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INFOF3250 Assignment#5

This is an individual assignment which requires some research on Word Template. References can be
found on books and on-line materials (e.g., Microsoft’s Virtual Academy, you tube video, etc.).


KU (a fictional and notional organization for this assignment) is a private university that offers
undergraduate courses to students. have consistent information content for course outlines that are
developed and written by different instructors. It has been discovered that the following information are
needed for every course:

(Only the following requirements are needed for this assignment; real-world outlines will have more

1. Course Number and Title

2. Course Instructor Information (Name, Photo, Contact Phone Number, Office, Email)
3. Course Description (a paragraph of less than 100 words)
4. Course objectives (between 5 and 10 objectives in bullet point format)
5. Course Format (it must be one of the two options: “online” or “in-class”)
6. Course Offered Location (offered at one or more of the campuses at Richmond, Surrey, Langley)
7. Grading Scheme (table format for items: Assignments (x %), Midterm (y%) and Final Exam
(z%). The sum of x, y and z must be 100% which is calculated automatically.

Work to do:

Use Microsoft Word to create a template (file extension is .dotx) to cover the required details for the
course outline. Users of the template will be able to enter required data, insert a photo, etc.


• No macro or VBA should be used in this assignment. You should work on it from scratch. You should
not use any existing template to complete the work (0% will be assigned if built-in template is used)
• To fulfill requirement (1) to (6), you must use the appropriate types of control (e.g., drop-down lists,
check boxes, radio buttons, etc.) to improve the quality of data entered to the template) [50%]
• To fulfill requirement (7), you MUST use Excel to design the required formula and format. The Excel
object is then embedded in the Word file. [30%]
• Add a border to the form (see example on the next page). Do some research to learn how a good
form layout should look like. The complete outline template should look like a printed outline (use print
preview to check and ask others’ opinions). The template should be user-friendly, and its layout
should appeal to the users. Some marks will be assigned to the quality of the template layout. [20%]

• Submit ONLY the word document template (Note: it is not a regular word file, it is a word
template with file extension .dotx) to the following link at the course website on myKwantlen.

Assignment #5 Description and Submission Link

Add a border to
the form.

Requirement (1) to
(6) go here

Requirement (7) is
an embedded Excel

The template allows

Details of Requirement (7) instructors to assign a weight
to each assessment item.
Assessment Item Weight
Assignments 0.00
Midterm 0.00
The total is calculated
Final Exam 0.00 automatically. If it is not
equal to 100, the word
Total error “error” appear.

Assessment Item Weight

Assignments 40.00
Midterm 30.00 In this scenario, the total
Final Exam 30.00 equals to 100 (no error
Total 100.00