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Name of Student

Name of School

ID Number of School

Student's Number
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* Please write NRfor ALL questions not attempted.


Read the following carefully:

1. This paper consists of two (2) sections. There are forty (40) multiple-
choice questions in Section I and six (6) structured questions in Section lI.

2. Fill in the following information on the Multiple-Choice Answer Sheet

using a 2HB pencil only (if it has not already been completed):
- Name of School
- ID Number of School
- Name of Student
- Student's Number
- Date of Birth

3. Attempt all questions in Section I. Record your answers on the Multiple-

Choice Answer Sheets provided.

4. Answer all questions in Section II in the spaces provided in this booklet.

5. You should spend approximately fifty (50) minutes on Section I and forty
(40) minutes on Section [I.

6. On the Multiple-Choice Answer Sheet DO NOT

o write anything on the top and sides.
o staple anything.
o punch holes.
. tear any part.
. make stray marks.

7. Complete the following on the cover of this test booklet:

- Name of Student
- Name of School
- ID Number of School
- Student's Number

8. If you are finished before time is called, go back and check your work.

NCSE 2O14 - Integrated Science


There are forty (40) questions in this section with four (4) answer options: A, B, C, and D. You
are required to answer ALL questions. Select only ONE option.

l. The heat energy on the surface of the 5. In science, measurements are always
earth comes mainly from _. repofted using

A. fire A. a number or value only

B. the sun B. a unit name only
C. volcanoes C. both a number and a unit
D. the core of the earth D. either a number or a unit

2. When a compound in a liquid state 6. Patrick added water plants to his

vaporizes and becomes a gas, which of goldfish bowl and placed the bowl in
the following characteristics of the direct sunlight. A few hours later, he
compound remains the same? noticed the underwater plants had tiny
air bubbles on the surface ofthe leaves.
A. distance between the molecules What caused the air bubbles to form on
B. chemical composition of the the leaves?
C. kinetic energy of the molecules A. the process of evaporation
D. specific heat capacity of the B. the process of photosynthesis
substance C. goldfish breathing on the plants
D. an increase in water temperature

3. Which of the following is a renewable

source ofenergy? 7 . The volume of liquid represented in the
diagram below is _.
A. coal
B. natural gas
C. petroleum
D. solar power uo it

4. One disadvantage of using solar power

in Trinidad is that

A. a lot of pollution is produced

B. it is expensive to set up A. 82 cm3
C. it is not renelvable B. 83 cm3
D. there is too little sunshine C. 84 cm3
D. 92 cm3

NCSE 2014 - lntegrated Science

8. Shoba wants to collect 20 millilitres 12. The change in state directly frorn solid
(mL) of water from a forest stream. to a gas is called
Which would be the best apparatus fbr
measuring exactly 20 mL of water? A. heating
B. melting
A. 250 mL beaker C. boiling
B. 30 mL test tube D. sublimation
C. 2 rnL dropper
D. 50 rnl- graduated cylinder
r3. The green substance in a leaf that traps
sunlight to produce food is known as
9. Mass is a measure of

A. how much matter an obiect A. glucose

contains B. water
B. how much space an object occupies C. chlorophyll
C. the amount of rlatter in a fixed D. soil
D. the shape of an object
14. A plant releases cheniical compounds
into the soil arounc'l it. These
I0. Wlrich of thc lbllowing staten'rents is compounds inhibit the gennination ar,d
TRUE'] grow'th of other plants in the area
immediately surrounding the plant.
A. The freezing point of r,r'atcr is This strategv nrost likell' scrves to
10000 c.
B. The rnelting point of ice is 0" C.
C'. Water evaporates quickll'rvlien it is A. reduce cornpetitron for resources in
very' cold. short suppll'
D. Steam and water vapour are names B. rnake the plant less appealing to
given to fiozen water. herbivores
C. limit cross-pollination'*'ith other
11. The power suppll,to I'our home is D. slow the spread ofdiseases and
measurcd in insect pests

A. amperes
B. coulombs 15. The joint that allows the most flexibility
C. kilowatts in the human body is
l). volts
A. joint
a fixed
B. a pivot joint
C. a ball and socketjoint
D. a hinge joint

NCSE 201,1 - lntegrated Scicnce

16. An exarnple of when a chemical change 20. Figure I shows a barcode scanner in
occurs is use. This device uses a laser.

A. magnet on a fridge
B. dew disappearing from grass I@
C. making mashed potatoes
D. moulding plasticine

A mixture of oil and water can be

separated using
% Figure I
A. a separating firnnel
B. filtration Which of the following diagrams
C. heating represents a beam oflight produced by
D. distillation this laser?

18. Which of the following is a non-

luminous source of light?
A. a fire-fly
B. a light-emitting-diode (LED)
C. the moon
D. the sun

19. The following diagrams show the effect

of light falling on cups made out of B.
different materials. ---------

Which of the following correctly
identifies the type of materials?
transparent translucent opaque
B ilI I II
C III il I

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science

21. Figure 2a shows the apparatus used to generate the shadow shown in Figure 2b.

torch cardboard opaque screen umbra

with hole object


Figure 2a Figure 2b

When the cardboard is removed, which of the statements about the new shadow is true?

A. The shadow stays the same.

B. The umbra gets bigger.
C. The shadow is now called a penumbra.
D. The shadow has two regions called an umbra and apenumbra.

22. The colour that a green shirt will appear 24. Diseases impact on a country,s
when placed in blue light is economy by
A. green I - reducing productive time spent AI
B. blue work
C. black
D. cyan II - draining the country of its
creativity and wealth
III - raising health care costs
23. The energy flow through a food chain
Which of the above is/are true?

A. decreases A. I only
B. increases B. I, II and III
C. remains constant C. II and III only
D. does not exist D. III only

NCSE 20 l4 - Integrated Science 4

25. Jack is standing I metre away facing a 29. Which of the following best describes
plane mirror. The distance he is from his the image formed by a plane mirror
image in the mirror is _. and the image formed by a camera
A. 0 metre
B. I metre
C. 2 metres
Convex lens in a
D. 3 metres Plane mirror

26. Which of the following BEST describes

virtual, inverted virtual, inverted
the digestion of beans? and enlarged and enlarged

A. Chewing ---+ Stomach -> Proteins -'

real, inverted
real, upright and
Amino Acids B the same size as
and reduced
B. Chewing ---+ Stomach -> Minerals ---+ object
Calcium & Iron
real, upright and virtual, upright and
C. Chewing ---+ Pancreas ---+ Fats ----r
C the same size as the same size as
Fatty Acids ---+ Glycerol
object object
D. Chewing ---+ Pancreas ---+
Carbohydrates -- Simple sugars virtual, upright
real, inverted and
D and the same
size as object
27. A balanced diet and regular exercise are
used to

A. build muscles 30. Obesity is an example of which of the

B. fight diseases followins diseases?
C. manage body weight -
D. strengthen bones and teeth A. deficiencv
B. hereditary
C. infectious
28. Which part of the digestive system D. lifestyle
contains acid?

A' mouth 31. The accumulation of metabolic wastes

B. stomach can be treated using
C. small intestine
D. large intestine A. a pacemaker
B. birth control
C. dialysis
D. an injection

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science

JZ. Which of the following characteristics of 35. Examine the diagram below, then
an unknown object would provide the answer the question which follows.
best evidence that the object is a living

A. It possesses carbon-containing
B. It is able to reproduce.
C. Its temperature is higher than that of
the surrounding air or water. IV
D. It has a highly ordered structure.

JJ. Which of the following correctly matches
excretory products to their excretory In which part of the female
organs? reproductive system does the foetus

Excretory Excretory
A. I
Organ Product
C. ilI
A skin heat

B lungs oxygen 36. Which of the following correctly

describes the path an egg takes during
C heart blood owlation?

D kidney unne A. Vagina --- Cervix -' Uterus

Fallopian Tube --+ Ovary
B. Ovary --- Fallopian Tube ---
Uterus ---+ Cervix ---+ Vagina
34. Micro-organisms which ferment milk to
produce yogurt are called
C. Vagina ---+ Uterus -r Fallopian
Tube ---+ Ovary --- Cervix

A. viruses
D. Ovary ---+ Uterus ---+ Cervix --+
Vagina -+ Fallopian Tube
B. fungi
C. mould
D. bacteria
31. People can prevent global warming by

A. planting trees
B. conserving water daily
C. increasing combustion of fuels
D. decreasing the use of fertilizers
NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science 6
38. Sunil wants to make a protective case to 40. Which gas in the atmosphere protects
store his watch which is sensitive to us from harmful ultraviolet radiations?
magnetic fields. The BEST material to
use to make the case is A. ozone
B. oxygen
A. iron C. nitrogen
B. steel D. carbon dioxide
C. nickel
D. aluminum

39. An inflated balloon will shrink if placed

in a refrigerator because the lower
temperature causes the gas particles to

A. more slowly and become closer

B. faster and become closer together
C. more slowly and become further
D. faster and become further apart

NCSE 2014 - lntegrated Science

There are SIX (6) questions in this section.
Answer ALL questions in the spaces provided.

l. (a) Complete the passage using the words below.

intercostal thorax decreases

downwards increase upwards


When you breath in, the rib muscles pull the chest and

outwards. The muscles move and

flattens. The space inside the chest The pressure inside

the chest causing air to be sucked into the lungs.

(5 marks)

(b) Identify the process that is represented by the word equation berow.

food + oxygen + carbon dioxide + water


(l mark)

NCSE 20 l4 Integrated Science

(c) The table below shows the breathing rate of two persons, Anthony and Ria, before and after

Breathing rate of Breathing rate of

Activity Ria

Before exercising 22 L7

After exercising 40 39

(i) Why did the breathing rate of both Anthony and Ria increase after exercising?

(1 mark)

(ii) Besides an increase in the breathing rate, what other body changes would occur after

(3 marks)
Total l0 marks

2. (a) List two different methods that can be used to separate mixtures.


(2 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science

(b) Carl, a handyman, had a tool kit containing objects made of the following materials:

aluminum wood steel

iron rubber

His tool kit fell and the materials got mixed up. He used a magnet to help sort the
materials. Complete the table below using the materials listed above.

Materials picked up by the magnet Materials not picked up by magnet

(5 marks)

(c) On the diagram of the magnets shown below, draw and indicate the direction of the
magnetic fields that exist.

(i) N S N S

(ii) N S S N

(3 marks)
Total l0 marks

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science l0

3. (a) (i) It is a well-established fact that an increase in carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere leads to global warming. Identify TWO (2) of man's activities
that cause an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

(2 marks)

(ii) State TWO (2) measures that can be adopted to reduce the amount of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere.

(2 marks)

(b) Some raw materials that are needed by plants to manufacture food are

- water
- sunlight

(i) The name of the process by which plants manufacture food is

(1 mark)

(ii) Briefly explain the process by which the plants obtain any TWO (2) of the
materials above.


NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science ll



(4 marks)

(iii) State one other material that must be present for plants to manufacture food.

(l mark)
Total l0 marks

4. (a) List the three states of matter.

(3 marks)

(b) Identify the TWO (2) states of matter that are present in a snow cone.


(ii )
(2 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science t2

(c) What is the name of the process that causes the change from state I to state II below?

tary )
State I State II

(1 mark)

(d) Draw in the boxes below the arrangement of the particles in each state.

Arrangement of particles in state I Arrangement of particles in state II

(2 marks)

(e) (i) Explain how the change in the arrangement of the particles occurs.

(l mark)
NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science 13
(ii) What can be done to prevent the change from state I to state II?

(1 mark)
Total l0 marks

5. (a) Khaleel is given a list of the materials below and asked to classify them as insulators and
conductors. Complete the table below by placing a tick ( { ) in the appropriate column to
indicate which are insulators and which are conductors.

Materials Insulator Conductor


copper wire



(2 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science 14

(b) Describe in detail an experiment that would help Khaleel determine if a material is a
conductor or an insulator.

(4 marks)

(c) Indicate in the diagrams below which circuits are in series and which are parallel. Write
your answer on the lines provided.

(4 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Integrated Science 15

(d) Explain how three (3) batteries in a torchlight are arranged to ensure it gives a bright light.

(2 marks)
Total 10 marks

6. (a) The diagram below shows how food can be cooked using energy from the sun.

Explain the rnethod of heat transfer from the sun to the apparatus shown to enable the
cooking of the food.

(3 marks)

NCSE 2014 Integrated Science l6

(b) List three (3) situations, other than in cooking, where energy from the sun can be used by

(3 marks)

(c) The diagram below shows a thick, round-bottom iron pot used to cook food on an electric

(i) State two ways that the pot can be redesigned in order for fbod to cook faster.



(2 marks)

NCSE 201.1 - Integrated Scieuce

(ii) Explain how each modification allows the food to cook faster.

(2 marks)

Total 10 marks


NCSE 2014 Integrated Science 18