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9th ADB Business Opportunities Fair

Energy --- South Asia Department

Presented by: Hiroki Kobayashi
14 March 2018
Operational Strategy for Energy
in South Asia
 Promote Energy Efficiency
 Promote Clean Energy Development
 Improved Access to Energy
 Improved Reliability and Security of Energy
 Cross Border Interconnections
 Promote Sector Reform

Covers operations in Bangladesh, Bhutan,

India, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
Promote Energy Efficiency
 Reduce Technical Losses
 Demand Side Management and Energy
Lending Programs 2018
– BAN: Southwest Transmission Grid Expansion Project:
$440M (OCR) & $260M (Co-finance) (Q2 2018)
– BAN: SASEC Third BAN-IND Grid Interconnection –
East Project: $120M (2018 Standby)
– IND: Meghalaya Power Sec. Project: $125M (Q4 2018)
– IND: Tamil-Nadu Power Transmission Project: $500M
(2018 Standby)
Promote Energy Efficiency

Lending Programs 2018 (Continued)

– IND: Uttar Pradesh Power Distribution Improvement
Project: $350M (2018 Standby)
– NEP: Nepal Energy Sector Reform Project: $100M
(2018 Standby)
– SRI: Strengthening Power System Stability, Reliability,
and Protection Project: $275M (2018 Standby)
– SRI: Preparing Power Development and Interconnec.
Project - TA Loan: $10M (2018 Standby)
Promote Clean Energy
 Develop Clean Energy Generation
 Promote CDM and Carbon Trading
Lending Programs 2018
– BAN: Rupsha 800MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
Project: $500M(OCR) & $300M(Co-finance) (Q2 2018)
– IND: HP Clean Energy Transmission Investment Program
(Tranche 3): $105M (Q2 2018)
Non-Lending Program
Proposed 2018 Technical Assistance
 Project Preparatory
– BAN: Preparing Renewable Energy Project: $0.5M
– BAN: Preparing Southwest Distribution System
Expansion Project: $0.5M
– BAN: Preparing BAN Rural Electrification Expansion
Project: $0.5M
– BAN: Enhancing Distribution Network and Capacity
Dev. In the West Zone Area: $0.5M
– IND: Preparing Industry Energy Efficiency Project:
– IND: Preparing Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission
Project: $1.5M
Non-Lending Program
Proposed 2018 Technical Assistance
 Project Preparatory (Continued)
– IND: Uttarakand Power: $0.225M
– NEP: Energy Sector Policy and Institutional
Strengthening: $0.5M
– NEP: Dudkhoshi 2: $0.5M
– SRI: Preparing the Distribution Automation and
Metering Project: $1.0M
We look forward to doing
business with you.

Hiroki Kobayashi
Principal Portfolio Management Specialist, SAEN