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This file contains specific information for usage of TinyCC
under MS-Windows. See tcc-doc.html to have all the features.

Compilation from source:

* You can use the MinGW and MSYS tools available at
Untar the TCC archive and type in the MSYS shell:
make install
The default install location is c:\Program Files\tcc

* Alternatively you can compile TCC with just GCC from MinGW using
To install, copy the entire contents of the win32 directory to
where you want.

Installation from the binary ZIP package:

Unzip the package to a directory of your choice.
(Note that the binary package does not include libtcc. If you
want TCC as dynamic code generator, please use the source code

Set the system PATH:

To be able to invoke the compiler from everywhere on your computer by
just typing "tcc", please add the directory containing tcc.exe to your
system PATH.

Open a console window (DOS box) and 'cd' to the examples directory.
For the 'Fibonacci' example type:
tcc fib.c
For the 'Hello Windows' GUI example type:
tcc hello_win.c
for the 'Hello DLL' example type
tcc -shared dll.c
tiny_impdef dll.dll (optional)
tcc hello_dll.c dll.def

Import Definition Files:

To link with Windows system DLLs, TCC uses import definition
files (.def) instead of libraries.
The included 'tiny_impdef' program may be used to make additional
.def files for any DLL. For example:
tiny_impdef.exe opengl32.dll
Put opengl32.def into the tcc/lib directory. Specify -lopengl32 at
the TCC commandline to link a program that uses opengl32.dll.

Header Files:
The system header files (except _mingw.h) are from the MinGW
From the windows headers, only a minimal set is included. If you need
more, get MinGW's "w32api" package.

Resource Files:
TCC can link windows resources in coff format as generated by MinGW's
windres.exe. For example:
windres -O coff app.rc -o appres.o
tcc app.c appres.o -o app.exe

Tiny Libmaker:
The included tiny_libmaker tool by Timovj Lahde can be used as
'ar' replacement to make a library from several object files:
tiny_libmaker [rcs] library objectfiles ...

- On the object file level, currently TCC supports only the ELF format,
not COFF as used by MinGW and MSVC. It is not possible to exchange
object files or libraries between TCC and these compilers. However
libraries for TCC from objects by TCC can be made using tiny_libmaker
or MinGW's ar.
- No leading underscore is generated in the ELF symbols.
- With DLLs, only functions (not data) can be im-/exported.
- Bounds checking (option -b) is not supported currently.
- 64-bit systems are not (yet) supported.

Documentation and License:

TCC is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. (See
COPYING file or
TinyCC homepage is at:

WinAPI Help and 3rd-party tools:

The Windows API documentation (Win95) in a single .hlp file is
available on the lcc-win32 site as "win32hlp.exe" or from other
locations as "".
A nice RAD tool to create windows resources (dialog boxes etc.) is
"ResEd", available at the RadASM website.

--- grischka