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1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Micro Environment Elements 4
2.1 Customers 4
2.2.Competitors 4
2.3 Suppliers 4
2.4 Non-Government organization 5
2.5 Financial institution 5
2.6 Government Agency 6

3.0 3.0 Elements of micro environment affected the 7

99speedmart 7
3.1 Increase of customers demands 7
3.2 Supportive Suppliers 7
3.3With analyse of needed of customers
3.4 By promote and campaigns 8
3.5 With financial supports 8
3.6 Launches MyKasih 8
4.0 4.0 Recommendation to improve the management 9
of the micro environment in the 99speedmart
4.1 24-hours services 9
4.2 Home delivery 9
4.3 Online shopping 9
4.4 Increase the consistent of Management 10

5.0 Summary 11

6.0 Refernces 12



According to D.F & Hodgetts, R.M (2001) entrepreneurship is the dynamic process of vision,
change and creation. It requires an application of energy and passion towards the creation and
implementation of new ideas and creative solutions. Entrepreneurs need to evaluate the
environment not only prior to set up of the business but also during the growth stage
adventure. An environment is the situation where business adventures operate. Macro and
micro are the two types of environment ventures.

There are many organisation that support the ongoing growth of entrepreneurship and
business. Based on this one of the organization that involved in entrepreneurship is
99speedmart. At 1987 in the form of traditional “mom and pop” sundry mart called pasaraya
Hiap Hoe in Tepi Sungai Klang. Now it known as 99speedmart that founder by Mr Lee
Thiam Wah. He has been wheelchair since 8 months old and he finised him study six years of
formal education. However, Mr Lee is the founder and managing Director of 99speedmart
which is consist 1000 outlets (as 12th August 2017). According to this 99speedmart known an
organization in entrepreneurs because of he says that, “ I wanted the challenges of running a
bigger business, if you don’t have scale you can’t complete with Chinese medicines halls on
pricing, and you can’t complete with hypermarkets in terms of range”. Based on him
statements it shows that Mr Lee involved in the entrepreneurs. 99speedmart is place to
purchase a wide variety of goods. Other than that, 99 speedmart also received the first
Consumer Choice Award from the Ministry of Domestic in 2006. Its proved that 99speedmart
was success in winning the consumers hearts and minds. At 2010,2012 and 2014 the
speedmart also get awarded for Kedai Harga Patut.

2.0 Micro Environment Elements


According to Kuratko and Hodgetts (2004) the micro environment of business venture is a
part of venture external environment, but can directly influence the entrepreneurs decisions
and activities. Other than it, it also known as as a competitive environment The micro
environment also known as industrial environment or task environment. There are 6 elements
in the micro environment. Micro environment elements are suppliers, customers, competitors,
non-government organisation, financial institution and government agency. With these
elements can develop n help to growth the business. However, those elements are controlled
by management.

2.1 Customers

Customers are main target in the business field. The consumers are king in the market system.
This because of they will consume the products and services produced by industries. So that
it will influence the decision of entrepreneurs. Due this Peter, F. Drucker,”There is only one
valid definition of business purposely, that is to create a customer.

2.2 Competitors

The competitors are the business that fulfil the same customer need and have potential to
serve customers. Entrepreneurs should analyse their competitors in the industries by identify
the weakness and strengths of competitors. Within this entrepreneurs can handle the
competitors in their business. For example mobile business. There are a lot of shops and
brands of mobile were produce. So that, the entrepreneurs face many competitors in this firm.
In this situation they can tackles the competitors by business direction. Next, entrepreneurs
also can do a analyse and rank the competitors. It can help to Entrepreneurs to identify the
weak and strength of competitors. Entrepreneurs should smart and move the business by

2.3 Suppliers

Suppliers are the second group of people who have great influence on entrepreneurship
activities. According to Michael Porter, “the relationship between suppliers and the firm
epitomises a power equation between them. This equation is based on the industry conditions
and the extent to which each of them is dependent on the others.” Based on this statement
suppliers can increase the price product and services and decrease the quality of those
products and services that in the market. There are seven types of suppliers in the business
world. Such as manufacture vendors, wholesalers and distributor, affiliate merchants,


franchisors, importers and exporters, independent crafts people, drop shippers. A good
supplier always be a good communication, fair, demanding, loyal and tell the standards of the
product. For instance Samsung companies searching for potential suppliers for develop the
business. Suppliers of Samsung should follow the Code of Quidline to promote self-
management of ethical and compliance drivcn workplace management and also Conduct
promote responsible and safe workplace environmental throughout supply chain in 2015.
With this types Code of Conduct its can help suppliers to give a good and valuable services to
the customers. So, one of the element of micro environmental is suppliers can growth and
develop the company business. .

2.4 Non-Government organization

The fourth environmental micro element is non-government organization (NGO). Non-

government organisation such as consumer societies, political organisation, religious groups,
business society, environmental groups and are interest groups that can influence
entrepreneurs. By disseminating the information regarding the products through the
campaigns, against of products and. And then it will influence customers and pressure the
government to take an action on the certain issues. For example in our country Malaysia
women face many problems in a business. They have many struggles to participate in the
business world. Such as women need modal, training skills, information and communication
and etc. in this order NGO can help women to guide them and arrange skills training for
develop their self. According to Malaysia Nurturing, Hasnah Abdullah is a member in success
of Sahabat AIM. She was being a single mother and took AIM loan to expands her retail shop
and buy two lorries which she rents out to drive income. This shows that NGO help women
to success to produce an entrepreneur.

2.5 Financial institution

Afterwards, the micro environmental element is financial institution, also influence the
entrepreneurship. Financial institution is one of the sources of external funding to initiate a
new business ventures or for expanding an existing business. Financial including by
Commercial banks, consumer credit organization, investment, customer deposits and business
and loan. According to the commercial bank it provides loans credits refers to lending funds
mobilized from the customers at large, usually in the form of deposits, and it thus closely
equivalent to the concept of financial intermediation. Moreover an entrepreneurs need to


direct dealing with financial institution to avoid know the lack of records and cost in terms of
interest payment. Due entrepreneurs should be alert with the financial interest because it will
affect the business process. For example Bank Negara Malaysia, it provides loans to the
entrepreneurs to growth their business. Other than that, the financial institution also can cover
up the companies with hire purchase of insurance. It can help entrepreneurs on their
emergency time and bankruptcy. An example within online banking, customers easy to
purchase the things and there are entrepreneurship. And it is known as a global business can
order n buy the things around the world.

2.6 Government Agency

Finally, the micro environmental element is government agency. Government help the
entrepreneurs with the activities through policy implementation. The new economic policy
(1971-1990), the national Development policy (1990-2000) and version 2020 all encourage
and support entrepreneurship development in Malaysia. In 1995, the government
incorporated with Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development as a specific body to manage
the development of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. For instance, one of the government
agency is GMB. GMB’s resources to start up communities that can build programs and
activities about build our self through entrepreneur journey. Government also can help to
enable a more diverse mix of funding options. With this government can create a mechanism
and institution that provide entrepreneurs with the capital they need to support the business at
every stage of growth journey. According to Tan Siao Ping “we visit these universities and
conduct business-matching exercises to find companies that are interested in bringing these
innovations to the marketplace.” This statement showing that entrepreneurs should be
creative ideas for innovative products and services can turn PlatCOM Ventures for help with
commercialising their innovations. Meanwhile, The Intellectual Property Corporation of
Malaysia (MyIPO) is the government agency in charge of trademark, managing patents,
copyright and intellectual property.

3.0 Elements of micro environment affected the 99speedmart


3.1 Increase of customers demands

Customers are main influence in the micro environmental. The companies aim to earn the
profits by survive customers demand. For example according to the statement, 99speedmart
they put their mission “our goal is fulfil customer’s needs by supplying various types of daily
use products with reasonable price.” and vision “we strive to provide customers an ‘ideal
shopping environment’ that incorporates with the elements of time and money saving. Within
99speedmart vision and mission the company give imporants to their customers. Therefore,
our slogan is NEAR n SAVE.” based on this management give more important for their
customers. Regarding this, the 99speedmart customers increase day by day. Other than that,
the 99speedmart also give more importance to customers by increasing their outlets
anywhere. This makes customers easy to buy the products. At beginning there are few
99speedmart outlet but now 1000 outlets were produced. It makes public to more satisfied
and the management also fulfil the customers demand. Mean that customers affect
99speedmart by their demands and purchasing the product in the number of large.

3.2 Supportive Suppliers

Suppliers are very important in the context of growing of a business. with an effective
marketing and promotion its can improve the shops outlooks and can achieved marketing
plan with suppliers. 99speedmart committed to work with vendors will help better meet
customer expectations. Suppliers who offer best services like delivery reliability, credit,
warranties and low cost are affect the 99speedmart business. It will help to development the
99speedmarts business. Suppliers have to more creativity and innovative in the supply of the
things. For example, suppliers can adapt a purchase of policy whice give bargaining power to
the 99speedmart.

3.3 With analyse of needed of customers Competitors

Afterwards, the most common competition which 99speedmart now faces is from
differentiated mini markets. At this situation 99speedmart should analyse the competitors
weak and strong points. An example, Giant competitive for 99speedmart. According to this
99speedmart have to identify the quality and services of Giant provides to the customers.
With analysing the plus and minus of Giant, 99speedmart can identify and ugrade their
services. With provide the unlimited stock while best quantity can overcome the competition.
Other than that, look forward to sharp the competitive edge, with seeking a diverse vendor


based on the ever-growing needs. According to Philip Kotler, company can to grasp the full
range of competition is to take the viewpoint buy customers. We can ask the feedbacks from
buyer to avoid competition among the shops. So, that tracing of customers minds set will help
to overcome the market competition. And also, former of 99speedmart plans to stick his forte
in operating mini-market. Within less price and good service of 99speedmart can overcome
the competition in this firm.

3.4 By promote and campaigns

The Star online (2017), according to the metro news 99 speedmart gives the selling of plastic
bag earns to MPK. The retail of selling plastic bags, NGO of Klang used that money to The
Klang River. It shows that NGO encourage 99speedmart growth in the business. other than
that, NGO have do blood donation campaigns in Kampung Jawa on 9 th March 2013. This
shows that Non government organisation promote and develop the 99speedmarts business.

3.5 With financial supports

Continuously, according financial institution also affect the 99speedmart in term of approved
the loans. At 198, 99speedmart is a mini-market after 5 years, Mr Lee decides to upgrade the
shop so he sell the shop and buy a new shop for RM 500000 in loan. The insurance of
company is one of signs a contarct, which is represented by a policy and provides an entity
with financial protection or reimbursement against any losses. When this kind of protection
and policy were required the 99speedmart can control the development of the business. other
than that, financial institution also an asset management company. The 99speedmart will
invest the pooled funds of its clients into securities that match declared financial objectives. It
can help 99speedmart to develop their business.

3.6 Launches MyKasih

The Government is main influence in creating a sustainable environment of business. there

are many government agencies ready to help and guide entrepreneurs. An example,
government launches Mykasih program at 99Speedmart. According to this, government have
encourage 99speedmart to growth business. Other than that, the number of 99speedmart
outlet were increase to 1000, thus it can be creating by permissions of government such as
policy implementation. According to this government influence 99speedmart to develop their
business by opened many outlets.


4.0 Recommendation to improve the management of the micro environment in the


99speedmart is a good business management because of it attracts the customers and fulfil
buyers demand. While, 99speedmart need to more effectively and increase their services to
public. So that, they can improve their management to more develop the business.

4.1 24-hours services

The 99speedmart can provide 24 hours services. By the 24 hours services, the 99speedmarts
income n profit will increased. At the same time, they can give a good service to customers
also. One of the elements of micro environmental is customers. Meanwhile 99speedmart can
provide 24hour service to fulfil customers demand and can increase the growth of business

4.2 Home delivery

Moreover, 99speedmart can improve the management by home delivery the things. It can
reduce the competitors among same field. With home delivery the grocery customers also feel
satisfied with that. It makes 99speedmart more close to the customers. Sometimes old persons
cannot carry the weight things so on that time 99speedmart can home delivery the things. By
this kind of service the management can overcome the competition in the business.

4.3 Online shopping

Now we are in 21st century meaning that life full of technologies. In this this situation
99speedmart should improve their shopping and purchasing at the system. Such as create a
apps to consumers that can do online shopping. People are very busy in this century. So they
not have time to shopping in the shop so in this online shopping consumers can order and
make payment to buy the grocery things. By this improvement the 99speedmart can reduce
the amount of the loans with government.

4.4 Increase the consistent of Management


The 99speedmart’s outlets management are inconsistent. There no consistent and official of
outlet management. Such as stock management, clean less and employee training. Training
for employees very important because it attract the customers. 99speedmart should give
training for their employee, the way to approach the customers, how to stock the things, clear
the stock in the shop and make sure the shop is clean. With this improvements the
99speedmart can be more effectively in the growth of business.

5.0 Summary


Finally, the 99speedmart involved entreprenurship. According to this, elements of the micro
environmental is very important to the 99speedmart. The 99speedmart signifies that nothing
is perfect in this world. But the 99speedmart was achieved to be an entrepreneurship. 1000
outlets of 99speedmart were build.

There are 6 elements of micro environmental such as suppliers, customers,

competitors, Non Government Agency, Government agency and financial institution. All
these elements are useful to develop the 99speedmart. For example government and non
government help to policy implementation, financial institution provide loans for upgrades
the shop, customers increase the demands of the things, suppliers promote the products with
fair, clearly and the competitors of 99speedmart help to identify the plus and minus by
making an analyse.

The elements of micro environmental affected by 99speedmart in term of with

increasing customers demand, supportive suppliers, with analyse of needed of customers, by
promotes campaigns, with financial support and financial support. All these are affection of
99speedmart on the element of micro environmental. According to this, it will help to growth
and develop the 99speedmart business.

However, the 99speedmart should do some improvements to more effectively in

entrepreneurship. For instance, 99speedmart should provides 24 hours services, encorange
online shopping with apps, home delivery and increase the consistent of management. By
these improvements, the 99speedmart can manage the micro environmental more effectively.
Thus, the 99speedmart profir and business also can increase.

Overall, the value of entrepreneurship is very important to the countries economics.

Entrepreneurs should evaluate the elements of micro environment to the business and to
develop the business.

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