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Writing: R.J. Thomas Shadowrun Line Developer: Jason M. Hardy

Art: Matt Hansen Development: Peter M. Andrew, Jr.
Layout: Matt Heerdt Art Direction: Brent Evans, Kat Hardy

In the near darkness, a lone figure paused for a mo- wealth and power of one of the most ultra-traditionalist
ment to savor the dull burn of thirty-year-old single-malt tribes in the Sioux Nation.
scotch as it worked its way down his throat. Around him, For years the “family” had leeched off the Old Man
haphazardly packed boxes were scattered about his while arrogantly flaunting their power and influence. The
“new” office, their contents still unpacked four months tribe thought the Old Man had accomplished it all and that
later. Several items and keepsakes had been irreparably he’d merely taken pity on his mixed bastard of a grandson
damaged during their move by company peons, but that and gave him a menial management position to remem-
wasn’t what angered Theo Two-Hearts the most. No, it ber his late daughter, despite the resentment and resis-
was the indignity of his forced relocation and the contin- tance from the rest of the tribe.
ued degradation. The truth was quite the opposite. The Old Man
The Old Man had been in the ground less than twen- had seen beyond his grandson’s blue eyes and dirty-
ty-four hours before the rest of the “family” decided to blonde hair, and saw the powerful medicine within. He
make their move. They knew that Two-Hearts was off bal- watched over the years as the rest of the tribe did what-
ance and distracted—in other words, vulnerable. They also ever they could to break the boy’s spirit, and failed. Like
knew that without the Old Man’s protection, Two-Hearts the tempering of steel, all they did was make him stron-
was an easy target. ger. When the boy came of age, the Old Man became
They were half right. a secret mentor and taught him all the lessons he had
Two-Hearts studied his glass in the pale, fading light used to secure the tribe’s fortune and power; lessons
of sunset for a few moments and was about to down the none of the other tribe members had the intelligence
remaining liquid when his commlink chimed. It wasn’t the or stomach for.
standard, company-issued one; it was the one he used And while the rest of the tribe lauded their “success,”
for special occasions. Still holding his drink in the light, little did they know that for the last fifteen years it was
he picked up the ’link with his other hand and accepted Two-Hearts that secretly made it happen. He did all the
the incoming message. Text only, it simply read: “Possible dirty work behind the scenes, brokered the deals, kept ri-
candidates located. Normal arrangements?” Two-Hearts val corporations at bay, and held the real power. But they
smiled and simply sent “Yes” as a reply. With that, the next thought that with the Old Man no longer able to protect
step in his plan was in motion. him, they could strip him of everything. All they did was
He set the ’link down and tossed back the last of the start the wheels of their own downfall.
scotch as the sun’s rays faded. Two-Hearts knew that No, Two-Hearts would gut the tribe’s company and
someday it would come to this. It was a bitter irony that take what was rightfully his. And deep down, he knew the
a “mongrel Anglo half-blood” was responsible for the Old Man would be proud of him for it.



adventure as written, or modify it to best suit the group.

INTRODUCTION Additional objectives may also be added to expand this

adventure into a full campaign set in and around Chey-
enne or anywhere else in the Sixth World.
Starving the Masses is part of the Shadows in Focus: Sioux
Nation series for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. In it the players
will run the shadows of the Sioux Nation, a unique coun-
try whose origins are directly linked to the Awakening. It This book is organized into sections to assist gamemas-
also highlights a part of the Shadowrun universe that, until ters when running the adventure:
now, has been relatively unexplored. Players will need of
their skills, knowledge, and cunning to successfully op- • Preparing to Play: A plot synopsis, necessary back-
erate in a nation famous for its militancy, paranoia, and ground information, and other useful details and data.
distrust of anyone not Native American. • Adventure Scenes: The adventure itself, broken down
Starving the Masses is meant to be an introductory ad- into individual scenes.
venture but is adaptable to give experienced gamemas- • Legwork: Summaries of information and data the
ters and players a challenge. It centers on Nature’s Bounty, player characters might find during their research.
a prestigious underground agricultural operation. A for- • Cast of Shadows: Profiles of the primary NPCs the play-
er characters will interact with during the adventure.
mer manager, Theo Two-Hearts, brokers a deal with EVO
Corporation to sabotage the operation and gain a foothold
• Player Handouts: Information designed for players.
in the tightly controlled Sioux market in exchange for a
nice new company job. All Two-Hearts needs is a team of ADVENTURE SCENES
runners to make it happen. The adventure itself plays out over a series of sequential
Players should stop reading now. The rest of Starving the scenes. Each scene contains some, or all, of the following
Masses is for gamemasters only. It lays out the plots, char- subsections:
acters, and secrets the gamemaster will use in creating the
group’s adventure. Reading beyond this point could spoil • Scan This: A brief summary of the events in the scene.
and diminish a player’s experience. • Tell It To Them Straight: A text selection that’s read
directly to the players or paraphrased when the play-
PREPARING THE ADVENTURE ers reach specific points in the scene.
• Hooks: Descriptions of ways that players might be
Starving the Masses uses the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition rule- encouraged to play a scene.
book. However, anything from additional core game sup- • Behind the Scenes: The mechanics behind each
plements, e-book supplements, or any of the Shadows in scene, including NPC motivations and any secrets or
Focus: Sioux Nation e-books can be used by gamemasters special instructions for the scene.
or players (at the gamemaster’s discretion). • Subplots: Secondary adventures (or red herrings)
This adventure will take the shadowrunners from the that offer avenues for gamemasters to make the ad-
origin of their choice to Cheyenne, Sioux Nation. They venture less linear for players.
meet with Theo Two-Hearts, and if the players accept the • Pushing the Envelope: Suggestions for gamemasters
job, he informs them of the target: the Nature’s Bounty on altering the scene to challenge more experienced
agro-facility. Their mission is simple: infiltrate, sabotage, players or powerful characters.
and then get out with no one knowing about it. • Debugging: Suggestions for getting the adventure
Some information and tips about Cheyenne and its cul- back on track if the players’ actions derail it.
ture are included in this book, but for more detailed infor- • Places of Interest: Locations featured in the scene,
mation see the e-books Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation and including descriptions and ratings for security sys-
Cheyenne. Gamemasters can either provide these to their tems and Matrix systems.
players in advance or make them available as the player • Grunts and Moving Targets: NPCs in that particular
characters research the city and interact with the locals.
Gamemasters can also find useful historical and back-
ground information on the Sioux Nation in the Sixth World NON PLAYER CHARACTERS
Almanac and the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition book Shadows Non-player characters (NPCs) are vital to any adventure.
of North America. They are the allies, enemies, and contacts with whom
the players will interact during the adventures. Important
ADVENTURE STRUCTURE NPCs have stats in the Grunts and Moving Targets section
of each scene, while major NPCs are listed in the Cast of
In Starving the Masses, Mr. Johnson (Theo Two-Hearts) has
Shadows section.
three distinct objectives for the runners to accomplish.
However, the gamemaster has the freedom to run this




Being familiar with the entire story lets you see how each
part leads to the next. Knowing what’s coming down the line “The Corporate Court may not own the soul of the Sioux
helps you adapt when the players inevitably come up with Nation, but it definitely rents it once and a while.”
something not in the adventure. Because of their proud heritage of independence and
self-reliance, this is the best way to describe business prac-
tices within the Sioux Nation. They’ll never admit they’re
TIP TWO: ASSESS THE ADVENTURE not masters of their own destiny, but the Sioux Nation
Rarely does an adventure unfold exactly as written. knows they rely, at least partially, on foreign businesses—
Assessing the adventure lets you customize the adventure to though ones that are highly regulated with laws favoring
fit the specific group and make it more enjoyable or fit your domestic corporations. Some foreign corporations, such
own gamemastering style. as Ares Macrotechnology, have gained footholds in vari-
ous Sioux markets, and they want more.
TIP THREE: KNOW THY PLAYER CHARACTERS The dominant market in the Sioux Nation is agriculture,
A gamemaster should have complete information on each and control over it is fierce. The current industry leader is
of the player characters prior to running the adventure, so the Wind River Corporation (WRC). Since 2062, they’ve
you can assess their individual and group skills, contacts, and bankrupted and or absorbed all of their competition to be-
come the king of the Sioux agro-mountain. But every king
abilities. This will help ensure that all players can contribute
has a potential usurper, and several megacorporations are
in some way or avoid any problems because of the lack of a
lining up.
necessary skill. The core of WRC’s control of the agro-market is their
five main production facilities located throughout the na-
TIP FOUR: TAKE NOTES tion. These facilities grow everything from genetically en-
Written notes keep things organized. They remind hanced wheat and soy to fresh hydroponic fruits and veg-
you when to distribute a handout or of details you should etables. Some also serve as on-site research stations that
emphasize to make adventure run efficiently and is useful in are at the forefront of agro-technological research. While
awarding Karma and handling contacts at the conclusion of all of these facilities are owned lock, stock, and barrel by
the adventure. Also, in subsequent adventures, the choices WRC, one in particular, Nature’s Bounty, has a unique posi-
players make in one game could affect them in the next tion within the WRC hierarchy.
The last facility to be absorbed by WRC, it was a fierce
point of contention for several years. WRC tried every trick
in the book, including shadowruns, to absorb Nature’s
TIP FIVE: DON’T LET THE DICE RUN THE GAME Bounty, but the acumen of then-owner Xavier Smiling-Fox
Dice rolls are used to help resolve a situation or scene kept WRC at bay. The “Old Man” of Nature’s Bounty had
during an adventure. But sometimes, a single dice roll, either the WRC leadership completely convinced that he could
by the player or by the gamemaster, can end an adventure. A hold out forever, but the truth was that Smiling-Fox was
gamemaster has the power and authority to tweak the rolls just holding out for the best deal. Eventually, Nature’s
to keep the story/adventure going if the players have some Bounty was absorbed by WRC in late 2065, but unprec-
bad luck. While it’s an accepted rule of thumb to never use a edented concessions were given. Rumors say that WRC
fudged roll to purposely harm a player or keep the adventure CEO Franklin Wirasaup secretly admired for Smiling-Fox
going, a gamemaster is within their rights to enforce any dice and granted an unspecified gentleman’s deal.
On paper, Nature’s Bounty looks like just another WRC
roll during a game or adventure if they feel that the roll is a
holding. In reality it still functions as it did before the take-
proper outcome.
over. Smiling-Fox’s family, mostly, runs the facility as they
see fit, without major oversight from WRC as long as profits
TIP SIX: DON’T PANIC! remain high. Nature’s Bounty is currently WRC’s largest site.
At some point, a gamemaster will make a mistake; But it’s not a site without problems, as operations
everyone does. They may forget a rule, misread something in there have gone through a massive shakeup with Smiling-
the adventure, forget an important clue, or let the players go Fox’s recent death. Per the gentleman’s deal, control of
a bit off track. It happens. The best thing a gamemaster can the operation was supposed to go to Theo Two-Hearts,
do in this situation is rectify the situation as much as they can Smiling-Fox’s grandson. The rest of the Old Man’s family,
and move on. however, resented a half-blood getting control and used
their own connections to deny the claim through falsified
documents and Sioux laws governing race. WRC didn’t
care who ran things—they wanted profits.
A game should not feel like work, period. If you’re not
having fun, why do it at all? This is equally true for both players
and gamemasters.



What Smiling-Fox’s family didn’t realize was that Two- After the meet, the runners are turned loose to do
Hearts was the Old Man’s secret protégé who handled all some legwork. Unless the players are Native American,
of the dirty work and off-the-books operations. Now reg- legwork will be difficult. Locals and authority figures will
ulated to a nothing position until they can decide what to automatically be suspicious, and any misstep could blow
do with him, Two-Hearts finally snapped. He decided to the whole operation.
get some payback on everyone who has wronged him, in- Once the players formulate a plan of attack, it’s time to
cluding the family and the Sioux Nation. While appearing do the job. Nature’s Bounty is a massive research facility
weak and helpless, he reached out through his consider- and distribution hub. There are limitless ways the players
able shadow network and proposed a deal to Evo. can do the run, but there are multiple challenges as well.
The megacorporation recently acquired several new Security is tight, but Mr. Johnson gives the players some
agricultural assets, including the Dyson 3 agro-space sta- intelligence to help them.
tion, and was looking to expand their agro-market hold- Succeed or fail, once the runners egress from Nature’s
ings. Two-Hearts said he can sabotage Nature’s Bounty so Bounty, the clock will be ticking. One-fifth of the Sioux Na-
that it not only sets back food production in the SN but tion’s food supply is tied up in that facility; the security and
also puts Evo in a position to offer aid. This also leaves military forces will be out for blood. All that’s left for the
the door open to procure Nature’s Bounty through a vast players is to meet with Mr. Johnson, get paid, and get out.
series of concessions where Evo gains de facto control of Unfortunately, Evo has given Mr. Johnson orders to tie up
the company; all this in exchange for a nice new job. If the loose ends. Blackhawk will warn the players, unless they
plan works, Evo will have their foothold in the most lucra- gave him too much trouble, that the meet is an ambush
tive market in the Sioux Nation and Two-Hearts will show and the players will have to fight their way out.
both his family and the Sioux who has the “inferior” blood. Should they survive, they’ll need to get out of the Sioux
All Two-Hearts has to do is take out one-fifth of the Nation. If the players cultivated a friendship—or at least a
Sioux Nation’s food supply. working relationship—with Blackhawk, he’ll agree to help
get them out of the SN. And all they have to do is dodge

PLOT SYNOPSIS the Sioux Military. Once the players make it across the
border, they are safe, or as safe as their lives ever are.

Theo Two-Hearts is not a happy man. First his beloved

grandfather, Xavier Smiling-Fox, dies under mysterious SCENE ONE:
circumstances, and then he’s unceremoniously stripped
of his position within Nature’s Bounty by envious, rac-
ist family members looking to cash in on the compa- HALF THE FUN
ny’s successes without doing any real work. The family
knows that because of Two-Hearts’ mixed Sioux-Anglo
heritage, he has few options in the Sioux Nation. So they
decide to keep him around as an object lesson. And for It’s been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins
personal amusement. with a single step. For shadowrunners, that first step is
Blind with arrogance, the family failed to see just how usually a call from their fixer. This time, Mr. Johnson is
dangerous Two-Hearts really is. Four months after his offering a pretty hefty payday for some straightforward
grandfather’s death, Two-Hearts has enacted the second sabotage work. The only catch: It’s in the Sioux Nation, a
part of his revenge plan. For this he will need some out- place that’s hard for out-of-town, non-Native runners to
side help. operate in. But the fixer says the payday is worth the trip.
The adventure begins for the players in whatever ap- If the runners accept, they’re directed to a section of
propriate location in the usual way—namely, their fix- Sea-Tac Airport (or an airport near their current location)
er contacts them about a job. Mr. Johnson is looking for to hook up with Blackhawk, a prime rigger and smuggler
uniquely qualified individuals to handle a little problem for who runs the routes through the Native American Nations
him, and he wants to have a meet-and-greet in Cheyenne from Seattle to the UCAS and CAS. He’s been paid to de-
to talk price. Once the players agree to the meet, they’re liver the runners to a safehouse located east of Cheyenne.
instructed to hook up with a Coyote named Blackhawk. How exactly they’ll travel to Cheyenne depends on
He’s been hired to help get the players cross borders into what vehicles the runners have and what route they take—
Cheyenne. During the infiltration, the players meet with land or air. Blackhawk has numerous vehicles, including
the usual challenges of illegal crossings. T-birds. If the runners’ team includes a rigger who wants to
When they arrive, they meet with Mr. Johnson, and af- bring their own vehicles and equipment along, Blackhawk
ter the obligatory haggling and negotiation session, he in- will ride shotgun or wingman to get them get past the var-
forms the players of the target. The job is straightforward, ious checkpoints they’ll have to bypass. If not, then every-
but how this is accomplished depends on the players. one can simply pile up into one of Blackhawk’s babies.



Once in the Sioux Nation, Blackhawk will drop them “Can I help you?” he asks in a voice that sounds like two
off. From there, it’s up to the players to make the meet in rocks rubbing together.
Cheyenne, two days from now.
The guard directs you to building Number Sixteen, “three
The shrill tone of the “incoming message” alert from your buildings over and on the left and go to the back.” As you
commlink echoes in your doss. Throwing off the covers, head down the access road, you notice that some of the
you notice that it’s 0451. This had better be business. This buildings look like they’re still in use; power cables, obvi-
was the first good sleep you’ve had in weeks, and imag- ous security measures, and sat-uplink arrays are visible.
es of swift, painful retribution quickly fill your mind. They Once you reach Number Sixteen, which is a converted
become even more prominent when you see the number. hangar, and go around back, a small slit about eye-level
What is it about fixers waking people up at the most in- in the door opens up. A pair of blue eyes look at you for
opportune times? a moment before the door opens. A young girl, no older
After letting it ring one more time, you grumble to than eight and holding Colt Cobra SMG and wearing a
yourself and hit “accept.” After a second, the two devices pair of smudged overalls stands there staring. She then
sync up as security programs activate to attempt to keep screeches “THEY’RE HEEEEEEEERE!!!!” before running
this conversation private from any outside listeners. The into the hangar.
ever-smug face of your fixer then appears. The inside is a rigger’s paradise. Vehicles ranging from
“Hoi, hoi! I would say I was sorry for calling you this ground vehicles to aircraft, in various stages of repair or
early in the morning, but we both know it’s not true so I’ll modification, line the walls in mini-repair bays, while oth-
just skip that unnecessary pleasantry. But before you de- ers look like they’re being prepped at the far end. Near
cide to hang up out of spite, give me at least ten seconds. massive bay doors sits the centerpiece of the collection,
A nova-hot opportunity dropped in my lap. Seems a Mr. a matte-black GMC Banshee. One of the maintenance
Johnson is in need of some specialized help and, get this, hatches is open and a pink-haired human female in her
he’s offering at least twenty-k. So you want to know more, mid-to late twenties wearing a flight suit is typing in the
or you want to go back to your pillow?” air with AR gloves.
“Still listening? The link’s still active and you’re not yell- Before anyone gets her attention, a confident voice
ing at me, so I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’ Anyway, so far, it looks comes from behind you. A short but athletically built human
like a standard meet-and-greet. What’s interesting is that with obvious cybereyes and iron-grey hair who appears to
it’s in Cheyenne. Yeah, that’s right, in the fragging Sioux be in his mid-fifties steps out from behind a step-van while
Nation. Now before you get bent out of shape, my sources wiping grease from his hands. “I wouldn’t interrupt Osprey;
say it’s legit, and Mr. Johnson has arranged for transpor- she gets a bit cranky when someone interrupts her. Hoi,
tation. And did I mention at least twenty-k for this job? name’s Blackhawk. I hear you need a ride.”
You want it, be at Gate 26-C, Sea-Tac Airport by 0600. Tell
them you’re there to see Blackhawk for the sightseeing HOOKS
tour. That’ll get you in. Blackhawk will have more details,
The beginning of this scene is a standard meet-and-greet
but don’t try anything funny; he’s a pro. Okay, hotshot,
for the players but they are encouraged to interact with
that’s all I got. The rest you’re going to have to get from
Blackhawk. However, the real action comes in the second
Mr. Johnson.”
half of the scene when the players are on their way to
Along the fence leading to Gate 26-C, normal print signs BEHIND THE SCENES
and ARO tags proclaim this part of the airport has “Re- This scene can be as easy or as hard as the gamemaster
stricted Access” and is “Closed for renovations.” Looking needs it to be. Unless the players do something really stu-
through the fence, you see numerous buildings that look pid or disrespectful, meeting Blackhawk should go well.
like they’re in various stages of demolition and re-con- Rena, the little girl, will hide the entire time, but she is
struction. At the gate itself, a bored-looking ork in an friendly if anyone attempts to play hide-and-seek with
ill-fitting security uniform sits in a small guard shack, and her. Osprey is cool but professional and will talk shop if
looking more concerned with the commlink in his hands the players don’t come across as idiots. Blackhawk talks
than anything else. As you approach, the guard puts like a mentor, but his enthusiasm for running is apparent.
down the link and steps out to meet you. He’s large and Blackhawk will go with whatever transportation option
thick for an ork, with a massive gut, but his eyes are sharp. the players decide, although he will offer advice. If the
And while his “uniform” looks a bit rough around the edg- players decide to travel by ground in their own vehicles,
es, the heavy pistol on his hip looks ready for business. Blackhawk will take one of his modified cars and ride shot-



gun for the players. For the border checkpoints, Blackhawk DEBUGGING
has enough contacts to make crossing relatively easy, at
the gamemaster’s discretion, if everyone keeps their cool. Even in the first scene, there’s potential for destroying the
If the players happen have their own aircraft, Black- adventure. Naïve players may not take the threat of Sioux
hawk will escort them in his T-bird, a custom GMC Ban- security seriously and try to force their way across the
shee he calls Black Sunshine. The players should know that border. Also, gamemasters may accidentally make things
operating a foreign aircraft in Sioux Territory is extremely too difficult. Gamemasters will have to find the balance.
risky. If the runners decide on letting Blackhawk take the The one advantage the players will have in this scene is
wheel, he’ll use Black Sunshine and give the players a ride Blackhawk. Don’t be afraid to use him as the cavalry rid-
they won’t soon forget. ing to the rescue if the players end up in a situation they
No matter how the runners travel, the gamemaster can’t handle.
should emphasize how difficult crossing NAN and Sioux
borders are. If the trip feels too easy, throw in a few close PLACES OF INTEREST
calls for the players to avoid (see the Possible Entry Com- Gate 26-C, “Number Sixteen”: Under “renovation” for
plications sidebar for some ideas). over a decade, 26-C is a private airstrip on the south side
If the players bond with Blackhawk during this scene, of Sea-Tac Airport operated by a coalition of riggers and
either by sufficient role-playing or combat, give them smugglers. For the right price and proper introduction,
Blackhawk as a contact with a Loyalty of 2. transport can be arranged from here while bribes from the
coalition members keep local authorizes busy elsewhere.
PUSHING THE ENVELOPE Number Sixteen is Blackhawk’s main operating base. From
The journey to Cheyenne is rife with possibility for mak- here he maintains his small fleet of smuggler vehicles for
ing the player’s trip a living hell. All the gamemaster has excursions through the NAN and into UCAS or CAS.
to do is increase the encounters and make the Sioux bor-
der patrols something to fear. Manned patrols can be GRUNTS AND
everywhere with drone and or spirit backup. At border MOVING TARGETS
checkpoints, security agents can be extra thorough, with
ID screening and vehicle searches.

The gamemaster can arrange for any number of possible 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 6 4

encounters while the players are on their way to Cheyenne. Condition Monitor 10/10
While this part of the scene is not meant to be difficult, it is Armor 12
recommended that at least one of the following situations Limits Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5
occur, if for no other reason than to give the players a reason Initiative 7 + 1D6
to bond with Blackhawk. Skills Clubs 3, Firearms skill group 4, Law Enforcement
(Professional Knowledge) 5, Perception 5, Unarmed
• Fight off a roaming patrol, either manned or drone. Combat 5
• Wandering into the path of a go-gang or smugglers Gear Armor jacket, commlink (Device Rating 4), glasses
• Suspicious guard at a border checkpoint (this is an (Rating 4, w/ camera, image link, low-light vision,
smartlink, thermographic vision)
opportunity for a face to get some action).
Weapons AK-97 [Assault Rifle, Acc 5(7), DV 10P, AP —, SA/
• Mechanical breakdown BF, RC —, 3(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular ammo,
• Random critter encounter smartgun system]
• Group-specific encounter (NPC or antagonist from Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(7) DV 8P, AP
–1, SA, RC —, 15(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular
previous adventure) ammo]
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5,
For additional information on ideas for border crossing in SS, RC —, 4(m) w / 8 taser darts]
Stun baton [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5]
the Sixth World, see the e-book Coyotes.



SIOUX NATION AIR PATROL unit still works, and that’s something. Now before I buzz, I
DRONE: C-D DALMATIAN II have a few things for ya.”
To help border patrols, the Sioux Nation developed
a modification kit for some of its Dalmatian drones.
During patrols or during combat, the Dalmatian II works
It’s nowhere near as big or flashy as Seattle or New York,
in conjunction with standard Dalmatians in a three-unit
but Cheyenne definitely isn’t a collection of tipis. Mini
“pack.” One standard Dalmatian acts as a spotter, while
arcologies and modern high-density architecture share
two Dalmatians act as hunters to attack or delay intrud-
the streets with buildings that are between one and two
ers until aircraft can be scrambled. Note that when these
centuries old but have been painstakingly renovated and
drones are set against the players, use the stats below
maintained. It seems that most of the city is being updated
for any combat with Pilot + Default Dice Pool (limit 5)
and or renovated in some form. Trees and other forms of
for any tests.
greenery are seamlessly integrated everywhere. But de-
spite the showroom-floor level of cleanness, one thing is
painfully obvious: ninety-nine percent of the people are
HANDL SPEED ACCEL BODY ARM PILOT SENS Natives. There are a few non-Native visitors, but an idiot
5 5 3 5 5 3 3 can see that the locals are doing their best to be polite and
Weapons Ingram Valiant [LMG, Acc 5(6), DV 9P, AP –2, BF/ arrogant at the same time. Local law also seems to take a
FA, RC 2, 100 (belt), w/ regular ammo, smartgun special interest in outsiders. As you pass by a quartet of
system] officers having a friendly discussion with some non-Na-
tives, who are bent over a patrol vehicle with legs spread.
SCENE TWO: Thankfully, the meet location is close.

SCAN THIS “Drive through the intersection of Logan Ave and East
Blackhawk takes the runners to one of his safehouses 19th Street at approximately 1138 and tap the breaks once
near Cheyenne. Before he departs, Blackhawk gives the before completely proceeding through. Then pull into the
runners some items they will find handy for getting to the pay-parking lot on the right and tell the attendant that your
meet. From there, they meet with Mr. Johnson, a.k.a. Theo engine charge is low and you could use a quick plug in. You’ll
Two-Hearts, to discuss this job of his. be directed from there.”



You finally make it to the safehouse, an abandoned truck- The attendant seems uninterested but directs you to spot
stop twenty kilometers north of Cheyenne along old I-25. 33 on the far side of the lot. As soon as you pull in, a taxi-
The remains of a combination restaurant/fueling station/ van comes around a row of cars and pulls to a stop next
gift shop look ready to fall down with the next stiff breeze, to the Roadmaster. The driver, a middle-aged man with a
but the adjacent semi-truck service center still looks strong tribal-print bandanna, looks at you over the top of cheap
after who-knows-how many years. After a quick perimeter mirrorshades. “Hey, heard from Mr. Johnson that you
sweep, Blackhawk pulls up to one of the service center’s need a ride. Hop in!” The automatic sliding door opens
massive bay doors. Despite their rusted appearance, they just enough to get in but no more. In the back of the van
open quickly and smoothly, allowing everyone to enter. sits a mid-thirty-ish human male in a modest business
Automated lights reveal a well-used but functional vehicle suit. His hair and skin are somewhat atypical for the re-
shop with an office converted to dorm-style housing. gion, but his facial features seem a bit off. After the van is
“Welcome to one of my many homes away from moving, he flashes you a smile and speaks, with a slight
home,” Blackhawk says as everyone exits the vehicle. “It’s but noticeable accent.
not the prettiest, the maid never comes by, and all I’ve got “Greetings. If you haven’t already guessed, I am Mr.
in the cabinets are ration packs and bottled water, but she Johnson. I hope you can forgive the elaborate procedures
does the job. Most importantly, the sat-uplink to the Sioux and meeting location, but the Sioux shadows present their
grid, the small solar array and the air conditioning/heating own unique challenges and I’ve found this is the best way



to conduct business with as little hassle as possible. Now bacteria to other facilities. These trucks service Nature’s
then, I’ve brought you a long way, so let’s not waste words.” Bounty, as well as the rest of WRC’s food-production facil-
ities. The bacteria will contaminate any soy or grain prod-
HOOKS ucts it comes into contact with, causing salmonella-like
symptoms in those who ingest it.
In any meet with Mr. Johnson, it’s always a good idea to Objective three: Remove an antique tomahawk from
play it cool and professional, but that goes double here. the office of Thomas Watching-Eagle, the current head of
The players in hostile territory and should act according- facility operations. He is also Two-Heart’s half-brother and
ly. Drawing any attention is ill-advised. the one responsible for his situation. The tomahawk itself
dates back to the Sioux tribe in the late 1800s and used to
BEHIND THE SCENES belong to Xavier Smiling-Fox. The item is also a Rating 4
weapon focus. This is a last-second addition to the original
Before he leaves the players, Blackhawk has a few things
plan Two-Hearts made with Evo.
to give them. The first is the final directions to the meet.
Payment is 10K for the first two objectives and 5K for
This can be done by direct data transfer or data chip. The
the third. But Two-Hearts offers an additional 5K as a bo-
next is an old but well-maintained Ares Roadmaster van
nus for accomplishing all three for a total of thirty thou-
he’s used for his local work. The van is large enough to fit
sand nuyen for each player. There are no negotiations
a wide range of metatypes, has up-to-date AR and regu-
on price, but Mr. Johnson will offer to help out with any
lar plates/registration, and tinted windows for some pri-
injuries accumulated during the mission and supply any
vacy. Blackhawk also has some forged ID/e-documents
non-weapon gear, within reason.
for the players (Rating 3). They’re not the best and won’t
At the end of the meet, the players are given a data-chip
pass serious scrutiny, but they’re enough for a casual in- with basic information about the target and a six-pack of
spection. He also gives them the use of the safehouse vials containing contaminates. Two-Hearts also has the
because he’s abandoning it soon anyway, so the players explosives ready and will arrange delivery to whatever lo-
can raid the fridge without worrying about any damage cation the players want. They’re also given a commcode to
to the house or the Roadmaster. notify Two-Hearts when the job is complete.

3/3 3 1 18 18 3 3 8 While Two-Hearts has his plan, so does Evo. This venture
has significant value and risk for the corporation, and as
Finally he’ll tell the players that he’ll be in the area for such they want certain insurances. Evo was not amused
the next few days on business, and he could offer them when they learned that Two-Hearts modified the plan
without permission, but they’re having trouble stopping
a ride back if they need it. He’ll also suggest exchanging
it. Evo has an ace in the hole, a deep-cover operative code
commcodes to stay in touch if they need a ride or if they
named Observer that infiltrated Nature’s Bounty months
become separated.
earlier. His primary mission was to raid Nature’s Bounty’s
At the meet, Theo Two-Hearts, like any other Johnson,
research files, plant evidence implicating Aztechnology
plays it cool but is respectful. He put a lot into this plan and
for the run, and use the run to cover his activities.
he wants to see it through. That means he is willing to pay
Once the runners have been hired, Observer is given
for it. He doesn’t go into details, but he says there’s poten-
supplemental orders to observe and covertly assist the
tial to make up to 20K, possibly more with bonuses. If the
runners in any way possible to ensure that the under-
players are interested, he continues.
ground fields are buried; the contamination is a bonus. He
The job is straightforward but challenging: infiltrate Na-
is then to eliminate the runners before they can leave the
ture’s Bounty and complete specific objectives before the
complex to tie up loose ends.
complex’s bi-annual security system upgrade is complet-
ed in five days. After that, the chances of being able to
successfully infiltrate the facility drop to near zero. PUSHING THE ENVELOPE
Objective one: Place explosive charges in the under- Two-Hearts uses the taxi as a mobile meeting place to
ground production fields at key locations. When detonat- help stay clear of any local authority figures. This should
ed, these charges will bury the facility but still allow it to work well for the players. If a gamemaster wants to really
be salvaged later (although Two-Hearts will leave out that drive home the fact that the Sioux really don’t trust An-
bit). This is the primary objective and must be completed glos, and that any foreigner is by default an Anglo, this is
above any others. the perfect opportunity. Police and security patrols can
Objective two: Infiltrate the distribution hub and lace decide to single the players out for investigation or a ran-
some of the outbound trucks or processing lines with a dom check of passports/IDs. Players will have to be cre-
bacteria sample that will taint the cargo and spread the ative when dealing with the local law—they must either



be prepared for a fight or be ready to shell out serious They’re given the basic layout of the target facility by Mr.
nuyen to persuade them that “it was all just a big misun- Johnson, but there are still several unknown factors. This
derstanding.” is the time to do legwork, including investigating Mr.
Johnson. Most of the basic information about the target
DEBUGGING will be described in the Places of Interest section while
any background information about Mr. Johnson will be lo-
Should the players play it cool while heading to and from cated in the Legwork section. If the players decide to skip
the meet with Two-Hearts, they shouldn’t have any ma- the legwork, then proceed directly to Scene Four.
jor problems. If the players do find themselves in trouble
(or make trouble on their own), then the best way to get
through the difficulties is to pay the local law off before
things get out of hand. Once the meet is over, the cabbie drops you off next to
Blackhawk’s van. Before the van departs, Mr. Johnson
GRUNTS AND drops his window down just slightly and says “Remember
you’ve only got five days before the security system is
MOVING TARGETS back to full capacity and the place becomes a fortress
again. Use your time wisely, amigos.”
Called “Snipes,” the SNP officers are renowned for their In any legwork situation, each member of the team will
brutality and openness to bribes. When it comes time for have their own tasks based on their areas of expertise,
them to round up the usual suspects, they almost always and there should be enough to keep everyone busy.
round up Anglos. Making someone literally pay for a crime Doing legwork in Cheyenne should be difficult for the
is just as good (if not better) than actually solving one, be- players, but not impossible. There will be two main ways
cause retirement pensions aren’t what they used to be. to gather intelligence on the target: Matrix searching and
on-location recon. Obviously hackers will handle any data
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG searches while more direct character types will be best
4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 6 4 suited for the recon. Faces can attempt to talk to the locals,
but being out of towners will make any interactions and
Condition Monitor 10/10
generating local contacts a bit more difficult. Apply a situ-
Armor 12
ational –2 modifier for any Anglo-looking player; that be-
Limits Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5
comes only –1 if the player is of Native American ancestry,
Initiative 7 + 1D6
and of course if the player happens to be from the Sioux
Skills Clubs 3, Firearms skill group 4, Law Enforcement
Nation there is no social penalty. But remember, nuyen still
(Professional Knowledge) 5, Perception 5, Unarmed
Combat 5 talks in the Sioux Nation.
Gear Armor jacket, commlink (Device Rating 4), glasses
(Rating 4, w/ camera, image link, low-light vision, BEHIND THE SCENES
smartlink, thermographic vision)
Weapons Defiance T-250 [Shotgun, Acc 4, DV 10P, AP –1, RC Once the meeting is over, Two-Hearts will notify his con-
—, SS/SA, 5(m), w/ 10 total rounds regular ammo] tacts at Evo that the runners have been hired and every-
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(7) DV 8P, AP –1, thing is going according to plan. To help obfuscate his
SA, RC —, 15(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular ammo] identity, Two-Hearts uses nano-paste makeup and has
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5,
SS, RC —, 4(m) w / 8 taser darts] hackers activate several time-sensitive programs. These
Stun baton [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5] programs will release specific information that, if anyone
checks, will identify him as Raul Ortega, a known fixer for

SCENE THREE: THE Aztechnology. However, if anyone looks hard enough at

the data (in game terms, succeeds on a Computer + Logic
DEVIL’S IN THE (2) [Mental] Test), they’ll notice time-date discrepancies
indicating they’re forgeries.
SCAN THIS At some point, the players need to remember that they
Legwork is a key element of any shadowrun. After the have a delivery of explosives waiting for them and have
meet with Mr. Johnson, the players have an opportunity to designate a place for delivery or drop location. The
for a little research and recon before hitting the target. safehouse is an obvious choice, but the players can use



another location. The courier will also act as point of BACKGROUND

contact should the players need additional supplies that Nature’s Bounty used to refer to the parent company be-
were negotiated for with Mr. Johnson, for a “reasonable” fore it was acquired by WRC, but now it refers to the facil-
twenty-five to forty percent mark-up. ity itself. Located north of Laramie on old Route 287/30
and Haul Road, the complex has three main parts: the
PUSHING THE ENVELOPE above-ground processing facility, the underground hy-
droponic fields, and an underground research facility.
A lot can happen when runners are forced to operate in The production facility is a collection of small- to medi-
an area where they stick out like sore thumbs. If the run- um-sized buildings that sits on a 1.5-square-kilometer plot
ners try to do some legwork in Cheyenne, they could eas- of land surrounded by flat plains. Processing sends the fin-
ily attract a lot of unwanted attention, especially if they ished product to a large central packaging and distribution
ask a lot of questions. building located in the center of the complex.
Operating outside of town limits around the target Harvested food comes from the underground fields
offers the runners a bit more freedom of movement, but and is transported via drones to one of the six processing
comes with its own challenges. Local critters may take ex- centers. Located underground in a massive six-square-ki-
ception to their presence; namely, a local hellhound pack lometer cave, the six fields produce large amounts of
has been a particular nuisance over the past few months. wheat, soy, and a variety of genetically enhanced or or-
ganic fruits and vegetables.
HELLHOUND When the cave was discovered in early 2019 by Xavi-
er Smiling-Fox’s father, it was a collection of smaller caves
with a combined total of 2.5 square kilometers of area.
6 4 5 6 4 2 4 3 6 5 Geological tests showed that the soil was unusually fer-
Condition Monitor 11/10 tile. Over the past sixty years, the caves were expanded.
Limits Physical 8, Mental 4, Social 6 A massive network of ceiling support structures and col-
Physical Initiative 8 + 1D6 umns prevent cave-ins and mount communication equip-
Movement x2/x6/+4 ment for the drone network. Local legend says that the
Skills Exotic Ranged Weapon 4, Intimidation 3, Perception first caves were formed as a result of magical energies re-
3, Running 4, Sneaking 5, Tracking 5, Unarmed leased during the Great Ghost Dance, which is responsible
Combat 3 for the overly fertile soil. No evidence has confirmed this.
Critter Powers Armor 2, Dual Natured, Elemental Attack: Fire, The research facility is the smallest part of Nature’s
Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Smell),
Fear, Immunity to Fear, Natural Weapon (Bite)
Bounty, but it’s also the most important part . Taking up
barely a quarter of the total underground space, it’s a
Weapons Bite [Unarmed Attack, DV 7P, AP –1]
modest three-story building located in the northwest cor-
ner of the cave. Staffed by over two hundred scientists,
DEBUGGING techs, and researchers, the research facility is at the fore-
Other than doing a Matrix search at the safehouse, the front of agro-technological advances. Everything from
players will be exposed wherever they go. In the Sioux genetic enhancement to old-fashioned selective breeding
Nation this is tricky for foreigners. The players need to be takes place here.
subtle and sneaky from this point on. Should they get un- Most of the complex’s basic operations are automated,
wanted attention, gamemasters should consider throw- handled by a small army of industrial drones and automat-
ing the players a bone. Non-pureblood Sioux or NAN ed production lines. Quality control and maintenance are
exist in the Sioux Nation, and some of them could be handled by techs with approximately fifteen to twenty on
sympathetic to the players, or just want to, in their own site during operations at any given time.
way, thumb their noses at the authorities. They could pro- Operations runs 24/7, but the majority of truck traffic
vide a helping hand when the players need it. comes between 0100 and 0500. The majority of the em-
ployees work third shift, arriving at 2300 and departing
PLACES OF INTEREST approximately thirty minutes after the last truck has de-
parted. A small contingent of office workers and admin
staff arrive at 0600 and depart at 1400.
During the meet, Mr. Johnson gave the players a da- SECURITY PROCEDURES
ta-packet with some basic information about their target.
Because Nature’s Bounty is responsible for over one-fifth
While not comprehensive, it gives helpful information.
of the Sioux Nation’s food supply, security is tight, espe-
It’s up to the gamemaster how much of the following in-
cially with half of the security network down.
formation is in the packet or what the players learn in the



Recruited from the Sioux military and National Police, A security spider and shaman are on duty at all times.
their officers are usually competent and well trained. Stan- Their main job is to coordinate with the operations center
dard-issue gear includes light security armor, military-rated and provide emergency support. In case of an emergen-
commlinks, standard less-than-lethal weapons, and ma- cy, the shaman will send spirits to assist and not directly
chine pistols. A special ready-response unit composed of engage any intruders unless there is a significant magical
two six-officer teams in heavy security armor and equipped threat. Compared to aboveground, security underground
with Ares Alpha assault rifles is on standby at all times in is light; the current procedures are geared toward detect-
the Auxiliary Security/Maintenance building. Backup from ing and preventing intrusion before reaching the under-
a nearby SNP substation is also available if necessary, and ground facilities.
additional off-duty SNP officers are available as needed. Security screening starts at Security Station One, a
The complex has six security stations and one command checkpoint approximately a quarter-kilometer from the
center. At least two officers man these stations at all times. main gate. AR and physical signs warn that all incom-
Officers on foot routinely patrol the buildings while vehicle ing traffic is required to stop for identification and safety
patrols cover the perimeter fence, surrounding area, and check; deadly force is authorized for those who fail to do
the underground facilities. Four modified N-B One drones so. At the station, the vehicle is scanned for threats and
are used to aid in patrol and emergency response. IDs verified. Visitation is by appointment only, and a se-
The security wall around the facility and gates has a nior site manager or head of security must authorize any
Barrier Rating of 20. unscheduled visitors. Vehicles are sent to the main gate



where the process is repeated, but senior management is IMPORTANT LOCATIONS

often waved through.
Office Buildings: These are located on the north
If a vehicle fails an inspection at the first checkpoint,
side of the facility. They are five stories tall with a simple
gates automatically close, and the SNP is notified. The first
rectangular shape. On top, in the penthouse, is Thomas
checkpoint gate is meant to direct and control traffic, not
Watching-Eagle’s office. The main operations center is
to stop intruders. If a vehicle forces their way past Securi-
located on third floor. All complex operations, including
ty One, emergency procedures are enacted. Road spikes
security, are coordinated through there. The Security
deploy at random intervals on the main road, ready teams
Command Center is also located in the Operations Center
are deployed, and the facility is locked down.
and is manned by four officers: the on-site Security
Once inside, vehicles proceed to their specific areas.
Manager, the regular post officer, the security spider, and
Visitors are given a visitor pass, a laminated RFID-chipped
the security magician.
badge, and sent to visitors’ parking. From there they’re es-
Security Stations (static): Security Station 1 is the
corted to their appointment. Cargo transports are sent to
outer checkpoint where all incoming traffic is screened.
their designated dock to be serviced. Sometimes a driver
Station 2 is the main gate post (Gate A). Station 3 is known
is permitted to remain on-site, but such arrangements are
as the “Ready” building, where the ready-response teams
pre-authorized; these drivers are also given a visitor’s ID
rest, and is connected to the maintenance building. Two
and are only allowed in a staging area next to Security Sta-
deployment vans are also kept there (use Ares Roadmaster
tion 2 by the main gate.
stats). Stations 4 and 6 are located at Gates B and D
Vehicles departing the complex are screened again at
respectively. These gates are for emergency access only
the Security Two, but not Security One.
and don’t normally allow any traffic through. Station 5 is
Each employee is issued an ID similar to the visitor
responsible for Gate C, the entrance to the underground
passes. Each is coded to allow them access to sections
portion of the complex. A eighty-meter long tunnel, large
they’re authorized for. Access to sensitive areas—the re-
enough for standard vehicle traffic, connects the above-
search labs, processing plants, or security/operation com-
and below-ground sections. Station 7 is the security
mand centers—also requires biometric handprint and reti-
command center and is located on the third floor of the
nal scan for access.
office building inside the operations center.
Only science staff, security, or senior managers are
Security Stations (patrol): Station 8 and 9 are the mobile
allowed into the underground sections through Gate C.
vehicle patrols, although Station 8 is the mobile supervisor.
Identity is electronically, biometrically, and visually veri-
Station 10 and 11 are foot patrols that mainly focus on the
fied before access is granted below ground.
processing centers and will relieve other guards for breaks.
Security cameras are also located throughout the com-
If necessary, off-duty officers are called in for additional
plex. Every entrance into a building has one camera mon-
patrols; these are designated Station 12, 13, and so on.
itoring it.
Packaging and Distribution Building (a.k.a. The Pad):
Processed foodstuffs are sent from the processing centers
to the Pad for final loading. Manned and automated loaders
SECURITY SENSOR NETWORK work to load trucks from the fourteen bays located here.
Normally, Nature’s Bounty boasts a state-of-the-art Processing Centers: These buildings take raw product
from the underground fields or from the other WRC
security sensor network. When active, this network is capable
production sites. Raw product is offloaded and sent to
of detecting almost anything approaching the complex from
the processors. Aside from the docks, these buildings are
two kilometers away or detecting anyone in unauthorized completely automated with only security, maintenance,
areas. With the new upgrades, the system will be more and quality-control techs working here.
efficient. The hardware for the network has already been Research and Development Building: Located in the
installed, but by the time the players hit Nature’s Bounty all underground portion of the complex, it’s a three-story
that’ll be left is to program the new software and network building crammed with labs. The main records and research
protocols. Techs from the equipment manufacturer—an Ares library is located on the second floor. A standalone system
subsidiary, Leviathan Technical—are on site from 0900 to prevents outside hacking. Records or data can be obtained
approximately 1700 to finish the upgrades. With the network through work terminals.
down, Security is relying on physical patrols. Production Fields: Six separate fields produce the
entire on-site raw food product. Fields 1 through 4 produce
a variety of genetically modified and organic produce,
while Fields 5 and 6 produce soy and wheat respectively.
Each field is hermetically sealed by domes and tended to
by agro-drones. Quality-control techs monitor the fields,
which are occasionally patrolled by security.




Designed to allow the research staff to escape in case of The secondary tunnel is located between Field Six and the
catastrophe, the UETs also aid in recovery efforts. There are R&D building. Unlike the other tunnels, this one is vehicle-sized
two types of UETs: primary and secondary. The primary UETs to allow entrance, but not egress. The tunnel itself is quite long,
are nothing more than reinforced metahuman-sized tunnels with almost a kilometer in length with a gradual slope. It features the
ladders that should be able to withstand anything less than a level same security measures as the primary tunnel.
6 earthquake. The entrances to the three primary tunnels are Finding any of the tunnels from the outside would be a
located in the first floor of the R & D building and go approximately difficult task, as the openings are camouflaged and emit
twenty meters into the rock before ascending up another sixty to no electronic signals until opened (Perception + Intuition
reach the surface. The entrances are not constantly monitored, [Mental] (5) Test to locate). Note: These are not included in
but if accessed an alarm will be sent to the Security Command Mr. Johnson’s data-packet, but records of them are in the
Center. The lock is Device Rating 4. complex’s maintenance files.



SCENE FOUR: … AND When the players attempt to recover the Tomahawk, it
will be ridiculously easy to find in Watching-Eagle’s office.
HE TAKETH AWAY He has it displayed in a simple glass case with no security
systems. If the players infiltrate through the office com-
plex, they will have mostly staff to deal with. The locks on
SCAN THIS the office doors are simple maglocks (Device Rating 2).
At this point, there’s nothing left for the players to do Contaminating the outgoing product can be done in
other than to get this run over, get paid, and get out of many ways. Players can target an incoming truck before
the Sioux Nation. They’ve hopefully done at least some it arrives, target an outgoing truck on the docks or in the
legwork, and they better have made some sort of plan. parking area, contaminate one of the processing centers,
But no matter what prep they may or may not have done, or go for the Pad. If they choose one of the on-site build-
there’s always someone who always tries to muck it all ings, the runners will have to deal with video surveillance
up. In this case, an undercover Evo agent will do his best of all entrances and the Device Rating 4 maglocks while
to make sure that the players accomplish the run but nev- avoiding the workers.
er make it out to collect their payday. Once the players have gained access to the under-
ground portion of the facility, they’ll be able to move with
TELL IT TO THEM STRAIGHT impunity if they’ve found a way to mask their movements.
Security here is lax, with only a random patrol once every
There’s no other way to say it; it’s time to pull this trigger. two to three hours. The Research and Development build-
ing’s security is tight; they have their own independent
HOOKS sensor net still active (Device Rating 5 with motion, infra-
There’s no suggested way to play out this scene; the play- red, and thermal detectors). All maglocks in the building
ers are given complete free rein to plan and execute the are Device Rating 5 as well. The only things active in the
run as they see fit. Their success or failure at this point de- area are the agro-drones harvesting or transporting crops
pends on their planning, the execution of that plan, and from the fields.
maybe a little (or a lot of) luck. The cave’s ceiling varies between ten to twenty meters.
A spiderweb-like support structure keeps the cavern from
collapsing, while giant support columns keep it in place
BEHIND THE SCENES (see map for locations). Maintenance catwalks allow techs
The players will face two major adversaries during this to inspect the structures for signs of weakness. Transmit-
run: security and the undercover Evo agent. ters for the drone network are also located along the sup-
Security response, if the players are discovered, will be port structure.
measured depending on where they are discovered and To bury the cavern, destroying five columns should be
what they are observed doing. Security’s primary responsi- sufficient, but destroying all eight will guarantee the cav-
bility is to protect the complex and the product first. Proce- ern’s collapse. An Industrial Mechanic + Logic [Mental] (3)
dure dictates that security attempt to apprehend and contain or a Demolitions + Logic [Mental] (4) Test will tell the play-
if no immediate threat to the complex is detected. Likewise, ers where exactly to place the explosives on the columns
security will not engage intruders in sensitive areas unless (namely, some at the base, some at the top). If the players
there is imminent danger of severe damage or loss. don’t have those skills, then they could consult an appro-
And even then, effort will be taken to avoid collater- priate contact or make a Logic [Mental] (5) Test.
al damage unless absolutely necessary. Less-than-lethal
munitions are used first, and the use of high explosives is
absolutely forbidden. If intruders pose a substantial threat
to property or product, even in sensitive areas, lethal force “CAVE-BUSTER” EXPLOSIVES
is authorized. Procedure dictates that officers flush the in- VS. SUPPORT COLUMNS
truders out of sensitive areas and into the open, and then
These are custom, dual-charge devices composed of plastic
use whatever force necessary.
Matrix security is fairly tight. The Security Command explosive (Rating 20) and a thermite bar (DV 30P). On detonation,
Center has one security spider on duty at all times. In the the thermite burns into the support column while the plastic
case of an active alert, they are responsible for coordinat- explosive acts as a shaped charge. An easy Demolitions +
ing responses and locking the complex down. Logic [Mental] (1) Test is used to arm and set the explosives for
timed detonation, and a Demolitions + Logic [Mental] [2] Test is
needed to set them for remote detonation. This test is also used
NATURE’S BOUNTY: to calculate damage versus barriers per p. 436 and p. 194 (for
barriers) of SR5. To calculate damage versus the Cave Busters,
the support columns have an effective Barrier Rating of 15.
MAIN HOST Glitch results when arming/setting the devices are at
Rating: 5 (Attack 5, Sleaze 6, Data Processing 8, Firewall 7) the gamemaster’s discretion, but a critical glitch results in
IC Programs: Blaster, Crash, Jammer, Killer, Marker, Probe, immediate detonation.
Scramble, Tar Baby, Track



Soon after the players start the run, Observer notices NB TWO
their progress, because he knows what to look for, and starts HANDL SPEED ACCEL BODY ARM PILOT SENS
to aid them a bit while they’re topside. He’s finished plant-
1 4 2 10 0 4 5
ing the evidence and has opened a backdoor to the active
security systems, but he plays it safe to avoid the Spider. Equipment Front Grill (DV 4P)
He helps the players periodically by re-routing or blocking
communications or compromising the security cameras. NB THREE
All that changes when the players finish setting the ex- HANDL SPEED ACCEL BODY ARM PILOT SENS
plosives. When they set the last charge, have them roll a 1 1 2 20 0 4 5
Perception + Intuition [Mental] [4] Test to notice that all
Equipment Harvesting attachments (DV 15P)
of the drones are acting differently. As the players try to
leave the underground area, they should notice that the
drones are following and surrounding them. When the SUBPLOTS
players realize this and try to escape, the drones attack.
Smaller drones will try to “pick” their extremities, larger While monitoring the player’s progress from a research
combine harvesters will block the exits, while others will lab, Observer decides to have a little fun. Being a sick and
attempt to “harvest” them, and transport truck drones try twisted individual, he uses a Trojan-horse program he
to run them over. The whole thing should look and feel like slipped into the latest drone software updates a month
a classic zombie attack. ago. When activated, the program rewrites the drone’s
The smaller drones are fragile and not rated to take any identification software and designates metahumans to
kind of damage, but they have numbers on their side. The be harvested. Once the program is activated, Observer
trucks and combines are a lot tougher because of their decides to depart Nature’s Bounty through one of the
sheer size, but a determined attack will disable them. emergency egress tunnels—but not before setting off ev-
If the players start to win or are about to make it out, ery intruder alarm in the complex.
the security alarms go off thanks to Observer. If they ha- As the run is being conducted, Two-Hearts receives
ven’t already, security mobilizes and the facility goes on word from Evo notifying him of Observer and his orders.
lockdown. At this point, the players should know it’s time They also inform him of their displeasure at his altering
to go. The drones continue to pursue the players or any the operation. To make amends, Two-Hearts is ordered to
other metahumans they encounter until the targets are eliminate the runners should Observer fail.
dead or the drones are destroyed.
Security is not taken lightly at Nature’s Bounty. All on-du-
ty officers are extra vigilant during the network upgrade
Designed specifically for Nature’s Bounty and not avail- because they want to keep their jobs. Several encounters
able on the mass market, the N-B series of drones work or even close calls can ramp up the stress for the players.
the underground production fields. The N-B One is the There’s also the chance that Observer decided to
smallest and most advanced, a small two-meter-long and shadow the players while they attempt to complete their
twelve-centimeter-wide cylinder designed to harvest mission. He could act as a spoiler, purposely doing small
fruits and vegetables or work within enclosed spaces. It things to put the players in tight situations to see how they
features two arms that can be fitted with any number of react. Or he could distract them from their objectives by
agricultural tools and can use either a hover system at- making his presence known. If cornered, Observer will
tached to the top of head to allow limited flight or a more simply say he’s “enjoying the show” before using a false
traditional independent four-wheeled design. tooth containing toxins to commit suicide. His death acti-
The N-B Two and Three aren’t completely new drones, vates a dead-man switch and sets off the facility’s alarms.
but rather modification packages that turn regular vehicles
into unmanned ones. The N-B Two is basically an automat- DEBUGGING
ed dumptruck modified to transfer product from the fields
to the processing center. The N-B Three is simply an auto- The biggest problem with this and the previous scene is
mated tractor/combine. Note: When the agro-drones are that the run may seem too daunting. As previously stat-
set against the players, use the stats below for any combat ed, the gamemaster can and should make this scene as
with Pilot + Default Dice Pool (limit 5) for any tests. difficult or easy as needed. Security is still formidable, but
it has its weak points. Gamemasters could point out the
NB ONE several advantages the players have. First, the complex
is huge. There’s no way security can patrol everywhere,
and not every guard is as vigilant as they should be; even
1 2 2 5 0 4 5 in the Sioux Nation there are slackers. Also, revealing the



emergency egress tunnels could be enough to show the SECURITY SPIDER

players they have a fighting chance.
3 4 4 3 4 4 (5) 4 3 5.2 5
Condition Monitor 10
BASIC SECURITY OFFICER Limits Physical 5, Mental 6, Social 6
(PROFESSIONAL RATING 2) Physical Initiative 8 + 1D6
Matrix Initiative 9 + 3D6/4D6 (Cold/Hot Sim)
Skills Cracking skill group 7, Electronics skill group 6
4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 6 4
Augmentations Commlink (Device Rating 5), cerebral booster 1,
Condition Monitor 10 cybereyes [Rating 2, w/ low-light vision, smartlink,
Armor 12 thermographic vision], datajack
Limits Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5 Gear Novatetch Navigator cyberdeck (Device Rating
Physical Initiative 8 + 1D6 3, Atts 6 5 4 3, Program 3), Erica Elite commlink
Skills Clubs 3, Firearms skill group 4, Law Enforcement (Device Rating 4), programs (Armor, Biofeedback
(Professional Knowledge) 5, Perception 5, Unarmed Filter, Edit, Encryption, Hammer, Signal Scrub,
Combat 5 Toolbox)
Gear Armor jacket, commlink (Device Rating 4), glasses
(Capacity 4, w/ camera, image link, low-light vision, SECURITY MAGICIAN
smartlink, thermographic vision ) (PROFESSIONAL RATING 4)
Weapons Ares Crusader [Machine Pistol, Acc 5(7) DV 7P, AP
—, SA/BF, RC 2, 40(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular
ammo] 4 4 4 4 6 5 5 5 6 5 6
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, Condition Monitor 11
SS, RC —, 4(m), w/ 8 taser darts] Armor 12
Stun Baton [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5]
Limits Physical 6, Mental 7, Social 8
Physical Initiative 9 + 1D6
Astral Initiative 8 + 2D6
(PROFESSIONAL RATING 3) Skills Assessing 5, Astral Combat 6, Conjuring skill group
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG 6, Firearms skill group 3, Perception 5, Sorcery skill
group 6
4 4 5 (7) 3 3 3 4 3 5.4 4
Spells Armor, Chaos, Chaotic World, Combat Sense,
Condition Monitor 10 Confusion, Detect Enemies, Detect Life, Detect
Armor 16 Magic, Heal, Improved Invisibility, Increase Reflexes,
Levitate, Magic Fingers, Manabolt, Manaball,
Limits Physical 5(6), Mental 5, Social 5
Physical Barrier, Powerbolt, Powerball
Physical Initiative 9(11) + 1D6
Bound Spirits Spirit of air x1, spirit of earth x 1 (both Force 4, w/
Skills Clubs 3, Firearms skill group 4, Law Enforcement three services apiece), watcher (Force 3, w/ two
(Professional Knowledge) 5, Perception 5, Throwing hours remaining)
Weapons 4, Unarmed Combat 5 Gear Armor jacket, commlink (Device Rating 5)
Augmentations Reaction enhancers 2 Weapons Ares Crusader [Machine Pistol, Acc 5(7) DV 7P, AP —,
Gear Commlink (Device rating 4), full body armor (w/ SA/BF, RC 2, 40(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular ammo]
helmet), glasses (Capacity 4, w/ camera, image link,

low-light vision, thermographic vision, smartlink)
Weapons Ares Crusader [Machine Pistol, Acc 5(7) DV 7P, AP
—, SA/BF, RC 2, 40(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 8S(e), AP
–5, SS, RC —, 4(m), w/ 8 taser darts]
Flash-bang grenade [Grenade, DV 10S, AP –4,
Blast 10m] SCAN THIS
FN-HAR [Assault Rifle, Acc 5(7), DV 10P, AP –2,
If the players make it this far, it means that they’ve sur-
SA/BF/FA, RC 2, 35(c), w/ 3 spare clips regular
vived the run at Nature’s Bounty. Assuming they were at
ammo, smartgun system]
Stun baton [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5] least successful with their primary objective, it’s time to
meet with Mr. Johnson and get paid. But even when the
job is done, it’s no time to relax. Sometimes, for whatever
reason, Mr. Johnson doesn’t want to cough up the nuyen.



Unfortunately this is one of those times. When the run- get the call, the better the chances the players have to
ners call Mr. Johnson/Theo Two-Hearts to arrange pay- either prevent or avoid the Wildcat’s attack; how they do
ment for services rendered, the good Mr. Two-Hearts, this is up to them.
through some indirect communication via several con-
tacts, notifies Sioux authorities where those responsible BEHIND THE SCENES
for the disaster at Nature’s Bounty will be. And to show
just how displeased they are, the Sioux government dis- Theo Two-Hearts is not exactly happy about the turn of
patches a team of their most deadly soldiers, the dreaded events; not because he has to kill runners (that’s the price
Sioux Wildcats, to deal with the runners. of doing business sometimes), but because he’ll miss his
But the players aren’t totally hosed. They get a warn- chance to claim his grandfather’s tomahawk. The benefits
ing from Blackhawk, who was also included in Evo’s kill of working for Evo outweigh that particular loss. And at
list but took care of his attackers. If the players can survive least it will be out of his brother’s hands.
the assault, Blackhawk offers to get them out of the Sioux Wherever the players decide to do the meet and hand-
Nation. Now all they have to do is survive long enough to off (if they recovered the tomahawk), Two-Hearts will
make the rendezvous with him. agree to the location but stay far away. He’ll inform the
Sioux authorities of the runner’s location through a series
of intermediaries in order to keep his involvement a secret.
TELL IT TO THEM STRAIGHT The Sioux Government is reacting to this in their typi-
cal fashion: with overkill. With a fifth of their food supply
AFTER THE PLAYERS HAVE now gone or threatened, they see this as a terrorist act and
GOTTEN AWAY FROM NATURE’S BOUNTY: an attack on their national sovereignty. As such, they mo-
Now that the run’s over, it’s time to get paid and go home. bilize everything they have to go after the terrorists. But
You give Mr. Johnson a call to make payment arrange- as formidable as the Sioux Military is, it takes time to get
ments, and he picks up promptly. “I heard on the news organized, and that works in the player’s favor. Only five
of what happened, and frankly I’m surprised—pleasant- Wildcats were ready for immediate deployment when
ly, mind you—that you survived. All right then, where do the call went out, but they have backup from the regular
you want to do this? I’ll be there in thirty minutes so we military if needed. And the Wildcats see this mission as a
can conclude our business.” matter of pride and will die before admitting defeat. Their
methods will be simple: approach by stealth, then hit hard
JUST BEFORE THE AMBUSH: and fast. They’re under orders to try to take prisoners, but
Just minutes before the meet, an ARO tag flares to life in sometimes things just happen in a firefight.
the corner of your vision, indicating an incoming emer- Once Blackhawk extracts the players, he high-tails it to-
gency message. Recognizing the comm-code as Black- ward the UCAS border and hooks up with some smuggler
hawk’s, you get a cold feeling in your gut as you hit “ac- compatriots who take him and the players in.
cept.” It’s a simple text, but the message hits you like a
lightning bolt: “Johnson planning to frag you, Sioux mili-
tary almost got me, safehouse compromised, if there get
out now!” While at another of his safehouses, Blackhawk was am-
bushed by a pair of SDF attack helos. Able to get Black Sun-
WHEN (IF) THE PLAYERS shine airborne, he splashed them both, but his comm sys-
ARE ABLE TO CONTACT BLACKHAWK: tem took a round and he set down for emergency repairs.
“Damn, chummers! Almost didn’t expect to hear from Now he’s royally pissed off, not because he was shot at,
you, but glad you’re okay. Look, we don’t have much time. but because his routes through the Sioux Nation are his-
You’ve managed to piss off the entire Sioux Nation and tory. His reasons for helping the players are twofold: one,
they’re out for blood; military and border patrols are now he’s just that kind of guy, and two, extracting the players
on high alert. I’m currently skating one of my routes and will really piss the Sioux off, which is fine by him.
avoiding them, but I can break away and do a hot-extract
if needed. Give me your coordinates or where you want PUSHING THE ENVELOPE
to meet. ETA should be approximately ninety minutes, if
I’m not there by then, figure I’m dead. Blackhawk out!” As with previous scenes, this encounter can be as bloody
as the gamemaster wants it. A five-man team of Wildcats
should be more than enough to keep the characters busy,
HOOKS but a couple more members or even another team isn’t
This is going to be a stand-up, knock-down fight with out of the question.
some of the biggest hoop-kickers in the Sioux Nation. If the players defeat or evade the Wildcats, military
How the players react depends on when the gamemaster backup can hound them until they get to their extraction
decides to have Blackhawk make the call. The earlier they point or while waiting for Blackhawk to show up. And even



after the extraction, things may not go smoothly; Sioux Air GRUNTS AND
Force will be on high alert and going after anything not
theirs. Just getting out of Sioux Airspace could be an addi-
tional challenge, especially if Blackhawk is shot down be- SIOUX WILDCATS
fore he gets to the players. (PROFESSIONAL RATING 5)
Known as some of the best special-forces operators in
DEBUGGING the world, the Wildcats’ reputation is usually enough to
At this point it’s almost expected for the players to be make people think twice about taking them on. While
battered, bloody, and not really up to taking on Wildcats. they’re highly trained and capable, their lack of real com-
If the players were especially mauled at Nature’s Bounty, bat in recent years has started to work against them. Still,
then maybe the threat of the Wildcats would be sufficient. only a fool would underestimate them.
Or maybe instead of Wildcats, normal law enforcement B A R S W L I C ESS EDG M
or just regular military come; use SNP stats from previ- 5 (7) 5 6 (7) 4 (5) 5 5 5 4 3.8 6 6(3.8)
ous scenes. Tactics can be dumbed down if necessary,
Condition Monitor 12
because right now just about every Sioux is pissed off.
Armor 18 (19)
The players have an ace-in-the-hole with Blackhawk.
Limits Physical 7(8), Mental 7, Social 7
There’s nothing like a cavalry charge with a T-bird’s guns
Physical Initiative 12 + 2D6
blazing or a last-second extract just before the bad guys
get there. And just for fun, Blackhawk’s daughter Osprey Skills Athletic skill group 4(6), Automatics 7(8), Close
Combat skill group 6(7), Gymnastics 6, Pistols 6(7),
could join the party in her T-bird, Superbeast (use Black- Sneaking 7
hawk and Black Sunshine stats). Adept Powers Combat Sense 1, Improved Ability (Automatics)
1, Improved Accuracy (Automatics) 1, Improved
PLACES OF INTEREST Accuracy (Pistols) 1, Improved Reflexes 1, Improved
Sense (Low-Light Vision)
BLACKHAWK’S SAFEHOUSE: Augmentations Aluminum bone lacing (betaware), muscle
replacement 1, platelet factories, reflex recorder
Should the players decide to use this location, they’ll find (Firearms), synthcardium 2
it’s good for privacy but not for fending off an assault. Gear Commlink (Device Rating 5), full body armor
Made of three large concrete bays big enough to hold a (w/ Chemical Protection 4, Non-conductivity 4),
semi-truck and trailer, it also has a small office area con- helmet/monocle (w/ image link, smartlink, vision
verted into a small dorm-style living area. The doors are magnification)
solid, but relatively weak (Barrier Rating 5), a determined Weapons FN HAR [Assault Rifle, Acc 5(7), DV 10P, AP –6, SA/BF/
assault will be able to get in easily. FA, RC 2, 35(c) w/ APDS ammo, 3 spare clips]
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(8), DV 8P, AP –1,
SA, RC —, 15(c) w/ regular ammo, 3 spare clips]
Survival Knife [Blade, Acc 5, Reach —, DV 9P, AP –1]
Unarmed Strike [DV 6P, Reach —, AP —]



AND AFTERMATH • Helping Blackhawk defend against any attackers while
entering Sioux Nation (optional): 1
• Getting through Cheyenne without any local entanglements: 1
The destruction or damage to Nature’s Bounty has an im-
• Participating in Legwork: 1–2
mediate and profound impact on the Sioux Nation. The
nation is shocked at such an act of terrorism, and the nor- • Participating in on-sight reconnaissance of Nature’s
mal suspects are blamed for the wanton destruction and Bounty: 2–3
murder. WRC stocks take a massive hit with the all of the • Actively assisting in planning of the run: 1–2
losses and government investigations into the competen- • Surviving the run at Nature’s Bounty: 2
cy of Nature’s Bounty executives have been scheduled. • Accomplishing the First (primary) Objective: 2
The effects of food shortages are felt immediately as • Accomplishing additional objectives: 1 per objective (max 2)
availability of certain products fall while food prices rise • Completely evading any detection during the run: 4
across the board. Of course, a number of corporations try • Defeating the Wildcat ambush team: 4–5
to step in to “help,” but Evo in particular is able to secure • Avoiding the ambush and any pursuers: 4
several temporary contracts with the Sioux. The “space
• Helping Blackhawk defend himself against attackers
grain” from their recently acquired Dyson-3 orbital pro-
while departing the Sioux Nation (optional): 2
duction station is welcomed by Sioux consumers for its
timely arrival and novelty. Evo also scores major PR points • Surviving the Adventure: 3
with the Sioux when it offers the use of several pieces of
rescue and salvage equipment normally used for space
operations. Evo is now on its way to becoming one of the
most popular megacorporations in the Sioux, second only
WRC is also filing grievances against a shocked Aztech-
nology with the Corporate Court for undisclosed damages. Gamemasters must be aware that some of the player’s
normal contacts may be of limited use in the Sioux Na-
tion, especially ones that are tied into a local scene or
MONEY geographical area such as the player’s home turf. Others
Unfortunately, Johnson’s double-cross means that the who are internationally connected may be able to help
payers receive nothing for their troubles, unless they find some information, but it will take longer than normal.
managed to negotiate some of the cash up-front. If the Those contacts with lower Loyalty ratings may also ask
players recovered the tomahawk from Watching-Eagle’s for more than their normal compensation.
office, then can fence it or any items they recovered
during the adventure; for example weapons and armor AWARDING NEW CONTACTS
from dead Sioux Wildcats. See p. 418 of SR5 for rules on
Blackhawk, Rigger and Coyote/Smuggler, Connection
fencing items.
Rating 4
Near the beginning of the adventure, the players had
KARMA the chance to gain him as a level 1 or 2 contact, depending
Karma is awarded at the end of the adventure. Don’t be on how well the scene went. If the players work well with
afraid to award Notoriety points to players for any ad- Blackhawk, by the end of the adventure they should have
verse actions they perform; these points can follow the earned at least Loyalty Rating 1 from him, up to maximum
player characters back from the Sioux Nation. Notoriety of 3. Also, as a bonus, through Blackhawk, the players
points are earned through things such as failing to hon- may also gain his daughter Osprey (Connection Rating 3)
or a debt (1), betraying Mr. Johnson (HA!) (1), getting through association but at a Loyalty Rating 2 levels lower
caught reselling data pertaining to the run (1), excessive than her father (though at a minimum Rating of 1).
damage or casualties (1) or failing to do precisely what Note: Gamemasters are also allowed to grant any local
Mr. Johnson requested (1). contacts not listed here as they deem necessary with
Because of the adventure’s plot, the runners are unlike- appropriate Loyalty and Connection ratings based on the
ly to earn any money. However, because of the challenge player’s actions and role-playing.
and dangers presented, there will be a much higher Karma
award than normal.



LEGWORK a worthless middle-management

position. Supposedly, Watching-
Eagle is deciding on how best to kick
MATRIX SEARCHES Two-Hearts out and humiliate him at
Player characters may elect to search for information the same time.
themselves by scouring the various data havens and in- 6+ 7+ Two-Hearts was Smiling-Fox’s fixer
formational dump-sites throughout the Matrix. In this and Mr. Johnson for Nature’s Bounty.
case, have the player character perform a Computer + In- He has a strong shadow network.
tuition [Mental] Extended Test, with intervals of one min-
ute. Extended tests are limited by a cumulative –1 dice MR. JOHNSON
modifier to each test after the first. Once the player runs
out of dice, any data not uncovered is simply too obscure
or well hidden in the Matrix for that hacker to find. Not Contact Matrix Search Results
everything is available on the Matrix. Gamemasters may 0 0 Doesn’t he tend bar at Taco-rama?
decide what data is reasonably available on the Matrix, 1 1 Name has been linked to the Sioux
what data can only be found in secured nodes, and what shadows.
simply isn’t available at all. For more details on Matrix 2 2 Local law enforcement has some
searches, see p, 241, SR5. files linking Ortega to some shadow
The Connection rating designates how much player’s activity, but noting solid, mostly
contact may know. However, because the players are in rumor and hearsay.
the Sioux Nation, their normal contacts may have difficul-
ty finding pertinent information, especially if their knowl- 4 4 Whoever he is, he’s slick and covers
edge base is tied to specific geographical location. Apply his tracks well, although rumors
a situational –2 to all contact Connection ratings when de- connect him to a few recent jobs just
termining what information they can get (though that pen- across the Sioux/UCAS border. Also
alty does not apply to contacts based in the Sioux Nation).. thought to be from Aztlan.
5 5 A lot of rumors are floating
NATURE’S BOUNTY around about Ortega, but few
shadowrunners remember ever
Contact Matrix Search Results seeing or working with him.
0 0 Oh yeah, I love those granola bars!
6+ 6+ Something about all of Ortega is
2 2 Huge food company, used to be wrong. Time-date indicators deep
independent now part of Wind River in the source coding indicate all the
Corporation. They’re among the files pertaining to him are only a few
leaders in agro-technology. They weeks old.
make everything from soy and wheat
to fruits and vegetables.
3 3 Nature’s Bounty is one of WRC’s five
main production and processing
facilities and is the largest of the five.
At least a fifth of the Sioux Nation’s THEO TWO-HEARTS
food is tied up through there. Born of a blonde-haired Anglo father from Denver and a
4 4 Recently, the head of Nature’s Sioux mother, Two-Hearts was always the whipping boy
Bounty, Xavier Smiling-Fox died. His of his family. Considered a bastard on some of his bet-
son, Thomas Watching-Eagle, took ter days, he’s also the youngest of the family. He was a
over and made a lot of changes to constant target of abuse, and most of his family mem-
the directing board. A lot of people bers consider Two-Hearts a pathetic wretch who was
are upset, but WRC could care less. given a break by his grandfather, Xavier Smiling-Fox, and
ensconced in a comfy job in Nature’s Bounty. What the
5 6 Smiling-Fox’s other grandson,
family didn’t realize was the experience strengthened his
Theodore Two-Hearts used to hold
resolve. Smiling-Fox saw this and tutored the boy in the
a high position as Smiling-Fox’s de
ways of corporate espionage and ruthless business. Rel-
facto right hand and major domo,
ishing the ability to stick it to the Sioux, he became Smil-
despite his mixed parentage. Two-
ing-Fox’s most effective shadow-tool. When Xavier Smil-
Hearts got the shaft when Watching-
ing-Fox died under mysterious conditions, Two-Hearts
Eagle took over and exiled him to
was emotionally devastated and temporarily vulnerable;



which his family, unaware of his true position in the com- B A R S W L I C ESS EDG
pany, tried to exploit. But they made a mistake by not
4 4 6 3 4 5 6 4 2.7 5
removing him immediately, and now Two-Hearts is out
for revenge against his family, and the Sioux in general. Condition Monitor 10/10
Armor 14
Limits Physical 6, Mental 7, Social 5
Physical Initiative 12 + 1D6
5 4 4 3 5 6 6 5 6 5
Matrix Initiative Data Processing (2D6+3D6)
Condition Monitor 11/11 Skills Aeronautics Mechanic 5, Automotive Mechanic
Armor 8 4, Blades 2, Electronics skill group 5, Firearms skill
Limits Physical 5, Mental 8, Social 7 group 3, Free-Fall 3, Gunnery 5, Heavy Weapons 5,
Physical Initiative 10 + 1D6 Locksmith 2, Outdoors skill group 3, Pilot Aircraft 6,
Skills Climbing 2, Clubs 2, Computer 5, First Aid 2, Pilot Ground Craft 5, Pilot Watercraft 3, Sneaking 3
Gymnastics 3, Influence skill group 7, Intimidation Qualities Dependents, Gearhead, Jury-Rugger, SINner,
5, Perception 8, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pistol 4, Toughness, Will-to-Live
Professional Knowledge: Business 9, Running 4, Augmentations Control rig 3 (betaware), cybereyes [Rating 2, w/ eye
Stealth skill group 3, Swimming 3, Unarmed combat 3 recording unit, image link, low-light vision, smartlink,
Qualities First Impression, Trustworthy vision enhancement 3]
Gear Actioneer Business clothes, commlink (device RCC MCT Drone Web [DR 6, Data Processing 7, Firewall 6]
rating 5), contacts (Capacity 2, w/ image link, low- Vehicles “Black Sunshine,” modified GMC Banshee [Handl
light vision), Synergist Business Line long coat 6, Speed 9, Accel 5, Bod 20, Armor 18, Pilot 4,
Sensor 7, Seats 12, manual controls, manual
BRADLEY weapon control, remote control, rigger interface,
standard weapon mount (Stoner Ares M202),
“BLACKHAWK” COOPER heavy weapon mount x 3 (Onotari Interceptor)]
A former UCAS Army rigger, Chief Warrant Officer Coo- “Sherri,” modified Ford Americar [Handl 5/5, Speed
7, Accel 3, Bod 11, Armor 9, Pilot 3, Sensor 5,
per was already considering retirement when his unit was
Seats 12, manual controls, manual weapon
deployed to Chicago during the initial bug outbreak. Ap- control, remote control, rigger interface,
palled at the quarantine, he was dishonorably discharged standard weapon mount (Stoner Ares M202)]
for running extra supplies into the Zone. With his pension GMC Banshee Stoner-Ares M-202 [MMG, Acc 5(7), DV 11P, AP –4,
gone, he turned to the shadows and became a successful FA, RC —, 200 (belt) w/ Exp. rounds, smart gun
smuggler and later coyote working the Seattle-to-Denver system]
and Seattle-to-CAS/UCAS routes. Now in his late fifties, Onotari Interceptor [ML (Anti-Vehicle), Acc 5, DV
Blackhawk hasn’t lost any of his skills or enthusiasm, but 24P, AP –4/–10, SS, 2(ml), Blast –4/m, x 2 (front
he is starting to feel his age. He’s gradually let his daugh- and aft)]
ter Lisa, a.k.a. Osprey, take over the family business while Onotari Interceptor [ML (High-Explosive, Acc 5,
he spends more time with his granddaughter Rena. As DV21P, AP –2, 2(ml), Blast –2m, (front)]
a former medevac rigger in the Army, Blackhawk has a Ford Americar Stoner-Ares M-202 [MMG, Acc 5(7), DV 11P, AP –4,
strong sense of honor and believes that no one should FA, RC —, 200 (belt) w/ Exp. rounds, smart gun
be left behind.
Gear Armor jacket, helmet (flight), medkit, survival kit
Weapons Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5 (7), DV 6P, AP
–1, SA, RC —, 15 (c), w/ regular ammo]