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Installing MapInfo Pro 15.

This document describes the process for obtaining Mapinfo and installing activation keys

To install MapInfo Pro:

1. Download MapInfo Software from this link for version15.2 64bit

for version15.0 32bit

2. After downloading MapInfo software, unzip the file and install this software on local

3. Choose MapInfo Pro Installer.

You may see a prompt for permission to continue. Click Allow or Yes to proceed (if you
do not respond and the message times-out, the install is unsuccessful).

4. If you see a message that MapInfo Pro requires a reboot, click Yes. You must reboot
to continue with the installation. Click Next to continue the process.

5. On the License Information screen, review the license. If accepting the terms, click
Next to Continue.

6. On the Customer Information screen, type your name (Nsn-Intra User Name),
organization name (Nokia), and Check the Evaluation Copy in the corresponding fields.
7. Click Next to continue.
8. Select the Typical option, Click Next to continue

9. Click Change to create a new path on the Change Current Destination Folder screen.
Create a new folder Mapinfo15.2 in C:\Program files\ and Provide path to destination

10. Click Next to continue.

11. On the Ready to Install the Program screen, review your selections to ensure that
the path is correct and then click Install. To make changes, click Back. A progress bar
indicates the status of the process

12. When the Complete screen displays, click Finish.

13. MapInfo 15.2 will be successfully installed on machine.

For Product Activation

Send an email to Process & Tools team (
providing these details:
Laptop Serial Number

Line Manager Name


Circle Head Mail ID

Contact Number
NSN User Name

LM Mail ID
Email ID
Emp ID


Note: License requestor should ensure that Cisco Jabber/ TeamViewer is installed
on his machine.
All User are requested to use this specific Subject Tag for sending any email to
Process & Tools team for MapInfo query.
MapInfo<Employee ID><CT>: “___any text____”
Eg: MapInfo61370799Bharti: Licence required or MapInfo61370799Bharti: Surrender license

Support Contacts
Email Process &Tools team: