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Common Mistake Words

1. traveler. The British spell it with two l's, but Americans don't double-up, except in accented syllables (such
as controlled, referral, propeller).
2. coolly. Here, you're just adding the suffix to the root. (I know it still looks funny. But it's right. Trust me.)
3. embarrass. Two r's and two s's. But then again, we have harass.
4. unparalleled. Memorize this sucker. There's no other way around it.
5. nickel. Is there any justice in the world?
6. glamour. We can deal with this … but what about glamorous?
7. resuscitate. That's why people learn CPR; they're too busy being heroes (not heros) to spell what they just did.
8. genealogy. Like its first cousins mineralogy and analogy, one of a few words that doesn't end with -ology.
9. pavilion. That's what we get for taking words from the French. Cotillion and vermilion also pose difficulty.
10. dysfunction