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-Research and Presentation-

World War I was a war of firsts. It was the first time the world had ever
been at war. It would be the first time the world saw mechanized warfare.
It was also the war that saw numerable military inventions that were the
beginning of today’s modern-day weapons. That which was invented in World
War I has evolved over the last 100 years to what is used now in modern
warfare. In groups of three you will be given a World War I weapon
invention to research and present on. The following are the major weapon
inventions of the First World War:

1. Trench Warfare
2. The Machine Gun
3. Artillery
4. Gas Warfare
5. The Tank
6. The Air Plane
7. The Zepplin (the first World War I bomber)
8. The U-boat or Submarine
9. The Dreadnought
10. Grenades
11. Flame Thrower (liquid fire)

The Procedure For the Assignment

1. Step #1: The Research

• Research when and who (nation) invented this weapon.
• Research how your weapon worked and what it could/did do to the
enemy during battle.
• Research how your weapon has evolved over the last 100 years. What
is today’s weapon-descendent from the weapon you are researching.
2. Step #2: Making Your Presentation
• Please make either a Power Point or Prezi presentation that covers
the above 3 research questions. Make sure that your slides do not
contain an overload of text. You should have a good balance of text
and images.
• I would like a one page, one-sided handout to accompany your
presentation. This handout should contain a summary of the
information you presented on the three research questions. This
handout should be placed in my Teacher Inbox. These will then be
provided via my Outbox for any would like to access the information
presented (for quizzes, tests, or the final exam).

3. Step #3: The Delivery of Your Presentation

• Your presentation should be a joint delivery by all three members of
the group. Everyone should have a role/job in the presentation that
goes beyond just working the laptop.
• I do not want to be read to. Please speak to the class. It is insulting
to one’s intelligence when they are merely read to. This means that
you must have a good handle on the information you have researched
in order to be able to talk about it. I recommend dividing up the
three research questions between the three members of the group
for the presentation.
• Feel free to use video clips for your presentation. You Tube provides
an array of World War I clips that may be useful to you. And of
course, You Tube need not be your only media resource.
• Your presentation will be 7-8 minutes.

Presentations will be delivered on Tuesday, September 21st and

Wednesday, September 22nd.


CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Time Group used 100% of Group used most of Group poorly used Group was defiantly
Management the time allotted for the time allotted for the time allotted for off task. Were
research and research and research and constantly talking and
preparation. Teacher preparation. Teacher preparation. Teacher engaged in tasks not
did not need to needed to intervene needed to intervene related to the
intervene. once. several times assignment. Did not
throughout the respond to the
research component. numerous teacher
Professionalism Group was Group was pretty Group showed signs Group was clearly
completely rehearsed, of not being unprepared,
rehearsed, organized, and prepared, rehearsed, disorganized, and
organized, and prepared except for or organized. There unrehearsed. Or read
prepared for the one exception. were occasions of to the audience most
presentation. It went Spoke to the being read to. of the time.
off without a hitch. audience for the
Group spoke to the most part.
Presentation Group created a Group's PowerPoint Group's PowerPoint Group's PowerPoint is
Medium neat, well laid-out, or Prezi was good of Prezi had the look packed loaded with
and attractive with one exception. of being rushed and text, unattractive, and
PowerPoint or Prezi. Video was present. not thought out. looks very rushed.
Excellent balance of There is an overload
text and image. of text or not enough
Video was included. text. There was no
Handout Handout is written Handout is written Handout is written Handout is written
with excellent with good spelling, with numerous with substandard
spelling, punctuation, punctuation, and spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation,
and grammar. It grammar - 1-2 and grammatical and grammar. It
contains an excellent exceptions. It errors. It contains a contains a summary
summary of the three contains an excellent poor summary of the that does not really
research questions. summary of the three three research answers the three
research questions. questions. research questions.

20 16 13 > 10
Content Three research Three research Three research The information was
questions were questions were questions were researched, but with
obviously research in researched well, researched in a little depth and
an excellent and in- though there was an mediocre fashion, thoughtfulness. The
depth manner. instance of with several presentation is quite
Group obviously vagueness in one of instances of vague on the
knew a lot about the questions in the vagueness in the information presented
their WWI weapon. presentation. Group presentation. on the 3 research
knows their topic. questions. Group does
not know their topic.

Assignment will be marked out of 36 marks.