacher show a picture of sea and let pupils to guess the object.
-bubble map -pupils talk about the things they find in the picture.
Lesson Development:
HOTS: - list the things to clean –up to celebrate the beach Clean-up Day.
- Applying - teach how to practice giving and accepting invitation
- stress on 4 exhibitions and campaigns
CCE: -Greet and accepting invitations.
Moral values Post Lesson:
(caring and loving) -drill on new vocabulary- pupils spell aloud and give the meaning.
-pupils carry out the exercise in Aspirasi page 36
Teaching Aids/Material Success Criteria:
References: High achiever: Able to make 5 sentences correctly.
-English Year 4 workbook Intermediate achiever: Able to make at least 4 sentences correctly.
( Aspirasi A+/ Sasbadi page 36 Low achiever: Able to copy write 3 sentences correctly with guiding.
) Reflections/Impact:
/ pupils were able to achieve LO and were given enrichment exercise(s).
/ pupils were unable to achieve LO and were given remedial exercise(s).
Lesson was postponed due to:
Meeting Course School Programme
CRK Sick leave Others _______________________