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English course for Pilots and Air Traffic

Controllers to achieve ICAO compliance

at ICAO Level 4 and above
The global need for higher standards of English
proficiency in aviation
A high level of proficiency in English is essential to prevent communication errors during
flight. Several aviation incidents have been caused by miscommunication in English.

In response the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has set new standards of
English proficiency for flight crew and air traffic controllers. All ICAO member states need to
ensure that all pilots and controllers achieve a minimum level of ICAO Level 4 Operational
before March 2011.

This brochure explains exactly what you should do to

ensure that you meet the ICAO English Proficiency

The path to ICAO level 4 and

1. All flight crew and controllers should first
take a Placement Test to find out their
current English level.

2. After receiving the results of the

Placement Test purchase the required
levels of ICAO Aviation English Online
necessary to reach ICAO Level 4.

3. Practice English online or arrange

optional classroom based training (blended
learning) with our experienced Aviation
English Teachers.

4. Arrange to take an ICAO English test

with an organisation authorised by your
national Civil Aviation Department/Authority.

ICAO Aviation English Online 2  

The most convenient course for pilots and
air traffic controllers  
ICAO Aviation English Online is suitable for both airline sponsored and private students. If
you are a prospective airline pilot or air traffic controller, or even one already in active duty
you will find our courses help you quickly and easily obtain proficiency in English to meet the
requirements of your chosen career. ICAO Aviation English Online is a proven system
that delivers measurable results.

You will need a solid command of English if your goal is to:

• become an airline pilot,

• become an air traffic controller,
• become a general aviation pilot,
• join an airline's cadet pilot programme,
• begin initial flight training
• study for an aviation degree.
• practice for an ICAO retest.

The ICAO Aviation English Online course will

help you quickly and easily gain proficiency in
English to meet the requirements of an aviation

The most effective solution for flight schools

Flight schools looking for an English language component for their own courses will be
satisfied that ICAO Aviation English Online will fulfil their needs. Aviation English Asia
Ltd’s network of experienced aviation English teachers are based throughout the world and
can deliver aviation English courses at flight schools, universities and colleges wishing to
offer a blended classroom based and online training.

Benefit from a structured online course offering over 100 hours of training per level and the
expertise of Aviation English teachers who are familiar with both teaching English as a
Second or Other Language and flight operations. Flight schools that choose the blended
learning option can benefit from expanded classroom lessons based on the online course.

Trainee progress can easily be monitored and the system is easy to implement whether you
choose the blended or 100% Computer Based Training (CBT) mode. Partner flight schools
will receive a complete set of promotional materials and instruction will be provided to ensure
that you can operate the system. It’s very easy to integrate into existing flight training

ICAO Aviation English Online 3  

A proven system chosen by world class partners
Aviation English Asia offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution for online / on-site
English language training in the region.

The ICAO Aviation English Online course features:

• high-quality English training,

• easy accessibility through the Internet,
• adherence to ICAO certification standards ICAO Aviation English
• local support in the region Online is exactly the same
• training for all abilities from ICAO levels 2 to 4.
• high degree of instructor support course as used by major
• content–based learning airlines with the added
• high interest subject matter
• learning method that allows you to remember benefit of local support from
nearly 100% of key points. experienced Aviation English
Learning Management System (LMS)

• genuine recordings from ICAO and FAA based
• designed for ICAO compliance

ICAO Aviation English Online 4  


The fastest way to achieve proficiency at ICAO Level 4

Whether your goal is to meet the new ICAO English standards, attend an airline’s ICAO
English test, communicate more effectively with ground controllers and passengers, or to
increase overall effectiveness in communication, all pilots and other flight professionals need
a solid command of English.

Aviation English Asia is at the forefront of aviation English training in Asia. We are dedicated
to helping people whose success depends on improving their English to surpass ICAO Level
4 standards.

Summary of benefits:
• Start at the correct skill level so you will never find it too easy or too difficult. The
course consists of four skill levels - Basic, Beginner, High Beginner and Intermediate
– each relating to the ICAO scale.

• Get a competitive advantage with recruiters if you already have an ICAO certification.

• Reinforce knowledge learned during flight training.

• Improve your listening, speaking and reading comprehension skills, which leads to
further increased vocabulary and better pronunciation.

• Save time - no need to change your schedule to attend traditional English classes.

• Save money - more economical than traditional English classes.

(90+ hours of training per level)

• Improve your pronunciation - speaking activities are included in each unit.

• Build your confidence in radiotelephony - by practicing in a safe environment.

• Improve your ability to understand a variety of accents.

• Understand technical aviation reports and text.

• Remember new technical vocabulary easily.

• Communicate with more accurate grammar.

• Learn important information essential for your career.

• Enjoy the course - as the content of lessons is specifically designed to be of high

interest to aviation professionals.

ICAO Aviation English Online 5  

Benefits of ICAO Aviation English Online
ICAO Aviation English Online is a world-class solution to provide you with the best in
English language training. Here are some ways in which you will achieve your goals.

Get a competitive advantage when talking to recruiters

An ICAO English rating of level 4 or above will be a big benefit when it comes to selection.
Recruiters will put you on the top of the list when interviewing for pilot or air traffic controller
positions. If you wait for them to train you in English, you could lose out to someone who
already has the certification.

Advanced learning method helps you remember long term

You will remember what you learn. ICAO Aviation English uses a proven learning method
that will help you remember nearly 100% of key learning points. ICAO Aviation English will
help you get top scores.

Flexible enough to fit into your training schedule

You don't need to change your training schedule to take the course. ICAO Aviation English
is available at anytime from anywhere you have access to a computer. You will find that the
training is flexible enough to fit into your schedule – and you won't need to take time off work
to attend a traditional language class. The course is also flexible enough so that you can get
the training done quickly and still maintain your normal social and family life.

Competitive pricing
ICAO Aviation English is affordable compared to the general courses provided by most
language training schools. As it is more focused on the language functions that you need in
aviation you can save a lot of time too.

Course designed to meet ICAO requirements

The course content will always meet ICAO recommendations.

Build your telephony skills

ICAO Aviation English Online simulates what you will experience as a pilot or controller. The
course will help you become confident in handling radio calls in English. Instead of having to
practice in an expensive aircraft you can practice and become proficient in a totally safe

ICAO Aviation English Online 6  

Score higher – maximise training
ICAO Aviation English Online has many proven benefits.
• It applies the best practices from the field of accelerated learning
• It remembers what you have learned or have not learned and customizes your review
based on your individual needs
• It continuously adapts the learning process to your learning needs
• It schedules reviews and sends you review reminders
• It enables you to retain knowledge months after completing the course.

Prepare before you start technical training

ICAO Aviation English Online can be taken before you enrol into a flight school. Completing
the ICAO Aviation English Online course just prior to your technical training program will
enable you to learn and practice the language skills needed to fly aircraft safely.

Improve your pronunciation

You can improve your pronunciation with activities built into each skill level course. The
language is first presented in text accompanied by properly spoken American or British
English. You can then speak into a microphone to record and playback your own recording
of the same information. These pronunciation activities help you build self-confidence when
communicating in English.

ATC communication in English from Basic to Advanced

You can practice listening to a variety of accents, in real ATC dialogues to build
radiotelephony skills in English, just as you will in real life.

Perfect for both Commercial and General Aviation pilots

Whether you are in general aviation or commercial aviation you must get the ICAO level 4
certification. Most general aviation pilots pay for all training themselves. With ICAO
Aviation English Online you get the best training for a very reasonable price – specialised
training for a price cheaper than a General English class.

ICAO Aviation English Online 7  

Course Overview
ICAO Aviation English Online consists of four skill levels. In each level of the course, you
will learn English while also learning information that you will find important in your career
such as flight safety, aviation weather, meteorology, flight physiology and medicine.

Subjects include:

Early Aviation History General Topics in Aviation

1. Man’s First Attempt to Fly 7. Major Parts of an Airplane
2. The Early Days of Powered Flight 8. Weather Hazards for Airplanes
3. Charles Lindbergh’s Flights in China 9. Accident Avoidance
4. The Flying Boat 10. Airbus: The Transportation Challenge
5. The Birth of the Airbus Industrie 11. 21st Fighter Squadron
6. Airbus History: 1980 and Beyond 12. Aviation Careers

Flight Physiology for Cockpit Crews Interesting Aircraft

1. Situational Awareness 7. Extreme Aircraft
2. Pilot and Crew Fatigue 8. Star Wars Cockpit
3. Disorientation 9. Stealth Technology
4. Flight Illusions 10. Wing in Ground Effect Aircraft
5. Stress Management for Pilots 11. Airplanes Can't Do That!
6. Pilot Aeromedical Certification 12. Ramjets and Scramjets

Special Aircraft Flight Physiology

1. Introduction to the Helicopter 7. Hot and Cold Temperatures
2. Helicopters: Workhorses of the Air 8. Flying and Diving
3. Flying by Solar Power, and No Power 9. Circadian Rhythm and Jet Lag
4. The SR-71 Blackbird 10. Cabin Air Quality of Commercial Jets
5. Banner Towing 11. Air Ambulances
6. Airships 12. Motion Sickness

General Concepts of Aviation Weather Aviation Meteorology

1. Altimetry, Air Pressure and Wind 7. Thunderstorms
2.. Heat Energy and Moisture 8. Wind Shear and Microbursts
3. Stability, Instability and Clouds 9. Turbulence
4. Local and Regional Circulations 10. Aircraft Structural Icing
5. Global Circulation 11. METAR and TAF
6. Air Masses and Fronts 12. Understanding Weather Charts

Each  level  of  ICAO  Aviation  English  

Online  offers  over  90  hours  of  English  

ICAO Aviation English Online 8  

What is in each unit?
Each level of the course consists of 12 units, each unit taking approximately 8-10 hours to
complete. ICAO Aviation English Online also contains tests and interactive activities such

ICAO Aviation English Online also contains tests

and interactive activities such as:
• Listening comprehension of ATC / pilot
• Pronunciation practice
• Fluency drills
• General and technical aviation vocabulary
• Grammar / structure quizzes
• Reading Comprehension

All tests provide instant and informative feedback to help you learn more effectively. You will
hear a variety of British and American accents throughout the lessons.

Each unit provides an average of 800+ quiz questions. You get immediate feedback for each
test after it is submitted for a grade. You need to score 80% or higher on all of the tests
before taking the final exam.

Each level includes a final exam

At the end of each skill level you will take a final examination, which covers the content and
skill development of that level’s course. You will need to score 75% or higher on the 60-
minute online final exam to successfully complete each course and proceed to the next level.
At the end of Level 4, you should be very well prepared to sit the ICAO English test.

Try a demo unit before you buy!

You can try a demo unit of each of the 4 levels by visiting and
joining the mailing list. After confirming your subscription you will be sent a link to the demo

ICAO Aviation English Online 9  

Find out your starting level
ICAO Aviation English Online targets the training needs of Pilots, Cadets and Air Traffic
Controllers who need to pass the test to prove ICAO Level 4 proficiency.

The first step is to find your exact starting level by taking the Aviation English Placement
Test. Trainees are placed into the ICAO Aviation English Online course based upon the
score earned on the Aviation English Placement Test. After taking the test you will be given
a recommended starting level.



High  Beginner  
Test   Intermediate  


How much does a Placement Test cost?

Placement Tests currently cost $125 USD. This is a 60 minute online test. You can
purchase a Placement test using PayPal by visiting:

ICAO Aviation English Online 10  

ICAO levels explained

When trainees successfully complete the 12 lessons for each course, they will achieve the
following levels:

Basic – ICAO Level 2 (Lower Elementary Level)

Trainees can understand, recognize and read a limited a number of common words, phrases
and simple sentences used in everyday life. Trainees below this level (ICAO Level 1 Pre-
Elementary) are not able to function in English. These trainees should have formal
classroom instruction.

Aviation English Ordinate TOEFL IELTS

Online level

Basic 20-31 400-427 3.0.

Beginner – ICAO Level 2 (Upper Elementary Level)

Trainees can read and understand the basic parts of a limited, often work related topic
(simple facts and main ideas). They are also able to follow some specialized vocabulary and
take part in a short simple conversation. They are not able to follow or participate in a native-
paced conversation or read complex material. They can handle routine situations but cannot
communicate about unexpected events.

Aviation English Ordinate TOEFL IELTS

Online level

Beginner 32-43 430-463 3.5

ICAO Aviation English Online 11  

High Beginner – ICAO Level 3 (Lower Pre-Operational Level)
Trainees can function in English in a limited way. They should be able to read and
understand most of the main ideas and specialized vocabulary of simple texts. At this level,
they have an increasing set of topic-specific vocabulary and can participate in slower-than
native-paced discussions. Trainees are not able to participate in lengthy discussions or
communicate easily on unfamiliar topics.

Aviation English Ordinate TOEFL IELTS

Online course

High Beginner 44-55 467-497 4.0

Intermediate– ICAO Level 3 (Upper Pre-Operational Level)

Trainees can read and understand some professional English at this level. They are able to
use a broader set of vocabulary words and more complex language. They can participate
effectively in conversation regarding their specialized area of expertise. When confronted
with unexpected topics, comprehension may be slower or require clarification strategies.
While grammatical errors still exist, trainees can usually make themselves understood
accurately at this level.

Aviation English Ordinate TOEFL IELTS

Online course

Intermediate 56-67 500-520 5.0

Advanced – ICAO Level 4 (Operational Level)

Trainees can listen to, read and discuss the main ideas, technical vocabulary and details in
most professional material. At this level, they are able to participate in a more sophisticated
or professional conversation regarding their specialized area of expertise. They can
generally handle predictable and unexpected topics of communication.

Aviation English Ordinate TOEFL IELTS

Online course

Advanced 68-80 523+ 5.5+

ICAO Aviation English Online 12  

How do I know my starting level?
The Aviation English Placement Test provides a diagnostic evaluation of your English
language proficiency within the specific context of aviation.

The Aviation English Placement Test can also be used by companies to accurately assess
the English proficiency levels of employees, help identify training needs and decide which
training program is appropriate for their individual needs.

Purchase a Placement Test here:

Placement Tests currently cost $125 USD. This is a 60 minute online test with four

• Part 1 - Listening Comprehension (25 minutes)

• Part 2 - Grammar/Structure (10 minutes)
• Part 3 - Vocabulary (12 minutes)
• Part 4 - Reading Comprehension (12 minutes)

You can purchase a Placement test using PayPal by visiting:

Is the placement test really accurate?

Yes, results are consistent with other test results.

Can I take a practice test first?

We have set up a complimentary Practice Test designed to reduce the stress of non-native
English speakers who may be taking an online test for the first time. Each trainee will be
enrolled into the Practice Test prior to the date of the Placement Test. This will allow the
trainee to have the opportunity to become familiar with the online test and to practice
different varieties of test questions. These questions are similar to those in the full version of
the Placement Test.

ICAO Aviation English Online 13  

How do I read the Placement Test Report?
The Placement Test generates a report for each individual or group. The following is an
example of a test report.

Read + Total
Grammar Listening Vocab (100) Recommended
Last FirstName Username (20) (40) (40) ICAO Courses Levels

xxx xxx aea02406_ xxx 17 40 36 93 Advanced 5

xxx xxx aea02425_ xxx 18 39 33 90 Advanced 4

xxx xxx aea02439_ xxx 15 38 31 84 Intermediate 3

xxx xxx aea02468_ xxx 10 28 27 65 Intermediate 3

xxx xxx aea02476_ xxx 13 36 31 80 Intermediate 3

xxx xxx aea02485_ xxx 18 38 Intermediate 3

xxx xxx aea02487_ xxx 14 39 38 91 Intermediate 3

xxx xxx aea02495_ xxx 8 39 36 83 High Beginner 2

xxx xxx aea02504_ xxx 16 36 33 85 Advanced 4

Note: ICAO Document 9835, item 2.8.4 states that each person's proficiency rating
level is determined by the lowest rating level assigned in any particular category.
Therefore, the recommended training level is based upon the "lowest score" not the
person's "total score" as shown in the chart above.

Optional Telephone Test

Trainees can also take a 15 minute telephone test measures spoken language skills
accurately and reliably. The features of this test are:

• it can be given at any time, from any location.

• it has Immediate, objective, reliable scoring available over the Web
• it only requires a land telephone for a test-taker to begin with the test

The telephone test is available for an additional $100 USD. For further details
please email

ICAO Aviation English Online 14  

How long will it take to reach ICAO level 4?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the environment, intensity
of study, mode of study and teacher experience and familiarity with the learning materials. A
rough answer is about 100 hours between each level, although that can vary greatly.

You should successfully complete the 12 lessons in your current course (including reviews
and final exam) to progress to the next skill level course.

This chart illustrates the approximate training timeline of the trainee once his / her skill levels
are identified through the Aviation English Placement Test.

Beginner  -­‐   High  Beginner-­‐   Intermediate  -­‐  
number  of   Basic  -­‐  ICAO  
ICAO  Level  2   ICAO  Level  3   ICAO  Level  3  
hours  to  reach   Level  2  Lower  
Upper   Lower   Upper  
ICAO  level  4  

12   12   12   12  
lessons   lessons   lessons   lessons    

384   288   192  

96  hours  
hours   hours   hours  

Each course of 12 lessons will take approximately 12 weeks to complete, so someone who
scores ICAO Level 3 Lower on the Placement Test should expect 192 hundred hours of
study, over approximately 6 months to reach ICAO Level 4.

ICAO Aviation English Online 15  

Strategies to reach ICAO level 4
After determining your starting level you have two options.

1. Learn 100% online

This is the easiest and most convenient way to improve your English. This option is
recommended for individuals who do not have access to English language training at one of
our partner institutions.

2. Blended classroom and Computer Based Training

Blended learning has many proven advantages.

• Access to experienced Aviation English teachers - Aviation English Asia teachers

are experienced ESL and aviation professionals that can use a wide variety of
instructional techniques. We deliver the on-site section of the program. Where
appropriate, Subject Matter Experts may provide additional training.

• Expansion of Online Content - The on-site sessions give the trainees a deeper
understanding of the course content while they are developing their language skills
face to face with their trainer and fellow trainees.

• Further Development of Speaking Skills - During the classroom sessions, trainees

get extensive practice in the listening and speaking skills that are so important for
radiotelephony. Trainees participate in a variety of activities to improve their use of
ICAO phraseology and to learn how to communicate in both standard and
nonstandard situations. This will allow the trainees to reach ICAO's required
Operational Level 4 faster than with 100% online training.

• Controlled Setting - The controlled setting of a classroom provides the opportunity

for additional testing and evaluation.

• Higher level of student motivation and engagement – classroom based learning

makes the online classes more meaningful. Learners are more engaged with
learning and benefit from the additional contact with an experienced aviation English

ICAO Aviation English Online 16  

Is classroom based training also available in my country?
Aviation English Asia Ltd have a network of teachers available for short contracts worldwide.
Classes can be arranged depending on student numbers, proximity and expected duration
of a course. For more details about this option please email
stating your requirements.

Options for delivery of classroom based courses

Option 1:

At the Basic, Beginner and High Beginner levels, courses are delivered online with the final
week of each course being an onsite intensive one-week session. This intensive teacher-led
session focuses on speaking skills as well as providing a review of course materials at that
level. At the Intermediate level, the intensive session is two weeks of teacher-led instruction.

Option 2:

The courses are delivered online with an intensive two week session offered on site after the
Intermediate level. The additional on-site session would strongly emphasize speaking skills
in addition to reviewing course material, all in preparation for the ICAO English proficiency

ICAO Aviation English Online 17  

The Learning Management System
The ICAO Aviation English Online LMS offers a number of administrative reports which

• Trainee Retention Rate

• Test records
• Test scores
• Time spent following the Learning Plan
• Trainees who are enrolled who have not begun
• Trainees who have successfully completed a course

These statistics will help motivate learners and help them stick to a learning schedule.

Minimum system requirements

ICAO Aviation English Online is web-based and will run on most computers. Here is a list of
minimum requirements. If you are not sure whether the course will run on your computer, or
you are concerned about internet connection speed please email and we will set up a speed test for you.

o Windows XP SP2 - Minimum 1GHz
o Windows Vista - Minimum Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHZ
• Memory
o Windows XP SP2 - Minimum 512 MB, Recommend 768 MB
o Windows Vista - Minimum 1 GB, Recommend 2 GB
• Monitor - 1024 x 768
• Head phones/speakers for listening and comprehension exercises
• Microphone required for pronunciation exercises
• Operating System
o Windows XP SP2,
o Windows Vista
o Windows 2000,
o Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
• Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 2.0 or higher
o Internet Explorer 6.0 will not support the multi-media.

• Mac OS X users can use Safari 1.3 (or higher) or Firefox 2.0 (or higher)
• Java version 6

ICAO Aviation English Online 18  

What to do next
If you are serious about an aviation career then you will find that ICAO Aviation English
Online is an excellent solution for you. It’s very reasonably priced, especially when
compared to the cost of traditional language classes.

Learning English can take time, so we recommend starting to improve your English early,
and the best time to start is right now.

Purchase Placement Tests and Courses here:

Placement Tests currently cost $125 USD.

• Part 1 - Listening Comprehension (25 minutes)

• Part 2 - Grammar/Structure (10 minutes)
• Part 3 - Vocabulary (12 minutes)
• Part 4 - Reading Comprehension (12 minutes)

ICAO Aviation English Online costs $800 USD per level

• Basic Level Course - ICAO Level 2 (Lower Elementary Level) $800

• Beginner Level Course - ICAO Level 2 (Upper Elementary Level) $800
• High Beginner Level Course - ICAO Level 3 (Lower Pre-Operational Level) $800
• Intermediate Level Course – ICAO Level 3 (Upper-Pre-Operational Level) $800

You can purchase placement tests and courses using PayPal by visiting:

Please expect 2-4 days after making payment to be enrolled on your course or enrolled into
the Placement Test. Similarly results usually take 24-48 hours to be analysed. If you have
any further questions about the course please email and we will
respond as soon as possible.

ICAO Aviation English Online 19