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Kimia Analitik

+Apa itu Kimia Analitik?

What  is  analy+cal  chemistry?  
“Analy(cal  chemistry  is  what  analy(cal  chemists  do.”  
•  Analy+cal  chemistry  is  o3en  described  as  the  area  of  chemistry  
responsible  for  characterizing  the  composi+on  of  ma:er,  both  
qualita+vely  (what  is  present)  and  quan+ta+vely  (how  much  is  
•  The  cra3  of  analy+cal  chemistry  is  not  in  performing  a  rou+ne  
analysis  on  a  rou+ne  sample  (which  is  more  appropriately  called  
chemical  analysis),  but    in  improving  established  methods,  
extending  exis+ng  methods  to  new  types  of  samples,  and  
developing  new  methods  for  measuring  chemical  phenomena.  

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Chemical Analytical
analysis chemistry

n  routine analysis on a routine

sample using established method
Common  Analy*cal   Problems  
Operate  at  the   edges  of  analysis,  
on  smaller  samples,  on  more  
complex  samples,  on  shorter  +me  
     Typical  problems  oscales,  
n  which  
on  asnaly+cal   chemists  
pecies  present   at  lower  
work  include:   concentra+ons.  
•  Qualita+ve  analyses  (what  is  present?)  
•  Quan+ta+ve  analyses(how  much  is  present?)  
•  Characteriza+on  analyses  (what  are  the  
material’s  chemical  and  physical  proper+es?)  
•  Fundamental  analyses  (how  does  this  
method  work  and  how  can  it  be  improved?)  
+ What is the “analytical perspective”?

1. Identify and define the problem.

2. Design the experimental procedure.

3. Conduct an experiment, and gather data.

4. Analyze the experimental data.

5. Propose a solution to the problem.

Flow diagram for the analytical approach to solving