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Display Settings:

• Select for Mode “unipolar logarithmic”.

• Set QMax to 1nC and QMin to 1pC.
MPD 600
With the function Show individual PD events
checked the software will show individual PD events Partial Discharge Measuring System
as phase and amplitude resolved “spikes” in real-
Select the Calibration Tab:
• Uncheck the Enable test generator option
• Check “External” under Quadripole configuration
Quick Start Guide
Now the calibration of the test object and high volt-
age supply can start.
Connect the calibrator to the test object The complete Manual of the MPD 600 system can be found
(See in the chart on the previous page). on the software CD.
Select a charge of 100pC at the calibrator.
Pulses should clearly extend from the background
noise as “spikes” (See blue lines on the left). If the Before operating the MPD 500 or MPD 600, read the following safety rules and
noise floor covers PD pulses, select a higher charge
the according chapter in the manual carefully. If you do not understand some
at the calibrator.
safety rules contact OMICRON electronics before proceeding.Always observe
• Enter the calibrator charge (e.g. 100pC) into the Calibrate to field in the five safety rules:
the PD section.
• Click on the Compute button in the PD section.The display value • Disconnect completely
for QIEC should now correspond to the calibrator charge
• Secure against re-connection
Disconnect the calibrator.
SECURE the high voltage test set-up observing safety procedures. • Verify that the installation is dead
Turn on the high-voltage supply. Set voltage to a known level (e.g. 2 kV). • Carry out grounding and short-circuiting
• Enter voltage level (e.g. 2 kV) into the Calibrate to field in the
• Provide protection against adjacent live parts
V section.
• Click on the Compute button in the V section. The display value VRMS
ALWAYS obey the following warnings to avoid injury and damage to the
for voltage should now correspond to the actual voltage.
MPD system !
Return to the Settings tab to record a histogram:

RULES for working in areas with high-voltage must be
• Click on the Go button. obeyed AT ALL TIMES!
A histogram will be accumulated over a specified time
period. The progress bar at the bottom will indicate NEVER touch parts which are under high-voltage!
Measuring the progress of this operation. The high-voltage set-up MUST NOT be used without being
With a right-click on the histogram a “screenshot” will earthed!
be saved as PNG file.
All of the data gathered during a measurement may be recorded for later
analysis by clicking on the button. Be sure to have enough hard disk manufactured by:
OMICRON Energy Solutions - Developement Center, Berlin, Germany
distributed by:
OMICRON electronics GmbH, Klaus, Austria
Units and Software Accessories
• One fiber optics controller MCU 502, 504, or 550 • Fiber optic cable(s)
• One (or more) acquisition unit(s) MPD 600 with battery pack(s) • BNC cables
MPP 600
What is in
• One quadripole/measuring impedance unit CPL 542 • Battery cable(s)
the Box?
• MPD 600 software CD • USB cable
• Optional: One charge calibrator CAL 542

MPD600 Software - System Requirements Installation:
• PCwith Intel Pentium 4 (≥ 2.5 GHz), Pentium M (≥ 1.5 GHz), • Insert the software CD into the CD/DVD drive of the computer.
Core, Core 2 processor; or AMD Athlon 64 or Turion 64 processor
• 1 GB RAM; USB 2.0 compatible • The installation starts automatically.
Setup • Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 Professional, or VISTA • Follow the instructions on the screen.

WARNING: SWITCH OFF the high-voltage BEFORE setting up the system!

How to setup the system? Safe Area High-voltage Area

C Connect the MPD 600 acquisition unit at

fiber optics controller using fiber optical cabling.
to the MCU


The plugs are color-coded!
Connect the MPP 600 battery pack to the MPD 600 acquisition
unit using the battery cable. The red LED at the MPD 600 unit
starts flashing indicating that the acquisition unit is ready for
Connect the CPL 542 quadripole/measuring impedance unit.
Use two short BNC cables and connect the PD and V outputs of
the CPL 542 to the PD and V inputs of the MPD 600.
Connect the CPL 542 unit to a high voltage coupling capacitor
and earth the system. Keep the cable(s) as short as possible.
Connect the MCU unit to the Computer using the USB cable.

Line separating safe area and

Start the PC and doubleclick on the
high voltage area
MPD software icon on the desktop.

If the software doesn’t start in Basic Mode select the main menu item Mode and choose Basic.
System • Select the Settings Tab.
Calibration • Select unit 1.1 in the Trigger source box. (If you are performing a calibration you may also select “line” as trigger source. The system then
uses a light-sensitive sensor to synchronize itself to fluorescent light sources. Do not forget to change the trigger source back to unit 1.1
before performing the actual measurement)
• Enter 350 kHz into the fCenter box.
• Select 300 kHZ in the Bandwidth box.
This configuration sets up the system for an IEC60270-compliant measurement.
The option High Sensitivity Mode should be unchecked to prevent the MPD unit from damage.