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Product Visual Inspection

• The DTI-BPS enjoins the consumers to scrutinize
the Christmas lights they buy for product
Don’t forget to look for the
reliability and safety.
• A set’s wire shall have an outside diameter size of
1.5 mm.
PS and ICC marks Guide
for safe and reliable
Christmas lights.
Consumers’ Guide


• A set’s plug has firm pins which are not easily bent.
PS mark ICC mark


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Christmas lights
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Printed May 2008

Christmas Lights

Product Types and Parts Product Labels Based on PNS 189:2000

• Christmas lights are classified according to use - The following are the required markings on the
indoor or outdoor. package of Christmas lights based on the PNS
• The DTI-BPS only checks the quality and safety 189:2000:
requirements of the lights for indoor use.
• A set of lights has the following parts and • Name of manufacturer/supplier/distributor,
functions: Lampholder address and trademark
§ Flasher unit – acts as the controller of flashing • Rated voltage and rated wattage of the set
(blinking) and selection of music • Rated voltage and rated wattage of the lamp
§ Lampholder - holds the lamp or LED to provide a • The mark “For indoor use only”
connection to the power supply • The number of standard used - PNS 189:2000
§ Lamps/LED – acts as the source of light • The batch/lot number or bar codes
§ Plug – provides connection to the outlet • Country of origin
§ Outlet – provides extension of connection to • PS mark for locally-produced sets
the power supply • ICC mark for imported sets
§ Design frame – acts as support to the lighting
chain to form a desired shape • Suitable warnings such as:
§ Tinsel – additional design on the Christmas lights
§ Disconnect from supply before removing or
Wire inserting any lamp.
Product for Mandatory Certification § Avoid damage to insulation.
§ To avoid risk of overheating, failed lamps shall
• Christmas lights are regulated by the Department be replaced immediately by lamps of the same
of Trade and Industry (DTI).
rated voltage and wattage.
• Manufacturers and importers of Christmas lights § A fuse lamp (identified by being partially
should apply for a Philippine Standard (PS) license Plug white), if incorporated, must not be replaced
and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) by a normal (non-fuse) lamp.
certificate, respectively, before the products are § Do not cascade/attach more than the
distributed and sold. recommended sets of Christmas lights.
• The DTI - Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) Normally, only three sets are allowed to avoid
acquires a sample of the Christmas lights for overloading.
inspection and testing based on the Philippine § Do not overload electrical outlets. Too many
National Standard (PNS) 189:2000. plugs in one outlet may create enough heat to
start a fire.
Product with the PS or ICC Mark § Carefully check each set of lights for signs of
socket damage, frayed or scorched wire, loose
Design frame
• Only manufacturers and importers whose connections or damaged plugs.
products passed the PNS requirements will be
issued with the PS license and ICC certificate by
the DTI-BPS.
• Only manufacturers and importers with valid
licenses and certificates are allowed to use the
PS and ICC marks on their products.