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Ministry of Information Technology

Government of Pakistan

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative – (2017-18)

Application Form for Funding of Final Year Project (FYP) Nominated by University/Institute

(Please submit the signed & stamped copy of this document latest by 15th March 2018)

University/Institute Detail:
Name of Comsat Institute of University/Campus GT Road,Wah Cant
University/Institution Information and Technology Address:
+92 51 9314382-83
Telephone & Fax No: & Department Name:
+92-51-4546850 Electrical Engineering
Wah Cantt.
City: Province: Punjab

Nominated Project Details:-

Project Supervisor Muhammad Masood Sarfraz Contact Details:
Name and (Lecturer) Cell No 0333 6727212
Designation: Off No: 051-9272614
No of Publications
Project Supervisor Phd of Supervisors: Journals:08
1. Muneeb Hassan 1. 03485137140
Students Name(s): 2. Zohaib Ali Students Mobile 2. 03226895069
3. Meer Hamza No: 3. 03356893450

1. 3.23 Students Email: 1.

Students CGPA 2. 3.27 2.
3. 2.99 3.

Degree Programme/ BS Electrical Engineering Area of Electrical Power

Title: Specialization*:

* Preferred areas are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Internet of
Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Wearables and Implantable, Shared Economy, Robotics, 3D/4D
Printing, NeuroTech and Blockchain.

Final Year Project Details:

A. Project Title: Smart Hybrid Inverter
B. Project Start Date: 21-10-2017
C. Project Finish Date: 20-06-2018

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Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

D. Project Summary (less than 200

For fulfilling the global energy demand hybrid energy system is the better option. Hybrid
energy system is the integration of solar, wind hydro etc different renewable energy sources. The
main purpose of this project is to provide interrupted power by using solar energy and wind energy
in more efficient way .It will draw maximum possible power from solar and wind system by power
optimization feature of the system and at the same time it will convert into ac to our house hold
requirement. Additionally it has protective circuit that provide protection from any short circuit
and inform user on time by message and alarm on remote monitor.

E. Project Objectives:

Purpose of the “Smart Hybrid invertor” is to mentor and groom the BS students by working
on real challenges of the industries. And develop a link of academia institutions with the
industries, which will strengthen the industry academia link. And provide un-interrupted,
hybrid, and cheapest solution to the industry and home users.

F. Project Implementation Method

First we will design power optimization circuit for solar and wind energy. Wapda source will be
converted into Dc by converter circuit. Three Dc source is then fed to summation circuit. After
summation three source it will fed to boost circuit .Boost circuit is control by control circuit.
Boost output is then supply to inverter which convert dc in ac. Ac output is remote control and
remote monitor. Ac output can be protected by any fault occur which can affect the circuit.

G. Key Milestones of the Project with


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Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

Elapsed time since start of the Milestone Deliverab

S.No project le
1. 2 months Design Power Optimization Circuit Input Dc
2. 2 months Convertor & Summation Circuit Summing
3. 3 months Control Boost Circuit & Invertor Convert the
Circuit dc into Ac
and control
the boost
4. 3 months Remote Monitoring & Control Circuit Convert Dc
into Ac and
Boost I\P
5. 2 months Protection Circuit & Implementation To Protect
the Whole
Please add rows, if required

H. Final Deliverable of the Project: (Please tick one of the following)

Hardware System Software System HW/SW integrated system
Software Simulation results Comparative Study Theoretical
Simulator Design Other Please specify
I. Please Specify Technical Details of
Final Deliverable
Hybrid invertor system will be implemented in domestic level for a specific home situated in an
irregular load shedding area of Punjab, Pakistan. Power optimization circuit used for solar and
wind energy to get maximum power from them. User can monitor the system in real time
environment by using GSM module.

J. Equipment required for making (Please indicate in tabular form the required
prototype/working model: equipment along with estimated cost)
S.No Item Name No of Units Per Unit Cost (in Rs) Total (in Rs)
Solar Plate 1 10000 10000
Wind Turbine 1 5000 5000
Transformer 2 1000 2000
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Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

Servo Motor 2 10000 20000

Arduino Mega 01 2500 2500
GPS/GSM 01 2000
Module 2000
Pressure 03 5000
Sensor 15000
Miscellaneous 24,300
Grand Total 80,300

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Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

K. Benefits of the Project {Please specify Direct/Indirect beneficiaries}

Smart hybrid inverter
 Quick Control
 Maximum Usage of Renewable Energy
 Monitor From Remote Area
 Hybrid Sources Can be Use simultaneously
 Protection From any Fault
 Portable
 Cost Effective

It is certified that the FYP titled “ ” has been

approved and is being undertaken by the above mentioned students as their Final Year Project.

It is undertaken that the undersigned has understood and accepted the “terms & conditions” of
the program, attached with this form and further reiterate that, if the subject FYP is approved,
the reimbursement of Funds claimed through Expenditure Report shall be in accordance with the
“terms & conditions” of the Program and the undersigned will be liable to return the unutilized
amount and other cost not approved by the Ignite-National Technology Fund, if any.

It is further undertaken that Expenditure Report of approved FYPs shall be furnished along with
the supporting documents as devised in attached Terms and Conditions of the Program and other
required deliverables as and when required by Ignite.

1. Name, Designation & Signature of Supervisor:

2. Name & Signatures of


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

L. For Office Use only:

(Please encircle the status of FYP)

Project Status Approved Not Approved

Evaluator’s Name ------------------------

Evaluator’s Signatures------------------------
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