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Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Faculty of Applied Sciences
Industrial Training Progress Report
Activity Log

Name of Trainee: _________________________________________

Name of Company: _________________________________________
Month/Year: _________________________________________

Week Projects / Activities

**Students are allowed to adjust the reporting format above according to the respective TAR UC’s supervisor(s).

Suggestions / Comments / Additional information (if any):

Leave Application/Leave Taken

1. From(dd/mm/yy) ________________ To (dd/mm/yy) ________________ ( _______days)
2. Reasons for taking leave:
3. Total number of days taken: ______________________________________________________________
I hereby declare that the information given above is correct.

Signature: _____________________ Date: _____________

Endorsement by the Company’s Supervisor:

The above is a true record of activities taken by the trainee in the captioned week.
Signature of Supervisor: __________________________

Name of Supervisor: __________________________ Date: _____________

Company Stamp: