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Recipe review/ lab Student fully focused Student attended to the Student paid sporadic Student did not pay
demo during recipe preview & entire recipe preview & attention to the recipe attention while recipe
interacted with the teacher demonstration preview & teacher was previewed as a
10% teacher during the lab of recipe. demonstration of class & teacher was
demonstration. recipe. demonstrating the
Preparation Student did wash Student did wash Student did not Student did not wash
hands properly at the hands properly at the complete both hands or tie hair back.
15% beginning & throughout beginning & almost requirements & failed Student did not rewash
the lab & did tie hair always throughout the to wash hands or tie hands after touching
back. Student also wore lab and did tie hair hair back. Student did hair, face, etc. Student
the appropriate apron back. Student did not not wear apron during did not wear apron.
the whole lab. wear the appropriate the whole lab.
apron throughout the
Cooperation Student demonstrated Student demonstrated Student worked but Student only worked
a willingness to a willingness to complained, refused with prodding.
20% complete all tasks complete most tasks non-preferred tasks, or Did not participate in
including clean up including clean up quit before all tasks all tasks, and did not
tasks. Worked steadily tasks. Worked steadily were complete. demonstrate a
through the lab and through the lab and Team participant. willingness to work.
participated in all participated in most Not part of the team.
kitchen tasks. kitchen tasks.

Team leader. Team player.

Skill practice Student always used Student mostly used Student used some of Student did not
the demonstrated the demonstrated the demonstrated practice demonstrated
30% techniques for food techniques for food techniques. techniques for food
preparation during lab. preparation. Did not pay attention to preparation.
Student paid attention Student paid attention details
to details. to most of the details.
Safety Student always Student mostly Student tried to use Did not follow safety
demonstrated safe & demonstrated safe & equipment safely and rules. Did not use safe
20% correct use of all correct use of all correctly. Careless at food handling
kitchen equipment kitchen equipment times and did not
used for the lab. used for the lab. techniques. Did not use
always follow the rules. kitchen equipment in a
Student always followed Student mostly followed Attempted to follow safe
safe food handling safe food handling food handling safe manner. Did not
procedures. procedures. clean up during
preparation to prevent
Clean up Student left the kitchen Student left the kitchen Student washed, dried The student left
clean. All dishes were clean but may have and put away dishes, unwashed items.
5% washed, dried and put missed a small part. but left counters Counters & tables are
Almost all dishes were unwashed & tables not cleaned well & dirty
away. Tables and
washed, dried & put dirty. Laundry may or towels and dishrags are
counter tops were clean
away. Tables & counter may not be picked up & left lying about in the
and dry. ALL laundry put in the laundry kitchen lab.
was gathered up and tops were clean & dry.
put in the wash area. Most laundry was
gathered up and put in
the wash area.

Prepared by

Daisy Jean I. Uy