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Ruben Salazar Jr. Rubensalazar227@gmail.

Citizenship: US
1234 Drive
Unavailable, NA 12345-9876 US

Junior Logistics Analyst

FCI Enterprises LLC 08/17-Present
6910 Cooper Ave,
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Primary Duties: To provide support to the Senior Logistics Manager to conduct logistics
management of the deployed Teleport System. Logistic support responsibilities include,
but are not limited to assisting in the development of the Teleport logistics support
strategy. Evaluate and analyze logistic requirements of the Teleport System, investigate
initiatives to identify stated and implied logistics tasks, coordinate logistics requirements
associated with the fielding of the Teleport System assist in the development and
implementation of a comprehensive outcome-based product support strategy, develop
product support arrangements for implementation.

Work Experience
Department Workcenter Supervisor, US Navy 06/16-08/17
United States Navy, Partol Craft, Bahrain
Unit 100286
FPO, AE 09588 United States

Primary Duties: As the Department Workcenter Supervisor maintained a weekly

maintenance schedule was assuring proper procedures were followed for 47 weapon
systems. Maintaining 100% accountability for $200,000 of the commands Controlled
Equipage inventory ensuring total mission readiness. Served as the Assistant Range
Officer qualifying twenty personnel in Beretta 9mm pistols, M4 5.56mm caliber rifles,
Mossberg 500 Shotgun, M2 .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun, and M240D courses of fire.
Ensuring proper procedures were met by OPNAVINST 3591.1F and other applicable
directives resulting in a qualified force protection watch team while forward deployed in
the Middle East.

Additional Duties: The Commands Assistant Fitness Leader, led over 400 staff hours of
physical fitness exercises and the Fitness Enhancement Program to improve crew health.

Ammunition Logistics Management Specialist, US Navy 06/13-06/16

Navy Munitions Atlantic Det Rota,Spain
PSC 819 Box 25
FPO, AE 09645 United States
Primary Duties: As the Database Administrator Expert managed and coordinated 6,130
line items. Proved critical to the mishap-free movement of the ordinance promptly
issuing, receipting, and tracking of over 5,000 Tons of assets along with associated
components worth $110 million in 46 explosive storage magazines, ready service lockers
and support areas maintaining logistics inventory efficiency at 100% and inventory
accuracy rate exceeding 98%. Providing logistical support for 11 deployed units engaged
in training and operating in Europe and North Africa arranging, coordinating, and
executing the movement of 667 tons of munitions and components in 165 missions on
aircraft's, semi-trucks, and ships. Re-development of a comprehensive load plan in
support of four Forward Deployed Naval Force Guided Missile Destroyers permanently
home ported in Rota, Spain supporting fleet, theater defense initiatives, and national
ballistic missile defense shield objectives. Regularly accessed Secure Internet Protocol
Router(SIPR) and Joint Personnel Adjudication system (JPAS) systems applying the
proper classification of documents, handling of materials, and ONE-Net system classified
requests along with system issues for 39 personnel, ensuring continuous electronic access
to mission-critical programs. Screening and inspecting all assets on a daily basis for
incoming messages personally reclassifying 2,000 assets in compliance with directives
and reports applicable to Notice of Ammunition Reclassification (NAR) ensuring
ordnance was non-detrimental to any mission.

Additional Duties: Proficient in Spanish was designated as the Foreign Military Sales
liaison, worked closely with partner nation representatives to deliver 600 tons of
munitions in support NATO and Mediterranean Dialogue missions. The commands Lead
Fitness Instructor-led and coordinated an effective program for 38 personnel, resulting in
a 100% pass rate for 5 Navy Physical Readiness Tests. As the commands, MWR treasure
pursued vendor merchandise sales and created qualifying purchase requisition orders to
receive maximum discounts on tiered level pricing and profit, the efforts raised over
$10,000 in support of Sailor recognition programs and annual command holiday
functions. As the quick response team quality assurance support supervisor, provided
technical expertise facilitating the safe exchange of 112 SM-3 ballistic missile defense
missiles valued at 1.4 billion.

Ships Armorer US Navy 09/11-06/13

USS Rushmore, San Diego, CA
FPO, AP 96677-1735 United States
Primary Duties: Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of 81 Small Arms Weapons,
16 Crew Served Weapons, 9 Magazines and, 21 Ready Service Lockers. Making sure
equipment met support criteria and was in compliance to AA&E (arms, ammunition, and
explosives) storage security requirements during a vigorous training cycle and ship-wide
inspection receiving an overall score of 96%.As the Assistant Workcenter Supervisor
trained and mentored three junior personals in proper maintenance procedures, the
operation of the ship's weapons systems, magazine up-keep, and daily armory operations.
As a line coach, expertise knowledge contributed to the qualification of 150 personnel in
Beretta 9mm pistols, M16 5.56mm caliber rifles, Mossberg 500 Shotgun, M2 .50 Caliber
Heavy Machine Gun, and M240D machine guns sustaining the unit in a six-day schedule
High School Diploma,
West Wendover High.
2055 Elko Ave. PO Box 3830
West Wendover, Nevada 89883
Graduation Date:05/2007
Job Related Training and Certifications
8/2016 Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor
5/2015 LEAN/Six-sigma Green Belt Course, US Navy
3/2015 U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Explosive Driver, US Navy
3/2014 Command Fitness Instructor Course
2/2014Ammunition Inventory Management Specialist
8/2013 Forklift Operator Department of the Navy (2013)
3/2011 25MM Mk 38 Mod 1 Machine Gun operation and Maintenance
Honors and Awards
4/2016 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
12/2014 NMC DET Rota FY-2014 Junior Sailor of the Year

Awards with Multiple Citations: Pistol Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, (2) Flag Letter of
Commendations, (3) Navy Good Conduct Medals, (3) Overseas Service Ribbons, Sea
Service Deployment Ribbon (3)

Other Information
 Active Secret Clearance until 2018
 Qualified M2 Machine Gun, M240 machine gun, M4/M16 Rifle, M9 Pistol
and Mossberg 500 Shotgun
 Certified LEAN/Six-Sigma Green Belt
 Microsoft Office Suite Advanced user(Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
 Bilingual (English and Spanish)