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Introduction: ​Heat energy comes in different types such as Mechanical, radiant, sound,

chemical, and heat. Energy is being transferred in everyday lives because everything wants to
reach the equilibrium so lower temperature object with absorb the heat from the higher
temperature heat objects. “​If there is a temperature difference in a system, heat will naturally
move from high to low temperatures.” ( In this lab we will attempt to alter the
phase of the liquid by manipulating the heat that is being transferred. ​For example boiling the
water past the boiling point would form water vapor which is a gas. Vice versa, removing heat
energy from liquid water would form ice (solid). “If heat were added at a constant rate to a mass
of ice to take it through its phase changes to liquid water” (hyperphysics). The question we are
going to try and answer is :what is the relationship between the transfer of energy (heat) and
temperature (average kinetic energy) through a phase change?.
Our hypothesis is The water temperature will decrease because the ice will absorb some of the
heat from the water. The freezing point will be lowered because of the mixture and water and
salt so the water won’t freeze.


● Styrofoam cup
● Ice
● Cold water
● Rock salt
● Thermometer
● Spoon
● Test tube
● Timer
● Small graduated cylinder

First, we obtanied a styrofoam cup and filled is 3/4 full of ice whitch was in the freezer,
Then we meassured out 20 ml of water then we poured it in a styrofoam cup with ice in it. Next,
we pored a 1 full spoonful of rock salt into the cup and then we shaked the cup, Then we
grabbed a test tube and a graduated cylinder and poured some water into the test tube and we
got a thermomether into the test tube and recorded are results. Finally we started the time to
keep track of the time and then we had to measure the water every minute and we did this for
29 minutes, and it kind of took long so we had to put more rock salt cause nothing was
happening and then we finished taking are results and we wrote them.


Time(minutes) Temp.Celcius Time(minutes) Temp.Celcius

0 24 15 0.5
1 15 16 0
2 12 17 0
3 10 18 0
4 9 19 0
5 7 20 1
6 6 21 1
7 5 22 1
8 5 23 1
9 5 24 1
10 4 25 0
11 3 26 0
12 2 27 0
13 1 28 0
14 1 29 0
15 0.5 29 0