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Chamber No 157, First Floor, Ch. Iftikhar Block, District Courts Rawalpindi.

Cell Nos 0333 5035942

0313 5086940

Ref No ULC/105 Dared 28-02-2018


1. Ashraf and sons Electric Concern I-149 Iqbal Road Rawalpindi

2. Dr. Kashif House No F/68-69 Chitian Hatian near tubewell Rawalpindi

Subject: - Legal Notice

I have been instructed by my client namely Syed Raza Ali Shah, House No 376, Qutb ud din Road,
Rawalpindi to serve you with the following legal notice.

1. That the house of my client is adjacent to your house, prior to this my client has been rented out
the premises for more than 10 years. He always astonished to see the wall towards southern
words remains wet/dump/moister whenever it rains and cost heavy to white wash and repair.
2. That my client few months ago started to residing the above said house, and saw the wall is wet
as usual and traced out that you are using the wall of my client which you have not any legal
3. That you don’t have your own wall to supports your roof shed/edge and your iron rods are
penetrated to the wall of my client.
4. That my client asked you to remove your iron rods from my wall and build your own wall to
support your roof shed/edge but you just cemented the half wall and did not bother to honor
the genuine request of my client.
5. That you are informed through this legal notice to remove your iron rods/sarria from the wall of
my client, build your own wall to support your roof shed/edge and leave the wall of my client
spare and also pay Rs. 25,0,0000 (Rupees Twenty five lacs) to my client as damages after the
receipt of this legal notice otherwise my client will sue you before the competent court of law by
filing a civil proceedings at your risk and costs.

Note:- A copy of this legal notice is retained in my office for record and further proceedings.

Tariq Khan Jadoon

Advocate High Court