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This same concept can be applied with colors.

The ‘tantric’ color of Mercury is black as Rahu is

opposite it in the kalachakra. The ‘tantric’ color of the Sun is Saffron as Venus is opposite. The
color opposite the planet will remove the negativity of the planet. The sanyasin wears saffron to
be free of the negativities of Venus. White removes the negativities of Jupiter and yellow/gold
removes the negativities of Moon. The color blue considered cooling by Ayurveda removes the
negativities of hot planet Mars. The color red considered hot removes the negativities of the cold
planet Saturn. The bright colors of Sun remove the negativity of Venus and the Colors of Nature
remove the negativities of Rahu. Rahu is a planet causing anxiety. The greens and earth tones of
Mercury heal the mind, nervous system and prana that have been damaged by Rahu. Rahu rules
cities and stress, it is in the cities and stressful workplaces that we see the most anxiety
problems arising in. In these places, there is a lack of nature and the natural colors of earth
tones. In Ayurveda, it is believed that when you eat your pranic body opens up and absorbs the
elements in your environment. So eating with evil people increases evil in you, eating with sages
will increase your desire for knowledge. Eating in a busy city street is like eating Rahu himself,
even if the food is sattvic, it has been destroyed by the environment you are absorbing as you
eat. A remedy for anxiety caused by Rahu is take meals in a green place like a park or garden. By
opening to the prana of nature and the colors of Mercury Rahu’s negativity is removed. This can
be so affective people with anxiety do not need medication after some time. All the colors can be
used in this way.

Note it is important to remember that this kalachakra color system is used in the environment
or outside of puja. When you do puja you invoke the planet or deities of the colors you are

आ आआआआआआआ आआआआ आआआआआआआआ आआआआआआआआआआआआआआ आआआआआआआ
आआआआआआआआ आआआआआ आआआआआ आआआआ आआआआ आआआआआआआ आआआआआआ आ
ā kṛṣṇena rajasā vartamāno niveśāyannamṛtaṁ martyaṁ ca|
hiraṇayayena savitā rathenā devo yāti bhuvanāni paśyan ||
Present in the sky, yet dwelling in both the mortal and the immortal,
The Awakening God, in his golden chariot, gives understanding to the all beings.


आआआआआआआआ आआआ आआआआआआ आआआआआआआ आआआआआआआ आआआआआआ

आआआ आआआआआआआआआ आआआआआआआआआ आआआआआआआ आआआआआआआ
bṛhaspate ati yadaryo arhād dyumad vibhāti kratumajjaneṣu
yad dīdayaccavasa rtaprajāta tadasmasu draviṇaṁ dhehicitram
Bṛhaspati, the most kind, brilliant by your merit, shining among the wise people,
grant us wealth so we can perform the proper good.
Secret Mantra for Sun

They are Vikarthano , Vaivaswancha , Maarthaando , Bhaaskaro , Ravih , Loka Prakaashak ,

Loka Chakshu , Loka Saakshe , Sreemaan , Graheswara , Thrilokesh , Karthaa , Harthaa ,
Thamisraha , Thapan , Thaapana , Shuchi , Gabhasthihasth , Sapthaaswa Vaahana , Brahma ,
Sarva Dheva Namaskruthah . (But, I always suggest you to refer Guru well versed in scriptures
for Saasthra Pramaana for this)

f one has a planet well placed but not giving

results because it is weak then it must be
strengthened. The Digchakra showed the power
of the planets. The Digbalas of a planet are its
most powerful placement in the sky and in the
day. The first house is Sunrise and Brahma
Gyatri, it is a very sattvic time where Jupiter
and Mercury are strongest. The tenth house is
the zenith of the sky, it is where the Sun is
hottest. It is the Visnu Gyatri and Mars and Sun
find there greatest strength at this time.

The 7th house is sunset and the Siva Gyatri, Saturn finds his strength at this time as the day
ends. As shastra says Rahu acts like Saturn, we infer that Rahu also finds his digbala in the 7th.
The 4th house is the nadir; it is the midnight where Moon and Venus shine brightest. It is also
the Kali Gyatri where the Mother gives moksa.

For example, look at Brahma Muhurta (Sunrise). It is said that meditating at Sunrise will give
the effects of Jupiter in the ascendant. What does Jupiter in the lagna mean really anyway?
Depending on its disposition it makes a person optimistic with the opportunities for great rise
in life, it gives wisdom, good nature, and spirituality. The scriptures say that Jupiter alone in
the lagna will make a person trishuldara (holder of the trishul) which is Shiva, the person is a
great guru like Shiva. Jupiter alone in the lagna in its own sign or in cancer makes a person
Chakradara (holder of the chakra) who is Visnu. A great sustainer of the world/sciences/Vidya.
There is great success because the blessings of god are with a person in what they do and what
they do has great benefit for the world. If we want to invoke expansion, unfoldment, creative
growth, wisdom, spirituality which is ruled by Jupiter then sunrise is the most powerful time to
do mantra, meditation or upaya for Jupiter. So by meditating at sunrise when Jupiter is at its
strength it is like having Jupiter in the first house. The blessings of Jupiter in the first house fall
on your head. By practicing at sunrise we invoke the grace of Guru, the blessings of Guru. We
invoke the blessings of Shiva, the supreme Guru. Delusion is dispelled and clarity comes. Vedic
astrology is called the eye of the Vedas, Veda means knowledge. To be a good astrologer we
need to have the blessings of Guru, for it is He who gives the eye of knowledge.
Practices at sunrise will give the results of having Jupiter in the first house, as practices at noon
will be like having Mars or Sun in the 10th house. If we want to work on the Sun (career,
confidence, etc.), noon time is a powerful time to practice as it is the Suns strength. Mantra,
meditation or upaya at noon time gives results like having the Sun in the tenth house; you gain
the power of a king. The Sun and Mars get digbala in the artha trikona because they give the
power to achieve artha. The digbalas are based on the planets ability to attain the ayana (goal)
of the Kendra and its trikona. If we want to work on the Moon (mind, emotions, perception)
midnight will be very effective. Shakti pujas are normally done in the night for this reason. The
Moon and Venus give the power to achieve the goals of the moksa trikona. Saturn in the
seventh is working in the kama trikona. The 7th house is the house of rebirth, the 7th house
shows some of the reasons we have taken rebirth. When Saturn is placed in the 7th he fulfills
the desire and ends it. A desire is not truly satisfied if it keeps returning, so Saturn is the means
to achieving our desires and ending them.


aum hrīṁ klīṁ huṁ mātaṅgyai phat svāhā

Modern Day Remedial Measures
The karmic remedies I recommend here are based on the ‘spirit’ of the ancient texts: if it says to feed birds, I have
someone donate to a bird sanctuary. To get an understanding of the intention of scripture, below is a verse
from Praśna Mārga XXIII,

“Kings and rich people should establish free hospitals. Ordinary people should at least
give food and medicines to the sick. Then their sickness will disappear. 40.

“The ‘gift of health’ is the most important of all gifts. If anybody wants to be free from
disease and be healthy, they should help the sick with food and medicines. 41.

Suggestions for places to donate:

Helping own father, service to a government project, paying other’s medical expenses, donation/service to local
temple or church, donations for bird protection organizations

help some one pay their medical bills:, ,

Bird Resue:
Traditional Tibetan Hospital in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan
Helping own mother, helping community events, donation to battered mothers or single mothers, helping those with
depression or other mental disturbances, donation to fish or water life protection organizations
Every Mother Counts
Barefoot College: Moon or Venus in the 10th or a Mercurial sign
Afflicted Moon in the 2nd or 6th: Donation of drinking water
Debilitated Moon or Moon in the 8th house: Oshun Clean water project
Donations to soldiers, veterans, or the police, donations to burn victims, or fire victims, helping those going through a
divorce, or any type of abuse

Wounded Warrior Project

Yoga for Veterans
Community Violence Prevention
Cure Violence (TED talk on Cure Violence)
Mars with Saturn: Stop the Violence Project
Mars with Rahu (or aspected by Rahu): Growing Warriors
Donations to schools, donations of books and other learning material, paying for a poor child to attend a better
school, or an individual to attain new skills, donations to canine protection related organizations
Mercury in a Venus sign: Courtney’s House
Mircofinancial aid to people starting their own businesses
Mercury in an even sign: and
Business donation
Sun-Mercury conjunction: Support a student to learn Traditional Medicine
Parashara recommends donation of a goat for Moon-Mercury: goat to children, Heifer International
Lalita Sahasranama
Actually or financially adopting a child, donations to teachers or spiritual organizations, donation to humanitarian
work foundations

Donations to battered wives or other groups that support the upliftment of downtrodden women, helping individuals
get married, supporting artistic or performance foundations, donation to feline protection services
Saturn aspect to Venus in a Venus or Mercury sign:
Afflicted Venus in the 6, 8, or 12th house:
Conj/aspect Mars/Rahu in a Mercurial sign
2nd or 11th house with Rahu: trafficking
Stop the traffic video
Venus in the 11th house:
Venus Cursed combust the Sun or Sun afflicted in Venus sign: Ending Shame-Restoring Honor
Barefoot College: Moon or Venus in the 10th or a Mercurial sign
Helping one’s employees, donating to the sick, elderly, poor and homeless

United Farm workers

Save the wolves
Adopt a Farm: Dunagiri
Donations to environmental protection or rehabilitation projects, donation to drug education and rehabilitation
Donation to monks, nuns and spiritual healers, donation and service to yoga organizations
Greenpeace oceans campaigns
[ and Helminthic therapy ]
Bandana Yoga (Jail Combinations)
Donations to organizations that help the falsely accused, or those suffering unjust penalties.
Equal Justice Initiative