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N Reddy



N Reddy Mobile: Email: Career Objective To be part of an organization with an objective to

Career Objective

To be part of an organization with an objective to accept the challenges and to work towards achieving the goals of organization that will build on my skills and provide me with ample scope for growth.

Educational Qualification

MBA from Osmania University in 2009



N Reddy Mobile: Email: Career Objective To be part of an organization with an objective to

Certified Specialist – IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.5 Administration

Technical Skills

Operating systems: Win 2K/2K3\2K8 Server, Linux (RHEL 4), AIX Backup Applications: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V 5.5/6.X, B/A Client, Backup Agents: TDP Sql, TDP Oracle and CBMR Hardware: IBM 3583, 3584, TS3200 Ultrium Library, MSL2024 and MSL8096 HP Tape libraries with LTO3 and LTO5 Tape Drives.

Having 6.1 years of experience in IT with relevant experience on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. And HPDP

Professional Experience




: Senior Operations Professional




  • Maintains and monitors TSM servers and physical enterprise IBM automated tape libraries.


  • Plans, schedules and performs proactive maintenance.

  • Performs daily routine maintenance, i.e. review TSM Server daily activity log, perform TSM database maintenance, perform storage pool maintenance.

  • Proactively oversees resolution of backup/recovery service disruptions and implementation of preventative measures.

  • Ensures regular reporting to management regarding performance and service levels of TSM systems, in order to inform responsible management about major deviations and/or corrective actions.

  • Performs continuous research and audits to ensure continuous and high levels of performance, security and availability backup devices.

  • Good knowledge in problem and change management processes and implementing changes in the backup environment as per the requirement

  • Interacting with steady state support teams, account management team and customers and analyzing backup metrics

  • Tuning of TSM Server and client parameter to improve backup performance.

  • Troubleshooting Library issues, Upgrading firmware, tape issues, drives issues.

  • Wide Knowledge of backup and restore technologies including setting up client nodes, domains, policy settings, management class, copy groups, include/exclude lists.

  • Audit Volumes for restoration, Destroy and change status, Audit Library for any Mismatches found in TSM Inventory and Library Inventory.

  • Enhanced TSM Administration task, such as balancing Policy domain, management class, storage pools, mount points, migration, reclamation and expiration.

  • Working knowledge and experience in TSM client migration of UNIX & Wintel client. Remove expire client and deleting file space from tapes.

  • Planning and Performing firmware upgrades for tape libraries and carrying out systematic checks

  • Performing security health checks and ensuring compliance in the backup environment

  • Ability to collaborate with other support teams to troubleshoot incidents, and resolve issues.

  • Good knowledge in Installation & Configuration of TDP for Oracle , DB2 and TDP for SQL.

  • Have experience in Installation and configuration of LAN-Free backups.

  • Working knowledge on TSM4VE.

  • Node migration from One site to another site, phase wise.

Data Protector

  • Daily backup monitoring

  • Health Check and sending the tapes to onsite based on the retention period.

  • Troubleshooting and re-running backup jobs

  • Installing & Configuring DP software on client machines

  • Adding new clients to backup \ Decommission of requested clients


  • Maintaining Restore requests

  • Updating monthly and yearly schedules as per the client schedule calendar.

  • Login Library webconsole and check whether any error showing and worked on the error.

Professional Experience



HCL Technologies, Chennai.


: Senior Specialist.


: January 2012 to September 2015.


  • Handling around 140 TSM Servers, distributed globally, with more than 12,000 Clients including SQL, Oracle, CBMR and DB2 nodes.

  • Designing complete backup and restore strategy, Defining Database, Recovery log, Storage Pool volumes as per the requirement.

  • Configuring TSM operations like expiration, migration, reclamation, collocation and media management.

  • Configuring the automated reports to the site contacts for tape rotations.

  • Define and configure the client and administrative schedules, checking the status.

  • Checking error reports on the servers and health check of the servers, if any recovery LOG or Database or Storage pool related issues, troubleshooting based on the criticality.

  • Configuring the server to server communication to avail the command routing, Import/Export and Central configuration utilities.

  • Creating Profiles in Configuration manager server to send the updates to the remaining managed servers.

  • Knowledge and Experience on tape libraries such as IBM System storage IBM 3584, IBM 3583, MSL2024, MSL 8096 libraries for daily operations and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Installing and Configuring TSM Servers and B/A Clients.

  • Library Management, maintaining Scratch Volumes and Log Monitoring daily

  • Working knowledge on client applications like B/A Client, TDP Sql, TDP Oracle and CBMR.

  • Configuring and managing policies, schedules, registering nodes, association, and


maintaining client data as per the Client requests.

  • Migrated Clients from One TSM server to another TSM server.

  • Checking client, admin schedules status, if any failures, investigating the issue and rerunning the job manually based on criticality.

  • Working on Tape library issues, Drive and Path issues.

  • Working on bad tapes by auditing volume and restoring the volumes in case of destroyed tapes.

  • Resolving the cases based on SLA and OLA.

  • Decommissioning and removing the nodes from TSM Server after certain period of time as per the policy.

  • Restoring the user’s data as per the requirements.

  • Working experience on annual DR Tests with 100% success rate.

  • Interacting with the clients on weekly meetings and discussing on ongoing issues.

  • Knowledge on LANFREE Backups.

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