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This text is for question 1.

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program

Applicants must be English language teachers and must be able to demonstrate a commitment to language teaching
upon return to Indonesia following the award.

The program is for one academic year (9 months) and requires the grantee to teach Indonesian language and culture
in the U.S. for 20 hours per week, and to enrol in at least two U.S. Studies and / or ESL (English as a Second Language)
methodology classes per semester.

Applicants should be not older than 29 years of age by October 1, 2016 and should possess:
 Bachelor's degree
 Active English language
 TOEFL minimum 550
 Good understanding of Indonesian culture

Candidates should complete the appropriate application forms, which can be downloaded below. Application package
must be mailed to our address below:

Intlland Tower, 11th Floor
Jl.Jend. Sudirman 32,
Jakarta 70220

To download form click here

1. What is the announcement mainly about?

A. The address of the AMINEF office. D. English teachers who can apply for FLTA program
B. Allowances that candidates will receive. E. Requirements and how to apply for FLTA program
C. The minimum age of FLTA program candidates.

This text is for question 17.

Tailored, personal communication coaching to

help you advance your career. One-to-one
coaching for professionals who have trouble
communicating with confidence and clarity.
Special - mention ESL in Canada and get $50 off
your coaching program!
Contact: Ric Phillips,
Communication Coach
at 416 429.7935 or email

2. What is mainly advertised?

A. Clothes making. D. Performance training
B. Travel to Canada E. Communication tutoring
C. Language teaching..

This text is for questions 3 and 4.

The House of Representatives' Commission I urged the government to replace all old military aircraft.
Considering the fact that a C-130 Hercules crashed into a residential area in Medan, North Sumatra on Tuesday,
Commission I urged the replacement of all aging military aircraft. At least 12 crew members and 21 local residents
were killed in that accident.
The lack of quality spare parts and the relatively old age of most of the Air Force's Hercules aircraft fleet was
not to fly, said Pramono Anung, a Commission member from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). He
continued saying that Commission I asked the government to buy new planes for Indonesia's Air force.
Commission chair Mahfudz Siddiq said that the crash highlighted the urgent need for the modernization of
Indonesian military equipment, adding that the commission was trying to identify the origins of the plane involved in
the crash.
Mahfud added that they are still trying to find out whether the plane was one given by another country or an
old one which had been upgraded in Singapore. "But it still needs modernization of our military" he said. He also
advised the government not to acquire used aircraft or ships again, to avoid such risks.
3. What does the text mainly report?
A. An airplane crash. D. Members of the House of representatives
B. Grants for Indonesian aircraft. E. A request for replacing old military aircraft
C. House of representatives' meeting..
4. " Commission chair Mahfudz Siddiq said that the crash highlighted the urgent need for the modernization of
Indonesian military equipment, ..." (Paragraph 4)
What does the underlined word mean?
A. emphasized D. attracted
B. prevented E. initiated
C. gave color
This text is for questions 5 to 7.
William Shakespeare, famously known as a great writer, was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. His dad
was a wealthy glove maker and merchant. He married Anne Hathaway in 1582 and they had three children. In 1588,
Shakespeare moved to London. He joined a well-known theatre company called the Chamberlain's Men.
Soon after, he established a reputation as a writer of plays and appeared in his own dramas at the Globe
Theatre. He wrote 36 various kinds of play genres such as comedy, in Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It,
tragedies, such as Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, history, in Richard II and Henry IV and two
romances, The Winter's Tale and The Tempest.
His writing style is still greatly admired. His poetic language, dramatic technique, and literary style were
presented in plays which are mainly written in verse. He also wrote poems, the best known of which is The Sonnets,
famous for their beautiful language and strong emotion. Shakespeare returned to Stratford-upon-Avon in about
1611 and died there in 1616.
5. The second paragraph mainly tells about ...
A. the different kinds of genres D. Shakespeare's reputation as a writer
B. the biography of Shakespeare E. the number of plays that Shakespeare wrote
C. the cities in which Shakespeare lived
6. Viewing Shakespeare as a writer, we can conclude that he was ...
A. rich D. attractive
B. happy E. productive
C. lonely
7. "He established a reputation as a writer of plays and appeared in his own dramas at the Globe Theatre."
(Paragraph 2)
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
A. Told. D. Showed
B. Sought. E. Broadcast
C. Formed..
This text is for questions 8 to 10.
Many years ago the world had two parts. Animals lived in the lower part. This part was completely covered
in water and had no land or soil. In the other part, The Sky World, where humans lived, had lots of soil. It had
beautiful mountains and valleys. One day a girl from the Sky World went for a long walk and became very tired. She
needed a rest so she sat down under an apple tree and quickly fell asleep.
Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound like thunder. The ground began to crack. A big hole opened up next to
the apple tree. The girl was frightened and screamed for help. She tried to run but the earth split. She and the tree
slid through the hole and tumbled down into the watery world below.
"Help me! Help me!" screamed the girl. Luckily two swans which were swimming below saw the girl tumbling
down from the sky. "Come on! Let's catch her before she hits the water" said the one swan. "Okay!" yelled the other.
The swans spread their wings to catch the girl on their soft feather backs. "That was lucky" said the girl. Then she
thanked the swans. Then she realized that she was in another part of the world. "What do
I do now? I can't get back up to the Sky World and I can't stay on your backs forever." She said. "Don't worry.
We'll take you to Big Turtle. He knows everything." said the swans.
After hearing the girl explanation, Big Turtle called all the animals in the water world. He told them an old
story about soil being found deep under the water. "If we can get some of that soil, we can build an island for you to
live on" said the Big Turtle. "Sounds good to me" said the young girl.
8. What does the text mainly talk about?
A. Powerful swans. D. Debating animals
B. A deadly thunder. E. An abandoned big turtle
C. A fallen young girl.
9. What can we learn from the story?
A. We should be smart. D. We should live economically
B. We should be careful. E. We should respect other people
C. We should help other people..
10. "Animals lived in the lower part, which was
completely covered in water and had no land soil." (Paragraph 1)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ..
A. full D. wrapped
B. kept E. separated
C. added
This text is for questions 11 to 13.
Sydney is the highest density city in Australia. The population is around 4.12 million. Sydney is the state capital
of New South Wales and is the site of the first European colony in Australia. It is the financial centre of Australia.
Sydney is located on Australia's south-east coast. The city is built around Port Jackson, which includes Sydney
Harbour, leading to the city's nickname, "The Harbor City". This city is a major international tourist destination. It is
famous for its beaches and two landmarks: the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The metropolitan area
is surrounded by national parks, and contains many bays, rivers and inlets.
Sydney also has many shopping centers and re ad outlets throughout the city. It offers various kinds of shopping
goods. The Queen Victoria Building on George Street contains many shops. Many of the large regional centers
around the metropolitan area also contain large shopping complexes.
Besides its shopping centers, Sydney has sever museums. The biggest are the Australian Museum which is a
natural history and anthropology museum, Powerhouse Museum which is a science, technology a design museum,
the Art Gallery of New South Wales the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Australian National Maritime
Sydney's Central Business District (CBD) extends southwards for about 3 kilometers (1.25 mi) from Sydney Cove.
It is the point of the first European settlement in the area at the southern end of the bridge, known as "The Rocks". It
is densely occupied with skyscrapers and other buildings, including historic sandstone buildings, such as the Sydney
Town Hall and Queen Victoria Building, combined with several parks, such as Wynyard and Hyde Park.
11. What is the text mainly about?
A. CBD D. Museums
B. Sydney E. Skyscrapers
C. Australia
12. In which museum can we see the history of Australia?
A. the Australian Museum D. the Art Gallery of New South Wales
B. the Powerhouse Museum E. the Australian National Maritime Museum
C. the Museum of Contemporary Art
13. "This city is a major international tourist destination famous for its beaches and twin landmarks: the Sydney
Opera House and the Harbour Bridge." (Paragraph 2)
The closest meaning of the underlined word is ... .
A. main D. simple
B. good E. famous
C. wide
This text is for questions 14 to 16.
Malignant tumor or malignantneoplasm, also known as cancer, is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth. The
cell has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. But not all tumors are cancerous, such as benign tumors.
They do not invade other parts of the body. Some people may have symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, a
prolonged cough, a new lump, unexplained weight loss, and a change in bowel movements, among others. But those
symptoms do not only indicate cancer. They can also occur because of other issues. Actually, there are over 100
different known cancers that affect humans.
Some 22% of cancer deaths are caused by tobacco use, while obesity, a poor diet, lack of physical activity, and
ethanol (alcohol) consumption cause 10% of deaths. Other factors include certain infections, exposure to ionizing
radiation, and environmental pollutants. 20% of cancers in developing countries are caused by infections such as
hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human papillomavirus. These infections may change the genes of a cell. Before cancer
develops, many such genetic changes are required. Cancer can also be caused by genetic factors. There are 5-10%
people with cancer inherited from their parents. We can detect cancer by screening tests or by detecting certain
symptoms. Then it should be investigated further by medical imaging and confirmed biopsy.
14. What is the percentage of cancer deaths due to tobacco use?
A. 5% D. 22%
B. 10% E. 25%
C. 15%

15. The text mainly discusses ... of cancer.

A. the danger, causes and prevention D. the signs, symptoms and kinds
B. the signs, symptoms and causes E. the most observed occurrence
C. the treatment, causes and healing

16. Apart from getting rid of environmental problems, obesity, bad diet, alcohol, tobacco use and infections we
should ... to prevent cancer.
A. have enough sleep D. have a regular check up
B. have a good life style E. get rid of morning sunlight
C. do regular exercises
This text is for questions 17 to 19.
Life expectancy among the world's wealthiest populations has been rising dramatically during the twentieth
century, from around 50 to over 75 years. Improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine are the factors of
life expectancy. Deaths in childhood have been greatly reduced by the use of vaccinations and antibiotics, health and
safety for workers in a workplace have been improved and people smoke less. Therefore, coupled with a decline in
the fertility rate (the average number of children that women have in their lifetime), many major industrial countries
are facing an ageing population.
It is predicted that developed countries' life expectancy will slowly increase and then reach a peak in the range of
the mid-80s. UN statistics show that for the 20052010, Japan is the highest for life expectancy (82.6 years) followed
by Hong Kong (82.2 years). The world average is 67.2 years and the UK average is 79.4 years
As you get older, your life expectancy changes. When a child reaches its first year, its chances of living longer -also
increase. When you are in late adulthood, you have quite a good chance to survive to a very old age. For example,
although the life expectancy from birth for all people in the United States is 77.7 years, those who live to age 65 will
have an average of almost 18 additional years left to live, making their life expectancy almost 83 years.
17. According to the data for the period 2005-2010,
what country has the highest life expectancy?
A. UK D. Iceland
B. Japan E. Hongkong
18. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. People need great effort to survive.
B. The life expectancy of American is high.
C. When people get older, life expectancy changes.
D. The changes of climate influence life expectancy.
E. Life expectancy depends on what people consume.
19. "It is predicted that developed countries' life expectancy will slowly increase and then reach a peak in the range
of the mid-80s." (Paragraph 2)
The closest meaning of the underlined word is ....
A. top D. wonder
B. glory E. greatness
C. success
This text is for questions 20 to 22.
The increase of social networking usage has been dramatically rising. The most popular social networking sites
used by 74% of American adults are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln, and Pinterest. Those social networking
users have risen 26% in 2008. People use those sites to communicate with friends and strangers, share thoughts,
photos, music, links, and etc. do research, and many more.
The supporters of social networking believe that social networking offers a lot of advantages. They say that the
online communities promote interaction with friends and family; offer teachers, librarians, and students free access
to educational support and materials; facilitate social and political change; and disseminate useful information
On the other hand, opponents of social networking say that the sites have a lot of weaknesses. They prevent
face-to-face communication; waste time on frivolous activity; alter children's brains and behavior making them
more prone to ADHD; expose users to predators like pedophiles and burglars; and spread false and potentially
dangerous information.
To prevent the misuse of social networking, parents should oversee their children's social networking use. Parents
and their children should negotiate when their children can have access to social networking at home.
20. What subject is being discussed in the text?
A. The influences of using social networking D. The pros and cons of using social networking
B. The weakness of using social networking E. The reasons why people use social networking
C. The advantages of using social networking.
21. What do people get from social networking?
A. Social Interaction, educational support, political change facility and useful information
B. Entertainment, educational support, political change facility and useful information
C. Social Interaction, educational support, political change facility and entertainment
D. Social Interaction, entertainment, political change facility and useful information
E. Social Interaction, educational support, entertainment and useful information
22. What is the writer's reaction to the issue?
A. Social networking is a must. D. Social networking is unfavorable
B. Social networking is worthy. E. Social networking can be used wisely
C. Social networking is optional..
This text is for questions 23 to 27.
An earthquake happens when there's a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves.
To record earthquakes, scientists use a seismometer, also known as a seismograph. The magnitude of an earthquake
is conventionally reported, or the related and mostly obsolete Richter magnitude, with magnitude 3 or lower
earthquakes being mostly imperceptible and magnitude 7 causing serious damage over large areas. Intensity of
shaking is measured on the modified Mercalli scale.
At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking, and sometimes displacement of the ground.
A great shaking earthquake, its epicenter located offshore, can lead to tsunami. That is because the quake to be
displaced. The shaking in earthquakes an also trigger landslides and occasionally volcanic activity.
In its most generic sense, the word earthquake is used to describe any seismic event, whether a natural
phenomenon or an event caused by humans, that generates seismic waves. Earthquakes are not only caused by
rupture of geological faults, but also by volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear experiments.
An earthquake's point of initial rupture is called its focus or hypocenter. The term epicenter means the point at
ground level directly above this.
23. What does the text explain?
A. Hypocenter. D. Seismograph
B. Earthquake. E. Natural phenomenon
C. Seismometer..
24. How does earthquake happen?
A. A sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust. D. There is Earth's crust
B. Damage occurs in the Earth's crust. E. There are volcanoes
C. There are seismic waves..
25. What does Paragraph 3 explain?
A. The place where earthquakes occur D. The effect of earthquakes
B. The danger of earthquakes E. Man-made Earthquakes
C. The cause of earthquakes
26. "...the seabed sometimes suffers sufficient displacement to cause a tsunami." (Paragraph 2)
The closest meaning of the underlined word is ...
A. Suitable D. dangerous
B. Enough E. appropriate
C. unusual

This text is for questions 27 and 28.

The Maid, a film directed by Sebastian Silva in 2009 presents a story of a rich Brazilian family in Sao Paulo and
their house-keeper Val, played by Regina Case. She has been a nanny to the son of the house, as well as all her other
house duties. The money earned as a housekeeper is sent home to pay for the care of her own daughter Jessica,
whom she has not seen for 10 years.
Everyone knows their place and everyone is happy. Now Jessica shows up: a smart, confident 19-year old (played
by Camila Mardila) hoping to apply for a university place in the city, and Val asks if she can stay with her in her little
room while she looks for a place. Soon Jessica makes herself at home all over the house in all sorts of subtly
inappropriate ways, addressing her mother's employers in a subtly insolent manner — and it is clear that the master
of the house and the son find her attractive. The unspoken, unspeakable agony of class and caste is cleverly
rendered in this funny, serious movie.
27. How old was Jessica when she was going to apply for a university place?
A. 19 D. 22
B. 20 E. 23
C. 21
28. This text deals with ....
A. A review of a movie about a house keeper and her daughter and their masters
B. A recount of the relationship between a maid and her masters
C. A story of a house keeper who raises her smart daughter
D. A description of the lives of lower and higher classes
E. A report of how hard living in a big city can be
This text is for question 29.
Complete the dialogue with the correct expression. Anto is an Indonesian student who has just arrived in Iowa City.
Now he is in a federal office to get a social security number card. Noticing he is a little bit confused, a woman who
works in the office approaches him.
Woman : Good morning. (29)...
Anto : Good morning. I'm a new resident here.
Woman : Okay?
Anto : I'd like to get my social ... it's a card that
has number, you know.
Woman : You mean social security number? Then fill in this form.
A. May I help you? D. What about helping you?
B. It's nice to help you. E. What would you like me to do?
C. Do I have to help you?
This text is for question 30.
Rananda : Hello, Diana Printing Company.
Heni : I'd like to speak to the manager of this office.
Rananda : Excuse me, where are you calling from?
Heni : I'm his customer, Heni.
Rananda : But he is not in office today.
Heni : May I know where he is?
Rananda : He has a meeting in Bandung
Heni : Meeting in Bandung. When will he be back?
Rananda : Tomorrow. Would you like to leave a message?
Heni : Can you tell him that I called, please?
Rananda : Alright.
30. What is the text about?
A. A manager who always leaves his office.
B. Making an appointment with a manager.
C. An unfriendly official who works in an office
D. A customer who wants to talk to an office manager.
E. An upset customer who cannot talk to the manager.
31. Arrange these sentences into a meaningful paragraph.
1. Then make an outline of what you are going to write.
2. The followings are tips on how to make a good essay.
3. Before you check the grammar, make sure your text is well organized.
4. First of all, you should find a topic that you are interested in.
5. If you find ones, then rewrite again.
6. Afterwards, check your essay if there are any grammatical mistakes.
7. Based on the outline, write your first draft.
The best arrangement of the sentences is ....
A. 2-4-1-7-3-6-5 D. 4-1-2-7-3-6-5
B. 2-4-1-7-5-6-3 E. 4-2-1-7-3-6-5
C. 2-4-7-1-5-6-3
32. Arrange these sentences into a meaningful paragraph.
1. It involved the vast majority of the world's nations, forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and
the Axis.
2. World War II was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.
3. In a state of "total war", the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific
capabilities behind the war effort
4. It was the most widespread war in history, and directly involved more than 100 million people from over 30
5. These made World War II the deadliest conflict in human history.
6. it resulted in an estimated 50 million to 85 million fatalities.
The best arrangement of the sentences is ....
A. 2-1-3-4-6-5 D. 2-1-4-3-5-6
B. 2-1-3-6-5-4 E. 2-1-4-6-3-5
C. 2-1-4-3-6-5
Complete this text with the correct words.
Contrary to the prevailing notion among those not personally acquainted with Kansas, the surface of the state is not
monotonously level plain. It (33) ... eastward and southeastward from slightly over 4,000 feet above sea level near
the northwestern corner to about 700 feet near the southeastern corner (34) ... from west to east, an average of
more than seven feet per mile. The eastern third of the state presents a wide (35) ... of hills but little level land and is
known as Osage Plains.
33. A. slope D. sloped
B. slopes E. is sloped
C. sloping
34. A. as D. among
B. or E. between
C. and
35. A. vary D. various
B. variant E. variously
C. Variety

This text is for question 1.

In celebrating the first anniversary of the English Club of SMA JUARA, the school will held some contests on
Saturday, October 10th 2015.

The contests are:

 Speech Contest
 Story Telling
 Debate Competition
Each class should send at least one student for each contest. The contests will be held at different times and
places, so each student may register for more than one contest. The registration will start:
Day, Date : Monday, October 5th 2016
Time : 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Place : Student Association Room
Contact Person: Riana (3 Science 2)
Head of English Club

1. What does the announcement tell you about?
A. The events at SMA JUARA.
B. The day of the English Club's anniversary.
C. The contests on the English Club's anniversary.
D. The celebration of the English Club's anniversary.
E. The launching of the English Club's of SMA JUARA.
This text is for question 17.

(Home Tuitions Also Available)
Individual / Group Tuitions
Classes 6th to lath
By Aggarwal ( M.Ed)
Having vast experience of 36 yrs. at
Chandigarh Schools
Regular Tests
Contact #657A, Sector 8, Pid. 00 9779912592

2. What is the advertisement about?

A. Mathematics trainers. D. Registration of Chandigarh Schools
B. Mathematics courses. E. Tests to join the tuitions mathematics
C. Classes of Chandigarh Schools..
This text is for questions 3 and 4.
The government reported that 3 Indonesian pilgrims among 717 pilgrims from all around the world are dead in
Haj stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia.
The foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi, confirmed that the team is still monitoring Indonesian pilgrims in hospitals
to learn the fate of the citizens. She added that she always updated the information, based on her staff in Saudi
Among the 3 victims, two of them were identified as Hamid Atuwi from Surabaya, and Saiyah from Batam, while
the identity of another victim had yet to be confirmed by the Indonesian Haj committee in Saudi Arabia.
3. What is the text about?
A. The tragedy in Mina. D. 717 victims of tragedy in Mina
B. The situation in Mina. E. The Indonesian victims of tragedy in Mina
C. The worst disaster in Mina..
4. "... to find out the it of the citizens" (Paragraph 2) The closest meaning to the underlined word is
A. Total D. destiny
B. Victim E. residue
C. amount.
This text is for questions 5 to 7.
Last year, my friend and I went on a vacation_ Actually, our first plan was to go to Japan. But we considered that
we did not have enough money to go there, so we changed our plans. After about 3 months saving money, we had
enough to go to Singapore.
We flew from Jakarta at 5 p.m. Arriving at Changi airport, we rushed to the hotel that we had booked. When we
arrived at the hotel, we immediately took a rest, although we were not tired, because we wanted to start our
adventure on the next day.
The next day, after having breakfast in the hotel, we went to Merlion Park. In Merlion Park, there is the Merlion
statue which is the symbol of Singapore. To record our trip, we took a picture together there.
From Merlion, we went to the Universal Studios in Singapore. We went on almost all the rides there. We also
enjoyed a musical fountain on the Sentosa Island. After that, we went back to the hotel to have a rest.
The last day in Singapore, we went to several shopping centers. We went to China town, where a wide range of
souvenirs were sold. We also went to Orchard. After getting all that we wanted to buy, we went back to the hotel to
pack our things.
We went to the airport to go back to Jakarta at 4 p.m. We were very content. Our holiday was very enjoyable.
5. The main idea of paragraph 1 is ...
A. The writer and friends changed their plan.
B. The writer and friends failed to go to Japan.
C. The writer and friends had a fantastic vacation.
D. The writer and friends had a vacation in Singapore.
E. The writer and friends saved a lot of money to have a vacation.
6. Why did the writer and friends immediately take a rest when they arrived at the hotel?
A. They were asleep.
B. They were very tired.
C. They really liked the hotel.
D. They wanted to have a new adventure that night.
E. They were going to visit some places the next morning.
7. "To record our trip, we took a picture together there." (Paragraph 3)
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
A. Serve. D. Succeed
B. Enjoy. E. Remember
C. Assist..
This text is for questions 8 to 10.
One sunny day, there was a thirsty ant looking for some water. Then she saw a spring near bushy grass. She
realized that it was not easy to get to the spring. She had to climb through a lot of grass. On her way to the spring,
she slipped and fell into a swamp
Luckily, there was a dove nesting on a tree. Seeing that the ant was in trouble , the dove quickly plucked off a leaf
and dropped it into the water near the struggling ant, so that the ant could move towards the leaf and climb up
there. Then the dove carried the leaf with the ant on it, and put the ant on the ground. She would have drowned if
that dove on a nearby tree had not seen her.
Unfortunately, they heard someone approaching. It was a hunter who was looking for prey. The hunter ran
quickly, then threw a net over the dove.
The ant quickly bit him on the heel. Feeling the pain, the hunter dropped his net. The dove was quick to fly away
to safety.
8. The text tells about ....
A. the lucky ant D. the kindness of the dove and the ant
B. the good dove E. the bravery of the ant to help the dove
C. the friendship of mammals
8. What can we learn from the text?
A. Fake kindness is useless. D. Kindness should be taught since childhood
B. Kindness can not be repaid by money. E. Wickedness will be defeated by the kindness
C. Kindness will be rewarded by kindness.
10. "She would have drowned if a dove on a nearby tree had not seen her." (Paragraph 2)
The closest meaning of the underlined word is ...
A. lost D. fallen
B. sunk E. floated
C. died
This text is for questions 11 to 13.
Megafish could formerly be found in. many parts around the world. But now gars only live in the North and
Central America.
Of the seven known gar species, the alligator is the largest, reaching 10 feet in length and weighing up to 300
pounds. These menacing looking giants are generally olive green or yellow. The mouth is filled with teeth and the
wide snout. Its snout makes this species look like an alligator.
Gars live in lakes, bayous and bays, and adapt to brackish and even salt water. But this giant which has a lot of
teeth, cannot move quickly in the river, especially in the vast flood plain, where there are shallow waters that can
give protection against predators for the hatchlings.
Unfortunately, flood control measures, such as dikes and dams, have dramatically altered the riverine ecosystems
of the alligator gar. This is causing a decrease in animal populations, including the alligators.
11. The text is about ....
A. gar D. the largest gar
B. megafish E. the largest alligator
C. alligator gar
12. Why does the population of alligator gars decline?
A. They can inhabit rivers.
B. The breeding challenges are decreased.
C. The dams and dikes make them extinct.
D. There is no habitat for them in North America.
E. Their spawning habitats are eliminated by flood-control measures.
13. "... dams and dikes have dramatically altered the riverine ecosystems..." (Paragraph 4)
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
A. Changed D. Destroyed
B. Damaged E. Influenced
C. Disturbed
This text is for questions 14 to 16.
Beavers are known as busy animals, and are talented in reengineering landscapes. Whenever there are sites
available, beavers will dig the soil in the banks of rivers and lakes. Furthermore, they're able to transform less
suitable habitats into dams. They block streams and turn fields and forests into large ponds by felling and gnawing
trees, using their strong teeth and powerful jaws to create massive log, branch, and mud structures.
Beavers have homes shaped like domes, called lodges, which are also constructed of mud and branches. Their
home are located in strategic ways so it in the center of lakes and can only be accessed through underwater
entrances. This home is meant for families from monogamous parents, young kits, and the yearlings from the
previous offspring.
Beavers are one of the largest rodents. They are herbivores and they eat aquatic plants. Beavers move with an
awkward waddle when they're on land but they can move gracefully in water because they use their large webbed
rear feet, which look like swimming fins, and also their paddle-shaped tails, that let them swim at the speed of 8 km
per hour. Beavers are also able to remain underwater for 15 minutes without going up to the surface. They also have
transparent eyelids which function as goggles Beavers' fur is naturally oily and waterproof.
14. What do the beavers do when sites are available?
A. They stay IN the forest. D. They go to rivers and lakes
B. They live on the branches. E. They dig the edge of rivers and lakes
C. They build dams in fields..
15. The main idea of paragraph 2 is ....
A. all beavers live in lodges D. the habitat of beavers is built from branches
B. lodges are the homes of beavers E. lodges can only be reached by underwater entrances
C. lodges are located in the middle of ponds
16. Why can beavers swim at the speed of up to 8 km an hour?
A. They have skill in swimming.
B. They are graceful in the water.
C. They swim to catch their prey.
D. They are able to remain underwater.
E. They have large webbed rear feet and paddle shaped tails.
This text is for questions 17 to 19.
Language is a means of communication. Mo regions in the world have their own languages. So languages serve as
global languages. The common used languages of the world are English, Arabic, a Mandarin. However, English is
famously known as global language. To achieve a global goal, one has to master English.
Everyone recognizes that English is an international language. English is used in writing and speech by many
people all over the world, as a first or second language. There are British, American, Australian; and even
Singaporean English. Those various types of English are used as the first language in those countries. Furthermore,
some countries have their own language as a mother language but also use English, mostly in daily communication.
Besides its usage in daily interaction, English is a used as a key to open doors leading to scientific a technical
knowledge. No wonder we find manual guides and instructions for many devices written in English. on a pack of
instant noodles, we will see the cooking instructions in English. English is used in all aspects our lives.
Finally, the most obvious importance of learning English is that the top requirement in job opportunities is the
ability to usie English. Job applicants who master English are more favoured than ones who do not.
The above facts prove that everybody needs to learn English if he'd wants to greet the global era.
17. Why does everybody need to learn English?
A. Many people like English.
B. English is used in all fields.
C. English is an international language.
D. Many jobs require job applicants to master English.
E. Manual guides and instructions for many devices are written in English.
18. What is the main idea of paragraph 4?
A. All jobs use English.
B. Learning English is useful.
C. People should learn English.
D. The ability to use English is required in many jobs.
E. Learning English is more important than looking for a job.
19. "... some countries have their own languages as a mother language ..." (Paragraph 2)
What is the closest meaning of the underlined phrase?
A. First language. D. International language
B. Favourite language. E. Language of a country
C. Important language..
This text is for questions 20 to 22.
Gift cards have become more popular in recent years. For example, in one holiday season, sales reach $19 billion
in United Stated and seem to grow more in the following season due to their popularity among consumers and
For retailers, gift cards bring them several benefits. Selling gift card in simply selling product. When the cards are
sold, they make a profit. Additionally, gift cards tend to be a matter of image, a trend, which is not strictly influenced
by functionality. Since gift cards are the trend, sales will increase significantly.
However, there are potential disadvantages for consumers. For example, (tune gift cards involve a procedure
needed to complete the transaction step-by-step, as a rule complying with the expire time and date. Failure to do
this may invalidate the puchase. The gift card cannot be redeemed. Similarly, retailers who produce their own cards
do so at significant expense, an overhead which puts their profits at risk. At all events, serious thought is needed. If
gift card transactions are effectively managed, the disadvantages can be minimised.
20. The text is about
A. the trend on gift cards D. the disadv ntages of gift cards
B. the benefi s of gift cards E. the advant ges and disadvantages of gift cards
C. the impo ance of gift cards
21. Why can gift cards give advantages to the retailers?
A. Gift cards allow everyone to shop more easily. D. Gift cards have become famous during recent year
B. Process of using gift cards is easy. E. Gift cards is give the best way for shopping
C. They will make a profit by selling gift cards..
22. How do gift cards give advantages and disadvantages?
A. We have to use gift cards regularly.
B. We have to know how to use them.
C. It depends on how we use the gift cards.
D. Consumers have to keep the gift cards safe.
E. There are advantages and disadvantages when we use them for shopping.
This text is for questions 23 to 26
Systems of mobility have been around ever since the Roman Empire! conquered the world. Later, their
construction of the roads was famously successful.
The purpose of building roads for the Romans was for mobility, especially for the army. Having the best roads
made it possible for the army to easily marchfrom one place to another. T e Romans tended to build straight roads
with the intention of facilitating the army to take the shortest route.
How the roads were built is interesting. Amazingly some of them are till in use. First, the Roman builders would
clean rocky and wooded ground. Next, in the place where the roads were to go, they dug a trench and filled it with bi
stones. Then, they packed the big stones with pebble , cement, and sand as a firm base. After that, another layer,
containing cement and broken tiles, was added to the base. To make the surface flat, they also added stones that
had been paved on top of the construction. These stones were cut, so that they fitted together tightly. As a final
step, kerb stones were placed on each side of the road in order to retain the paving stones and also to allow the
water to run away.
23. What is the text about?
A. The system of Roman roads. D. The benefits of Roman roads for society
B. The purpose of Roman roads. E. The process of how the Roman roads were built
C. The construction of Roman roads..
24. Why were the roads built?
A. To give new routes for the emperor D. To provide mobility for citizens
B. To defend the Roman Empire E. To show off the best construction in the Roman era
C. To make the movement of the army easier
25. The main idea of paragraph 3 is ....
A. the roads took a long time to build
B. Roman roads are still in use today
C. the steps of building the road were very hard
D. Roman roads were built from a variety of stones
E. there were various ways to construct the Roman roads
26. "These stones were cut so that they fitted together tightly." (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word has the closest meaning to ....
A. sorely D. handily
B. closely E. trippingly
C. heavily
This text is for questions 27 to 28.
Jurassic World, a top fiction classic movie about dinosaurs, is now back, with spectacular effects. The movie
seems fresh. It comes with lots of action and great graphics to make your jaws drop in this terrifying story. Yet, the
plot is just average at best.
Apart from its fresh plot, the trailers prevent the movie being considered great because the trailers spoil almost
everything. The trailers show the Indominus Rex close up, tame raptors, the gyro-spheres, the mosasaurus (the giant
alligator dinosaur), the pteranodon attacking from the sky, and the creators show whether the tyrannosaurus rex is
in the film or not. So we can say that the movie offers only a little surprise to make it something special. Moreover,
the overall story is easily predictable, from the crownfall of the Indominus Rex, to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas
Howard's characters' relationship with one another. Jurassic World is about as straightforward as you could expect.
Though Jurassic World isn't the best action movie of the year, it's still quite amusing and breathtaking, with its
great visual effects. It's a fun movie to watch with the whole family.
27. What makes the movie seem fresh?
A. The plot of the film
B. The story of the film
C. The genre of the movie
D. The action scene and the dinosaur attractions
E. The graphics and the same theme as the previous film
28. What is the text about?
A. A movie about dinosaurs. D. The effect of a dinosaur movie
B. A review of Jurassic World. E. Behind the scenes of Jurassic World
C. The trailer for Jurassic World..
29. Yama : Why are you still here? Your class start sin a few minutes.
Yoga : I'm still writing the application letter. Then I have to send it, because the deadline is today.
Yama : …….
Yoga : The post office is quite far from here. I'm afraid you will be tired.
Yama : I'll ask my friend to drive me.
Yoga : Well, thank you. That's very kind of you.
The correct sentence to complete the conversation is....
A. How will you get there? D. Would you like me to send it?
B. Why don't you do it later? E. Are you going to the post office
C. Where is the post office?
30. Sophie : What subject will you study?
Mey : English.
Sophie : You met Mrs. Fela, right? What did you think about Mrs. Fela?
Mey : Well, although she doesn't have a lot of experience in teaching, she can manage the classroom well.
Her explanation about the lesson was also clear. I like the way she teaches. I think to this campus is
lucky to have her.
Sophie : Does she only teach at this campus?
Mey : I'm not sure.
What is the conversation about?
A. An English class. D. Sophie and Mey's campus
B. Sophie's teacher. E. Mrs. Fela's way of teaching
C. Sophie and Mey's lecturer.
Arrange these sentences into a meaningful text.
31. (1) Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium, high heat.
(2) Pour or spoon the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake.
(3) Mix together flour, baking soda, and salt; add to egg mixture along with brown sugar, and oatmeal; stir until
just combined.
(4) Brown on both sides and serve hot.
(5) Whisk egg, oil, and milk together until smooth.
The correct arrangement of the sentences is ....
A. 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 D. 5 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 4
B. 1 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 4 E. 5 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 4
C. 1 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 4
Arrange these sentences into a meaningful paragraph.
32. (1) The test included some tests.
(2) When I graduated from senior high school, I took a test for admission to college.
(3) I had to come to the university again to see the announcement.
(4) Unfortunately, I had a heavy fever on the day of the test, but I did do the tests as much as I could.
(5) After doing the previous tests, I had an interview test.
(6) The tests involved a reading test and writing some essays.
(7) I was really surprised and thanked God that I could pass.
(8) The announcement of students who had passed was taped on the wall magazine.
(9) I saw my name on the list there.
The arrangement of the sentences to be a meaningful paragraph is
A. 2 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 8 – 9 – 7 D. 2 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 8 – 3 – 9 – 7
B. 2 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 8 – 3 – 7 – 9 E. 2 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 8 – 3 – 7 – 9
C. 2 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 8 – 4 – 3 – 9 – 7
This text is for questions 33 to 35.
Complete the text with the correct words. Dear Ms. West:
I was excited to see your opening for a customer service representative, and I hope to be invited for an interview.
My background includes serving as a customer service associate within both call-center and retail environments.
Most recently, I worked on the customer service desk for Discount-Mart, where my responsibilities (33) ... handling
customer merchandise returns, issuing refunds/ store credits, flagging damaged merchandise for shipment back to
vendors and providing back-up cashiering during busy periods.
Previously, I worked two high-volume customer-support call centers for a major telecommunications carrier and a
satellite television services provider. In these positions, I demonstrated the ability to resolve a (34) ... of issues and
complaints (such as billing disputes, service interruptions or cutoffs, repair technician delays/ no-shows and
equipment malfunctions). I consistently met my call-volume goals, handling an average of 56 to 60 calls per day.
In addition to this experience, I gained considerable customer service skills during my part-time employment as a
waitress and restaurant hostess while in high school.
I also bring to the table strong computer proficiencies in MS Word, MS Excel and CRM database applications and
a year of college (business major). Please see the accompanying resume for details of my experience and education.
I am (35) ... that I can offer you the customer service, communication and problem-solving skills you are seeking.
Feel free to call me at 555-555-5555 (home) or 555-555-5500 (cell) to arrange an interview. Thank you for your time
-- I look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

Sue Ling
33. A. joined D. illustrated
B. ignored E. conviced
C. included
34. A. vary D. varios
B. variant E. variously
C. variety
35. A. fearful D. confident
B. worried E. independent
C. diligent