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My name is susanly ainun handoko, usually called susanly . My religion is Islam.

I am the
youngest child born on March 2, 1998 born and lived in the same place, in liluwo, middle city,
Gorontalo. I live with my mother, my sister and her son. I am currently studying at State University of
Gorontalo, Public Health Department, semester 2.
I am known as a person who is friendly, kind , friendly, funny, disciplined and also respectful
to parents. Not because it is too proud but that's what people say or feel around me. I am a person who
so can not be silent, but that's my point to positive things. So it's not just telling a great story but how
to express what we think to the nature of a thing that will produce good results . In the learning
process I am always active and as a Muslim or social beings I usually tell something or reprimand in
positive things to others and always share knowledge . In addition to my nag, I have a high sense of
confidence, but not excessive. And also has good academic achievement. One of my hobbies is
reading, more into the genre of knowledge, books of English and religious genre .
My deficiency is a perfectionist, and when it's in a serious zone I sometimes forget about
other things, and stay focused on the job until it's done. And also I have less good writing but not in
bad level, and my friends often mock me for it. In addition to taking care of world affairs, I keep
running my duty as a Muslim, and doing some Islamic activities.
Now I will explain about the family. I live with my mother, brother and one child. I am not
from the family at large. Where they can live with complete. With the status and conditions that
require us to live apart from our father, who lives in different cities and with age that does not require
him to work. In such circumstances, it makes our mother and father support us. Because my brother
also no longer have a whole family. So my sister helped my mother. My mother provided us with her
own abilities. In fact, we moved several times due to economic problems. My family is very active in
the social activities that exist in our neighborhood and I have been a witness in the election of
provincial governor of Gorontalo.
I come from vocational high school, pass software engineering. When I was in vocational
school I was one school activist. Although I only attend one organization, I am also the person in
charge of the class and usually as a representative of my teacher. During my vocational school I was
once the deputy secretary and treasurer of OSIS. When i was twelve class, I was one of three awardee
provinces scholarship and i was followed the Olympics mathematical techniques Gorontalo city level.
After I graduated in 2016, I intend to continue my studies to PTN, by following the path of
SNMPTN and SBMPTN. With the intention of capital , I take the test by studying although without
good guidance , because most of the exam material I can not be in vocational school. I take a health
majors that is clearly not linear with my vocational school. Maybe that's what makes me fail through
the 2 channels of acceptance. In addition, I decided not to continue my studies at other PTNs due to
economic limitations. But because of the desire to learn there, I chose educational institutions and
skills with D1 level as a place to take a new science, this is because the cost is more affordable than
existing universities. I decided to go to LPK Kharisma to major in administration and nursing
assistant , and study there for a semester, but with economic limitations I did not continue studying in
that place and decided to be unemployed. At that time I started to learn English by self-taught ,
studying material test using SBMPTN handbook. After the opening of PTN registration in 2018 I
decided to follow SBMPTN by choosing the public health department at State Universiti Gorontalo
(UNG) as first choice. But before it was announced the results of the test, I was aftar in one of the
private universities by taking public health majors and passed the test, at that time also
announcements for SBMPTN implemented and I escaped in the first choice. Finally I chose UNG as a
place for me to study, because UNG is the best campus and favorite campus in Gorontalo and I am
very happy to be graduated in public health department, even though I have failed in the previous
period examination. About my class, because of the difference in senior high school graduation, I am
the oldest student in the class. sometimes it becomes a taunt, but it does not bother me. because
learning does not know age, and age will not limit the spirit of dreams.
I am currently joining a community or outside organization and on campus. In an off-campus
organization, I participated in an English Community called Gorontalo English Community Center
(GECC) and MEC English Gorontalo, and on campus I attended the Da'wah Institute of As-Syifa
(LDF AS-Syifa) and as a candidate for the Student Association of the Department of Public Health
(HMJ Kesehatan Masyarakat)
In addition to the community or organization described above, I often participate in or join the
online health community such as the only member of the Health Education and Promotion
organization of the Gorontalo branch (HEP Indonesia) , and is incorporated in several online English
courses, such as Golden Englih, MR. Einstein, English For All, Andalusia, Kampung Inggris. In
addition to my community also actively participate in online seminars both scholarship and health
seminars and currently volunteer Heart of Nusa language and dialectika Nusantara as a volunteer
Gorontalo language
I really hope to be elected as the VDMS scholarship recipient, because of the economic
problem from which I have explained above. As well as long before I enrolled as a UNG student, I
intend to enroll as a VDMS scholarship recipient. And in the moment, I have done that . Therefore I
strongly expect to be able to graduate as a recipient of this scholarship, because it can support
academic and non academic activities and can support my english skill.
I hope I can accept this VDMS scholarship, and can support me in realizing my goals. And
can support my English skills, because as we know English is very important at this time. And in
reaching big dreams, there will be great effort, and not only comes from ourselves but requires the
support of other aspects. And can provide a role as a VDMS scholarship recipient.
If I succeed in obtaining this scholarship, I certainly will not forget to share knowledge with
others. Whether it's in my family, friends or in my communities. And I can share my knowledge from
the experience that I have so far and if I graduate I will serve the people and apply what I have got in
college first. And with this scholarship I can achieve my dream.