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The Next Generation in Baghouse Control: Afforda
The PLC-based PulsePro EC offers a Trending. The PulsePro EC can
level of control, monitoring, and ex- record values from selected sensors
pansion capabilities unavailable in its over time and plot them for viewing
price range until now. Only PulsePro either individually or collectively.
EC provides all this in one package: This valuable information can give
you early warning of a developing
• Graphical, password protected
problem, or help determine the cause
touchscreen interface makes moni-
of an alarm condition.
toring, navigation, and input simple
and intuitive. Example — the stack particulate rises
• Multiple baghouses can be moni- Main Control screen puts the current op- to a high level, causing an alarm con-
erating information right in front of you. dition. By viewing the side-by-side
tored from one PulsePro EC panel,
providing tremendous savings trending screen, you may find that the
compared to dedicated controls. increase was caused by a momentary
• Use of Profibus networking pro- upset in the air flow, as shown in the
vides further savings on wiring Trending screen shot below left.
costs. Trending data is stored on removable
• Ability to remotely monitor bag- MMC (Multimedia) flash memory
house status and change setpoints cards and can optionally be exported
securely from any computer on the to a Microsoft Excel file for long
internet through its ethernet port. term storage.
Description Diagnostics screen helps identify problem
sources. Benefits
The PulsePro EC seamlessly inte- The PulsePro EC’s many capabilities
grates four important functions into a offer valuable benefits that not only
single, easy-to-use PLC: contribute to optimal baghouse opera-
• Pulse-jet cleaning tion, but also to your bottom line:
• Leak detection • Easy to use graphical interface
• Baghouse monitoring/ diagnostics with touch screen makes operation
• Trending intuitive.
Cleaning. You can choose between • High level of automated monitor-
intelligent or conventional (timer) ing saves cost of manual inspec-
cleaning modes. Intelligent cleaning Trending screen shows sensor values tions for leaks and valve failures.
over time.
uses differential pressure to deter- • Avoids costly compressed air use
mine pulse timing, maintaining con- be located by row with the addition due to undetected valve leaks.
stant DP across the filter bags. Unlike of our Instant Leak Locating System. • Reduces cost of unplanned shut-
common mechanical photohelical downs through early detection of
gauges, PulsePro EC pressure sensing Baghouse Monitoring/ Diagnos- problems.
is solid state. Our optional Non-clog- tics. The PulsePro EC continuously • Optimized baghouse operation
ging Differential Pressure Transmitter checks for failed diaphragm and improves filtration performance,
eliminates clogging problems and solenoid valves, allowing quick reso- increases bag life, and reduces
assures maintenance-free pressure lution of these common problems and operating costs.
regulation. considerable savings. • Integration of control and sensing,
Options available include monitoring along with Profibus communica-
Leak Detection. Leaks are detected
and display of: tions lowers installation costs.
well before emissions are visible, and
• All baghouses can be controlled
without tuning or baseline reference. • Hopper level
and monitored from one location.
Unlike other suppliers, we offer • Air flow
• Ensures compliance with EPA
probes using either induction-sensing • Fan amps
CAM, MACT, Title V, and PM 2.5.
or triboelectric technologies, depend- • Temperature
ing on which provides the best reli- • Pulse-jet supply pressure
ability for the application. Leaks can • Others as needed
able, Yet Powerful with Unparalleled Expandability

Desktop PC Many Expansion Options, Simplified Wiring

WWW Ethernet

Profibus panel panel

The PulsePro EC can provide control and monitoring for multiple baghouses and optionally connect with other PCs via Ethernet and
internet, yet it costs no more than baghouse controls without these capabilities.

We Can Provide A
AC motor Circuit
Complete Package With starters breaker
One-Source Responsibility
In addition to the main control and
monitoring components, MikroPul
can also provide the equipment in-
terface components, all integrated,
if desired, into one cabinet.
PulsePro EC
For example, the panel at right
• PulsePro controller
• AC motor starters PulsePro EC and
equipment interface
• Electronic softstart for high HP equipment combined
motors High HP into one panel
• Ethernet switch for connection softstart
to plant LAN and internet,
• Circuit breaker Ethernet PLC
• Water flow meter switch
• Sensors, including DP, leakage,
header pressure, 250 psi pres-
sure, and water level
Other Control/Monitoring Products
MikroPulseTM 100T Pulse Timing Controller
Simple digital continuous cleaning pulse timer with two setpoints:
• On-time between 50 and 150 milliseconds
• Off-time between 3 and 60 seconds
Units can be provided with terminals for wiring one to five solenoids/output.

MikroPulseTM 100P Clean-On-Demand Controller

PLC-based controller triggers cleaning pulses when the differential pressure across
the bag reaches the setpoint selected by the user.
• In most cases, uses considerably less compressed air than timed pulses
• Lengthens bag life due to fewer pulses
• Setpoints are set with push buttons instead of potentiometers
• Utilizes a 0-10" DP transmitter for precise cleaning
• Standard NEMA 4 enclosure; hazardous service enclosure available

MikroPulseTM 200EC Expandable Timer/DP Controller

PLC-based controller provides timed or DP determined pulse control (chosen at pur-
chase) but can be upgraded in steps to a full PulseProTM EC control and monitoring
system. Upgrade packages include:
• Header pressure package, including diaphragm valve diagnostics
• Solenoid valve diagnostics package
• Bag leak detection package
• Interface upgrade with 6" touch screen
• Trending package (requires touch screen)
• Other packages available based on customer needs

Mikro-ChargeTM 200L Leak Gauge

PLC-based monitoring system determines when a bag leak is present.
• Easy setting of alarm setpoints via push buttons
• No need for baseline data or signal tuning
• Alarm light flashes when setpoint is reached
• Automatic zero self check (zero and span)
• Probe can be triboelectric or induction sensing
• Built-in analog output for remote alarm notification

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