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SMT FEEDER Corrector

User manual

For use on: YAMAHA


First, we sincerely thank you for choosing our company SMT

FEEDER Corrector.

You will be able to use SMT FEEDER Instrument to achieve fast

and easy, effective, zero-error SMT FEEDER Correction and help
improve SMT FEEDER management. Before using the machine, please
read this manual, and shelve it for future reference use.

For product improvement and software updates that is not included

in this manual or any inquiry regarding this product, please contact your
distributor or us.


We recommend that you keep the machine's packaging materials

for future use. We advise to use appropriate packaging if machine
transfer is needed to prevent damage to the machine during transport.

Removal or replacement of machine parts without authorization

may void warranty and exclusion from warranty service terms and

This equipment applies only to YAMAHA FEEDER 。


I. Packing list ------------------------------------------------------------

II. Topics required attention --------------------------------------------
III. Overview --------------------------------------------------------------
3.1 Application
3.2 Features
3.3 Specifications
IV. Installation and Operation -------------------------------------------
V. FEEDER calibration -------------------------------------------------
VI. Maintenance ----------------------------------------------------------
VII. Troubleshooting Guide ----------------------------------------------
VIII. Warranty card --------------------------------------------------------

I. Packing list

Item Description Quantity

User manual 1 pc.

10 LCD monitor 1 set

Machine base 1 set

II. Topics required attention

Upon unloading of package check contents for any loss or damage.

Incorrect power supply may cause damage to the machine, refer to
machine specifications for accurate power requirement.
Place the machine on a smooth solid location.
Recommend to be situated on a 65”elevated table, to achieve precise
image display and obtain optimum feeder calibration accuracy.

III. Overview

3.1 Application
This product uses CCD And high power magnifier ,through
MONITOR Observation focusing on component feed condition, lever
needle stroke consistency ,LEVER condition (deterioration),decrease
component pick-up errors/pick-up misses, reduce component losses and
improve component placement ratio.

3.2 Features
3.2.1 Simplified operation - user friendly, compact and simplified
user interface.
3.2.2 X, Y, H - Three-axis high precision gear transmission
imported from Japan, precise and reliable.
3.2.3 50 Magnification CCD; LED Lighting provides
comprehensible appearance.
3.2.4 Configuration of pneumatic, Single or continuous strike
LEVER, simulate action.
3.2.5 Adjustable Dynamic Strike Method (Single-action /
Continues Strike)
3.2.6 Adjustable speed setting for effortless observance (Feeder
Tape Guide and Cover condition)
3.2.7 Dynamic wheel gear condition inspection.
3.2.8 Equipped with standard calibration for focal point

3.3 Specifications

Working voltage 220V/AC(50Hz) 60W

Machine size 500*350*550 mm

Machine Weight 45Kg

IV. Installation and Operation

1. Boot: Connect proper signal cable to monitor’s VIDEO interface,

Plug-in to appropriate power supply and access instrument display
and correction.

2. Press the power switch and press pole to move all axis to original
positions. After machine origin, cross cursor will be on display, and
wait until machine self diagnostic check is completed.

3. Using the operator panel:

A. POWER (on/off) power switch: power switch is used to control
Press ON, machine connects to power supply and starts operation
Press OFF, shutdown the machine and interrupt power supply
B. Cycle/Stop key: Cycle/Stop key, Drive motor will drive feeder
stroke further, Press and hold the Cycle/Stop Key, Machine will
automatically set drive motor to continue stroke mode, until you release
the key.
C. Auto/Manual key: Auto/Manual key, Display lights, Cycle/Stop
Once, Drive motor start driving feeder. Then press Cycle/Stop Once,
Drive motor action suspended.
D. Speed control keys: adjust the Speed control switch, Drive motor
change stroke speed.

V. FEEDER calibration

1. Set calibration ruler to proper position and place feeder in the

2. Adjust the focus-distance of H Axis display by moving the cross
cursor to the center of the FEEDER suction hole. Lock the FEEDER
and adjust X and Y Axis towards the center of the FEEDER suction
hole. Preparatory work is completed; do not adjust X Y and H axis.
3. Replace FEEDER with the Calibration Ruler and set-up Jig. After
positioning, press AUTO/MANUAL key and wait until cross cursor
align to the center of the FEEDER suction hole; if misaligned, adjust
FEEDER bolt pin. Once done, tighten wheel gear screw.

VI. Maintenance

FEEDER Instrument is required to be kept clean and free from

any scratch or deformity. It is necessary to clean and maintain the
machine after use; use cotton stick when applying AFC grease on
the feeder fixing seat.
Maintain Calibration Ruler’s consistency to maintain precise
calibration results.

VII. Troubleshooting Guide

Symptom Troubleshooting Guide

No monitor display on power 1. make sure the power supply is
ON properly connected.
2. confirm signal cable connection

Warranty card

User name: User address:

Machine type: User's phone:
Date of purchase: Dealer stamp:

Terms and Agreement:

A. One year parts warranty from date of purchase, lifetime machine


B. The following conditions are not covered under warranty:

(1) By mistake, negligence, and engine damage caused by natural
(2) Malfunction due to incorrect operation.
(3) Unauthorized repair, parts replacement, or modification.
(4) Damage caused by non-consumables or parts of the company.
(5) Damage caused by using non-voltage specified in this company.

C. In addition to this guarantee, issued by the other members of the firm

and on the warranty card are not accepted by the company.

D. Please keep this card and the official completion of the purchase
receipt, to be presented to our company officers during repair, to be

E. Card without dealer stamp and date of purchase are automatically