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Unit #5
Homework 5
Ernesto Emilio de jesus

Endy Garcia


Feb: 21/2018
Unit 4 Home work

Bubble the correct answers D Page 52

1-____How Many___ are the shirt?

2-______How Much________Is the blouse

3-_____How Many______Dresses do you want

4_____How Many________are the shoes?

5-_____How Many________ Sweaters do you want?

Answer the questions . B Page 53

How many small shirts are there? ________________Three__________________________

How many extra-large shirt are there?___________Two_____________________

How many medium shirt are there?____________Two_______________________

How many large shirt are there? _________________One__________________

Bubble the correct answer E Page 54

1__________How Much___________(Money ) Are the computer ?

2__________How Many____________Apples do you want?

3____________How Many________________Shoes are there?

4_____________How Much___________________Milk is in the refrigerator?

5____________ How Much __________________Water do you want?

6______________How Many_____________________Onions do you want?

Rewrite the questions in excursive E Page 54 F

1. How Much Money Are the computer?

2. How Many Apples do you want ?

3. How Many Shoes are there?

4.How Much Milk is in the refrigerator?

5. How Much Water do you want?

6. How Many Onions do you want?

Circle the correct Answer Page 56 D

1. He __Doesn’t________want gren pants

2. They___don’t________need clothes
3. I_______ don’t _______need shoes
4. Mary ____ Doesn’t _____________want a sweater
5. We________ don’t ____________need dresses
6. Jeremy and I ___ don’t ______want help
7. Susan ________ Doesn’t ______________ need blouse
8. John and jim ______ don’t ___________need shirt

Rewrite the sentences in exertive D Page 56 E

1.He Doesn’t want gren pants

2.They don’t need clothes
3.I don’t need shoes
4.Mary Doesn’t want a sweater
5.We don’t need dresses
6.Jeremy and I don’t want help
7.Susan Doesn’t need blouse
8.John and jim don’t need shirt

Complete the sentences about you Page 56 F

1. I need Pants
2. I need Shoes
3. I need Hats
4. I don’t need a shirt
5. I don’t need a tv
6. I don’t need a Car