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“This isn’t a run, this is a high school prank,” mumbles Howler from the bushes thirty meters to the left and twelve meters up
from the green of hole six of Dante’s Golf Course.
“Trust me, this is our best option,” says a voice over his commlink. “It’s so subtle, no one will even blink an eye.”
Howler adjusts his position in the landscaping, finding another uncomfortable golf ball. “He’s late.”
“He may be late, but he’s consistent. You’ve seen him play; he’s probably down in the fourth hole’s sand trap.”
“And how is this different than directly hacking in?” Howler grumbles again, swatting away some flying insect, “My memory
is kinda fuzzy on how you talked me into this.”
“If it weren’t for your brother-in-law, I would have partnered up with a less whiny decker.”
A golf ball whizzes centimeters over Howler’s head—interrupting his complaint—and impacts the cliff wall. The foliage slows
it down enough to be lost in the bushes’ roots with its other lost brethren. Howler gets to work with his deck, hacking the golf
ball’s RFID and copying it to a new ball.
A rotodrone caddy is coming up fast to his position to hit the ball. Howler has to act quickly to avoid the drone’s approach.
“Careful not to touch the ball, Howler.”
“Trying to concentrate here.” Howler mutes his commlink and opens the wooden case with an identical golf ball. There are
imperceptible markings on it as he was told, so he tips the case and dumps the ball into the grass before hiding further into
bushes. Then he works on the next step of hacking the drone caddy.
The rotodrone recognizes the new ball as the one that was hit. It extends out a club appendage as commanded by the
golfer below.
Howler doesn’t want the ball to be hit, lest it get damaged, so he spoofs the roto caddy to tell the golfer that it’s unable to
hit the ball and recommends a drop.
Howler listens to the burst of verbal abuse from the golfer to the roto caddy. Fearing that the golfer will just get a new ball, he
has the roto caddy admit fault to the golfer and provide assurance that there will be no stroke penalty for a retrieval and mulligan.
The golfer sounds satisfied and acknowledges the decision. The roto caddy switches its appendage to that of a hand and
retrieves the ball.
The rotodrone flies back to the fairway. Howler crawls out to the edge to see the golfer retrieve the ball from the caddy. The
golfer appears to pause for a moment, then looks to his commlink, dropping the ball. He appears to talk to someone. While
Howler can’t hear the discussion, he knows it’s a delivery request for flowers.
Howler gets back on his commlink. “Package has been delivered.”
“Got it. I’m on my way with the flowers,” is the reply.
The golfer looks around as if he is disoriented, but then sees the ball at his feet and the 3-iron offered by the roto caddy. He
grabs the club and swings at the ball, destroying the markings and landing it two meters from the sixth hole. The golfer is ecstatic
as he walks toward his ball.
“Nice shot,” whispers Howler as he crawls back through the underbrush toward his retrieval point.

Population: 61,000 as of Jan. 1, 2075
Human: 80 percent
Instead of giving you the whole history of Butte, let me just Elf: 6 percent
give you the highlights, starting in 2002. Lots of people have Dwarf: 2 percent
heard of the Resource Rush. But in Butte, these people felt the
Ork: 8 percent
impact of it. Butte was surviving as a little blue-collar town,
Troll: 3 percent
but the demand for local materials was high. Over the years,
Other: 1 percent
Consolidated Minerals bought up all the existing mineral rights
in Silver Bow County. By 2007, the ORO Company in South
America had hit it big, maintaining control over the Chilean Per Capita Income: 48,000¥
copper mines and discovering large deposits of molybdenum off Population Below Poverty Level: 12 percent
Panama. This made ORO dominant in the market; the company Estimated SINless: 2 percent
could essentially name its price in selling raw materials.
Consolidated Minerals had to expand in order to stay Education:
competitive. While the Berkeley Pit was closed by this time, Less than twelve years: 4 percent
the Continental Pit remained open and was dug deeper. Open- High school equivalency: 54 percent
pit mining spread out across the county. Butte’s population College degrees: 32 percent
almost reached eighty thousand with localized smelting and Advanced degrees: 11 percent
roasting facilities. This was the area’s highest population since
World War II.
The economy of Butte is based primarily on the price of ores and
Trouble with the nearby Kootenai and the Confederated
Salish tribe started when surveyors from U.S. Rare Earths minerals. Education is higher due to the presence of Montana Tech
found rare earth minerals near Flathead Lake. Consolidated and Geomancy, and the large number of Technical jobs in the area.
Minerals legally moved them off the reservation to open new
mines. Besides the gold, copper, and a few other minerals went into reinforcement of foundations and the development
that Butte was known for, the expansion discovered more of abandoned mines below the town into various commercial
minerals to mine such as cadmium, tungsten, thorium, and residential facilities to accommodate the influx of people
tellurium, and molybdenum. Pandora’s box was going to stay seeking employment. It was a risky strategy, but in the long
open as Butte’s value to American corporations was realized. run worth the investment.
Not everyone was happy with the choices Consolidated With the passage of the Relocation Act in 2009 came a
Minerals was making; protests and strikes broke out in Butte greater distrust towards Consolidated Minerals in Butte. Any
over the relocation of the Kootenai. To keep business going, remaining Native Americans who didn’t leave their land were
Consolidated Minerals brought in more “amicable” contractors forced into re-education camps. Any Native American currently
to continue strip mining across Silver Bow County. The smoke employed by Consolidated Minerals was fired and, if found in
from the smelting facilities continued to color Butte’s skies. Silver Bow County, relocated as well. That was kind of a moot
This didn’t win many hearts in Butte County. The revitalized point since most Native Americans were already pissed off
Order of Hibernians, normally just involved in community that few were employed as miners and that the reservations
activities, started to organize strikes and protests with the were pockmarked with mines. But Butte is funny about that
local miners against Consolidated Minerals. There was some sort of thing. They didn’t agree with the Chinese Exclusion Act
progress in negotiating with Consolidated Minerals, as no one in the 1880s or the corporate lockout of the 1920s, so they
wanted a repeat of the Lockout of 1920, but little was actually certainly weren’t going to allow anyone to tell them how to
done to change the business’s ways. treat their northern neighbors. The nearby Kootenai tribal
Politically, no one wanted to rock the boat. Butte was a city members of Pablo and Silver Bow Counties’ miners had a few
rich with both raw and refined minerals and metals. Now the city disputes with corporate security over what they believed was
was in conflict with itself. Technically, Consolidated Minerals an “overreach” of the law over the years, but this was the last
wasn’t doing anything illegal, and the money was more than straw. Butte became a hideout for Native Americans avoiding
the town had seen since the original copper mining boom. relocation. A web of tunnels allowed sympathetic miners to
Legal challenges either fell on deaf ears or were deferred. Miner move a few hundred members of the local tribes secretly. The
strikes were short-lived, with Consolidated Minerals offering Order of Hibernians militarized when Consolidated increased
large incentives for land and lots of employment opportunities. security forces around their assets in Butte. Butte members also
The Resource Rush literally undermined the town with large stockpiled food and weapons when rumors that government
tunnels and chambers. Parts of the town started to look like forces were going to help Consolidated Minerals materialized,
Swiss cheese, with sink holes and shifting foundations. Finances but bigger events came to pass.

Introduction 4
Introduction 5
March of 2010 was a really bad month. VITAS came to Butte. had an equally hard time as the U.S. Government had trying
Over five thousand died in the first week. People panicked, many to clean up the site. Instead, they decided to take the “fuel
fled. Mining shut down, with some miners going to the extreme from the fire” and work along the mountain range, erecting
of hiding in the mines below the city. With filtered air and bottled arcane chevals and mana prisms to redirect the mana lines
water, over two thousand people made themselves at home around the more polluted sites to a mana conflux on top of
until the devastation had ended. Until October, an additional a lone mountain near the golf course. A benefit to this was a
five thousand people died, leaving many of the mines and power site adapted to the needs of the college. It was a ten-
refineries inadequately supported for six months and leading to year investment, but it reduced the background count to mere
industrial accidents. A few hundred additional people died from tens of meters from the site.
poisoning or accidents around the county. By the time VITAS was Wards around the site have to be renewed yearly, but it’s
managed, Butte’s population had fallen to twenty thousand. A more manageable than before. Inkan Power uses the Berkeley
small footnote: For a while, UGE was thought to stem from living Pit for power and the extraction of minerals dissolved in the
underground, as approximately ninety percent of the children water, and thus there’s been some friction between Earth
born to those survivors were elves. Medicine and Inkan Power over control of the pit.
Then you had Great Ghost Dance in 2017, which made
governments think twice about picking on the little guy; but > Inkan Power is testing to see how far Earth Medicine will bend
there’s also a cost for throwing that much mojo around. I think in what the power company can do with the Berkeley Pit. Inkan
extreme weather fluctuations exist throughout the entire Power doesn’t want the pit cleaned up because it’s the acidity that
Sioux Nation. For Butte, add about five degrees in the summer does the work for them.
and subtract five degrees in the winter. > Cheyenne Sam
The Treaty of Denver in 2018 prompted further
negotiations with the Sioux. Consolidated Minerals could > Dangerous, though. There are still shafts that lead from within
have pulled out completely, but with corporate competition the pit to below Butte. Too much fiddling around could flood the
on the rise and the Sioux having a brain-drain of those underground with that stuff.
“Anglos” who could manage the existing mining industry, > Running with Clouds
there had to be a compromise; otherwise, both parties would
financially lose. There was already an argument between the > A side effect of the mana conflux being built is that the quartz
Crow and Kootenai tribes about allowing Butte residents to outcrop dimly glows with dual-natured light, something that
stay. Kootenai were a minor voice, but money added weight parageologists will be studying for years.
to the elders’ decision. > Henry Wildshadow
Kuroyama Minerals was giving majority of the mining,
refining, and smelting facilities, with upstart company With the passing of the comet in 2060, the mountain on
Inkan Power learning the ropes and developing their own which the mana conflux was constructed starting sparking,
technologies, and Earth Medicine overseeing all mining physically shooting pieces of rock up to 200 meters off the
throughout the Silver Bow County. Kuroyama Minerals kept mountain. When parageologists recovered the stone, they
the mining green and leased the land it used. Most of Butte found it was transformed into orichalcum. This news spurred
became the single largest Anglo reservation in the Sioux an orichalcum rush into Silver Bow County. There was an
Nation to retain the technological knowledge. Kuroyama estimated two to three thousand smugglers working old
Minerals kept all the previous employees at the mines, mining sites for the magic mineral, competing with both the
minimizing the need to bring in technical expertise: a win/ locals and existing smugglers who were also mining other
win for Butte and Kuroyama. ore. It’s unknown how many died in resulting mine collapses.
It took a few years of learning parageology, but knowledge In January 2061, there was a minor tremor north of Butte.
of background count, mana lines, reagents, and power sites It was determined to be a 3.8-magnitude quake—nothing to
was gradually incorporated into mining and geological surveys worry about. Some speculated unlicensed demolition was
around Silver Bow County. Speaking of which, one of the first happening in the search for orichalcum, and the Sioux were
orders of business was the pollution around Butte. Exhausted going to have someone’s head. After a few weeks, rumors
strip mines, chemically treated slag, and garbage dumps had spread that Thepila, one of the seven cities of gold, had been
changed the landscape. Earth Medicine had its work cut out uncovered. The explosion was said to have been an avalanche
for itself. It managed to work out recycling and other green that exposed ruins near Flume Gulch, a city carved into the
policies, but there was one standing problem: the Berkeley Pit. mountainside. After the quake, the orichalcum rush faded as
After being abandoned before the Resource Rush, the pit had the orichalcum veins disappeared.
become filled with water. Over the years, the water became
acidic from perpetually dissolving minerals. Unfortunately for > But that’s it. “Oh, there’s one of the mythical cities of gold, move
the Awakened in the town of Butte, the Berkeley Pit was also along.” It’s kind of weird that there was no follow-up news, or
at the interception of mana lines. Such a thing emanated an wildcats blocking off part of Flume Gulch.
annoying background count for kilometers. Earth Medicine > Argos

Introduction 6
> The Matrix has some vague blog posts and pictures of a few clay
pots, but that’s it. It has to have been a hoax, as no one is actively
pursuing this.
Running with Clouds SHADOW
> Someone suggested that ulminite was found up there. It could be SCENE
a ruse to keep people guessing.
> Henry Wildshadow Butte is on the intersection of Interstates 15 and 90 connect-
ing the town to the Algonkian-Manitou Council (AMC) and Sal-
With all the abandoned towns, mines, and smuggler ish-Shidhe Council (SSC). This allows for brisk trade in grey-mar-
hideouts, it was no surprise that critters started occupying ket items, where Butte’s Anglo reservation legal rights are not
them. Bug spirits have been the most dangerous, occupying exactly the same as the rest of the Sioux Nation. Tobacco and
older mine shafts. Awakened and mundane animals, such as alcohol sales, while legal, are still highly priced due to the de-
stonebinders and sabertooths, made some abandoned towns livery expense. Every month, a marketplace near the Cabbage
their homes. Only the official mines controlled by Kuroyama Patch opens up for barter or nuyen. Quality may not be the pri-
Minerals have active onsite and perimeter security. Earth ority, but there’s always a variety of goods to be found. BTLs are
Medicine has drone patrols and occasionally wires drones for the most prolific illegal goods on the market here.
abandoned mines to check for hazards, but its budget doesn’t Illegal goods, once across the border, can be easily shuttled
come close to covering the area requiring monitoring. Earth through kilometers of tunnels or cached in abandoned open
Medicine peppers areas of interest with disposable, remotely pits by t-bird runners throughout Silver Bow County. Both the
accessible sensors, but between the environmental factors and Cabbage Patch and Butte Below have their own smuggling
minimizing the trace pollutants from sensors, the efforts don’t routes into their neighborhoods. In addition to moonshining,
last more than two months before an area needs reseeding. you have some chemists out there making high-octane fuel
for the smugglers. Butte has become a hotspot as a fueling
> People working outside city limits should be careful. With the return station, with riggers traveling the Rockies trade routes as far
of the wilderness, even shifters are homesteading out there. south as Denver and the PCC.
> Cheyenne Sam
> Some will also roll out old-school Marsden Matting for larger
Neither Wildcats nor the conventional military offer much customers to land and refuel. An insane choice, but the reward
protection, as their security patrols target active smugglers, can be high if you’re quick enough to be gone when the Wildcats
not some saber-toothed cat roaming around. The only other arrive. An old troll called Torque has been manufacturing large
protection outside of Butte is Druid’s Wolves and you’ll pay quantities of go-juice for years up in the mountains.
a hefty price for their help. They play both sides of the fence. > Cheyenne Sam
With the historical foundation built, I’ll address the current
state of Butte. It’s still around, and its population has grown Smuggling of raw materials is common in this area, with a
to sixty thousand. Remember all the investment in the dozen minerals in demand for small, high-tech manufacturing.
substructure below the town? Nicknamed Butte Below, it slowly The trade of knockoff tech items from commlinks to cybereyes
integrated itself into the town. About half of the population keeps up demand for metals that the corporations have a
lives down there, which might seem silly to some, but it beats monopoly on. Green fingers and the smell of garlic are telltale
dealing with Sioux bureaucracy and the various unfriendlies traits of smugglers and miners in Butte.
beyond the city limits. For the poorer class, the advancements The various organized crime syndicates have taken an
in geological engineering and architecture make living in Butte interest in Butte as a smuggling hub, though the city’s relatively
Below more comfortable than dealing with extreme weather small size acts as a hindrance. That being said, organized
conditions above ground. crime funnels money and business through Butte rather than
personnel to pressure people into the organization.

> Don’t have a Russian accent. The Vory have been trying to muscle
in on the smuggling business in Butte. Being an Anglo caught
smuggling is bad enough—add a Russian accent and say goodbye
to any thought of just paying a fine.
> Billy Bob Butte


It’s a small town; gangs are not like they are in the big city.
There are two main gangs in Butte and Silver Bow County:

Local shadow scene 7

The Lost, who are in the town, and Druid’s Wolves, who roam least three Bulldog Step Vans that establish a mobile base-
outside the city limits. There are occasional skirmishes be- camp for the gang. David has a prejudice against shifters,
tween them along the official city limits, but an all-out turf and if he finds them, he brings the Wolves down on them.
war has yet to break out. It’s rumored that he keeps shifter hides on display in his van
as trophies.
The Lost are composed of a few generations of elves born in ORGANIZED CRIME
Silver Bow County. Their current leader is Jaden Falan. He is
a supposed descendant of the Copper King, and his inheri- LAKOTA MAFIA
tance allowed him and the Lost to purchase the Copper King In Silver Bow County, the Lakota Mafia utilizes several
Mansion. There are about fifty members in this exclusively elf Thunderbirds in smuggling operations from Butte across the
gang, all of whom reside and hang out in the Mansion. They border to the Salish-Shidhe Council, specifically the Red Dog
are more like elven gangsters than a street gang. They all talk and Open Road bands of the Lakota Mafia. The Red Dog band
and dress in relation to what’s trending in the Tírs. On top of consists of over a dozen family members, their leader Hestova,
that, the Lost party as if they are trid stars. Jaden and some and associated tribal members. They’ve been working on an
of the others’ accumulated wealth has been questioned as to east-west route into Butte for the greater Lakota Mafia. The
its legality, but not openly. Some suggest a connection to Tír Open Road band includes twenty family members, their leader
Tairngire princes or terrorist organizations, but there’s noth- Wakaje, and associated members. Wakaje operates a north/
ing that the Lost do that would suggest such ties. They may south smuggling route through Butte. Their knowledge of the
act immature, but there is some intelligence keeping them terrain is unmatched compared to the other syndicates.
one step ahead of law enforcement. The Lost’s criminal ac- Things haven’t been going well for these bands, with the
tivities focus on the financing of smuggled goods and their Vory pushing in from the west. Both Hestova and Wakaje
sale. They work through middlemen in the Cabbage Patch to have requested additional personnel from Charlie Whiteclay
distance themselves, both for legal purposes and for their su- to help deal with them, but so far the Lakota Mafia has not
periority complex over the other citizens of Butte. Jaden has moved to deal with the Vory. Recently, Wakaje was ambushed
a weakness for all things Tír, from Laesal wines to bootleg near Helena by soldatos; four members were killed and
music, and he will pay top nuyen for many items to be added Wakaje would have died, had it not been for So’yoki of the
to the Copper King Mansion. The Lost don’t appreciate out- Koshari. It has been rumored that, while recuperating in Butte,
siders moving into Butte without their permission. They are Wakaje started having more than just a business relationship
not above using muscle and magic to get their point across. with So’yoki. The Open Road band has collaborated with the
The Lost’s goal is to create an elven tribe within the Ohanzee Circle under So’yoki in protecting smuggling routes
Sioux. This desire stems from the gang’s founding, as some from the likes of the Vory. The Red Dog band isn’t supportive
felt cheated out of being citizens of Tír na nÓg, because of Open Road’s partnership, but their hatred of the Vory
their ancestors moved to the new world. The book Walking trumps other concerns. Hestova has been out for blood ever
the Light has been quoted by Jaden, suggesting an interest since Adrian killed his little brother as an example two years
in the Path of the Wheel and traditional magic. Jaden himself ago. Adrian hasn’t made a public appearance since. Hestova
is not Awakened as far as anyone knows, but a few of his has been targeting Vory convoys and burning their cargo in
brethren are. an attempt to flush Adrian out to fight. All that has come of
this is a bounty on his troll head—a bounty that many have
unsuccessfully tried to cash in on.
Druid’s Wolves are Crow warriors who have been discharged > So’yoki is Tahaum’s niece. He’s not too happy she’s, pardon the
from the military for one reason or another. David Long Elk, expression, “off the reservation” in Sioux Nation. Whiteclay is
a six-year veteran, created the organization after being dis- not too pleased with the relationship Wakaje has formed with the
honorably discharged. He named it after the pack of wolves Koshari. Hestova is just pissed at everyone.
relocated to Yellowstone to reestablish wolf populations. > Why Sioux Serious
The Druid’s Wolves number in the few hundred, with many
young who were kicked out during their year of mandatory
service in the Sioux military. David gave them focus. This KOSHARI
paramilitary gang roams the Sioux Nation outside of urban The Koshari have been working the angles of business that
areas, keeping their distance from Wildcats and the SDF. the Lakota ignore. The Nahimana Circle handles smuggling
They prey on homesteaders and smugglers alike, offering drugs, including Awakened drugs, and doing runs to harvest
protection at a price. They have access to a few vehicles reagents and Awakened materials. The Ohanzee Circle, lead
and weapons that would make a t-bird jockey think about by So’yoki, participate in various other rackets, but not enough
negotiating first. Druid’s Wolves are nomadic and have at to grab Charlie’s attention. Felix, a newcomer from Denver, has

Local shadow scene 8

been watching the grids and has been able to recruit members
of the Lakota Mafia around Silver Bow County, leveraging
the fact that Whiteclay has been losing face with non-family ORGANIZATIONS
members in many bands. Whiteclay’s lack of empathy to the
northern bands just makes Felix’s job easier. ANCIENT ORDER
> It wasn’t luck that So’yoki was in the area with her reagent
gathering team. They had scouts out there for months keeping The members of the Hibernians became more organized
track of the Vory, Lakota Mafia, and anyone else running out there. when they were protecting the rights and well-being of the
> Plains Walker miners of Butte many years ago. They sort of fell off when
miners began choosing corporate life. For a while, the Ancient
Order of Hibernians became content in doing volunteer work
> Tahum and Hestova have been rivals for years. They try to keep
their distance from each other to lessen the bloodshed of bounty and performing social services. That was, until a few “Anglo”
hunters sent every year.
residents of Butte got into a fight with the Sioux Defense Force.
Yes, the residents were in the wrong, but subsequent beatings
> Argos
put twenty men in the hospital. None of the Sioux forces were
seriously injured. Ian Macallaster, who suffered four broken
> Tahaum has been vocally opposed to the agreement with the
ribs from this incident, used it to get others thinking about how
Open Road tribe. He’s been desperately trying to get anyone to
they have to rely on the Sioux for protection, and about the
listen to him. This may be motivated more by So’yoki’s romantic
social stigma and bullying of Butte residents.
involvement with the Open Road tribe. It’s definitely the first time
Ian was elected as leader of the Order in 2058 and
Tahaum and Hestova ever agreed on something.
organized the Order to practice martial arts in secret. The
> Cyclone
secluded halls of the Order in Butte Below echoed with combat
training. Soon, Ian gathered more members under the context
VORY of Butte being helpless no more. It became apparent, with the
Branching off from Alexei Klavikov, Adrian Simeoff became organization now three thousand members strong, that Ian was
not going to back down in protecting the rights of the Anglo
tsar over the Vory activities in Sioux Nation. There was a slight
reservation’s inhabitants. The Hibernian halls are synonymous
rift between Alexei and Adrian as Adrian felt the need to move
with martial arts. There have been a few fights, but they are not
out of Denver; Irina, Alexei’s daughter, toyed with him like all
as one-sided as they once were. The SDF has recognized the
the other suitors. Adrian made an aggressive push into Silver
Order of Hibernians as a paramilitary organization, but they
Bow County in order to control smuggling routes from the
are still undecided if they are a threat.
north and west. He incited fear by bloodily executing members
of the Red Dog band and Druid’s Wolves, and through the ugly
branding of miners who didn’t pay on time. He earned the
> It comes down to not allowing Anglos into the draft. On one side,
you have the town trained in some form of combat, ready in case
nickname Adrian Blood. He also brought unwanted attention
there comes a time for them to protect their homes. On the other
with such bold moves. Tahaum wants his head, badly. Kuroyama
side, these people have ties to the town, not to the Sioux Nation.
Minerals has hired teams to protect prospectors and mineral
surveyors. Nobody in town likes anyone with a Russian accent.
> Why Sioux Serious

While Adrian hasn’t been seen in three years, the Vory are still
out there. Sovetnik Michael Witzkow works in Butte Below,
> Some believe that Ian is getting support from organized crime;
others think he’s a Tír agent starting trouble for a larger purpose.
running BTL trades and muscling in on other recreational drug No one really knows what’s going on, other than you have self-
traffic. Sovetnik Ollie “Smith” runs a storefront selling firearms, defense classes being taught by the Order of Hibernians to anyone
both legal and illegally. on the reservation who wants to learn.
> Butte In
> People assume that all Vory are Russian. Times have changed,
though. Witzkow is technically Lithuanian, but he’s second
generation, grew up in UCAS. He also has no accent. There are MIDEWIWIN
still blood ties from Witzkow to the Klavikov Tsars—just a few This secretive order of Awakened beings has made it their
times removed. mission to undo what the Anglos have done and remove the
> Disorganized Crime social ills brought by the white man. They first struck against
the manufacturing and smuggling of BTLs. This has troubled
organized crime. While beneficial to the town, they also began
to target mines and miners. No matter how “green” their
attempts were, the mines and smelting continued to poison
the water and air. This put them at odds with the Ancient

Local shadow scene 9

Order of Hibernians and the corporations alike. No one knows every outage. Energy fluctuations cause increasingly fre-
exactly how many Midewiwin are in Silver Bow County, but quent brownouts further out from the power source, even
Kuroyama Minerals suspect that there are a few with corporate with Gaetronic’s smart grid. To stabilize it, Inkan Power spe-
SINs providing intel. cializes in creating molten air batteries, allowing for higher
capacity power on the grid with less-toxic materials and sta-
> Some of these Midewiwin take this mission to the extreme and bilizing power fluctuation. Inkan Power took over the existing
want the land back to how it was before the Anglos came to the mining and processing plant near the Berkeley Pit for battery
Americas. It’s a little drastic, especially for those already used to manufacture. Since there were already tests being conducted
such comforts as trids and cars, but that’s what they say is making at the Berkeley Pit regarding how much power can be gen-
the Sioux soft. erated, Inkan continued to develop the pit for viable power.
> Why Sioux Serious Given the size of the pit, Inkan Power has been able to get
a few megavolts from it—enough to keep the grid stable for
> Only a little drastic? Butte regardless of what Gaetronics delivers. Inkan Power
> Slamm-0! continues to construct various sizes of batteries, intended for
everything from drones to buildings.
Besides the corporate and Sioux grids, Silver Bow County has
their own local grid, which was established because the vary- Earth Medicine is another AA Sioux Corporation. The com-
ing terrain and subterranean locations left gaps in the wire- pany’s goal is to clean up the mess the Anglos left behind.
less network. Butte Below has transmitter cables fed down From recycling to planting trees, Earth Medicine has been
all the main arterial tunnels back to main chambers to allow working with the various tribes to get their people out of the
wireless communication throughout. The cable is kind of like habit of throwing out so much trash. Just because it’s plastic
fiber optics, but with fringe. This same technology has been and cheap, does not mean its final destination needs to be
used in mining operations throughout Silver Bow County. a landfill. Earth Medicine is the Sioux version of the UCAS
Old cellphone towers have also been commissioned for grid Environmental Protection Agency. The company has an of-
stability around the mountains. fice building in Butte with staff to manage and oversee all of
Silver Bow County. The blight on their record is still the Berke-

JUST BUSINESS ley Pit. While they have full-time employees monitoring and
managing problems that have come from the pit, they have
not come up with a solution to clean it up.
Solar power manufacturing has been serious business along- > Have they been working on a solution? I’ve heard that they’ve
side wind in providing stable power to the region. As a mul- been playing the Berkeley Pit like a bargaining chip with the likes
tinational corporation, Sunrise Electronics moved its head- of Inkan Power.
quarters here to cut out the middleman for raw materials. The > Glowing Sioux
move has kept them competitive with even a few of the AA
corporations. Sunrise Electronics designed the lightweight
solar sheets that power and regulate temperature in Butte
Below. Nationwide, they have a few contracts for producing Toldeen Tech is one of a handful of Sioux cybernetic manufac-
flexible solar sheets used for drones and to power augment- tures. The company makes several components for other cyber-
ed reality advertisements that are off the primary grid. The netic companies, such as micro optic processers, fiber optics,
company is currently working on creating an efficient solar and neurostimulators. Like Inkan Power and Sunrise Electronics,
furnace to generate hydrogen fuel. Toldeen Tech has moved part of its business to Butte in order to
avoid tariffs on, and transportation of, raw materials.
Inkan Power is an AA Sioux Corporation that provides renew-
able electrical power. While Gaetronics and its affiliates are Kuroyama Minerals is a Shiawase-owned corporation that
the primary source of power, transmission, and distribution manages ninety percent of the mining done in Silver Bow
of electrical and gas needs throughout the Sioux Nation, it’s County. There’s not much else to be said other than they
not always reliable power in the Northwest. The change to continue to mine under the strict supervision of Earth Medicine
greener power put a lot of energy fluctuation on the grid, and other organizations. That being said, each mine has its own
as the resources are not always consistent or reliable. Power lease agreement with the Sioux Nation. Kuroyama Minerals
cables can be damaged through sabotage, magic, or weath- lucked out with the hasty purchase of all the leases from the
ering, and there are many kilometers of cable to check after exiting mining corporations. About half of them are coming

Local shadow scene 10

> There are stables akin to the Old West at some of the places around
Butte where you can park your horse. There are so many ways to
look cool in Butte; from the rugged cowboy, the lone biker, to the
t-bird rigger.
> Why Sioux Serious

While the Sioux Nation wants to have a light footprint on the
land, there is still the Great Northern railway from Butte to
Helena. Its main use is the shipping of minerals and ore to
Helena, where larger cargo planes take the reins. There are
still other unused train tracks out there, to places like Ana-
conda, where Butte sent their ore for smelting a century ago.
The Butte-to-Helena route still makes the occasional trip, car-
rying goods or tourists.

> The railroad is obsolete. Nostalgic tourists board electric trains

from Butte to see the scenery like those of the Old West trideos,
but Sky High Cargo Services and their zeppelins are eliminating
the need for trains. Pretty soon it will be just another scar on the
face of the Sioux Nation.
> Cheyenne Sam

Fourteen headframes dot the landscape of Butte, marking the
remnants of the old mines that honeycombed the town. They
used to have cables to transport miners and their equipment
down into the shafts. In 2032, the transportation infrastruc-
up for renewal. Kuroyama is going to attempt to lowball the ture had been vastly modified with a raised electric trolley
remaining yields in every mine in an attempt to render them line, incorporating the historical headframes into its con-
useless for competing corporations. The competition is going struction. Stairs and elevators then connected the trolley line
to attempt to sabotage and discredit Kuroyama’s mining to the subterranean landscape. Four stations are in Granite,
operation so that the Sioux will look for a more efficient and six are in Platinum, three are in Emerald, and one lies on the
edge of Cabbage Patch. Of the fourteen, only nine have an
profitable partner. For shadowrunners, it’s a win-win situation.
elevator or stair connection to Butte Below: six in Platinum,
two in Granite, and one in Emerald.
This little airport gets quite crowded. Over fifty small carriers
Butte still maintains many roads through town, but motor
use it for short hops to places as far north as Helena and Cy-
transportation has given way to public transportation, press Hills, east to Billings, south to Idaho Falls, and west to
such as the electric trolley, for most residents. Bike and Missoula. Located in the Emerald district, this airport has its
horse riding are also becoming more common. Butte’s own connection to fame: Charles Lindbergh refueled there
infrastructure has been modified to accommodate these during his famous trans-Atlantic flight. The Lindbergh Hanger
new kinds of traffic. Two main highways, I-90 and I-15, is now a free respite for those freelance riggers and pilots
intersect in Butte, bringing traffic to and from the north and who get stuck in Butte due to weather.
the west through the Sioux Nation. Most flights are for passengers, but there is a weekly cargo
zeppelin that transports goods through Butte.
Summit Valley Airport doesn’t have large passenger planes
fly through on a regular basis anymore. This is due in part to
SDF prioritizing the longer runway for military aircraft and
conducting frequent exercises there.

Local shadow scene 11

NEIGHBORHOODS Build, and the Metals Bank and Trust are built with classic
architecture above ground, but they have a sleeker, modern
look below ground, exposed by skylights. Some of the
BUTTE (ABOVE) buildings have an additional five to ten stories below ground.
Water has been at a premium here. Between the Berkeley
On the surface, the town of Butte has not changed appear- Pit, the Montana Pole, and the illegal use of heavy metals in
ance very much since the early 21st Century. The style is still gold extraction, Silver Bow County’s water has been dangerous
reminiscent of the early days when the mines were first open. to drink. Unfortunately, all Butte got out of this was a state-
Granted, the terrain is a little more worn now than is was, of-the-art water treatment plant, since it was cheaper for the
with the added spark of occasional AR tagging. The larger corporations to build one than clean up the mess. Now, the
and more modern facilities that stand out from the rest of options in Butte are to buy bottled water, brave drinking out
the town include: the sprawling Inkan Power facility just south of the tap, or be paranoid and re-filter the tap or bottled water.
of the Berkeley Pit on Continental Drive, the Montana Tech Butte is divided into four districts: Cabbage Patch, Granite,
and Geomancy campuses, and Toldeen Tech to the west. The Platinum, and Emerald. Each district has some distinct
whole town is considered a part of the Anglo reservation, characteristics.
with a majority of the “Dirty” businesses operated by non-na-
tive Americans. There are many Natives living in Butte, such
as the Kootenai, who have had an interest in the construction THE CABBAGE PATCH
of Butte Below. The Cabbage Patch, originally referred to as the slums of the
With the building of Butte Below came some compromising early 20th century, is now the barrens of the 21st century.
features that had to be taken into account with the town above. Between Farrell and Amherst Street, those who can’t break
For example, parts of Montana Street and the blocks to the into corporate life, afford to live in Butte Below, or leave to
east were removed. Large skylights and a trolley system were find employment elsewhere have eked out an existence here.
built, tying the buildings together. Stephen’s Hotel, Hennessey This part of Butte did not do well when mining resumed be-

Neighborhoods 12
neath the town. Micro-fractures and uneven settling made deposit copper sulfate or hydrate. The end result is pale blue
most of the area unsuitable for large construction. Butte Be- “crystalized” remnants of birds and animals that have drowned.
low had tunnels collapse beneath the area, making under- On the astral side, the pit normally generates a stable
ground work dangerous. With the Berkeley Pit so close, many background count of 1 in a polluted haze extends several
feared a collapse would poison Butte Below, so further devel- meters all around the pit. Occasionally, the waters are churned
opment in the area was abandoned. up for some reason—most blame Inkan Power—and a great
The old neighborhoods in the Cabbage Patch started tilting mana ebb forms for weeks at a time, messing with the magical
and sagging at odd angles. Gas and sewage lines have fatigued processes that Earth Medicine has set up. Earth Medicine set
over the years with the change in the ground. After a few up wards around the lake with a few anchored spells to ward
gas fires and subsequent explosions, many places were just off wildlife. Nothing nasty has bubbled up from this mess, but
leveled. Today, you have homes made of cement and quarried Earth Medicine errs on the side of caution to deter people from
stones with fabric or adobe roofs. Many of the residents are practicing magic in the area until they devise plan to clean it up.
from the Anglo reservation and have no other options. Some Inkan Power has taken advantage of the site by extracting
are SINless and have taken refuge in Butte, while others just copper from the waters of the pit as well as generating power
want the freedom to do what they want. Butte occasionally for the extraction facility, using the pit like a giant battery. It
takes a census of the population to estimate costs to the has been a controversial debate for some time, but the free
medical clinic and law enforcement, but it doesn’t take any and stable power it generates is hard to give up. Great pipes
other actions to improve life in the Cabbage Patch. There draw water from the lake nearest the facility, and another set of
have been no real roads through here for fifty years; dirt paths pipes return the water back into the lake.
between houses are often all that exist. No utilities or services
here except what people bring: chemical toilets, generators,
etc. It’s not a big shantytown like the Redmond or Puyallup
barrens, but still, nearly a thousand people live in the Cabbage Arizona Street has become synonymous with flea market,
Patch. Many are scavengers and survivalists; they’ll travel out as tents and tables are set up on either side of the street al-
of Butte to the various ghost towns and abandoned mines lowing sales and trade monthly. The majority of goods have
searching for scraps or minerals to sell to Butte’s refinery, or been hand crafted or harvested. You’re just as likely to find
poach rabbit or other wild game for food and profit on the small amounts of moonshine and jackalope jerky as you are
black market. Calhots and drone parts here. There’s tourist potential, with
Another difference between the Seattle Barrens and the the locals selling a variety of mined minerals, but not in large
Cabbage Patch is that the law patrols the Cabbage Patch enough quantities to worry corporations. Crystals and other
and attempts to keep things civil. No one wants a team of reagents can be easily picked up at the Cabbage Patch. Guys
Wildcats imposing their own form of justice. BTL abuse is all like Jasper can be found selling refurbished mining drones
too common among the residents, keeping things dicey. Law and parts. They may be old, but he can jury-rig them to work
enforcement has been trying to curb the smuggling of BTLs with newer models.
and other contraband, but it’s all relatively cheap, and the
mines and tunnels throughout Silver Bow County provide a
variety of places for smugglers to hide.
A simple open air bar where Whittier Park used to be, Moon
Rise Tavern is surrounded by large stones, somewhat resem-
BERKELEY PIT bling Stonehenge. Fire pits and solar lights provide light and
An ugly pit lake and tourist attraction located in the Cabbage heat. There’s not much to this bar; you find a rock to sit on and
Patch, the Berkeley Pit is the largest pit lake in the former they serve a variety of alcoholic drinks distilled from anything
United States. It is also the most caustic, containing acidic that ferments. If you pass out, they just roll you out on the lawn.
waters stronger than the acid rain that falls into it. The lake
is over two kilometers in diameter, and the 500-meter pit is > An entrepreneur troll makes a few cred by making sure no
only filled with 300 meters of water. The water keeps leeching one messes with you while you’re passed out. He’s even got a
sulfur and other minerals into the lake in a continuous cycle of makeshift barn in case it rains. Payment for that security must be
acidification. The air smells of garlic and rotten eggs. Weeds made in advance.
and scraggily trees have sprouted up around the lake despite > Running with Clouds
the conditions. The mineral content of the water poses a health
hazard to everyone except the few species of microbes that
thrive there. It’s not directly poisonous, but there are plenty
of chemicals that can make wildlife sick and disoriented if Toad is a rotund looking human who rides around in a make-
consumed. Swimming in it is also a problem. Besides the acid, shift scooter because of his bad legs. He owns what’s left of
the various microbes of the Berkeley Pit can feed on almost Bulldog Stadium in the Cabbage Patch, which he has turned
anything. A strain of microbes feed on organic materials and into various racing tracks. In the stadium, he’s got what could

Neighborhoods 13
be considered a zoo as he’s collected animals, both Awak-
ened and non-Awakened. Mr. Toad runs races every day;
from dogs, horses, aardwolves, and eyekillers to road racers. The Granite District is also known as the Corporate Mining
With his little menagerie, there is the occasional gambling neighborhood. This district is roughly north of the BA&P Hill
option available through Mr. Toad. Trail. It comprises mainly of Kuroyama Minerals’ employee
housing, as well as Shiawase-owned medical and emergency
facilities and four restaurants. On the edge of Granite District
> It’s all small stuff with Mr. Toad. His clientele are of the Cabbage
are a few houses reserved for the other Sioux corporations. A
Patch, so they don’t have much cash to bet with. He’s fine with it.
few of the communities in the Granite District are gated and
The Vory, however, are trying to get ownership of the place and
patrolled by security, but for the most part, the perception is
put it out on the grid for more gamblers. Lucky for Toad, his racers
that corporate life is better than anything else.
make a good defense.
> Running with Clouds
> Mr. Toad is working on rebuilding the old racetrack. Since it AND GEOMANCY
partially sunk into the earth, he’s turning it into an aquatic
Montana Tech has been in Butte for 175 years. Studies em-
racetrack. The concern is that Mr. Toad ain’t rich, and the investors
phasize engineering and technical degrees including mining,
may not be as friendly. industrial science, chemistry, and geomancy. Advanced engi-
> Why Sioux Serious neering degrees are also available. More than five thousand
students attend Montana Tech and Geomancy, or MTnG. The
school gives students hands on opportunities through in-
ternships with companies such as Kuroyama Minerals. If the
graduates don’t move on to working with Shiawase, there are
plenty of other corporations needing such expertise. Aquat-

Neighborhoods 14
ic mining and construction companies, such as Proteus and
Ares, hire students from MTnG. Normally, schools of thau-
> Note that they only have a quick response for corporate employees
and assets. They send everything else to SDF or DocWagon HTR.
maturgy cause problems in background count from frequent They even ignore smugglers if they don’t pose a threat.
overuse of magic. MTnG emphasizes the study of the astral
plane and minimizing one’s footprint. Because of this, there’s
> Cheyenne Sam

less problem with background count.

A little history: In 2021, the northern and southern campuses BIG CHEESE
consolidated into one large campus in the Granite District after Near the heart of Granite District is a burger joint. What
minor tremors from mining underground did serious structural makes this restaurant stand out from the other available fast
damage to the old southern campus. In 2039, Montana Tech food is the use of local ingredients, mainly hydroponic vege-
added degrees in Geomancy and changed the school name tables and goat’s- or cow’s-milk cheese. Granted, the burgers
to match. In 2064, somebody tried to ship a nuclear device and flavoring are still soy-based, but the lettuce and cheese
through the Sioux Nation, but it was intercepted by the SDF at prices that even a blue-collar corporate miner can afford
outside Butte. makes it a popular hangout.

> MTnG is not a Sioux-operated school. Many Sioux and Salish > It’s a lure to show those not part of the Shiawase family what
do not teach or study in certain fields for philosophical reasons. they are missing out on. It’s run by a family with Shiawase
Thaumaturgical Sciences are based on hermetic theory and taught corporate SINs.
by Doctor Janus and Doctor Megara instead of tribal shamans. > Dr. Spin
Both are famous magicians in their own right with published
theories in the Digital Grimoire. > Just because you are lactose intolerant does not give you the
> Henry Wildshadow right to piss on my burger joint. Big Cheese benefits local growers
by purchasing from them first before importing ingredients. Even
After 2064, Thaumaturgical Sciences at MTnG got the ketchup is real, and cheap in the summer months.
advancement from the Sioux Nation for Alchemical Runology > Why Sioux Serious
and shared in funding with UoC in classes in Advanced
Energies Studies.
SHIAWASE MEDICAL This facility is the only museum that displays not only exam-
ples of a thousand minerals, but also samples of Awakened
This hospital specializes in various lung ailments and poisonings minerals and true elements. Under security on par with many
that occur in the mines. While nanite repair is out of the ques- corporate laboratories, the Mineral Museum, in partnership
tion, especially financially for most patients, nanites offer partial with the Sioux government and Kuroyama Minerals, has ex-
lung regrowth and cybernetic replacements. These and filters panded to give the public a greater perspective of the phys-
are subsidized for Kuroyama Minerals employees. Burn wards ical marvels of Earth. Many of the crystals and stones dis-
are state of the art. This is separate from DocWagon, which played either come from Silver Bow County mines or are on
serves all residents of Silver Bow County, corporate affiliated or loan from Shiawase Corporation. These includes samples of
not. The three-story facility is designed to facilitate the needs of True Elements (earth, air, fire, and water) ­as well as Awakened
the miners as a supplement to the DocWagon hospital, which minerals: natural orichalcum, ulmenite, wertamaline, and eli-
has contracts with everyone in Butte, including the SDF. chum. AR displays show some of the physical and magical
properties of each, as some of the samples are too small to
> Eyes, filters, lungs, any cybernetics that can benefit working in the present real physical effects.
mines are discounted at Shiawase Medical if you have a corporate
SIN. Ward 5 can offer the same discount and surgery, provided > Some of the Awakened minerals are of good size, like the Naga
you get in the good graces of Dr. Gravalti. emerald (wertamaline) and the crumbling chalk like ulmenite, but the
> DeepShaft orichalcum and True Elements are small—like less than a dram—to
avoid tempting mages to steal them for enchanting purposes.
SHIAWASE SEARCH > Henry Wildshadow

Also separate from Doc Wagon HTR, the Shiawase Search
and Rescue (SSR) specializes in mountain terrain and the Between BA&P Hill Trail and Front Street is the historically
quick drilling of tunnels when there is a collapse or an explo- preserved part of town. Aside from the sinkholes, many of
sion. SSR has some specialized drones for drilling one-man the buildings haven’t changed in centuries. This area is main-
tunnels and fighting fires in the mountains. The company has ly commercial, with corporations like Sunrise Electronics and
several towers built along the mountains for quick response. Toldeen Tech establishing their business and offices here. The

Neighborhoods 15
Platinum District is also great a tourist neighborhood with garage, allowing for the movement of vehicles or large furni-
historical AR tours, museums, a dozen parks, a good view of ture within the hotel. One floor is dedicated to a restaurant
Copper Stadium, and various clubs and hangouts. called The Horizon. It has a large, curved window facing the
opening to Butte Below, just below ground level. A hydroponic

THE MAI WAH garden balcony beneath the window gives guests an intimate
view of flora, birds, and insects that live around Butte.
The Mai Wah Museum is part of the Mai Wah Society, where TILT
they have collected historical Chinese immigrant artifacts Due to the extensive mining, a whole city block on Mercury
found in North America. Items range from personal effects Street is tilted from the ground settling. The buildings now sit
to mercantile merchandise. The building is a small, two-story at a sixteen-degree angle from the horizon. Tilt is a two-story
structure with AR and trid displays covering Asian influenc- club that messes with the mind, especially with the inebriated
es and migration into North America. The building itself was mind, as everything is at odd angles, including the glasses to
originally the Wah Chong Tai Company and Mai Wah Noodle counter the shift in the building’s foundation. Other illusions
Parlor. This museum and the Mai Wah Society have endured of perception have been incorporated into the club, includ-
governmental changes, but at a price. The Mai Wah society ing size perspective and objects appearing to roll up hill. No
has been wholly owned and operated by the Wuxing Corpo- magic is involved in the design—just really smart engineers.
ration since 2038. Its focus recently has been redirected to Across the street is the Phantasmagoria—a few hermetics try-
attempt to collect items relating to Chin Chun Hock, a suc- ing to compete with engineers.
cessful 19th-Century merchant in the United States.

> Recent news includes the recovery of Wah Chong Tai merchandise PHANTASMAGORIA
in some small town warehouse near Great Falls.
This club was a blatant attempt to compete with the Tilt. A
> Sunshine
similar VR experience and multiple magical illusions give this
place a vast virtual party room inside an illusionary fantasy
> Mai Wah Society is a shell for a Wuxing organization that looks
realm. It’s the place for those who really want to get away
for artifacts much like the Atlantean and Draco Foundations. They
from it all. The owner has been in trouble with the law several
have the distinct advantage of acquiring an organization that’s
times for the sale of BTLs.
been preserving items and buildings in North America since the
1940s. However, with two crashes, documentation on the contents
within the various storage facilities is almost nonexistent. EMERALD DISTRICT
> Plan9
Emerald District is home to many tribal members of the Sioux
Nation. The Kootenai, who escaped re-education many decades
COPPER KING ago, have stayed in Butte. There’s also housing and facilities to
support members of the SDF and Wildcats that patrol Silver Bow
MANSION County. Because of this, most of the Anglos who had resided
This thirty-four-room Victorian mansion, once owned by the there have moved north into the rest of Butte or Butte Below.
Clarks as one of the founding “Copper Kings” of the Montana
Territory, has been a historical site in Butte since the Awak- > The Anglos weren’t evicted, but with Amerindians walking around
ening. Jaden Falan, originally named Jake Clark, purchased the armed, it was a little intimidating, especially if you were trying to
mansion and has transformed it into a private residence and ask them to turn down their music.
frat house for the Lost gang. Many of the historical aspects of > Why Sioux Serious
the mansion have been redesigned in favor of modern con-
veniences and security. Protests against the changes were si- On the corporate side, only Earth Medicine is headquartered
lenced by bribes and muscle. It has been over thirty years since in this district and uses the neighborhood to display examples
Jaden took over the mansion. Other changes to the place have of their work. The Emerald District is just south of the highway,
included an expanded garage for its many tenants. but residential and commercial construction is the least Western
compared to the rest of Butte. Nearby highways and the airport
give the Sioux Defense Force flexibility in their response.
Originally built in 1924, the ten-story Finlen Hotel was the tall- WHITE BUFFALO
est building of its time. Now on the edge of an opening to
Butte Below, the hotel has expanded, doubling its capacity as PROVING GROUNDS
it has grown into the depths of Butte Below. This hotel has the Southwest of the airport is the SDF’s military proving grounds,
additional convenience of a large service elevator and parking where the Sioux Nation can test prototypes and materials

Neighborhoods 16
before they see use in daily operation. The area is strictly
off limits, and the Wildcats are given permission to use any
force necessary against intruders. The White Buffalo Proving
Grounds have been in operation for almost twenty years.

> This is not Area 51 as some would like to think. It’s a testing ground
for less-classified equipment, like bridging vehicles, uniforms
with various hostile environmental protection materials, and yes,
a few weapons.
> Cheyenne Sam

Near the golf course is a tall hill. Parageologists took advan-
tage of the natural quartz outcropping to create a mana con-
flux, which diverted mana line away from the Berkeley Pit and
redirected it over to this location. Coppertop’s mana conflux,
once connected, became a power site. It’s since been aspect-
ed toward the geomancer guild at MTnG.

This twenty-seven-meter-tall statue, dedicated to the Bless-
ed Virgin Mary, has been standing on the Rocky Mountains
for almost a hundred years. Tour buses and a tram up the
mountainside facilitate access to the site. During the forma-
tion of the Sioux Nation, there was talk about taking it down
or moving it. There was little objection since they weren’t
going to demolish it. When the construction crew came up
to the site to start the process of moving it, they kept hav-
ing equipment problems, delaying the lifting of the statue’s
five sections. The day that they finally got the first two piec-
es onto the truck, the engine wouldn’t start. The work crew
planned to come back the next day with a replacement trans-
port. The next morning, they found that the statue had been
restored. Whether from spirit mischief or magic, it was de-
cided to leave the statue in place. Since then, parageologists
have noted it being a minor power site. Some local research-
ers think it’s a psycho reaction, while others hypothesize that
it’s the positive balance to the Berkeley Pit.

Butte Below is the city beneath the city. Connected by a tran-
sit line, elevators, and stairs, Butte Below is home to almost
half the city’s population. It took seventy years to transform
mines, subterranean floors, and storage rooms into a func-
tional cityscape. Large caverns, bridges and natural skylights
are connected by tunnels and dotted with carved-out homes
and stores embedded into the surrounding walls. At a min-
imum depth of one hundred meters, the city keeps a con-

Neighborhoods 17
stant natural temperature, and sunlight is augmented by effi- enough to host sporting events and rock concerts. Because
cient LED lighting, allowing for a more comfortable lifestyle of the natural stone, it has been promoted for use in sha-
for those with low income. Butte Below is not an arcology, manic rituals that benefit from connection to rock forma-
but the evolution of living city architecture. Solar cell fabric tions. So far, Copper Stadium has had various bands play,
domes hover over various skylights to Butte Below, contract- but no sports teams have wanted to move there. Still, the
ing or expanding to help regulate temperature and light. college sports look impressive.
Temperature differences between connecting skylights help
circulate the air, keeping it cool and fresh.
Pedestrian transportation is by way of stairs and elevators
that connect to the electric trolley above. Vehicle transportation In another mining tunnel collapse near Washoe Street, an en-
within Butte Below is limited to a few service tunnels, which are gineer surveyed the results and had an idea. The irregular slop-
for electric vehicles only. Traffic along these service tunnels is ing terrain could be reclaimed into a golf course, the engineer
strictly restricted to commerce or maintenance. Lots of drones concluded. Not quite Pebble Beach, but a challenging nine-
and sensors are deployed throughout the city in order to hole golf course with cliff face holes and dramatic changes in
monitor atmospheric quality, seismic activity, and to maintain terrain height between the hole and the box. He figured that
wireless Matrix services. Drones are more popular than pets with all that AR feedback and wireless golf balls, the game had
in Butte Below, with various flying or crawling types that don’t become too easy. Dante’s Golf Course has almost thirty me-
worry about confined spaces. ters of elevation change from the surface starting box to the
Housing for the lower and middle classes are simply seventh hole. Sand traps exist so that the ball doesn’t roll off
carved rooms, ranging from 100 to 250 square foot, stacked a cliff edge. Various bridges and staircases connect the whole
up the sides of the caverns in a fashion similar to above- course, so a degree of fitness is required to play. Drones are
ground condos. Stairs and elevators run up the exterior, necessary for ball tracking and retrieval. In some cases, Dante
connecting to each floor. Plumbing is a luxury, so there are provides a drone golfer for those hard-to-reach places. This
communal restrooms and shower facilities built into each gives golfers an option to play the field instead of conceding a
floor to minimize construction costs. Drinking water also penalty shot. Dante’s Course remains popular enough that the
needs to be brought in. Conveniently, the rooms have power owner purchased the Highland View golf course with ideas of
and wireless connectivity that is more stable than other expanding Dante’s to eighteen holes.
places. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you have a window
overlooking one of the great caverns. Ceiling height is also
a premium within these condos; it’s more cost effective the
less you have to carve out, plus you can stack more shorter With the diversion of underground water from the Berkeley
units. The average ceiling height is two meters. If you want Pit, and in an effort to prevent flooding, an almost straight
three meters, plan on adding fifty percent to the price, or channel of water runs east to west and connects to a series
getting a higher-class lifestyle. For dwarves, you can say of waterfalls and artesian wells beneath the city and out near
there is a bit of a gripe against them as their carved homes Little Basin Creek. Ten-Mile Nile is an exemplary architectural
cost two-thirds the price and are 1.5 meters in height. achievement by Montana Tech engineers. Part of this water
Landlords of Butte Below don’t discriminate, so if you can feature is diverted to the water treatment plant and to a hy-
survive the claustrophobia and pay the price, it’s yours. droponics chamber; the other part is used as a heat sink to
Don’t think about carving out your own space though, as control the temperature. Technically, the water is potable, but
you risk breaking through your neighbor’s floor or ceiling. no one drinks straight from the Nile. Artistic evaporation col-
Mining is highly restricted, and the Butte Council can issue umns in various locations use water vapor to cool the air and
hefty fines and evictions for those digging without permits. create circulating air currents.
There are few luxury places here, however, as most prefer to
live in Butte and see the horizon. THE RABBIT HOLE
This bar is carved at the lowest point in Butte Below off a
COPPER STADIUM winding path from a maintenance shaft. The bar is well lit,
Hollowed from one of the bigger veins of ore under the and the walls are intricately carved with paranormal crea-
town, this massive cavern was enclosed until engineers tures. There’s an AR overlay that gives the bar’s ornament a
found faults and there was not enough structure to keep subtle animation. This bar allows drinking but not smoking:
buildings from sinking. Once the heaviest building fell, en- being in the depths of Butte, any reduction of clear oxygen
gineers from Montana Tech removed the entire ceiling of is frowned upon. Alice, the owner of the Rabbit Hole, has
the cavern. The hole was just over two hundred meters wide made it a point to have oxygen scrubbers and a back door
by the time the engineers were done. The most impressive that opens up to the Ten-Mile Nile. Some seedy business is
aspect was the acoustics the cavern retained. It was aptly discussed in the Rabbit Hole, stuff you don’t want other eyes
renovated into a stadium with built-in seating. It was large and ears to hear or see.

Neighborhoods 18
GAME Perception +2, Pilot Ground Craft +1, Stealth skill group
+1, Unarmed Combat +2, Street Knowledge: Lakota Mafia

+4, Street Knowledge: [City] +3


SIOUX NATION LIFE Attributes: Charisma +1, Strength +1
MODULE ADDITION Skills: Blades +2, Cracking skill group +1, Con +1,
Demolitions +1, Electronics skill group +1, Intimidation
Primary Language: Anishinaabe, Athabaskan, Iroquoian, +1, Stealth skill group +1, Etiquette +1, Perception +1, Pilot
Siouan Ground Craft +1
Secondary Languages: Anishinaabe, Athabaskan, Iro- Requirement: Must be an elf
quoian, Siouan
Universal Skills: Archery +2, Knowledge: History +1,
Region: Attributes: Body +1, Strength +1
Anglo Reservation: (Change Primary Language: English), Qualities: Toughness (9)
Blades +2, Language: Sioux Streetspeak (ka-ne-tsv)+1, Per- Skills: Demolitions +1, Firearms skill group +2, Heavy
ception +1, Sneaking +1, Street Knowledge: Sioux Culture Weapons +1, Throwing Weapons +1, Perception +1,
+1, SINner (5) Pilot Ground Craft +2, Running +1, Stealth skill group +1,
Survival +2, Professional Knowledge: SDF Tactics +1
Skills: Computers +2, Perception +1, Chemistry +1,
Demolitions +1, Industrial Mechanic +2, Professional
Knowledge: Geology +3, Professional Knowledge:
Parageology +3, Professional Knowledge: Surveying +1 Lifestyles (Ordered from low to high for determining if an
Any Magician: May reduce Computers to +1 and add entertainment costs nuyen and quality requirement purposes):
Arcana +1 • Street
• Squatter/Bolt Hole

REAL LIFE • Low/Traveler

• Middle/Commercial
MEMBER OF THE ANCIENT • High/Hospitalized
• Luxury
ORDER OF HIBERNIANS Entertainment options that have Bolt Hole, Traveler,
Attributes: Intuition +1, Reaction +1 Commercialized, or Hospitalized for a minimum lifestyle are specific
Qualities: SINner (5) to the lifestyle. These options always cost money if applied to any
Skills: Animal Handling +1, First Aid +1, Influence skill other lifestyle.
group +2, Perception +1, Pilot Ground Craft +1, Running
+1, Unarmed Combat +2, Professional Knowledge:
Corporate Law +5, Professional Knowledge: Law
Enforcement Protocols +5, Professional Knowledge: SDF
Street/Bolt Hole 1D6 x 20¥
MEMBER OF Squatter 2D6 x 40¥
Low/Traveler 3D6 x 60¥
THE LAKOTA MAFIA Middle/Commercial 4D6 x 100¥
Qualities: Made Man (5), Criminal SIN (10) High 5D6 x 500¥
Skills: Blades +1, Con +2, Demolitions +1, Escape Artist +1, Luxury 6D6 x 1,000¥
Etiquette +1, Firearms skill group +3, Forgery +1, Hardware Hospitalized lifestyle does not provide starting nuyen.
+1, Intimidation +2, Leadership +1, Negotiation +1,

OPTIONS Like the trideo of the house built on a graveyard, your resi-
dence has a bad karmic history. On occasion, toxic/insect/
ESCAPE TUNNEL etc. spirits, ghosts, or creepy (and dangerous) critters visit or
take up residence. If necessary, these critters gain an addi-
There’s always a way out. From your residence, you have a tional +4 dice to any test to bypass/defeat security measures.
secondary exit connected by a hidden tunnel. This tunnel is Examples include an apartment in Glow City (Redmond),
concealed at both ends (–4 dice pool penalty for Perception squatting in the subway of Chicago; the burial ground of a
Tests in finding the exit or entrance to the tunnel. Increase the serial killer’s victims, or the site of a mass-murder. Reduce
penalty by 1 per point spent after the first). The distance from Lifestyle cost by twenty percent.
your residence to the escape tunnel exit can vary based on
the points spent.
Point Cost: Each point adds 100 meters to the escape tunnel HOUSEHOLD GREMLINS
Type: Asset
Monthly Nuyen Cost: +75¥ per point
Minimum Lifestyle: Squatter While the house looks nice, it constantly needs attention.
One week it may be the roof leaks, another time it’s the air
conditioner, or maybe power to the kitchen. Every month the
GARAGE (P. 221, RUN FASTER) game master rolls 1D6. If it’s a hit, something falls apart at
New additions to the garage asset: stable. the home, reducing the C&I of the lifestyle for that month. At
level 1, reduce the C&I for that month by 1; at level 2, reduce
C&I by 2. Lifestyle must have a C&I equal to or greater than
STABLE the Household Gremlin can reduce. Reduce Lifestyle cost by
Some people have to go old school, that sometimes means 300 nuyen for level 1, 600 for level 2.
going down to one horsepower. A stable provides a favor-
able environment and secure location for domesticated an- LIMITED BUILDING SPACE
imal transportation as well as space for veterinary tools to
care for the animal. Monthly cost covers feeding and care for (NEGATIVE QUALITY)
one animal. Note that the gamemaster may adjust the cost of
Wherever you reside, the place was built within limited space,
the stable based on the size of the animal and its needs.
be it within an established urban jungle or in actual outer space
Point Cost: 1
(which is, admittedly, pretty rare). So things are abnormally close.
Type: Asset
Occupancy of the residence is limited to the number of room-
Monthly Nuyen Cost: 200¥
mates—no guests. If there is more than that, reduce the dice pool
Minimum Lifestyle: Middle
of any skill test done in the residence by 1 per person over the
limit due to the close quarters. Add 1 point to the base Lifestyle.
You’ve really found yourself a hole to hide in, and not the
For bolt holes only. People would believe you fell off the six-foot deep kind. Generations of prospectors have left their
face of the earth while using this bolt hole. It is so remote mark on the landscape, so even if the people looking for you
or obscure that a tactical nuke in the general area would find the right one, there’s likely a few hundred meters of tun-
be a better alternative to putting in the effort to find you. nels that you can escape through.
Add an additional +2 the threshold of any test involving Comforts & Necessities: 2
someone trying to track a character who is living la vida Security: 2
bolt hole. +2,000¥ Neighborhood: 1
Entertainment: Escape Tunnel (2 pt)
Qualities: Dug a Hole, Not a Home, W Zone
Points remaining: 1
Cost: 3,200¥

Living in the Cabbage Patch means that your shanty is made City life is too soft for you. In your life as a smuggler, you
of scrounged building material and held together by duct have built various caches around the outskirts of town, from
tape and prayers. You’ve made it as comfortable as possible an abandoned cabin to a natural cave. You’ve made a few
with pirated power, but occasionally Mother Nature will keep modifications in each so that you can always take care of
you busy with keeping the rain out or the heat in. your wheels, no matter what cache you’re at.
Comforts & Necessities: 2 Comforts & Necessities: 2[4]
Security: 2 Security: 2[4]
Neighborhood: 1 Neighborhood: 2[4]
Entertainment: None Entertainment: Varies
Qualities: Household Gremlins (Lvl 1) Qualities: One Good Thing About This Place (Garage 2 pts),
Points remaining: 0 W Zone
Cost: 300¥ a month Points remaining: Varies; 1D6 + 1 (with 2 allocated for Ga-
WALKERVILLE/GHOST TOWN Cost: Starting at 3,100¥ a month

Walkerville isn’t so bad. Sure, there’s work to keep the batteries
charged for lights and the water pump, plus all the foodstuffs
have to be locked down to prevent rats and other vermin to This bar is carved at the lowest point in Butte Below off a
get into them. Oh, and then there’s the shambling figure that winding path from a maintenance shaft. The bar is well lit,
walks the streets every Thursday. It may be a drunken prospec- and the walls are intricately carved with paranormal crea-
tor or a zombie. Either way, keep the shotgun handy. tures. This bar allows drinking, but no smoking, being in the
Comforts & Necessities: 3 depths of Butte. Many come here for private meetings.
Security: 3 Comforts & Necessities: 3
Neighborhood: 2 Security: 3
Entertainment: None Neighborhood: 4
Qualities: Haunted, Garage (Stable), W Zone Entertainment: Escape Tunnel (1 pt), Merchandise: Goods
Points remaining: 1 (Low Quality Alcohol), Private Room
Cost: 2,080¥ a month Qualities: None
Points remaining: 1
BUTTE BELOW RESIDENCE Cost: 8,000¥ a month

Residents here live in climate-controlled subterranean dwell-
ings. With all the mining that went on, residential space is
limited to prevent structure collapse. With everything made
of stone and limited space to loiter, people feel more secure
down here then up above in Butte proper.
Comforts & Necessities: 4
Security: 3
Neighborhood: 4
Entertainment: Public Transportation
Qualities: Extra Secure, Limited Building Space
Points remaining: 2
Cost: 6,500¥ a month