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ENG4: Oral Communication Skills in English

Discussion Forum Comments
Ms. Kristina Isabelle U. Dichoso, M.A.
2 May 2016, Monday

(1) 4/17/16 6:28PM It was evident that the student perceived himself as someone who can’t do
anything and for that he never even bothered trying things. Not until he realized what his
teacher was trying to help him.
(2) 4/17/16 6:31PM Indeed, the first part was misleading. It will make you deduce that what they
were having was a transactional talk because it was a grade consultation, but later on you will
see that it was actually an interpersonal talk because the teacher was also concerned on the
student's personal dilemma. (In reply to Zia Garcia's comment)
(3) 4/17/16 6:40PM I agree with this, Amanda for I, myself, wouldn't be motivated to do good in
school if my own parents don't have time for me. We all need someone to talk to, and that
makes interpersonal communication important.
(4) 4/17/16 6:45PM The teacher believes in the capabilities of her student. It was seen in the
video clip that she gave the task of being the monitor to Yu Lun, though it may seem like a
punishment or lesson to him, the teacher wouldn’t be giving the task if she didn’t believe Yu Lun
can do it.
(5) 4/17/16 6:54PM Because of Yu Lun’s close-mindedness and lack of self-confidence, he
wouldn’t listen to anyone, not even his teacher. He thinks that everyone is against him.
(6) 4/17/16 6:56 PM Yu Lun misunderstood his teacher’s intentions because her tone was
always rude, making it seem like she was always reprimanding him.
(7) 4/17/16 7:00PM The teacher was also directly telling Yu Lun that his grades are going from
bad to worse, trying to motivate him, but Yu Lun misunderstands this.
(8) 4/17/16 7:02PM I agree with Mr. Caole and MS. Garcia. She wants what's best for her
student, but she can't express it properly. Thus, she needs to change the way she interacts
with Yu Lun.
(9) 4/17/16 7:19PM Teachers are considered to be our second parents. It is expected that they
will be there to guide us, care for us and love us. Mrs Ho, showed that she cares and
loves Yu Lun, but she should've done it in a good way.
(10) 4/17/16 7:28PM Indeed, Raymon. Let's all face it, people may have the purest intentions
but they are misunderstood because of the tone or level of their voice.
(11) 4/17/16 7:33PMYes, Yu Lun's misunderstanding of his teacher's intentions all boils down to
the tone of her voice. The tone of one's voice makes an impression. (In reply to Ms. Cruz)
(12) 4/17/16 6:35PM If I were the teacher, I should have at least talked to Yu Lun first about his
problems so I will know how to handle the situation.
(13) 4/17/16 7:40PM I wouldn’t be mad at him immediately because I didn’t know what he was
going through. It is one of the jobs of teachers, to connect with students. If I already know what
to do, that’s when I will talk to Yu Lun, and of course in a good manner.
(14) 4/17/16 7:45PM And she should have confronted Yu Lun when she wasn't at the edge of
her emotions.
(15) 4/17/16 7:49PM Yes, it was dyadic for there were only the two of them talking. And
interpersonal because there were exchange of thoughts. (In reply to Kreas Cagaoan)
(16) 4/17/16 8:04PM Yes, at the end of the day she just wants Yu Lun to be better and
for Yu Lun to realize his self-worth. (In reply to Ms Cruz and Cagaoan)
(17) 4/17/16 8:10PM Indeed, Amanda! Teenagers tend to overthink, what they need is
understanding. And teenagers tend to think that their parents don't love them when they shout
at them or scold them. How much more when it's only your teacher, the one you only see in
school, how can you not overthink and feel bad about that.
(18) 4/17/16 8:17PM Yes, Kreas, for being humiliated will make someone feel small. It will have
a long term impact on a person. Though for some, it will be a way for them to be motivated.
(19) 4/17/16 8:22PM If I were the student, I would be explaining to my teacher why I'm behaving
that way, that my parents were always away. And that I could have been better if there would be
someone willing to motivate me.
(20) 4/17/16 8:24PM And I will directly tell her that scolding me won't work because what I need
is motivation and guidance because that's what I lack at home.
(21) 4/17/16 8:27 PM After addressing my needs to my teacher, I will be more than willing to
listen to her suggestions and encouragement. I will help myself, too, for if other people believe
in me, then I should, too.
(22) 4/17/16 8:31PM Yes, misunderstanding that could have been prevented if they used the
proper way of communication. (In reply to Kreas Cagaoan)
(23) 4/17/16 8:41PM This is generally true Zia, Yu Lun should have kept his cool, but he was
very problematic at that very moment, making his behavior understandable.
(24) 4/17/16 9:04PM Yes, Ms. Say, and that's what important, the teacher was able to make him
realize what she was trying to do, and that's helping him. In the Yu Lun finally tried to do what
he was ought to.
(25) 4/17/16 11:18PM At the end of the story it can be seen that he was already ready to
change and ready to try new things, Johannah.
(26) 4/17/16 11:21 PM Indeed, Shara. In our age, we need some push for us to be motivated.
Being reprimanded just makes us feel down.
(27) 4/17/16 11:29PM I agree with that, Wayne. Interpersonal talk was the most appropriate one
to use considering the context of the situation.
(28) 4/17/16 11:45 PM Very true, CJ. How can you help someone who's not helping himself.
There's no point at all.
(29) 4/17/16 11:47 PM It's so hard to believe that someone is actually there for you if you
haven't felt it for a long time, Ian.
(30) 4/17/16 11:51PM I agree on that Tim, but let's all face the fact that concrete presence is still
important. Yu Lun's parents should have been with him, even only on his birthday.
(31) 4/18/16 12:01AM That's what I felt too, Shara. The teacher looked strict and she just kept
on pointing out Yu Lun's mistakes. She didn't even bother asking him what his problems were.
(32) 4/18/16 12:05 AM Preach! But in times of need, never ever forget that there will always be
someone who's there for you. (In reply to Ms. Lopez)
(33) 4/18/16 12:10 AM Yes, we should think first before we act because in the end, we will be
the one who will be suffering the consequences.
(34) 4/18/16 12:22 PM Thank you, Ms. Lopez, for sharing this thought. I was able to realize that
it is best to understand what Yu Lun's parents' reason for not being around most of the time. But
I'm kind of agreeing on Ms. David's stand because he wouldn't be acting that way if his parents
were able to express their affection to Yu Lun the best way possible.
(35) 4/18/16 12:38 AM But not everyone is open-minded so one should use the appropriate tone
of voice based on the situation. Though in all honesty you can't preempt that because your
emotions will control you.
(36) 4/18/16 12:45AM Indeed, Ian! At the end of the day, what's important is what you think
about yourself.
(37) 4/18/16 12:51AM That is definitely the best way to address the needs of Yu Lun! It's best
for one to analyze the situation first before acting upon it.
(38) 4/18/16 12:56 AM Yes, love is the solution. Love is enough, for if it's not then it's not love at
(39) 4/18/16 1:06 AM Yes, Jeremiah, and that would make him feel worthless. Even his own
parents don't have time for his birthday. That says quite a lot on how they are as parents,
though we can't really tell because we don't know the whole story.
(40) 4/18/16 1:12 AM I agree, Kath and Carl. The way you redeem yourself after failing is what's
(41) 4/18/6 1:21 AM Thank you for clarifying, Ms. Lopez. This is exactly what I was saying.
(42) 4/18/17 1:34 AM This is true in so many ways for I, myself, appears nonchalant when in all
reality I care too much.
(43) 4/18/17 1:40 AM Apparently, the problem here is lack of proper communication. The
teacher, student and parents have their own shortcomings.
(44) 4/18/17 1:44 AM The structure that was used by the teacher was topic initiation which
signals the start of a conversation. As for the student, I can't really tell because most of the time
he wasn't even willing to listen and talk.
(45) 4/18/16 11:18PM That's indeed true, Ms. De Guzman, for if there's someone who can help
you, it will be yourself.
(46) 4/18/16 11:23PM The use of the principle real time processing was not seen in the video
clip for it took time before the student and the teacher understood each other.
(47) 4/18/16 11:36 PM Indeed, Ms. David! You will be encouraged to be better if you know that
there are people who actually recognizes all your efforts, you will feel that no matter how hard
things may be, everything is worth it in the end.
(48) 4/18/16 11:39PM It's just so amazing that even after failing and being disappointed by his
parents, Yu Lun actually tried to face his own problems.
(49) ) 4/18/16 11:49PM It all boils down to poor communication. Poor communication will always
lead to problems. Problems that could have been prevented if only the parents, Yu Lun and the
teacher were all able to use proper communication techniques.
(50) 4/18/16 11:53PM The teacher should have not let her emotions take over her. Teachers
are expected to be of help to the students, they are not expected to make students feel bad
about themselves.
ENG4: Oral Communication Skills in English
Discussion Forum Comments
Ms. Kristina Isabelle U. Dichoso, M.A.
2 May 2016, Monday

HSBC Advertisement
(1) 4/19/16 11:24 AM Indeed, Mr. Dorado, age gap would really cause difficulty in
communicating with other people. The thoughts of a middle aged person is quite different from
older people creating quite a gap between them.
(2) 4/19/16 11:25 AM Yes, Karla. And people's beliefs changes as well. Making it hard to cope
up with everyone.
(3) 4/19/16 11:31 AM Yes, it's too vague. They could have come up with more comprehensible
(4) 4/19/16 11:33 AM They should have considered the fact that not all people easily
understand, Ms. Say.
(5) 4/19/16 11:35 AM I agree with that, Mr. Dorado, for some people are sensitive when it
comes to culture. It would affect some of their customers.
(6) 4/19/16 11:37 AM Thank you for this, Ms. Lopez. Now I have a tighter grasp of what HSBC
really is talking about.
(7) 4/19/16 11:40 AM Yes, showing that one culture really is different from another. One thing
might be acceptable for a certain culture, but not in another culture.
(8) 4/19/16 11:42 AM May you further elaborate, Mr. Dorado? I don't understand what you're
trying to say here.
(9) 4/19/16 11:50 AM They didn't only show us that they give importance to every culture, they
also showed us different cultures making us aware of how different nations have different
(10) 4/19/16 11:54 AM The first time I watched the videos, I honestly didn't understand the point
of the advertisement.
(11) 4/19/16 11:56 AM What I can only see is that they were presenting different cultures, and
how cultures differ all over the world.
(12) 4/19/16 12:04 PM As I watched the video again and again, I came to realize that what
they're trying to say is that people don't need to adjust to their cultures.
(13) 4/19/16 12:42 PM I don't really think that the subway part manifested communicative
competency, for no one talked during that part. The subway part of HSBC's advertisement only
used nonverbal communication.
(14) 4/19/16 12:51PM As for the second part, dicoursal competence should be used to avoid
misinterpretation of ideas. It was shown that the person from the West consumed everything in
his bowl, causing a misinterpretation because people from Asia thinks that a person is not
satisfied when one eats everything on his plate.
(15) 4/19/16 12:58 PM Yes because like people, language also gets old, Mr. Yusop.
(16) 4/19/16 1:05 PM But because of the differences in their cultures, they misunderstood this
as dissatisfaction of the Westerner. (In reply to Shara Bucad)
(17) 4/19/16 1:07PM Yes, when we are about to engage with people in different cultures, we
should first research about their norms to avoid misunderstanding.
(18) 4/19/16 1:09 PM He should've at least used his common sense. If he can't communicate
well with them, he should've just used hand gestures.
(19) 4/19/16 1:11PM We are on the same track, Mr. Dorado. I believe he should have just used
hand gestures.
(20) 4/19/16 1:12 PM Indeed, for respect begets respect!
(21) 4/19/16 1:13PM He should have considered the fact that he is dealing with other people. (In
reply to Je)
(22) 4/19/16 1:14PM Yes, Sam. Misinterpretations that can lead to problems.
(23) 4/19/16 1:16PM Actions indeed mislead people. (In reply to Ms. Cruz)
(24) 4/19/16 1:18 PM Yes, because as business students, we are bound to meet different kind
of people, all with different cultures. (In reply to Ms. Daza)
(25) 4/19/16 1:21PM Looking at the brighter side, the American guy was respectful enough to
actually eat everything that was prepared by the Asians.
(26) 4/19/16 11:50PM I agree with you, Mr. Dorado. People might get insulted because of that.
(27) 4/19/16 11:55PM Yes, Mr. Dorado, for language changes through time making it difficult for
different genders to understand each other.
(28) 4/20/16 12:01AM Yes, I could be wrong. But using hand gestures to tell someone you're
full, I think that's comprehensible.
(29) 4/20/16 12:02AM In a way true, Mr. Yusop.
(30) 4/20/16 12:06AM And that could've been avoided if he prepared. When one is bound to
meet new people, especially of other culture, one should know first what to do and what to
(31) 4/20/16 12:11AM I just realized that both parties are at fault. Both didn't understand what
each other is trying to convey.
(32) 4/20/16 12:15 Yes, Kreas. And it's actually amazing to see that two different cultures get
along easily and how they easily adapt to each other. That's quite rare.
(33) 4/20/16 12:20 AM The advertisement was honestly vague at first, but as we go deeper, we
will see the significance of the indirect messages brought by the ad.
(34) 4/20/16 12:23AM Amazing how one bank could advertise and provide us with a view of
other cultures at the same time.
(35) 4/20/16 12:26AM That is on point, Ms. Garcia. I, myself, watched the advertisement a lot of
times because I was amazed of how they came up with such idea. But I can't hide the fact that
at some point it was confusing and that they could've made it simpler.
(36) 4/20/16 12:34AM I agree with that, Ms. Lopez. There was an indirect connection that made
it more efficient in conveying its message.
(37) 4/20/16 12:39AM And that is what exactly happened to me, Ms. Lopez. I replayed the video
a lot of times due to curiosity and I was actually amazed when I finally got the message. We just
need to dig deeper into our thoughts to understand what the bank is trying to say.
(38) 4/20/16 12:43AM Yes, Sam. It's just a matter of perspective.
(39) 4/20/16 12:55AM Yes, because if we won't, we will be having a hard time. As business
students, we are expected to easily adapt to whoever we are interacting with.
(40) 4/21/16 11:02PM That's why we need to clarify things first with the people we are talking to,
we should not get mad right away without knowing what they really mean.
(41) 4/21/16 11: 09PM I don't think so, Ms. Ablay. Someone's actions and reactions towards
other cultures define a person.
(42) 4/21/16 11:10PM Yes, because chances are you will get hurt or you will hurt other
people. (In reply to Ms. Ablay
(43) 4/21/16 11:13PM Yes, Mr. Ramirez, it is indeed an effective marketing strategy.
(44) 4/21/16 11:18PM Indeed, it showed how unique they are, Mr. Yusop. Nowadays,
advertisements either show funny or catchy theatrics, but this advertisement did not only make
us laugh, it also widened our knowledge about other cultures.
(45) 4/21/16 11:20PM Not just global, but adaptive to people's needs.
(46) 4/21/16 11:32PM Indeed, Ms. Silvestre, different people have different point of views, that's
why people should be clear in expressing their thoughts so as not to be misunderstood.
(47) 4/21/16 11:34PM That's what I thought at first, Ms. Riego, but as I watched it again and
again, it dawned on me that the advertisement was superb.
(48) 4/21/16 11:48PM I'm sorry about that, Mr. Dorado. What I meant was generations.
(49) 4/21/16 11:57PM I'm sorry for misleading everyone in this thread. What I meant was
generations, not genders. I don't think genders has something to do with language barriers.
(50) 4/22/16 12:01AM Yes, I think so too, Mr. Ramirez. They used that in order for us to see
their distinction right away.

ENG4: Oral Communication Skills in English
Discussion Forum Comments
Ms. Kristina Isabelle U. Dichoso, M.A.
2 May 2016, Monday

Public communication
(1) 4/22/16 12:21AM Steve Jobs' speech was one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever
heard. There was substance in everything that he said.
(2) 4/22/16 12:23AM He was able to connect with the audience quickly, noticing how focused
they were listening to his speech.
(3) 4/22/16 12:25AM Through giving real life examples, he was able to capture the heart of the
audience. It is believed that people appreciate real life examples experienced by a speaker
rather than second hand information.
(4) 4/22/16 12:28AM Steve Job's speech was formal, but he made it seem like he was just
telling his story to his grandkids, making me more amazed of how he can actually do that.
(5) 4/22/16 12:33AM His speech was suitable for graduation because it was about failing and
not giving up. As graduates, they are bound to look for jobs and rejection is inevitable, this
speech will surely motivate them to stand up when they fall.
(6) 4/22/16 12:38AM Though if I were given the chance to make this speech better, I will
definitely suggest that the tone be with more conviction.
(7) 4/22/16 12:41AM In addition to that, I will make the introduction more appealing to the
audience because I was not really satisfied with his introduction.
(8) 4/22/16 12:42AM Yes, indeed! It touched the hearts of everyone.
(9) 4/22/16 12:44AM Yes, there's a great tendency that when the introduction is boring, the
audience will not listen. It's hard to get the attention of the audience back, so it's really important
to make a good impression right away.
(10) 4/22/16 12:46AM Yes, Mr. Umlas. Good speeches will appear dry without the use of hand
gestures for they make emphasis on what the speaker is trying to convey.
(11) 4/22/16 12:51AM And that should be the case at all times, we should not be living someone
else's life. (In reply to Mr. Umlas)
(12) 4/22/16 12:29AM Yes, he said that we should not worry about the things that we can't
control. That's something we should always remember because worrying takes a lot of time
from us, time that could have rather been used enjoying life's graces.
(13) 4/22/16 1:04AM I think "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish" means that we should always be open
to new experiences and that we should not be afraid to commit mistakes because these
mistakes are actually there to help us grow.
(14) 4/22/16 1:07AM Yes, because if we keep on living to people's expectations, we will never
be happy.
(15) 4/22/16 1:14AM Thank you for that, Mr. Ang. I think I was wrong with using the word
conviction, but I could not think of any other words. Do you have something in mind?
(16) 4/22/16 1:18AM Agreed, Ms. Kath. Using Electronic Media have setbacks and it would
often lead to miscommunication due to different perspectives of each person. fastness
(17) 4/22/16 1:22AM But I can't deny the fact that Electronic Media has helped this fast-paced
world achieve the fast transmission of messages we all want.
(18) 4/22/16 1:23AM Yes, because we are instantly influenced by what we read or hear, which
is sometimes alarming.
(19) 4/22/16 1:29AM The president's SONA is an informative speech in the sense that what he's
saying are things that we are not aware of, like economic achievements, projects that were
successful, etc.
(20) 4/22/16 1:31AM Persuasive in the sense that he might be using these information or
achievements to make people think that when the politician he is endorsing gets elected, more
of these things will be accomplished.
(21) 4/22/16 1:36AM Indeed, Mr. Dorado! When one is inconsistent in his speech, he will not be
able to convey what he really is trying to say. CONSISTENCY is really important in this life,
(22) 4/22/16 1:38AM Yes, you can see how they respond to his speech. You can see it in their
(23) 4/22/16 1:45AM His speech is timely and relevant especially now that we are on our Finals
period, all stressed and pressured. Listening to his speech boosted my morale and it regained
the hope I lost these past few days.
(24) 4/22/16 1:49AM Indeed, Ms. Lopez. As the saying goes, "Be the change you want to see in
the world."
(25) 4/22/16 1:55AM Agreed, Ms. Lopez. Nothing feels better than knowing that someone
is actually listening to your speech.
(26) 4/22/16 1:57AM And that's important because some audience are intimidated by big
personalities, they would not even bother looking at the speaker. It is really important to
establish connections in speeches.
(27) 4/22/16 2:01AM The time used for Steve Jobs' examples are quite far from the present
time, but they still seem relevant because his experiences are timeless, they are
still relatable up to this point.
(28) 4/22/16 2:06AM This news report shows the trend in Seoul - plastic surgery.
(29) 4/22/16 2:08AM It was said that almost everyone in Seoul is into plastic surgery because
appearance was important in order for someone to get ahead.
(30) 4/22/16 2:09AM The cosmetic surgery clinic used advertisements that showcase the before
and after effect of the surgery, trying to persuade the people to have their surgery.
(31) 4/22/16 2:16AM One thing that is common in all those speeches are they increase our
knowledge and they make us experience things through their words.
(32) 4/22/16 2:18AM Pope Francis' Homily was more on reaching out to the youth to be able to
inspire them and motivate them. He is trying to help the youth see the good in everything.
(33) 4/22/16 2:19AM All of these have different nature but has only one objective, an that is to
reach out to the viewers.
(34) 4/22/16 2:23AM Agreed, Mr. Beltran, for if the goals were not clear, the implied message
will not be understood by the audience.
(35) 4/22/16 2:24AM Yes, Ms. Daza. And without it, your speech will not have a direction,
making yourself confused as well.
(36) 4/22/16 2:26AM The Pope's homily was an impromptu speech, meaning it was not
prepared. What I like about impromptu speeches is that they come from the heart of the
(37) 4/22/16 2:29AM It's really sad knowing that one's appearance can hinder him/her from
achieving something that he/she wants.
(38) 4/22/16 2:34AM Agreed! You can't be successful if you don't love what to do. For success, I
believe is not about achievements, but rather self-satisfaction.
(39) 4/22/16 2:38AM You should also use varieties of intonations so as to keep audiences from
getting bored because of monotony.
(40) 4/22/16 2:39AM Which can be a boon or bane at the same time.
(41) 5/01/16 2:24 PM The purpose was clear enough for the students to understand. The intent
of the speech was to inspire the students to never back down no matter what happens in their
life. Steve Jobs teaches them that our past teaches us how to be wiser in the future.
(42) 5/01/16 2:26 PM The speech’s content was timely. Talking about failures and successes
are relevant for the graduates because they may be experiencing these things in the long run.
(43) 5/01/16 2:30PM Not really, Mr. Ting. I do believe that credentials is what matters the most.
Not all companies base their employment on looks, they look deeper.
(44) 5/01/16 2:33 PM Indeed, Mr. Umlas, because it's not the mere appearance of the
employees that makes the company keep going, it's what they can offer to the company like
their skills.
(45) 5/01/16 2:36PM That wasn't my opinion, Mr. Ting, I was just reiterating what the news
reporter said.
(46) 5/01/16 2:41PM I agree, Ms. Helene. I wish I had known this speech right after I knew
about my accounting grade, in that way I will be able to cope up faster.
(47) 5/01/16 2:49PM We can't really say which is more inspiring because both of them had
different things to say, but both has the same goal, and that is to inspire the youth.
(48) 5/01/16 3:06 PM I think improper speech delivery is when the the speaker fails to relate to
the audience and when the audience fail to understand what the speaker is implying. I believe
that even when one has prepared well, this will still be unavoidable.
(49) 5/01/16 3:10 PM This is the part where speeches can have both negative and positive
sides. Positive because of the assurance we get through words, and negative because these
words make us believe in some things that aren't even possible.
5/01/16 3:15PM Yes indeed! Even the fact that he did not stick to his original speech was
already moving.