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Each number is a different slide. Solid line between slides means slides transition directly into each
other. Dotted line means there is an empty slide in-between lines due to other dialogue or scene
changes. Forward slashes between words mean they are on the same slide but don't all appear on
screen at the same time and are cued in.

1) (optional display as the audience enter)

modern /mod-ern/ [late L. modernus, f. L. modo just now, after L hodiernus of today] 1 adj.
Characteristic of the present and recent times, not obsolete. 2 n. One whose lifestyle is up-to-date; a
member of the modern school of thought in relation to any subject. Occas. derog.

2) I don't like that woman.

3) She's got a good head for business.

4) And a heart of steel. If that's the American Dream, wake me when it's over.

5) Grow up, baby brother. You think we could have saved $25 working in a sweat shop?

6) Money! Money! That's all you care about.

7) Damn right, because the faster we earn it, the sooner we bring Mama over from Hong Kong.

8) Won't she be proud, “My sons, the kidnappers.”

9) At least she will be here with us. Unless you'd rather we return to Hong Kong, to no money, to no

10) Burn the bridge, / bet the store.

11) Baby's coming home no more.

12) Not for the life of me.

13) A life that's gotta be more than a one-light town where the light is always red
14) Gotta be more than an old ghost town where the ghost ain't even dead.

15) Go team! / Go team! / GO TEAM!

16) Clap your hands just because, don't you know that were I am ain't where I was.

17) Not for the life of me!

18) Boh/-doh/-dee/-oh!

19) Not for the life/ of/ me!

20) Room service.

21) Room service!

22) I think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

23) Mrs Meers –

24) Mrs Meers –

25) She's very dangerous.

26) Hold on Romeo. Don't flirt with the merchandise.

27) Don't be rude!

28) Don't be stupid!

29) Au revoir, my darling.

30) I can't bear to watch!

31) We made a deal!

32) No, Mrs Meers. dfgdfdfd

33) I won't let you do this to Miss Dorothy.

34) Would you forget about her?!

35) You don't know what love is!

36) Welcome to the world. Somebody loses, somebody wins, and I'm going to win, so don't get in
my way!

37) Mammy.

38) Mammy.

39) The sun shines east.

40) The sun shines west.

41) On Mammy.

42) My Mammy.

43) My heart strings are tangled around Siam-y.

44) I'm coming. / Sorry that I made you wait.

45) I'm coming. / I hope and pray I'm not too late.
46) 妈 妈 /

咪 咪
47) We'd walk a million miles for one of those smiles.

48) 我

49) I'd walk a million miles for one of those smiles.

50) We'll lead a life of crime to buy us some time.

51) (You know the word.)

52) Thank you, Mr. Ho.

53) Ah! I know at last the secret of it all!

54) Sad to be all alone in the world.

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