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Detail calculations of element: Chilled Water Piping Insulation

Type of the element Pipe

Orientation Horizontal orientation
Element material Steel
Length l=1m
Wall thickness ge = 8 mm
Outer diameter DE = 355.6 mm
Nominal size DN = 350 mm

Calculation standard EN ISO 12241

Protection from external
Safety margin against external
Δθe = 0 K
Dew point θS = 32.09 °C

Minimum required insulation thickness D = 24.0 mm

Selected insulation thicknes Dins = 25 mm
Selected materials: NBR (λ = 0.033 W/m·K)

Intermediary results for a system with selected materials

Old total heat loss Φ 0 = -503.50 W

Total heat loss Φ = -49.42 W
Heat loss difference ΔΦ = -454.08 W
Performance Improvement ΔΦpi = 90.19 %
Heat loss per meter ql = -49.42 W/m
External surface temperature θe = 32.24 °C
Dew point θS = 32.09 °C
Internal surface temperature θi = 3.00 °C
Heat transfer coefficient from outside
hse = 14.07 W/m²·K
Heat transfer coefficient from inside
hsi = 0.00 W/m²·K
External heat resistance Rse = 0.06 m²·K/W
Internal heat resistance Rsi = 0.00 m²·K/W
Thermal resistance R = 0.65 m·K/W
Heat transfer coefficient U = 1.54 W/m·K

Medium data

Medium type Water

Internal surface temperature θi = 3.00 °C

Environment data

Environment type Outdoor

External surface temperature θe = 35.00 °C
Wind speed ν = 5.00 km/h
Relative humidity φ = 85.00 %

Surface finish type

Surface finish material Stainless steel

Emissivity factor ε = 0.15
Temperature chart

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Project info
Name of the project Ammonia Refrigeration Project
Description of the project Upsizing of chilled water system
Client Wyeth Philippines

Project address