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Questionnaire for the first meeting with you study coach

Preparatory questions for the 1st period, meeting 1 in year 1 of the Bachelor
Study coach pillars : me, study and profession,

Name student : Bárbara de Souza



Which subjects would you like to discuss?

How did you experience the first weeks at the CvA? I had a nice experience, with a mix of admiration
and happiness, because all of the structure here, but
also a little bit of fear and loneliness.

How is your contact with fellow students? Did you know any students before you I knew other 3 brazilian students, of 3th/4th year, but
started your studies? Do you have friends? excluding them, actually I don`t have friends, I find
hard to make friends here, I just have some contact
with other students during the lessons.

Are there major changes in your personal situation? (for example; you live in It`s the first time that I`m living really alone, so I
student housing, you make long journeys etc?) If yes which changes are there? need to care alone about everything (housing, food,
documents, etc). Moreover, once here it`s a really
expensive place, I need to take so much care about
how I spend my money to make sure I will have
enough for the month and work/look for jobs.

Does the study meets your expectations? Please explain. About the study, yes, however, I expected to be able
to finish my course in less years (as I discussed with
my teacher before starting the year), and now, after
these weeks and not having all the exemptions I
wanted, I`m not sure if I`ll be able and I`m disap-
pointed about this.

Are you sure about your choice to study at the CvA? Do you have doubts? I`m sure that I have great teachers and that I will
learn and improve a lot, however, I have doubt if I
have enough level in my instrument to be here and if
I`ll really correspond to the expectations. Moreover,
studying here is really expensive, and for these 2
reasons, sometimes I have doubt about my choice.

Waarover ben je tevreden? / Waarover ben je minder tevreden? About what are I`m satisfied about my lessons, but not satisfied
you satisfied? About what are you not satisfied? about my own time of practicing (concentration/time

What is going well? What is not going well? I don`t think my developing in my instrument is very
nice during this first period.

Which challenges or dilemma’s do you encounter? For now, it`s still hard to organize my time among
studying/practicing/working/taking care of the
house, so sometimes I`m disorganized and cannot do
everything that I need.
Moreover, I`m having so much pain in my shoulder
in the last week, which is making me sad and dis-
turbing my practicing.

Did you miss any lessons during the first few weeks? What was the reason for Just 2 lessons in the first week: harmony that was
missing them? Does this have any influence on your results? wrong in my schedule and history 2, because I had
the answer for exemption later, but it didn`t influ-
ence the results.

What will you change or improve in the next few weeks? My time management.

Which advices/instructions did you get from your main subject teacher?

What did you do with these advices/instructions until now?


In General

How do you like the lessons until now? (for example the speed or the content of My main subject lessons are very good,
the lessons?) however I don`t think I`m developing how
How do you perceive this in your main subject lessons?
much is expected. The other lessons are
How do you perceive this in the other lessons?
good, sometimes I find the speed of harmo-
Bring and give an updated version of your schedule to your study coach
ny and harmony at the piano a little bit too
slow, because we have different levels
among the students in the class.
How did you experience the first weeks of your study? How was the bachelor
I liked the f
introduction for you?

What is going well? What is not going so well? As I said before, I don`t think my developing in
my instrument is very nice during this first period.

Are you satisfied about your study attitude and motivation for your study?

Which subjects do you find interesting or fun? Please explain

Which subjects do you find very difficult or challenging? Please diverse.

Which deal would you like to make with yourself about these issues?

How is your study progress?

Can you predict if you will earn your propedeuse statement? Propedeuse consist
of core subjects en the other subjects.
(core subjects are your mainsubject, harmony and analyses, solfege and ear-


Did you do any exams yet?

Did you study hard enough for such an exam? How are the subjects of General
Music Knowledge 1A and Music and Culture History 1A?
Could you explain about the way you studied?

Do you have questions about how to handle the exams or would you need extra
help? How would you organize this extra help?

Main subject

How do you perceive the atmosphere if your main subject lessons? How is your
contact with your main subject teacher? And how about the contact with your
fellow students of the mains subject?

Do you have contact with your coordinator or with the head of the department
(study leader)? Do you know who they are and how you could contact them and
which topics you could discuss with them?


What ambition do you have concerning your professional profession?

Why did you choose for this study and why did you choose to study at the Con-

What does attract you the most about what you heard about the professional