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School Palo National High School Grade Level 11

Teacher Learning Area Stat & Pro

Date & Time Jan. 24, 2018; 8:45 – 9:45 & 2 - 3 Quarter IV

I. Objectives

A. Content Standards The learner demonstrates understanding of key concepts

of tests of hypotheses on the population mean and
population proportion.
B. Performance Standards The learner is able to perform appropriate tests of
hypotheses involving the population mean and population
proportion to make inferences in real-life problems in
different disciplines.

C. Learning Competencies Calculates the probabilities of committing a Type I and

Type II error. (M11/12SP-IVa-2)
II. Content Tests of Hypothesis
III. Learning Resources Text Book, Internet, CG

IV. Procedures

A. Reviewing Previous What are the two types of errors?

Lesson or Presenting New
Lesson What is the difference between non-directional and
directional hypothesis?

B. Establishing Purpose for Today we will discuss how to determine the critical
the Lesson values under the normal curve

C. Presenting Open your z-table and look for the of .4750. What is its z
Examples/Instances of the value?
New Lesson
D. Discussing New Concepts Discussions of the steps in determining the critical value
and Presenting New Skills
E. Developing Mastery Complete table 3.5 page 231

F. Finding Practical In what way this topic may be helpful to you?

Applications of Concepts
and Skills in Daily Living
G. Making Generalization and What have you learned today?
Abstraction about the
H. Evaluating Learning Quiz
I. Additional Activities for
Application or
V. Remarks

VI. Reflection

A. No. of learners who earned

80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who
require additional
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
F. What innovations or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other
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Teacher I
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Principal I