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June 2017

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This book is dedicated to my three children, Clark, Katherine

and Christopher, who inspire me each and every day, and to
my father, my mother, and Dietmar, whose love I cherish

I’d like to give special thanks to Christopher Kocurek, who

helped me bring this book to life. I’m eternally grateful for his
creative genius and dedication to understanding the work at an
intrinsic level.

Heartfelt thanks to Pamela Stevens-Steffensen, for her brilliant

developmental edits, dedication, and tireless diligence in
making sure we met our deadlines.

Immense gratitude to Kim Ribbans and Michele Howell, who

helped me with cover design and layout. I am so appreciative
of their patience and their insight in helping me express the
messages my soul yearns to share!



1. The Truth Behind Reality ............................... 1

2. What You’re Getting...................................... 6
3. The Initiation ............................................... 8
4. Your Imprint Zones ..................................... 16
5. Struggling To Succeed ................................ 23
6. What’s Keeping You Stuck? .......................... 28
7. Your Cherry Blossom Triggers ...................... 35
8. The Writeable Code .................................... 39
9. Beyond The Law Of Attraction ...................... 43
10. Your Morphic Resonance.............................. 46
11. The Secret Elixir ......................................... 49
12. An Invitation .............................................. 52
13. Unlock Your Potential .................................. 55
14. How You Can Do It ..................................... 61

About The Author ............................................. 66


Your Personal Bonus Chapter

Congratulations on getting your personalized chapter

of Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene.

This chapter will explain, in simple terms, what your

‘wealth’ gene is and why there is good reason for
you to believe that you can become wealthier and
finally step into the life you desire!

We’ll discuss why you feel a Calling to do something

– even if you don’t know quite what that is, and
what to do about it. Pay close attention to this
chapter. While much of the information here is
expounded upon in the rest of this book, this chapter
is directly related to your personal challenges in life
based on the survey information you provided.

If you are ready to be paid more for what you do,

then this chapter is the start to a future you have
only dreamed of. You will learn why it’s been hard to
earn more than enough and what to do today so you
can get the raise, promotion, or even new position
that will erase your financial challenges.

I also encourage you to sign up for the free training
that goes hand-in-hand with this book, because in
the training I can show pictures, and as we all know,
that’s worth a thousand words. In the training, you’ll
learn valuable skills and powerful truths about
yourself which I have not included here. Additionally,
I will be sending you the Jumpstart Your Wealth
Gene "Cheat Sheet" via email for more guidance.

Let’s begin our discussion by talking about a very

important person: You.

* * *

You are more than just a body. You are more than
just a mind. You have a unique soul-print that
beamed into a little body, ready to step into your
potential! And, just as your soul-print is unique, you
have a unique path and purpose.

What do I mean by that? I am talking about your life

calling. And it’s possible to have more than one.
Examples of people who are directly in touch with
their soul-print are entrepreneurs like Elon Musk,
writers like J.K. Rowling, and the humble people who
are doing what their soul calls them to do and being
financially supported by it (farmers, nurses, and
many more!)

So, if you have this powerful, special soul-print which

is a source of guidance, insight, and motivation, why
do you find it hard to know exactly what to do – and
why are you currently struggling to be paid enough
for what you do?

The answer is simple. While your soul-print is an
immaculate energy signature, it has had to beam
into a human body. And that body came with a
genetic code, chock full of your parent’s and
grandparent’s fears and limiting beliefs about what
they could achieve in life. Think of it like inheriting a
computer whose operating system is filled with
viruses. Your body came with pre-programming that
is often gravely out of sync with what your soul
aspires to do.

Recent studies have revealed that humans pass

down genetic ‘viruses,’ which limit their children’s
ability to succeed, find opportunity, and pursue their
soul’s passion. I’ll explain what these viruses are and
how you can fix them in a moment.

First, I want to promise you something. There is a

reason why you have been struggling to earn enough
in your current position. There is also a solution. You
can be paid well. You are a unique and important
individual who deserves to live a life that makes you
happy, a life where you have more than enough
money so that you are free to do the things you
want to do. Once you understand this reason, I’ll
show you the next step to take so that you won’t
have to worry about bills, debt, or the future of your

* * *

In this section, I’ll quickly explain how you have

inherited ‘viruses’ in your DNA, how these are
impacting your ability to be authentically wealthy
and undermining your capacity to earn a high

enough wage. I’ll also touch on the science which
proves this. For more information, make sure you
attend the online seminar where I will go into much
greater detail.

Let’s start with the basics. DNA is in every cell in

your body. Your DNA is inherited from your parents,
who inherited it from your grandparents, all the way
back to the beginning of human existence. Your DNA
is responsible for the color of your eyes and hair, but
that’s not all.

Recent research has proven that the DNA which tells

your body how to grow is only 3% of your total DNA.
The other 97% was long thought of as “junk DNA”
that served no purpose. This is not the case. This
other, non-coding 97% of your DNA makes up an
important part of what is called your epigenome. And
within this epigenome lies powerful programming
that directly relates to your ability to create
authentic wealth, including your willingness to take
risks, your openness to succeed, and your
willingness to reveal yourself to the world. All of
these behaviors are leading indicators of success.

The good news is that even if you inherited ‘viruses’

that create extra struggle in life, and make it hard to
get ahead financially, it is fixable, and it doesn’t have
to take a long time! That’s the miracle of
epigenetics. No matter what you’ve inherited – it’s
changeable. And with the right tools, you can
upgrade this 97% and transform your life!

What does your epigenome do for you – and
how is it related to the ‘viruses’ I talked about

Here’s an easy way to understand it. Your epigenetic

structure is like a switchboard. Certain parts of your
genetic code can be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’. The
activation (or de-activation) of those genetic codes
has a direct impact on your life, influencing your
physical health, mental health, belief systems,
attitudes, and your behaviors. And the good news is
that once you learn how to Recode Your DNA for
Success, you can actually turn ‘on’ switches in your
DNA to better suit the life you desire. This is the
purpose of this book, because, let’s face it: if your
DNA is coded for you to fail at business, you’re going
to struggle!

I’ll explain how you can start turning ‘on’ the

switches that will lead you to a wealthier, more
successful life later in this chapter, and will go into
much greater detail in the online seminar. For now,
let’s continue with this question…

But really – how does my DNA make me more –

or less – wealthy?

It’s very simple to understand at a glance, and also

proven by extensive research, such as the study run
by Emory University. For now, let’s keep it simple…

Your ability to earn a larger salary and ultimately

become wealthy is contingent on your actions. There
is no magic wand you can wave which will suddenly
give you a raise, promotion, or land you in a better
paying job… you must take action to achieve your

In the psychological world, actions are often called

behaviors, and your behaviors are a result of your
core belief systems about life and the world. If you
believe that eating pork is bad, you will behave by
not eating pork… If you believe that money corrupts
people, then you are going to behave in ways that
guarantee you are not wealthy. Furthermore, you
can inherit fears that lead to a lack of confidence,
fear of success, and failure to take action.

For example, if you inherited beliefs that “life is a

struggle,” or doubt that you deserve to be paid
more, then you will act in ways which keep you
locked at a lower salary than you would like!

It’s as simple as ABC.

A. Core Beliefs are passed down from previous

generations through epigenetic markers which
are either harmful ‘viruses’ or helpful
‘programs’. (More on this in a moment)

B. Your core beliefs govern what you think is

possible, what you believe you are capable of,
and how you perceive the opportunities and
challenges the world presents.

C. You behave, or take action, in ways that

reinforce your core belief system. This happens
at a subconscious level and can lead to fears
and apprehensions that hold you back.

So, let me explain, in brief, how core beliefs are
passed down from generation to generation
through the epigenetic code known formerly as
your “Junk DNA”.

Research has proven that intense emotional

experiences, such as trauma, bliss, or war-time
struggle, encode epigenetic structure. Furthermore,
these epigenetic imprints are passed down from
generation to generation.

You can learn more about the Cherry Blossom Study

from Emory University in the online training, and in
later chapters of this book.

During an intense emotional experience, core-belief

systems about the world are formed, such as,
“there’s not enough,” or “life is a struggle,” or “it’s
not safe to reveal myself.” Positive belief systems
can also be formed, but these are much rarer.

These core beliefs are passed down, to you, and to

your children, through what is called
transgenerational epigenetics.

If you are struggling to pay your bills, afford a

vacation, or support your loved ones, you are likely
being undermined by the viruses you inherited in
your DNA. This means it’s not your fault.

Imagine, for a moment, that the way to get

promoted or get a raise is the color green. As long as
your DNA is coded for struggle and failure, you are
wearing a set of glasses which hide the color green.
You can look out at a field of grass and you will see
nothing but gray. Or worse yet, what if the color

green scares you and causes you to turn and run the
other way?

But, when you take those glasses off, suddenly the

world around you lights up.. Green is your friend.
Suddenly the confidence, ability, and motivation are
all in your hands. I have seen this happen countless
times with my students who Recode their DNA for

Essentially, you will struggle as long as your DNA

stops you from seeing the opportunities for you to
level up your game and make more money.
Additionally, these inherited imprints can keep you
stuck in fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

* * *

But, don’t despair – I have good news.

Remember how I said you can choose what you
want to turn ‘on’ and ‘off’?

It’s true. You can. It’s been proven that people have
the ability to actually encode their epigenetics to
empower them to succeed in whatever they want,
from being an Olympic athlete, to an artist, to a
successful entrepreneur.

I share a lot more about how to do this in Jumpstart

Your Wealth Gene, but if you really want to learn
how to do this, make sure you show up for the online
seminar, where I’ll be sharing the 5-steps you can
take to start Recoding your DNA.

If you want to finally make more than enough

money, and are ready to have your DNA support

you, here are your first steps:

a) Diagnose the viruses you’ve inherited (there is

a tool for this I will share about on the
b) Discover the 5-step system for Recoding your
DNA for wealth, health and happiness
c) Meditate
d) Exercise
e) Eat healthily
f) Seek euphoric experiences (we have a tool for
this, too)

What are the benefits of Recoding Your DNA for


You will finally take off the glasses that are keeping
you color-blind to the possiblities of making more
money. People who Recode their DNA experience a
powerful transformation which totally changes how
they see the world and what they are capable of.

You will take action, instead of procrastinating.

You will see opportunity, where once you just saw


You will naturally gravitate towards individuals who

support you, instead of stagnating in a limiting group
of peers.

You will have a clearer understanding of your path

and purpose, so that the actions you take will
support your goal of earning more money doing
something you care about.

Now it’s time for you to take the next step…!

Join me for training and find out how to start

Recoding Your DNA for Wealth, so you can finally be
paid well for what you do!


We all want a lot of things in ten we are

left not knowing how to realize our dreams,
or how to get from here to there.

The cutting-edge research, information, and

groundbreaking insights in this book will shift your
fundamental understanding of why you experience
the world as you do, while giving you new skills to
improve your life and fulfill your dreams. You will
learn that Jumpstarting your Wealth Gene is simpler
than you may expect, and you'll have fun through
the process!

What you’re going to discover in this book will

change your relationship with wealth and success
forever. You’ll be one of the few insiders with the
information that will allow you to open up new
worlds of potential and possibilities! So, what is the
first secret that most people don’t know about

We inherit family patterns of thinking or feeling

and we inherit familial belief systems about
money and wealth, and about deserving wealth
or living in scarcity.

This book has useful information for everyone. We
are all impacted by the encoding of our genetic
material – marks left on your DNA from previous
generations. These imprints create real and tangible
effects in your life today.

This book will help you understand the effect of your

DNA ‘markers,’ how they were created, and how you
can change them for your own benefit. By freeing
yourself from your inherited limitations or
capitalizing on your positive DNA markers you can
recode your DNA for success.

As an example of how the DNA markers can affect us

positively, who is better to look at than Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is an international celebrity who has

made millions of dollars for herself, and others, by
offering one of the most valuable assets one can –
education. You might think Oprah had some pure
luck in the beginnings of her career, but I think there
was something more at play.

After taking a heritage test, Oprah discovered that

one of her forefathers had started a school for
African American children after the conclusion of the
Civil War. At the time, this would have been a
dangerous, risky move. But her ancestor clearly
believed that bringing education to those who
needed it was worth the risk.

The success of this forefather created a positive

marker in her family’s DNA. This helped Oprah
during her beginnings as a global educator, giving
her the confidence, know-how, and intuition to
succeed where others might fail.

This is the power of the wealth gene.

You might be 50 years old, looking for a new

opportunity to experience a passionate life, or
someone in between jobs, a successful entrepreneur,
or a college graduate fresh out of school. Regardless
of your age or what stage of life you are in, what’s
inside this book will help you achieve your goals.

I’m here to give you the tools to upgrade your life. I

have seen my students vastly increase their income,
change their circumstances, buy houses and even
win a $1,000,000 prize after doing this work. Believe
me, if you’re looking for more opportunities, how to
turn passion into profit, or experience greater
success in your life, then this book will help you.

I’m going to share with you some of the same

secrets and tools that took me from a single mother
of three, with only $54 in my pocket, to an
internationally bestselling author who attracted the
funding to develop a next-generation technology and
interactive platform to help people all over the world
improve their lives.

This book reveals the truth… behind reality. What

you will read is the science of wealth that will help
you unlock your potential for opportunities, income,
and financial stability. The best part about it is that
you will ultimately learn how to step into your
passion and do what you love, effortlessly. As you
begin to operate within this extraordinary
framework, it will level everything else up in your life
and work alongside any other modality that you’re
using to enhance your life.

I’m ready to give you the keys. Are you ready to

unlock your future and take the first step?


Write Down THREE Goals That You Are Working On






First, let me say that this book won’t take

you two weeks to read. I’ll be giving you
valuable knowledge and powerful tools to
Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene and open
yourself to new opportunities.

As a bonus, I’ll also be providing you with expanded

content in an exclusive online video series, where
you’ll learn about:

 WIN-States
 Your Imprint Zones
 Epigenetic Markers
 Wealth Imprinting In Your DNA
 Morphic Resonance
 Your Cherry Blossom Triggers

With this knowledge and toolkit you will,

 Raise your WIN-State

 Get out of debt
 Make more money
 Attract unforeseen opportunity

But, this is just the very beginning. If you’re serious

about getting past the invisible barriers that block
you from living a wealthy life, I invite you to attend

my upcoming online workshop. I’m making it free to
people who have read my book.

Register early because the seats fill up fast.

Reserve your spot now:

So, let’s move to the second key to success,

discovering your WIN-State.


WIN stands for Wealth Integration Network.

You are a part of a vast network that
connects the universe. You can tap into this
grid of energy and the strength of your
“signal” within this network empowers or impedes
your ability to create the life of your dreams. This
network is called your WIN-State.

Have you ever wanted something but no matter how

hard you try to achieve your goal it keeps slipping
out of your grasp? It almost feels as if it vanishes the
moment that you glimpse it? This is a classic
symptom of someone with a low WIN-State.

The higher your WIN-State, the easier it is to realize

opportunities, make money, and succeed in your
passionate endeavors. The lower your WIN-State,
the more you struggle to get what you want; the
more you feel trapped.

People with low WIN-States often go into debt and

instead of creating tangible plans for the future, they
stay fixated in fantasies of what they do not know
how to obtain.

I first perceived WIN-States, though I didn’t call

them that then, when I was a young girl. A unique

set of circumstances led to me developing
heightened energetic awareness and I actually saw
distinct fields of resonance and energy signatures
related to each person I met.

The premise of “Morphic Fields“ and “Morphic

Resonance” has been extensively researched by
Biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake, who
described his findings showing how “memory is
inherent in nature and that natural systems, such as
termite colonies, or pigeons, or orchid plants, or
even insulin molecules, inherit a collective memory
from all previous things of their kind”. Humans are
no different.

As a young girl, I was able to perceive that everyone

around me carried a storehouse of information,
including the core fractures, toxic emotions and
limiting beliefs that directly impacted their soul’s

These experiences in my childhood led me to develop

tools that help others recode their DNA, restore
themselves at core, and reclaim their potential.

Let's take it from the beginning. I started my life in

Germany. My father was a CIA agent during the Cold
War, and after he finished a deep cover mission
abroad, we relocated to the United States.

Growing up with a high-ranking counter intelligence

agent as your father puts your life at risk. This is
why, historically, the best spies are people with no
families since relationships are their greatest

Without getting into any grisly details, I lived the
first part of my life acutely aware that anyone who
walked through the door of our house might be there
to kill me, my mother, or my sister. My survival
instincts kicked in and helped me develop the ability
to read people’s fields. This was my survival tool.

What I see in people is different than what people

commonly refer to as ‘aura.’

What I see is goes beyond that, to an entirely

different set of data points that include our
connection to the quantum world – the world where
anything is possible. The nature of the connections, I
refer to as WIN-States.

This grid of potential can be tapped into IF you have

the tools. This empowers you to live your life without
limits – with possibilities around every corner, within
your reach.

I also see things that hold people back; their

limitations; fears; core fractures; pools of toxic
emotions; and signature frequencies of limiting
beliefs stored all the way down in their DNA. These
are the obstacles that keep what you want out of

As a child, even while immersed in this environment

of fear and danger, the thing that struck me most,
was that in the midst of this sea of information, I
also saw that everyone had a beautiful fingerprint of
soul resonating within their field. This fingerprint
contained the essence of their hopes and dreams
and of what they came here to do.

As I learned more about the world, I realized that
there are countless people living a life counterfeit to
their nature – running ‘programs’ they inherited from
others that actually suppress the true essence of
who they are. Deep within each of us lies our soul’s
fingerprint – the essence of our passion and purpose
– our true calling in life.

My purpose revealed itself to me quickly. My path led

to helping others unlock their potential at the highest
level. Then, I had my initiation and my life would
change forever.

I was swimming in the deep end of a public pool,

when someone jumped off the high dive and landed
on my back. The air was knocked out of my chest.
The bubbles floated by my face. I recall feeling
myself floating upward – out of the water and
through a layer of clouds. That’s when I met my first

What struck me about these radiant beings was that

they resonated at the highest level of vibrational
frequency – the potential that I could see within each
of us. I asked them how I could help people step into
their full potential. They told me that was not my
mission at the time. What I needed to do was to go
back and understand the language of frequency.

After this first near-death experience, I did what the

guides had told me. I paid great attention to people’s
resonant fields, or WIN-States, and learned that no
matter what a person’s age, spoken language, or
country of origin, there are vibrational ‘viruses’
holding us all back.

I came to recognize that these viruses include:

 Outdated beliefs
 Core emotions of the human experience
 Fear based beliefs, such as ‘not being enough’
 Emotions such as grief, rage, hate, and shame

No matter who held these viruses and toxic

emotions, they appeared the same way in everyone’s

I also noticed that the emotions which fell into the

bandwidth of joy, love, and gratitude, also had
distinct frequency signatures, and these, too,
appeared the same in everyone’s field. So, it became
clear to me that the same base components
comprised everyone’s WIN-State, but each person’s
personal profile was unique.

Just like everyone’s computer has its own viral

profile depending on how you surfed the net and
what attachments you opened, each person has their
own WIN-State profile. Some individuals were
riddled with frequencies that disenfranchised them
from their potential. Others were just struggling
along doing their best to get by, stuck in a kind of

Years later, science revealed the molecular and

energetic makeup of the WIN-state. This brought my
work out of the realm of spirituality and gave it a
solid foundation of scientific knowledge. But, I’ll tell
you more about that later.

By the time I was nine-years old, I felt like I had

mastered the vocabulary of this universal language,

and I wasn’t seeing any new frequency patterns. Boy
oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

After months of excruciating back pain, the doctors

diagnosed me with severe scoliosis. They gave me
only two years to live before my curvature would
fatally compromise my heart and lungs and my
ability to breath. This nearly tore my parents apart.
They were stricken with grief at the thought of losing
one of their children. Miraculously, a new surgery
became available, and they went deep into debt in
order to pay for it.

My Dad signed me up for the Harrington Rod

Surgery. But as luck would have it, during the
operation, my aorta was accidentally nicked and I
suddenly bled out on the table. But just before this
happened, I remember standing outside my body
watching the doctors work, which isn’t an uncommon
phenomenon for people having surgery. I was
listening as the bones in my spine fractured and
suddenly I remember seeing blood everywhere. At
that moment, I remember thinking, literally, “That
body’s shot. I’m out of here.”

I awoke in a new place, away from my broken body.

I stood in a small, grassy clearing. Light streamed in

through ancient trees. Flowers were everywhere in
the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen, and as if to
welcome me, they began unfolding their petals
before my eyes, perfuming the air with a magical
scent. It was as if each leaf and flower, even the air
itself, was radiating what I can only describe as pure,
universal love. I felt immediately at peace, in deep

joy. I inhaled deeply – the air itself was
supercharged-oxygenated with pure, absorbable
Love and a sense of peace and infinite knowing.

I started feeling a humming inside of me. The

vibration intensified and spread through my entire
body. Faster and faster, the colors shone vibrantly. I
was overcome with a distinct sense of Oneness and
of Eternal Love both outside and within me.

Just when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore…there

was a “POP!”

Amazing revelations downloaded into my awareness.

As if the sky opened, I perceived information
revealing the energetic makeup of our world. I
realized that worldly matters like houses and cars,
often serve as deception points and that our heart
connections are the only thing we can take with us
through time. For an eternal second, I experienced
the bliss of knowing.

I’ll admit that, at that moment, I didn’t want to come

back. I wanted to stay and explore that Celestial
Garden—a world without judgment, a world without
pain and suffering or fear.

In a whoosh, I found myself floating above a girl’s

body that resembled mine. I wished they would just
leave her alone. Then, suddenly, and without
warning, it felt as if a giant hand grabbed me around
my waist and slammed me back into the lifeless

With a start, I became conscious, locked back in

physical form bound by a body-cast. I grieved the

loss of that Celestial Garden for years, but what I
didn’t know at the time was that the doors would
reopen and make way for more startling information
to pour into my life.


You’ve probably read self- empowerment

books before. You may have seen a
therapist or even used the Law of
Attraction. So why do you still feel like
there’s more to know, to discover?

Emotional Carrier Waves and Imprint Zones are a

core concept to this work. I want to communicate
this very clearly early on, because it’s an essential
part of what’s to come. Emotional Carrier Waves
have the power to imprint your morphic field and
your DNA. Imprinting can raise or lower your WIN-
State, making it harder, or easier, to create wealth
and an abundant life.

What did you eat for lunch 34 days ago? Chances

are, you can’t answer that, can you?

And that’s because it was probably a mundane affair.

However, if on that day a car came crashing through
the front window of the restaurant you were eating
at, you’d likely remember every detail, including that
it was a garden salad with a lemon-olive oil dressing
and three cherry tomatoes.

The reason you could remember every detail is

because your brain is trained to record information

that might be relevant to emotionally charged
events. You instantly upload a belief system like “it’s
not safe to eat at a restaurant” which can then have
far reaching affects like not taking lunch meetings
that could be very important and profitable for you.

Positive and negative emotional carrier waves leave

imprints. This is survival imprinting and it is how
species have been learning to stay alive for eons. It’s
why that one salad could be remembered for the rest
of your life, while you may not recall a phone
conversation you had last week.

Emotional Carrier Waves (ECWs) transcend the

common four dimensions of time and space. You
cannot see an emotion or hold it in your hand can
you? ECWs are frequencies that can be thought
about in terms of waves. Fear has a frequency very
different than gratitude. But what is essential to
understand here is that the intensity of the emotion
itself is key to being able to imprint, and that these
important emotions exceed the normal bandwidth of
daily experience.

Fear, anger and loss can change how we choose who

to trust and how we see ourselves in the world. Even
if we try to forget the incident of the car crashing
into the restaurant, the imprints continue to affect us
on a daily basis. These negative events or critical life
events affect how we make choices, how we perceive
the world and what we feel about security, prosperity
etc. But as I have said, it is something you can learn
to change.

There are so many examples of traumatic events
creating negative, limiting imprints – I could go on
and on. However, I’m sure anyone who’s ever
watched the news, or studied a history book, is
aware that humanity has had its fair share of

Just like trauma affects us at a core, genetic level, so

too can intense positive experiences associated with
love, success, and prosperity.

The day to day emotions that we experience, from

mild happiness to moderate upset, fall within the No
Imprint Zone. This means that new beliefs or ideas
are not being imprinted. So, you can spend ten
hours saying, “I believe in myself,” but as long as
you remain in the No Imprint Zone, there will be
little to no lasting effect.

This is one of the reasons why the Law of Attraction

alone isn’t enough to create permanent, lasting
change. It may help focus your mind on what you
want temporarily, but for the most part, you’re doing
work in the No Imprint Zone.

All the while, you’re still struggling against DNA

triggers that undermine you. You wonder why your
affirmations and visualizations are not taking you
any closer to your intentions and dreams. What’s
hardcoded in your DNA is resonating out into the
world through your underlying morphic field, 24/7,
effectively overriding those affirmations you are

The good news is that you can recode your DNA for
prosperity! And, I’m going to show you how.
* * *

But before I do that, you need to know about the

Negative Imprint Zone. Access to this zone is
granted during moments of trauma, fear, turmoil,
heartbreak, suffering or intense emotional upset.

It has been labeled the Negative Imprint Zone

because the intense emotion required to turn
markers in our DNA ‘on and off’ does not normally
feel good. These markers generally damage our
health and belief systems. These are the emotions of

Our brain pays attention to these intense negative

emotions and encodes everything it can to help you
avoid the experience or feelings again. The problem
is that, meanwhile, beliefs about the world are being
uploaded into your software that can hold you back
for your whole life.

At its finest, coding sourced from the Negative

Imprint Zone is designed to help us survive. For

example, you may have a deeply imprinted fear of
snakes which may be a good thing in the long- run.

But, alongside the beliefs that you want to keep,

exists outdated information that you inherited which
is not serving you. The belief system that is
undermining your wealth, health, and happiness
could be linked to a fear of saber tooth tigers –
which of course is not something that you typically

These spikes of negative emotion (anger, fear,

shock, grief, etc.) can imprint beliefs like:

 I am not enough
 Life is a struggle
 Artists starve
 There’s not enough money
 It’s not safe to be seen
 It’s risky to try new things

In our prehistoric past, a close encounter with a

saber tooth tiger would have hit the Negative Imprint
Zone and been very useful for helping us form
information systems that kept us safe from danger
by hardcoding them into the DNA. The trouble is, we
aren’t fighting with tigers in today’s modern world.
This programming holds you back from realizing your
full potential.

* * *

To recode your DNA in a way that unlocks authentic

wealth and ups your WIN-State, you need access to
the Positive Imprint Zone.

The Positive Imprint Zone is the area of peak
experiences of gratitude, joy, love, bliss, and
ecstasy. This allows for imprinting like “my passion
will support me,” or “the world will provide for me.”
These systems of belief are very powerful and
facilitate the creation of our reality.

We will be sharing more about how to reach the

Positive Imprint Zone later (hint: read the fiction

To recap, there are three “zones” of emotional

intensity. At the highest positive charge is the
Positive Imprint Zone. This is a state in which you’re
overcome with emotions such as gratitude or awe;
when you are happiest; or blissfully in love. In this
zone it is possible to imprint positive, empowering
and wealth-creating information.

The No Imprint Zone is where we typically reside.

While in the doldrums, it’s very hard, if not
impossible, to create lasting change in your imprints.

The Negative Imprint Zone is associated with

creating imprints around fear of failure, fear of
success, and other limiting beliefs.

* * *

During my research and private practice, I came to

understand that conventional therapy methods such
as psychological counseling and pharmaceutical
drugs were not addressing the core, underlying
framework that was accessible only through these
Emotional Carrier Waves.

This is because the client’s emotional state never
became intense enough in the positive spectrum to
activate the Positive Imprint Zone to rewrite what
had already been etched in their field in the Negative
Imprint Zone.

That is not to say these modalities don’t have their

place. They certainly do. But, to be clear, emotion is
the gatekeeper to the imprint zone.

For a long time, this was my barrier. I knew that we

needed to be able to access the inner, energetic
“vault” where these programs and scripts were
stored, but how could we do that unless we were
also experiencing a peak emotional experience?

And how were the Emotional Carrier Waves helping

to recode our DNA? I knew that they were an
essential ingredient to upgrading WIN-States and
unlocking potential, but I didn’t yet understand the
unique blueprint underneath.

That question led me on a journey where I grappled

with my own genetic programming, where I
struggled – and nearly failed – against the limiting
imprints coded in my DNA that were lowering my
personal WIN-State.


While still a teenager, I helped my dad

write books that chronicled his adventures
as an elite American counter intelligence
agent. This experience took me to both the
Positive and Negative Imprint zone. It coded me with
the courage to write, and, at the same time, coded
me with fears of revealing my authentic self.

My Dad died suddenly one cold January morning,

and in an instant, I learned what it meant to grieve.
We had only had two years together because of his
work as an intelligence agent, and I felt cheated out
of a lifetime with him.

I alone was with him when he died. Mom didn’t have

the strength to be at the hospital. Dad’s constant
absences from our household had left many issues
between them unresolved, and a final good-bye on
those terms seemed more than she could bear.

I stood at his deathbed as the last breath of air left

his lungs. The heart monitor flat-lined, and suddenly
I felt a warm and comforting presence by my side.
The fact that I held his lifeless hand tightly in mine
seemed inconsequential as the warmth of an arm
enveloped my shoulders. I knew this warmth was
the spirit of my father.
Slowly, I allowed myself to be comforted by this
gentle spirit, and just when I thought the comforting
presence would stay, it disappeared. Seconds later,
the cold, harsh reality of the intensive care unit
returned as a nurse entered and asked me to
accompany her to fill out the necessary paperwork.
After what seemed like hours, I finally arrived at
home feeling lonely and empty and a chapter in my
life with my father coming to an end.

So, the 10-year recovery from my back surgery was

almost over. Despite my training in the world of
counter intelligence, I knew it wasn’t for me and I
tried to steer my life in a normal direction.

I graduated from college summa cum laude, married

and had three beautiful children. But then, my
marriage became abusive – my husband an
unpredictable rage-aholic. After a dangerous
escalation, I left with my three children and only $54
dollars to my name.

I had no idea what I was going to do, or how I was

going to care for my children and provide them the
opportunities they deserved. But no matter how I
tried to protect myself and my children the threat of
my abusive husband permeated my life.

Two months later my ex tried to kill me. This story is

not uncommon when one tries to leave a controlling
situation, but think for a moment about the imprints
I encoded in my field during that time of intense
fear. Beliefs like: “it’s not safe to stand up for
myself, it’s not safe to speak up for myself.” I knew
those limiting beliefs had to change at the core if I

wanted to succeed and pave a better path for my

This moment of near death, at the hands of someone

I loved, was ultimately a great gift. I blacked out
with his hands around my throat and the door to the
other side re-opened once again. In an instant, I
reconnected to my path of passion. It showed me
how I could use what I learned during my second
near death experience.

Not long after, the police came, I received medical

attention, and later that night, still numb with shock,
I remember watching my three small children sleep,
asking, “How can I possibly pull this off?”
Intrinsically, I knew there was a solution. Yet,
everything seemed quite impossible at the time.

I remember closing my eyes, and allowing myself to

drift back and connect with that feeling of infinite
love I had experienced in the Celestial Garden, and
no sooner had I done that, then the answers ignited
in my memory again.

In that meditation, I received the solution for

reaching past the imprint zones and into the space of
recoding for success, healing and prosperity. The use
of this new solution bypassed the need to hit the
peak emotional state. It created a space of
controllable rewriting of the imprints.

* * *

I put the solution into practice with myself and with

my clients and noticed that this new solution boosted
a person’s WIN-State and lit up a person’s field as

though they were experiencing tremendous love and
a reconnection with their soul’s path and purpose. It
had taken me decades, but I finally understood how
to use the knowledge I had received in my second
near death experience!

This was a quantum shift. What I thought would be

the conclusion to an already long path was just
another milestone in its development. My life of fear
and lack was over and I launched into a full
expression of my core self that changed everything
for me and for my children.

My first book became an international bestseller

without me even having a foreign rights agent.
Clients were pouring in from all over the world!

Before long, I had too many clients. I realized that

no matter how hard I worked I couldn’t provide
these tools to a large enough audience to create the
impact the world needs.

I knew the codes were freeing me from these long-

standing hard-coded negative beliefs - viruses - that
had been holding me back. But, it seemed too easy.
The way I was raised, I thought that I had to work
super hard to make anything happen. And that was
my mistake.

In the midst of my success, I stopped doing my own

protocols. I let my remaining old viral imprinting and
the business of life as a single parent get in the way.
I chose to play it safe – to play it small and not get
any more visible, because my early life experience
had conditioned me to believe that being seen could
mean death.
Instead of trusting this amazing work, and myself I
started thinking in a very linear fashion. I got into
business endeavors that could help give me the
financial security I thought I needed to take the time
to write the new book I dreamed about publishing.

I bought land in Houston. A contractor signed on to

build homes for me. It was a promising situation.
Then suddenly, things flipped. The contractor
disappeared, the economy bottomed out… I was
massively in debt, without a clue how to get out.

I made a mistake when I stopped using the tools and

frameworks and following the guidance of my
passion path. My WIN-State lowered and I became
vulnerable to the limiting imprinting I had not
corrected. As I sank into debt, I continued asking
what I could learn from this lesson.

Clearly there was something I had missed…


I had missed one of the fundamental

building blocks of the WIN-State – the
epigenetic coding of your DNA.

Imagine being certain that the earth was the center

of the solar system. One day you meet a fellow
named Nicolaus Copernicus. He blows your mind – it
turns out that the sun is the center of the solar
system, and the earth orbits around it!

That’s the level of discovery we are talking about


Before we go further, it’s important you understand

what epigenetic markers mean for you. This is
revolutionary stuff. You deserve to be in the loop.

In every one of your cells is something called

deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA is shaped like a
double helix. It carries genetic information. There is
an estimated 20,000-30,000 protein- coding human
genes. However, this is a tiny amount (around 3%)
of the total amount. The other strands of DNA have
long been thought of as “Junk DNA”. The complete
set of an organism’s DNA is referred to as the

Your DNA is the stuff of your ancestors. Their
strengths and weaknesses, experiences, hair color,
height, and many other things are all contained as
information within your genome.

For a long time, scientists thought that the DNA you

inherited was not malleable. You got what you got –
no changing it.

Then, everything changed.

* * *

The science of epigenetics (literally meaning ‘over’ –

‘genetics’) has shown we are capable of controlling
which DNA is active.

Your DNA has countless combinations of information.

The way our cells deal with this overload is by
turning ‘on’ or ‘off’ sections of the DNA. This happens
with something called an epigenetic marker.

Epigenetic markers come in the form of DNA

methylation, histone modifications, and non-coding
RNAs. In this book, we won’t dive deeper into the
specific mechanics of methylation and so on; but you
can think of these as signals within your DNA lighting
up, or extinguishing, certain sets of genetic
information. What you need to know is that your
epigenetic markers determine what parts of your
DNA are being used.

Duke University scientists describe methylation as

putting gum on a light switch. The switch isn't
broken, but the gum blocks its function.

Here’s the amazing bit – epigenetic markers are
plastic, meaning they are subject to change. They
respond to:

 Hereditary experience
 Intense emotional events
 Environmental signals
 Diet
 Perception
 Exercise

Your markers inform your perceptions about reality,

not to mention your willingness to take risks, your
feelings of empowerment, in addition to your
likelihood of success, health and happiness!

DNA is not only the information system our body

uses to form itself but it also influences our fear
response based on experiences passed down through
the generations.

Until now, we’ve operated under the idea that DNA

cannot be changed. Science shows us that humans
have the capability to modulate and improve their
DNA through use of epigenetic markers. As surely as
our DNA can become poor, it can become wealthy.

This vast repository of information in our DNA is

utilized by your WIN-State. Incorporating the
imprints you have about money and success, your
WIN- State actively reflects those imprints and sends
your information out to the world.

I’ll start to show you how you can Recode Your DNA
for Wealth, Health and Happiness and upgrade your
blueprint for life.

Landmark Study Reveals
Environmental Exposure Creates
Transgenerational Trauma

A study in 2015 demonstrated the capability for

intense experience to affect the perception and
emotional reaction of later generations.

Researchers found epigenetic markers active in

holocaust survivors. The markers link to daily cortisol
levels. (Cortisol is the stress-hormone). The
holocaust survivors had higher cortisol levels as a
result of their experiences.

The children of these survivors showed similar

epigenetic markers, increasing their cortisol levels
even though they had a good childhood. Even if they
were raised in a loving household and went to a good
school, these children suffered from higher chronic
stress and anxiety.

This study is a fine example of how one person’s

experience can pass down – and directly affect –
how future generations perceive the world.

* * *

Here is an example of how something like

environmental exposure can have a direct effect on
your DNA.

Meet Tony. He’s a New York lawyer in a high-stress

job. This keeps his body pumped full of cortisol, the
stress hormone. He doesn’t have time to eat well, so
he regularly consumes fast food.

As the weeks drag into months, this lifestyle triggers
a chemical change in the body that mobilizes a group
of molecules called the “methyl” group. This group
then attaches to the part of the gene called the
‘control segment,’ and turns on – or off- that specific

For Tony, his children, and his children’s children,

this could be bad news! It is possible that these
epigenetic markers will create future issues like
anxiety, diabetes, and inflammation.

The good news is that you can also create epigenetic

markers for health and success; the damage is
reversible. Desirable methyl tags that have been
knocked off can be restored with proper nutrition,
enriching experiences, and exercise.

* * *

So right now you might be asking about why you

have been struggling to break through inertia and
feeling stuck in your life?

Why do “invisible” barriers that you can’t quite put

your finger on keep holding you back and limiting
your wealth? Do you know?

Well, the truth is… your DNA has been holding you

Profound new studies7 reveal that DNA can shape

your fear responses, your core beliefs and your
perception of reality.

You can think of this like a new kind of Karma –

Karma that’s stored in your DNA – one that could be
impacting your willingness to take risk and your
ability to create wealth and prosperity! So let’s talk
about mice.

Startling Discovery!
How Generations of Mice Became
Conditioned Reveals Amazing Information

New research from Emory University School of

Medicine, in Atlanta, reveals that it is possible for
information about traumatic or stressful experiences
to be passed on to subsequent generations through
DNA. During the tests, scientists took mice and
exposed them to alarming stimuli while releasing the
smell of cherry blossoms into their habitat to create
a fear response.

Here's what’s amazing: Subsequent generations

of mice (who had not been conditioned) also
experienced a fear response to the smell of cherry
blossoms! This fear had been passed down through
their DNA.

What this means for you: If your parents or

grandparents experienced economic hardship,
struggle, persecution, war or loss, your potential for
wealth and success is most likely being limited by
markers in your DNA. And your DNA stores it from 6
generations back!

These hidden triggers and invisible barriers

concealed in your DNA are certainly reducing your
WIN-State and you are less prosperous because of it.
Right now, this old patterning is literally shaping how
you perceive your world, including your core beliefs
about yourself and what you believe is possible. For
most, it’s coded them for a life of scarcity, a life of
“never enough.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. We can also be

programmed with positive markers. This happens
with intense positive emotional experiences such as
winning the lottery. Who knows, perhaps your
forefathers even struck it rich in the gold rush. But
for the majority of humanity, the intense emotional
experiences that have coded their DNA tend to be
associated with survival and hardship imprints.

So let’s get down to what you can do about changing

your imprints.

What stories do you remember from your

grandparents or family about struggle,
hardships, war or persecution?


Awareness is the first step to Jumpstarting

Your Wealth Gene.

Think about it. If mice could become

conditioned to being afraid of Cherry Blossoms, then
it’s easy to understand how your forefathers’
experiences could make your efforts to create
wealth, find love or share your truth feel like the
hardest thing in the world.

Professor Wolf Reik, head of epigenetics at the

Babraham Institute in Cambridge, said of the Cherry
Blossom study, “These types of results are
encouraging as they suggest that Transgenerational
inheritance exists and is mediated by epigenetics.”

What are your Cherry Blossom Triggers? The

invisible barriers that hold you back – the ones that
you can’t quite put your finger on?

Have you ever been plagued by thoughts like,

“there’s not enough… not enough money… not
enough time…”or that “life is a struggle,” and that no
matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get
to where you want to go? If so, now is the time to
find out how to 'Turn Off' what may be holding you

You might be surprised!

Let’s get started with a short activity. Take just a

moment to jot down 2 or 3 fears that you
experience. You can think of these as your “Cherry
Blossom Triggers.” Let me assure you, whatever
your cherry blossom triggers are, you’re not alone.


Write down a short list of your fears, or “Cherry

Blossom Triggers,” and how they impact you.
Examples might be:

Fear of conflict … this trigger is often linked to

experiences of abuse, alcoholism, or trauma.

Fear of asking for help… even if your parents

didn’t talk about this trigger, there was pride that no
one asked for help. Historically, the strong were

Fear of revealing yourself… this trigger can be

rooted in a variety of experiences such as the
holocaust, racial discrimination, witch trials, or other
persecution. This fear can be triggered easily in the
modern day, especially with media.

Fear of change or getting out of the box… this

could relate to moving to a different city, changing
jobs, getting out of a relationship, getting a new car
or home. This trigger can be rooted in situations
where your forefathers dared to venture out and did
not succeed as they had hoped.

What Cherry Blossom Triggers do you




During my free online training, I take you even
further and introduce key steps you can take right
now to start Recoding Your DNA for Wealth.

If you haven’t already, reserve your spot now:


The study with mice and cherry blossoms is

only one of many examples that show how
experience can imprint DNA and pass on
belief systems, fears, and interference
patterns. I talk more about this phenomenon during
my online training.

What you need to know is this: high- emotion

experiences of the past 6 generations have created a
set of ‘rules’ for your life by imprinting your DNA.
This encoding either raises, or more likely, lowers
your WIN-State.

It is important to note that the intense experience is

usually associated with heightened emotions such as
fear, anger, grief, bliss, gratitude or love. Remember
Emotional Carrier Waves? Without these, none of the
information gets stored in the DNA to be passed
down for future generations.

Intense Emotional Carrier Waves Have the Power to

Put You in the Positive or Negative Imprint Zone

A lot of people ask me why our DNA gets riddled with
these viruses. Why would our DNA be encoded in
ways that hold us back?

Keep in mind that our DNA served for eons to keep

us alive in the wilderness. These are survival
programming mechanisms, but we now live in a
culture and society where we must be able to move
past the biology of struggle and open up to receive
and step into a life of passion, purpose and
prosperity. We must remember who we really are.

So – what is the secret to re-writing your DNA, the

language of your cells? Let’s start with understanding
Zipf’s Law.

Zipf’s Law shows that in any language spoken by

mankind, a very small number of words were used
all the time and most words were hardly ever used.
He then separated the words into a class system to
striate their frequency of use. What he discovered is
that a word in the class ranked number one is always
used twice as much as a word in the second ranking
class, and three times as often as the third rank (and
so on). This Law of Proportional Consistency was
initially known as the rank vs. frequency rule.
Without fail, it was applied to other sets of
information and produced the same result.

Then, remarkably, linguists, biologists, and

geneticists all worked together on a revolutionary
study that revealed, just like all human language,
Junk DNA also adheres to Zipf’s Law8!

The scientists examined a long section of DNA. They

made artificial words by breaking up the DNA into
“words” each 3 rungs long. They tried this process
again for words 4 rungs long, 5 rungs long, all the
way up to words of 8 rungs in length. When they
analyzed the frequency of the words, the data
showed that DNA adheres to Zipf’s Law.

* * *

Emotional Carrier Waves are key to accessing your

Imprint Zones and hardcoding your DNA for the
future. If you can access the Positive Imprint Zone,
you can overwrite negative programming stored in
our DNA that is holding us back.

I first had this thought when I came across an

interesting study done in Russia. A team of scientists
was able to alter the DNA of a frog by targeting it
with a specific frequency (resonant information). In
doing so, they changed the genetic structure of the
frog into that of a salamander.

Incredible! They were able to fundamentally alter the
genetic code of the frog using information contained
in sound.

So, I asked myself – if scientists could change DNA

this dramatically using a sound frequency, and mice
can create trans-generational imprints due to a
shocking experience, how can we recalibrate what’s
stored in our DNA to overwrite the limiting beliefs
and perceptions born of trauma and the outdated
survival programming?

Asking myself this question put me down the next

path of my journey. Within years, I created a million-
dollar technology capable of delivering personalized
vibrational frequencies of Pure Love, which allow the
user to access their Positive Imprint Zone and
purposefully re-imprint their DNA for success. The
journey thus far revealed secrets that were
monumental and continued to be life changing for
me and everyone I worked with.


Odds are, you’ve heard about the Law of

Attraction. In fact, you’ve probably tried it.
Similarly, I’m willing to bet that you’ve
used positive affirmations.

These are popular ideas, and some people have

found success with them – but for the most part, we
feel better only for a moment, then the
empowerment passes away and often the results we
are trying to manifest stay illusive.

This is because you are not actually raising your

WIN-State. Without an intense emotional trigger,
you are working at a superficial level. You’re not able
to enter the Positive Imprint Zone. Perhaps this
practice does have an influence, but it’s not the sort
of life-altering result that has been promised over
and over.

So, when I talk about recoding DNA and your limiting

beliefs, how is it any different? Substantially

After you have identified your patterns – the ones

that are lurking deep within your programming that
you may not even be consciously aware of – you
must access your Positive Imprint Zone to begin

recoding your DNA for wealth. Without doing this all
the affirmations and visualizations in the world can
simply stall out, producing little result.

The trouble is, that the very thing we are trying to

overwrite, prevents us from accessing that
extraordinary bandwidth of positive emotion that is

During my free online training, I will be sharing more

about how you can identify the areas that are
holding you back. I have also developed a fun quiz to
help you identify places where your epigenetic
markers may be holding you back! Once you have
this awareness you are on your way to recoding your
DNA for success.

The things you’re about to learn will fundamentally

shift your understanding of why ‘luck’ happens, and
how prosperity is created and success is achieved.
This is not about The Law of Attraction – in fact we
are going to dive way beyond that into the very
underpinnings of how your reality is shaped through
the Law of Formative Causation.

In short, this law refers to the resonant frequency,

our signature blueprint, that we broadcast to the
world and which causes the wave frequencies that
then attracts its equivalency. It is a lot like a
computer program that puts a wire frame up so we
can build a world on top of it. In the Law of
Attraction simply wanting will not get you but more

In the Law of Formative Causation something as

simple as feeling profound gratitude will attract to
you… that which already exists and is resonant to
your frequency of gratitude. This revolutionary
understanding changes the game of getting what you
desire in life.


Another integral component of your

WIN-State is the broadcast of your
morphic resonance. Morphic
resonance is related to the
morphogenetic field, a concept coined by Dr. Rupert
Sheldrake in the late 20th century. The
morphogenetic field in an underlying blueprint of
information that informs your genetic system. The
active components of your morphogenetic field
change your resonant broadcast, which has a
powerful impact on your WIN-State, and are least
partially responsible for the formation of your body.
This is one of your key interface points with the
quantum world.

Now, what do I mean when I say ‘quantum?’ This is

a word that’s thrown around a lot these days and
with very little understanding. In fact, doing a
Google search on the word “quantum” will lead you
down a hundred different paths with very deep rabbit
holes ending in a PhD.

For our purpose, connecting with the ‘quantum’ gives

us the ability to tap into the universal network of
information and unlock new resources and
opportunities. Our quantum universe and our 4D

world as we perceive it, are inextricably interwoven.
Learning how to navigate this invisible landscape and
engage with it, opens doors to potential that were
not there before! And that’s just what you will be
doing as you start Recoding Your DNA for Wealth.

The powerful effect of morphic resonance has been

well documented. Dr. Sheldrake himself ran a study
on dogs and their owners. In this research, they
showed that dogs were able to perceive when their
owners began the return trip home, even when the
schedule was out of the ordinary.

Other evidence of this “collective field” of morphic

resonance has been shown by the formation of
crystalline substances. When a new type of crystal is
created – it is slow to form at first. However, as
more of this crystalline structure is created, the more
it broadcasts its morphic resonance, the faster other
structures are able to form.

We can even observe the power of morphic

resonance in a study done on the Maharishi Effect.
There have been numerous cases of an effort of
meditators in various communities showing that
when a small portion of a population practices
transcendental meditation, the overall crime rate and
violence go down dramatically.

Because I promised this book would be short, I’m

not going to go further into morphic resonance here.
What you need to know is that this is a very powerful
aspect of your WIN-State. Your morphic resonance is
influenced by the encoding in your DNA, as well as
other factors that I’ll be discussing in my online


Your morphic resonance and the information stored

in your DNA are part of your “morphic field” – the
underlying blueprint which informs your reality. This
is field of information is what I was seeing as a child.

If your morphic resonance is broadcasting “struggle,”

because that’s what’s stored in your DNA, then no
matter how hard you think “success” and try to win,
you’re not going to get ahead. You’ll flounder and
flail, but ultimately you won’t be making the sort of
progress that you need.


Every disaster is an opportunity.

Remember that? After I sank deep
into debt and struggled to return
to a life of passion, I held onto that

I used this crisis as an opportunity, as a wakeup call

to change my life. I got back on path and returned to
what I was meant to be doing.

At the same time, I was working on a novel that I

felt a calling to write, I was also putting my children
through first- rate colleges, researching quantum
physics and epigenetics, doing personal coaching for
clients, and perfecting these tools.

But still, I was struggling financially. I didn’t know

how to receive. I was stuck in “giver” mode. There
was no way I was going to work my way out of this
hole of indebtedness from the real estate going
upside down by doing what I was doing. At the same
time, I knew I had to expand my work beyond
private clients. There were so many people in the
world that needed help and I needed a new way to
reach them.

Then I had another breakthrough. My research into
the fields of quantum physics, epigenetics and
morphic resonance became fruitful. I finally began to
understand the antidote frequencies I’d seen in the
Celestial Garden through the lens of scientific and
mathematical principles.

Suddenly, I realized that with the proper tools and

frameworks, a person could totally recode their DNA
for wealth, enhance their morphic resonance, boost
their WIN-State, and upgrade their life!

The only thing that was missing was access to their

Positive Imprint Zone!

My first thought was how was I going to help people

reach that zone? You might go your whole life only
truly reaching the Positive Imprint Zone a couple of
times. It’s hard to control when it happens and it is
harder to try and recode yourself.

The solution still seemed far away. Without

technology, I wasn’t able to synthesize what I had
learned on the other side to a point where it would
be most effective for an individual.

I remember being almost ready to give up on the

idea, because it seemed impossible to find the
million dollars in funding necessary. I had no
collateral to secure the note with.

Instead of letting that negative imprint take over, I

recoded myself to support my dream. To boost my
WIN State to help me see that a million dollars would
be a piece of cake.

Then suddenly, not one, but two potential investors
appeared. I got the funding that I needed to develop
this technology – and put it in a format that was
personalized for individuals, so that they could be
empowered to help themselves.

Since then, my work has gone out internationally.

I’ve made steps in business that I didn’t even know
existed, and the future has never looked brighter.

And how did I do it?

I’ll be sharing that secret to my success in the next



The concepts I have taught in this

book are just the beginning. If you
utilize the tools I share here in an
effective manner, you can
absolutely begin upgrading your WIN-State.
However, there is so much more.

I have mentioned my online training several times in

this book.

During the training, I teach about how you can start

Jumpstarting Your Wealth Gene today. These lessons
take it beyond the framework of understanding
presented in this book and aim to deliver real life
solutions you can use in the day-to-day world.

This book serves as the foundation for much greater

potential. People who read this book before the
training have a massive advantage, as they are more
able to take the useful information and not be
bogged down simply learning about the science.

The training is the next step. It provides the

solutions you seek.

The best part? This training is absolutely FREE!

Take the next step. Attend the workshop.

And, in the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out in

your inbox for your "Cheat Sheet."

It’s my passion to help you unlock your potential.

The next step is for me to help you level up by giving
you new tools.

I look forward to seeing you there!

The technology and practices I have developed over

decades can be applied simply and easily to anyone
or anything… making them all the more powerful.

Take a look at this before and after depiction of

differing WIN-States. You’ll be learning how to shift
from this to this:

You’re going to be learning how to unlock your

potential by upgrading your underlying blueprint for

life - your morphic field - and recoding your DNA for
opportunity, creation, prosperity and wealth.

Because as it stands right now, at this very moment,

you have imprinted within your DNA, and resonating
in your field, 6 generations of your ancestors’
limiting beliefs - beliefs born of the Depression Era,
War, Loss, Prejudice, Persecution and Fear.

These encoded imprints echo into your life, creating

unwanted repeating patterns, unnecessary obstacles
and a phenomenon I call “glimpsing,” whereby you
get glimpses of what you want, only to have it
disappear again.

The truth is you can recode the limiting beliefs of

scarcity and lack that are stored in your DNA. When
you do, suddenly you can take control of your
financial destiny and create a passion- filled,
purpose-driven life of prosperity, happiness, and the
deep satisfaction born of conscious creation.

Where in your life have you experienced



We’ve covered groundbreaking new

ideas a lot in only a few pages:
From the power of the past to
imprint your DNA, to your morphic
resonance, and how both those factors are
influencing your WIN-State.

You’ve learned about the power of Emotional Carrier

Waves, and that you actually have the ability to up
your WIN-State and Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene.

But, this is only the beginning.

We all want wealth and financial freedom, right? But

does true wealth refer only to money? When I say
wealth, I’m not just talking about having hundreds of
thousands, or millions of dollars in your bank
account. True wealth is really about having the time
and freedom to enjoy your life. Rather than feeling
like you’re constantly trapped and reacting out of
conditioned reflex.

Circle the symbol(s) below that represent
'wealth' to you…

Action is key to success. This story of K is a perfect

example of how change without action is incomplete.

K’s story

People often blame the circumstances of their birth

for their current life. But we’ve seen, in countless
celebrity figures, the power to overcome the odds
and break into a life of wild success.

It’s important to remember that those celebrities

were once just like us, ordinary people with dreams,
facing obstacles. It is how these people approach life
– in part thanks to their wealth gene – that helps
bring them to the next level of success.

K was born in India to a family that was far from

rich. During his childhood, K suffered from cancer.
He was lucky to survive.

When K and his family moved to America, they

hoped for a better future. But the challenge wasn’t
over yet. During K’s teenage years, his father died,
leaving him the man of the household. His mother
worked hard to support the family and ensure that
he received the best education possible.

K went on to graduate college and have a

remarkable beginning to his career. He worked in
numerous fields, holding many different positions.

But then his life began to slow down.

As the CEO of a startup, K found himself mired by

doubt and uncertainty. He felt off-path and struggled
to keep the company afloat. K felt at his lowest
during this period.

Then, a coincidence happened – or perhaps it was

something more.

Late one Friday night, K happened to pick up a

phone at work – something he rarely did as the CEO.
On the other line was a woman he had never met.

I had called K’s company to inquire about their

software product. K and I decided to trade. He gave
me access the software, and I gave him access to
my programs. With remarkable speed, K overcame
much of what held him back and activated his wealth

He boldly let go of what wasn’t working and went on

to create his own position in one of the largest
companies in America. He has designed a life of
creativity, development, and vision that meets his
inner goals.

What was it exactly that allowed K to move so
quickly from stagnation to being the Head of Open
Innovation at a Fortune 100 company?

Even with his background as an immigrant with

trauma and misfortune, K had the capability inside
himself to operate at this extremely high level. K
thanks me and this work for helping him unlock his
potential and realize the life of his dreams. But, the
truth is that all K did was access what was already
there – himself.

You see, K had help on his side. His grandfather had

actually been an incredibly successful man in India,
famous for humanitarian aid. His grandfather built
scores of schools for Indian children across the
country and received acknowledgment by the
government. When we talk of ancestors who had
positive programming around success and wealth,
we are talking about people like K’s grandfather.

This is the power of jumpstarting your Wealth Gene.

Every one of us has successful ancestors somewhere
in our family tree.

There’s even more powerful gene encodings

you can access.

A recent PBS show called 3 Degrees of Separation:

Genetic Connectivity demonstrated how illustrious
and varied our genetic makeup can be.

Unlike the x-degrees of separation movement

centered around social media, this show consulted
geneticists and scientists to show the powerful links
in our DNA.

They were able to connect people like Martha
Stewart to Samuel L. Jackson, and Barbara Walters
to Imam Yasir Qadhi.

The takeaway is that even if you feel your direct

family lineage isn’t all that impressive, you can
branch out – look around – and suddenly you’ll see
that your genes are connected to the genes of all
sorts of pioneering, successful, and wealthy leaders.

If you haven’t seen this show, I encourage you to

watch it one night. It is entertaining, inspiring, and

When you recode the limiting baggage you’ve

inherited, and make way for your inherently positive,
powerful super-genetic programming, you are
capable of superhuman success.

It all begins with you.

* * *

After K implemented the tools and frameworks he

learned in the Recode DNA for Wealth System, he
was able to create a career opportunity that made
his #1 dream come true. He no longer felt frustrated
and off path – he went from being the CEO of a
failed startup, to heading up a global innovation
team earning his highest income yet!

Let me tell you also about Beth… although she was a

nurse and could earn a living, she didn’t believe in
her capacity to create a better life, and felt trapped
in an abusive relationship. I’m proud to announce
that using the Recode Your DNA system, she was

able to break free and is on her way to creating a
brand-mnew life with private practice she loves! It’s
truly inspirational!

You’re going to meet Beth in the online training, and

we’ll go step-by-step over how she did it. You’re
going to be amazed to see where her life is taking
her now!

For now, I encourage you to take this knowledge and

apply it to your everyday life. Notice where you are
being held back and find out what the limiting
imprints really are.

Recoding those imprints is the key for jumpstarting

your wealth gene!


If there’s one thing I know for

certain, you are here for a reason,
you are reading this book for a
reason. Your soul chose this body
with purpose, and the power of that purpose has
created you – a human whose potential is
tremendous, who can plot the trajectory of a satellite
through the wastes of space or climb Mount Everest.
When we do our best, it not only serves us, it serves
the whole world.

The universe is built on the foundational energy of

Love. Love is the power that fuels creation – bringing
life from the ashes of stars. Love has the power to
span time. Love is the only thing we can take with us
when we transition from this life.

Our purpose is to be Love, to emanate the frequency

of Love. To behold life in its awesome glory; to play
a part in the romance of reality. Remember what I
said about the Positive Imprint Zone and high states
of Love, Gratitude, Joy and Bliss? These emotions
are your powerful change agents and antidotes for
any Negative Imprints from your ancestors.

The fact is that every single human has an amazing

potential. We soar across the cosmos with our
minds, and we glide through the infinity of our inner
worlds with the power of spirit.

The most important thing you can do is to be

yourself, and embrace that authentic purpose with
love. Even when your path leads you down dark
passages, or across dangerous lands, you have to
trust that this is what you were designed to do. This
life is your passion; this life is your path.

* * *

So how do you start jumpstarting your Wealth Gene?

It is not all that difficult.

 Avoid toxic situations

These types of encounters will likely put you in the
Negative Imprint Zone and riddle you with limiting
viruses. You don’t want to fight more of those!

 Make room for bliss in life

We have to experience pure Joy, ecstatic Bliss, and
Love to code ourselves in a positive way. Make
choices that increase these blissful moments in your
life. Not only will you be happier, but your DNA will
thank you!

The Path Forward

The choice is up to you.

Are you going to stay stuck, or will you challenge

yourself to move forward?

Now that you know about the secret in your DNA,

you are empowered to start Jumpstarting.

This is your adventure. I want to support you in that.

From here, you can:

1) Reserve your spot, if you haven’t already

This will help you discover your “Positive Imprint

Zones” so you can start manifesting your full

2) Go read your Cheat Sheet. It should be in your
inbox by tomorrow.

Learning how to Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene is vital

for anyone wanting to create a better life.

In the Cheat Sheet, you'll:

 Discover how key markers inherited in your

DNA can be holding you back, and what you
can do today to turn your struggle into success

 Get 7 Jumpstarts for your Wealth Gene

 Receive valuable guidance on how to start

taking action today

We are at a critical moment in human history. As of

now, we hold more potential than ever before. Our
access to information and communication is
unfathomable. The ability we have to chronicle our
lives and create what we are passionate about is
unparalleled by any other time.

As the wheel turns, we must recognize this chance

we have to become better, more compassionate,
more grateful than we have ever been. And in doing
this we affect change in our lives and all around us.

This is an opportunity for all of us, at the global and

individual level, to step up, move out of the past,
and learn to create the future that we all know is


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