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Ruland's APUS Unit Notes

These pages contain resources and notes for each of the units. Review of
these pages would serve as good preparation for the exam.
American History 102 Student Web Notes
Professor Stanley K. Schultz, Department of History, University of
Wisconsin-Madison created this collection of lecture notes for his class.
You should also check out the other areas of his course webpage. US History for AP Students
Collection of 1603 review cards. Could be useful if you like flash cards,
but you would have to take the text and create the cards.
AP US History Test Review
Concise but thorough review of the APUS course.
AP US History Study Guides
Full text of study guides available on Google Books. These are not the
current edition, but they are still useful for review. Do not use them for
information on the current essay requirements.
Digital History: HyperHistory Titles
Wonderful collection of Guided Readings. Individual segments are
short, but the totality is large, thorough, and very impressive.
Giant AHAP Review Sheet
by Susanna Heinz (class of '04, Horace Greeley H. S., Chappaqua, NY)
— covers 1600-1950s!
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - Modules on Major
The modules provide a succint overview of 20 different topics covering
American history from the Revolution to 9/11, as well as primary source
material, visuals, timelines and quizzes.
Google Books
You can asccess many of the most popular review books. Most are
earlier editions, but they still have good review of the historical
information. Please remember that your teacher has the most current
information about the exam and how to write the essays.
Ms. Pojer, Horace Greeley HS, Chappaqua, NY Excellent site!!
USQuizMainPage This page is a wonderful resource for exam
preparation!! Contains 82 multiple choice quizzes and 33 fact-recall
quizzes on 43 different topics as well as 8 fact-recall quizzes on the
AHAP Exam Final Review This page contains Ms. Pojer's review
materials including power points and review sheets.
An Outline of American History
This is a wonderful resource. The original text is from a US Information
Agency publication distributed overseas. A professor and his students
from the Department of Humanities Computing, University of
Groningen, The Netherlands created this online resource that is fully
annotated. In addition there are outlines on American Economy,
Government, and Literature. All the outlines are augmented with
hypertext-links to relevant documents, original essays, other Internet
Outline of U.S. History
This outline is a product of the U.S. Department of State, International
Information Programs.
A new site that allows you to make quizzes, flashcards, etc. It also allows
you to share them with others (ie practicing for a test). It already has
some questions up for history and government.
Santa Susana HS AP United States History Study Guide
Collection of links from each item on the old AP US Course Outline.
Unfortunately many links are broken.
Teaching American History for Students
These modules a more involved and probably would be best used for
topics in which a student needs more than a review.
U.S. History Curriculum
George Burson, Aspen CO — Wonderful collection of essays from
Columbus to the present.
AP US History Podcast, Mr. Shocket
AP US History @ MA
APUSH Podcasts
apusreader's Podcast - Elyse Friedman - Reading of The American
Audio Reading of The American Pageant
CCHS APUSH - Lecture podcasts
Chapman IB APUSH
History Hints
Mark Klopfenstein's AP US History podcast


Unit 1 - Orientation and Historiography

Unit 2 - Colonial Beginnings, 1492-1770

Unit 3 - American Independence, 1754-1783

Unit 4 - The Infant Republic, 1776-1824

Unit 5 - The Rise of America, 1800-1844

Unit 6 - Emerging Disunion and Civil War, 1845-1865

Unit 7 - Reconstruction and the Transformation of the West and

South, 1865-1892

Unit 8 - Industrialization and Urbanization, 1877-1920

Unit 9 - Politics: The Gilded Age to the Progressives, 1877-1920

Unit 10 - America Comes of Age, 1865-1920

Unit 11 - Boom and Bust, 1920-1941

Unit 12 - Diplomacy and War, 1920-1945

Unit 13 - Postwar America: At Home and Abroad, 1945—


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