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DINESH SIRASAT Updated on 24th Feb

Flat No.04, Vatavruksha apartment, Plot no. 10, S. No.20/1, Vidhate Nagar, Behind FAME, Nasik-Pune Road, Nasik-422006
: (Mob.) + 91-9960644629. :, Date of Birth : 25th April 1982
Resume Objective: To seek an engineering leadership role in a performance driven organization, wherein I will improve my ability
to solve complex problems and implement the same with customer’s centric ethical business practices.
Experience summary: M.Tech (Design) from IIT Delhi followed by comprehensive experience of 8 years in the areas of research,
machine design, fatigue, Finite element analysis, Welding technology, project management, people management and
manufacturing operations
Occupation: Manager (Works & Manufacturing Operations), Mechwell Industries Ltd., Nasik- 422101
Areas of Machine Design and Finite Element Product development ( including all aspects viz. synthesis, design,
Interests Analysis analysis, manufacturing, testing and Failure investigations)
Fatigue life evaluations (analytical Production Engineering, CNC machines, Sheet Metal Forming and
and testing) Welding Technology
Project Management Energy efficiency, Sustainable Energy and environment
Academic Details
Sr. No. Year of Passing Degree / Certificate Examination Institute/ Board CGPA / Marks in %
1 2006 M. Tech (Machine Design) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 8.3 (On 10 pt. scale)
2 2004 B.E. (Mechanical) Pune University 68.40 %
3 2001 Diploma in Mech. Engg. Government Polytechnic Nashik 85.36 %
4 1998 S.S.C Maharashtra Board 81.20 %
Professional Qualifications
Skill set: Hypermesh, ANSYS (Classic & Workbench), Pro-Engineer (Wildfire) and DFMA
M.Tech Thesis : Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Air Journal Bearing
Development of mathematical models and numerical schemes to simulate the fluid behavior in bearing lubricating film under realistic
conditions i.e. using compressible fluid as lubricant, followed by development of test facility to correlate theoretical results with
Professional Experience as Manager (Manufacturing Operations) at Mechwell industries Ltd. Nasik (Sept 2013 to Till date)
Roles and Responsibilities
 Head of profit center, a manufacturing plant consist of 96 people (6 Engineers, 16 supervisors & 74 employees)
 Project planning, execution and operations for manufacturing of aerospace and power plant components
 Process deployment to achieve key customer deliverables
Design and Development
 Providing techno-managerial solutions in the area of Equipment Design, Metal forming, Welding and Production technology
 To provide structural integrity assessment and quick turnaround solutions on the basis of Finite element Analysis and hand
 Extensive exposure in modeling, simulation and process deployment of weldmets & sheet metal components
 Development of tooling, jigs, fixtures and automatic welding setups
 Development of special purpose machineries viz. sheet metal roll forming lines, heavy duty bending units and Regenerative heat
exchanger element forming facility
 Deployment of design standard and codes in manufacturing practices
 Design optimization for Metallic expansion joints and deployment of Fatigue testing set up for result validation
Professional Experience as Senior Engineer, (M&S CoE), EATON India Engineering center, Pune (1 Year)
Sr. Engineer in Vehicle team which provides FE simulation support to EATON’s worldwide customers
Routine Projects in FEA
 Fatigue life estimation of vehicle components (HCF/LCF/Damage tolerant)
 Full Supercharger assembly analysis which consists of modeling of contacts, rotor distortion, thermal cycling, bolt pretension
during assembly process, rotor thermal growth and consequent changes in rotor tip to housing clearance
 FE analysis of Valve train, Differential gears/housing , Truck transmission components and Synchronized mesh gear box (including
FEA of gears and synchronizers using nonlinear contacts)
Innovative approaches developed in FEA
 FE modeling of bimetallic gears
 FE modeling of Rotor distortion in rotor assembly process
 Correlation between shaft-housing interference fit FE model and its solution using thick cylinder theory
Professional Experience as FEA Engineer at Mech-Well industries Ltd. Nasik (3 years)
Roles and regular activities
 FE Analysis of power plant structures and heavy engineering components (Thermal and structural)
 Implementation of code requirements in design and production processes, viz. ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code, IBR, EJMA,
Structural Welding Codes AWS D1.1,D 1.3 and D 1.6
 Technical support to welding metallurgy, structural design, product development and manufacturing solutions
key projects executed in the field of Finite Element Analysis, Welding , Pulverized Fuel based thermal power plant and Solar energy are
as follows :
A) Finite Element Analysis
01. FE Analysis of coal storing bunker for 210 MW thermal power plant
 Load estimation using physics (Jahnseens model for solid flow) of bulk storage and solid flow
 Structural stress analysis and subsequent modification of stress critical weld zone
02. Thermo mechanical fatigue life estimation and design optimization for Air Preheater seals
 Material and geometry optimization under creep, fatigue and thermal fatigue interaction
 Non linear contact simulation to predict the deformation, stress behavior and fatigue life
03. Design and analysis of metallic and nonmetallic expansion joints in power plant structures
 Non linear contact simulation and fatigue life estimation
 Transient heat transfer and thermal stress simulations
04. Design and optimization of rear cockpit ladder for Su-30 MKI fighter aircraf
06. Design of analysis of Schaeffer type solar concentrator
07. Design of steam generation, storage and distribution system for solar based applications as per Indian boiler regulation and ASME
boiler and pressure vessel code
08. Thermomechnical analysis of Sinter Crusher deck for sintering plant, TISCO, Jamshedpur
 Heat transfer analysis and subsequent static structural simulations to predict the induced stress levels and deformations
 Modification in the existing crusher deck to ensure the structural integrity in the high temperature environment
09. Thermomechnical analysis of Steam Globe Valve
 Heat transfer simulations and structural analysis (combination of primary and secondary stress category) as per ASME Boiler and
Pressure Vessel code, Section VIII, Div 2, Design based on stress analysis
B) Product Development
In charge of Project execution for following products. These products are conceptualized, designed, analyzed and optimized for actual
operating conditions (Through FE Simulations and experimental trials). Subsequently, manufacturability factors were considered and
executed as a real time product.
01. Shut of Blind for Oil Refinery
 Development of SOB for oil Refinery (Essar Projects. India Ltd.) to control the flow in process equipments at temperature about
800 ºC. The maximum developed size is 3940mm × 3940mm ×400mm.
02. Twin seal flap Isolator
 Development of Twin seal flap Isolator for hot air gate in Pulverized fueled thermal power plant.
03. Multi Louver Damper, Guillotine gates and Butterfly gates
 Development of high temperature multilouver damper in oil refinery and Pulverized fueled thermal power plant. The maximum
developed size is 5000mm × 5000mm ×500mm at a design temperature of 600 °C
Professional Experience as Project scientist at HRD Ministry, Project RP01556 (7 months)
Design and Performance Evaluation of Foil Bearing Configurations
 Compressible bearing model is updated with foil deformation model to get the solution for 1 st and 2nd generation foil air bearing.
 Successful testing of the 1st and 2nd generation Foil Air Bearings under transverse loading conditions
 Project completed successfully and handed over to PI, MHRD RP01553, Government of India,
Other interests
Volleyball and reading