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Road Lighting • LED

GreenVision Xceed
GreenVision Xceed offers an affordable LED road lighting solution for
both residential and major road applications. It offers 3 housing sizes
and a range of beam optics to fully cater to different road configurations
and conditions. It is designed to achieve better light uniformity and
maximum spacing between poles, while ensuring sufficient light on the
road. Its die-cast aluminium housing and Philips LEDGINE LED platform
ensures long lifetime and reliability. Best of all, GreenVision Xceed offers
up to 50% of energy savings when compared to conventional lamp

Features and Benefits

• Up to 50% energy savings with full compliance to road lighting safety standards
• Superior W/m2 performance delivered through different optics for greater flexibility to fit different road applications
• High quality cool and neutral white light with high coloUr consistency
• Tool-less opening of gear compartment & gear tray replacement for ease of maintenance
• World class, approbated quality components (LEDs / Driver / etc.)


Model L W H
(mm) (mm) (mm)
BRP371 422 318 136
BRP372 522 318 136
BRP373 853 318 136

Dimensions in mm (Nominal)

GreenVision Xceed
Family Name GreenVision Xceed Optics DNE, DME, DWE, DWV, DWP, DW

Model BRP371/372/373 Driver Integrated driver

Lumens Up to 31,100 lumens Surge Protection 10kV

Wattage 20W to 305W Installation Pole mounted

Lamp Colour 3000K, 4000K, 5700K Weight BRP371:6.5kg; BRP372:8kg; BRP373:14kg

Colour Rendering Index 70 ± 5 Colour of housing Grey

Application Major & Residential roads
Flex and Plug No
Accessories N/A
*Lifetime (L70@35°C) 50,000 hrs
* = When the fitting reaches 70% of full potential (new)
Classifications IP66, IK08, Class I

2.64 Philips Lighting Catalogue

GreenVision Xceed continued

Commercial code description

BRP371204KDWE BRP371 LED20/NW 20W 220-240V

BRP371284KDWE BRP371 LED30/NW 28W 220-240V

BRP371554KDWE BRP371 LED53/NW 55W 220-240V

BRP371704KDWE BRP371 LED70/NW 70W 220-240V

BRP371904KDWE BRP371 LED87/NW 90W 220-240V

BRP3711054KDWE BRP371 LED104/NW 105W 220-240V

BRP3721204KDWE BRP372 LED122/NW 120W 220-240V

BRP3721404KDWE BRP372 LED139/NW 140W 220-240V

BRP3721504KDWE BRP372 LED157/NW 155W 220-240V

BRP3731754KDWE BRP373 LED174/NW 175W 220-240V

BRP3731954KDWE BRP373 LED192/NW 195W 220-240V

BRP3732104KDWE BRP373 LED209/NW 210W 220-240V

BRP3732254KDWE BRP373 LED226/NW 225W 220-240V

BRP3732404KDWE BRP373 LED243/NW 240W 220-240V

BRP3732604KDWE BRP373 LED260/NW 260W 220-240V

BRP3732754KDWE BRP373 LED277/NW 275W 220-240V

BRP3732904KDWE BRP373 LED294/NW 290W 220-240V

BRP3733054KDWE BRP373 LED311/NW 305W 220-240V Philips Lighting Catalogue 2.65