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e la Bastille
Viv Olives marinées 2.95
Mixed marinated Provençal olives
  Served with today’s selection
of potatoes and seasonal vegetables,
Crème brûlée
Vanilla crème brûlée

salad or pommes frites
Mini chorizos au miel 3.75 Délice au chocolat
Mini chorizos roasted in honey Confit de canard Chocolate torte with vanilla ice cream
Duck leg confit from the Périgord region
Gousse d’ail rôtie 3.75   of France, with Lyonnaise potatoes, Méli mélo de fraises et meringue
Whole roasted garlic bulb with caramelised shallots, grilled French beans Strawberry ice cream with fresh
artisan bread, extra virgin olive oil and blackberry jus strawberries, crushed meringue, soft
and balsamic vinegar marshmallows, pistachios, strawberry
Epaule d’agneau coulis and crème Chantilly
Saucisson 3.50 Overnight slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with
Thin slices of French ‘Label Rouge’ minted pea purée and Roquefort butter Bavarois et compôte
saucisson from the Beaujolais region, de fruits rouges
with cornichons and French bread Pavé de steak Buttermilk pudding with a berry compôte
Pan-fried Scottish pasture-fed
Tapenade 3.50 21 day-aged rump steak with green Plateau de fromages
Red pepper and anchovy tapenade peppercorn and brandy sauce Our typical rustic French cheese board of:
with artisan bread Brie de Nangis, Fourme d’Ambert and
Poulet Provençal Le Saint Mont des Alpes. Served with
Pain sans gluten 0.95   Pan-fried chicken breast with Provençal biscuits, celery and red onion confiture.
Lightly toasted gluten-free bread vegetables and red wine jus
served with Lescure butter
Tarte au chèvre
Warm tartlet of goats’ cheese, spinach,
STARTERS butternut squash and caramelised onion
with chive beurre blanc
Friday 14th July 2017
Served with complimentary freshly Loup de mer
baked French bread and Lescure butter Pan-fried fillet of seabass with French beans,
5.30–7pm two courses £18.95 toasted almonds and parsley butter
7pm onwards two courses £21.95 Soupe à l’oignon
Four courses £25.95 French onion soup with Gruyère croûton Risotto végétarien  
Risotto with petits pois, courgette,
Gambas à l’ail wilted spinach, Provençal sauce,
Prawns sautéed in garlic butter, crispy garlic and truffle oil
lemon, white wine and parsley served
on sourdough toast Dietary information
Brioche et champignons These dishes are suitable for vegetarians.
Toasted brioche with fricassée of mushrooms  hese dishes are suitable for a gluten-free diet.
APÉRITIF with (or without  ) Alsace bacon Dauphinoise potatoes 3.50   Please advise your server.

Fromage de chèvre Roasted field mushrooms  hese dishes can be made suitable for a gluten-
free diet. Please ensure you clearly advise your
A glass of Veuve Devienne, Deep-fried goat’s cheese with rocket with garlic 3.25   server that you require a gluten-free option.
Vin Mousseux NV, 12% salad and spiced tomato chutney
House salad 3.25   We have a separate children’s menu or we are happy
– or – Saucisse de Toulouse to charge 50% less for smaller portions of most
Pan-fried Toulouse sausage with a soft French beans with toasted dishes on our menus. We can provide a detailed list
Meteor Classic ’27 5.0% (330ml) poached egg and warm tomato dressing almond flakes 3.25   of all allergens used in our kitchen on request. If you
do have an allergy please alert your server. Nuts, nut
Creamed spinach 3.25 oils and derivatives are used in our kitchen and some
  of our dishes may contain bones. The ingredients
used in all of our dishes may vary occasionally subject
Red onion and tomato salad 3.25   to availability. There is a 10% discretionary service
charge for all tables of six or more.
Pommes frites 2.95   July 2017